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[IV|.net]Smoke Mod

Recommended Posts


Smoke Mod


DotNet Version 1.0



Asi loader - Alexander Blades asi Loader

Scripthook .net - Hazardx's Scripthook

Lilmcnessy.ini - Lilmcnessy.ini Download


Ini File


This ini file (Lilmcnessy.ini) controls keys, phone numbers or other things in my .net script mods

Just paste Lilmcnessy.ini in your scripts folder in your gta 4 folder eg

C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\GTA IV\Scripts

If you already have it, just copy everything in the Ini section on this page


Download Lilmcnessy Ini File



1.Make sure you have an asi loader and Hazardx's .net scripthook and Aru's scripthook

2.Place example.net/example.net.dll in your scripts folder in your gta 4 directory



-Light up a fag

-Smoke it

-Hold it in your mouth

-Hold it in your hand

-Stamp it out

-Or just drop it

-Gain health smoking

-You get about 8 puffs before Niko stubs it out



-Some animations look funny, but it's still cool

-You don't get lung cancer



I = Light/Smoke fag and hold in hand

O = Light/Smoke fag and hold in mouth

K = Drop fag

L = Stamp on fag




Hand = I

Mouth = O

Stub Out = P

Drop = K







I know there are plenty of smoke mods but i prefer my one to all the others and I've had this mod lying around for almost a year and people were expecting it released so here it is!

Edited by lilmcnessy

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Great job! Nice mods you got there!

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Nice mod lilmcnessy! Love your avatar too (I like see-ing cute, pathetic stuff getting run over devil.gif ) Anyways, is there a way to change the keys in the .ini file?

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This is a cool mod, but the keys listed in the ini don't seem to correspond to how they work in my game. I can press L to light up, K to drop the butt, and J to move it from mouth to hand. Perhaps it is conflicting with another mod I am using *shrugs*

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Great work! Perfectly works with EFLC icon14.gif

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I installed it and reinstalled it again and still dosent work I followed the instructions. I need Help!


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I made an account on these forums mainly so i could say congrats on the mod :) most mods i try for my games dont work but this was quick and easy and works perfectly, plus i love how you can smoke in cars as well as on foot. Thanks man

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