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[WIP] Ravu's Stories


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Those are my first missions for what i do a topic on GtaF so i really hope that you will like it.


1. The Beginning

You will play as gangsta which is living in LV, away from his native town: LS. Going home on the highway the car start to produce fire from the engine and you need to get out from there. Remaining with no ride some friend of your brother give you a lift to his club where you told what was happen and that you need a place where can lay low. He know just the place: a house near Emmet where the owner is a pervert old man. After his "accidental" dead, the new owner will be you.



2. Protection Money

After a good sleep in your new house you make a visit to your brother to ask him for some work. Then you arrive your bro is threatened by 2 guys. After killing them you find that they asking for protection money so your brother decide to strap up at his weapon dealer with some ak-47 and make a visit to they're house. Together will be able to kill them all and you will not be need to pay protection money to anyone for now.



More to come...

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Downloaded. Not played yet, after Im thru, I tell you what I think about it.

EDIT: Nice story and missions, but there are a few annoying things:

- On the first mission, its kinda hard to enter the car.

- On the 1st mission, after you go out the disco the minimap is gone.


Dunno if the second one can be fixed but these are just minor bugs. Have a cookie.gif

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