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Stories in San Andreas


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Using DYOM I start making together with some of my brothers ideas a kind of a "project". This involv me making DYOM Mission just like a GTA Story with connections, friends, enemies and much more. This is the first one and his purpose is to give an idea of what I am thinking. Maybe it will not take part of the future story, who knows. This depands on the reactions. The main protagonist is Ravu, a 23 years old gangsta from LS which have a older brother which works as a MC. The relationship isn't the best at the beginning but in the next missions maybe it will improve or get worse. The story start five years ago when Ravu with another 2 guys (Big Bear + Ballas Gang Member) and a driver (Andre) rob a bank in LS. The video continue the story so watch it. Sorry for the bad quality in full screen but it was recorded with fraps and edited with Movie Maker for Win7. If you have other programs suggestions feel free to say.



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