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SAS Soap MacTavish

[COD] Black Operation [DYOM MISSIONS]

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SAS Soap MacTavish

yea, this is SGT. COP i forget my pass and to my email not send a pass...

anyway i'l begin now a new seiras..

before i'l begin work on missions i need to know if have a new version of dyom already...


Black Operation



Code name: Black Operation

Force: 412

Date: 2010, june, monday.


all begins when someone named "Stainer" making a nuke bomb.

the american force are not belive to the agents....

after a weak, General shepherd quit from the american army and making a army to stop Stainer

from nuke hes bomb on all the world.

after a other weak shepherd successful making an army.

the begin to plan a invasion.

in all that war a little team are try to neutralization the nuke.

in the team have a 5 guys named:







in the game you will understand who is who....



Season 1

Training A'

Training B'

Invasion A'

Invasion B'

To Capture, To Break out A'

To Capture, To Break out B'

The End?


Red - Not started Yellow - In prgram Green - Complate



so just how like i said...

someone can give me the last version of dyom?

then i'l begin work on mission smile.gif

Edited by SAS Soap MacTavish

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SAS Soap MacTavish

thx i'm now working on the first mission smile.gif

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SAS Soap MacTavish

i forget how i can do text color.. how i can? i think it somethink wite "~"


edit: i forget how i can edit the text i mean i can put thre ":", "[]" ....


Edited by SAS Soap MacTavish

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