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The Don and his Gun.


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user posted image




The Don and his Gun.



Hi guys, my San Andreas is running again so I decided to use my favorite mod again.

I am working on a mission series called ´The Don and his Gun´

It will be 7 missions long.

In 1978, we play as Joel that works as an assassin for Giovanni Leone.

He has conflicts with many mobs in the city, mostly with the Barbaro crime family.

Each mission will have a new target.

Hope you enjoy!




The first mission is more a normal work day of Joels life where we have to complete a simple hit for the Don together with our best friend, Ricardo. But on the start, we see a girl which made the Don mad for stealing drugs for Leones biggest rival, the Barbaro family.


In the 2nd mission, Ricardo and Joel decide to spend their earned money on some cheap prostitutes in a local club. What surprises us, is that Joels ho is the same girl that was almost killed by the Don on the start. After having some fun, Ricardo finds Barbaros son, Mike. He kills him and the club gets ambushed by Barbaro mobsters, Joel and Ricardo have to protect themselves and the girl. Then they 3 go outside, to be greet with more mobsters. After taking care of them, Ricardo tells that he has to leave this town. We have to bring him down the docks. The mysterious girl tells her name, Veronica. Joel and Veronica go together to Joels house.


In the 3rd mission, Joel wakes up near Veronica and tells her he has to work. He meets Giovanni together with Gordon, which is another hitman and Salvatore, which is the Dons son. They have kind a press conference about being rivals with the Barbaro family. They are suspected for killing his son. The Don swears he will find and kill the one who killed Mike. It was not a wise step, since the Barbaros strike back hard. We drive the mobsters to the Dons house, which is being ambushed. After they have been took care off, the Don finds his dead wife. He swears about Mike and his killer again. Sal tells Joel and Gordon to take care of Vincent, a made guy from the Barbaros.


In the 4th mission, Joel goes to work again, leaving Veronica at home. She will do some shopping trough. Before he goes to work, someone is calling him from the outside. Some associates from the Leones inform Joel about Caligula being attacked by the Barbaros. Joel quickly steps is, however he gets hit by a bat by one of the mobsters so its a setup. He wakes up in a mysterious house, full of mobsters. We have to fight, stealth and shoot our way out. We will also find the Don, Sal and Gordon together with some mobsters upstairs. We have to free them and take care of Jimmy Barbaro, the Don of the family.





Mission 1: Rocco Vincello.

Mission 2: Marco Barbaro

Mission 3: Vincent Caprio

Mission 4: Don Jimmy Barbaro.


Mission 5: Ricardo AndreasUnfortunally, this mission does not work on every PC. I can not fix it anymore cause the mission is not editable anymore. Sorry.

Quick mission overview:

After you have to clear the casino, Joel has to kill Ricardo but he decides to NOT kill him and lets him escape. Was letting him go the right choice? The Don thinks Joel killed him and Joel becomes made.


Mission 6: Giorgio Summanni


Edited by mati1501
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Nice first mission but then you reach they're safehouse the guard appear right away. Better you do them spawn early and the checkpoint put far. You could do there a cutscene where the guys get out of car. It is just suggestions. Check also my topic down. Good luck with your next.

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Thanks, I check your missions out. Ive been away from DYOM so this was kinda like a test mission.

The next missions will be better. BTW did you find the easter egg?

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Whoah.Maiti on DYOM. Strange...Tought you were on GTA IV only biggrin.gif

Well, I had a ps2 first and played every gta there, sold it, bought x360 with IV (Later EFLC), I missed San Andreas so bought it for PC, modded it, DYOMed it, it stopped running, a few days back it started running again and here I am.


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Second missions. I will focus on a great storyline cause I join the contest cool.gif

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Forgot to add, Salvatore Leone is the son of Giovanni. He will have an appearance in the story. In 1978 he is like in his 20s.

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Good missions! Keep up! icon14.gifsmile.gif ...with good logo colgate.gif

I know tounge.gif

I will keep up. 3rd mission will be posted in a few hours.

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Well I have it played right now and I must say good start and keep it up. I'm very interested in the story.

Thanks man. Uploaded mission 3. Its more decent than the other ones but worth playing.

The next ones will be better.



Oh, I just read the rules of the contest and I cant join it with these missions cause I already posted them in a thread facedesk.gif

So, I am working on about 5 missions for the contest, then I go on with this.

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Good missions.Liked it wink.gif

Thanks man. The next missions will not be ´Drive, kill, drive away´ but I think of new cool missions.

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Hi, after I finish mission 8, should I make part 2 of the story?

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I added the 4th mission. Please people, tell me what you think about it. I do not want to make multi-posts.

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It was better, I'm really wondering how the story will continue.

That is exactly what I wished for tounge.gif . Don´t worry, already started working on the 5th missions.

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Dude, you're missions are getting interested, keep it up and good luck on the contest.

Thanks man. I don´t know if I can join the contest cause I posted this in a thread already.

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Hey guys, I just want to say, I will not make it to the contest sad.gif . And it will take some time till the next mission is finished.

You will be surprised. Trust me wink.gif

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BTW, I will post fixed mission 5 and mission 6 at the same time tomorrow.

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Thanks man.



I cant fix mission 5 sad.gif . It works on some computers. If it does not work on your computer, read the spoiler to see what happens after you clear Caligula´s.

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