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Grand Theft Auto IV: London

Recommended Posts


Dominic and Desmond Noonan?


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Terry Adams and one of his brother's, either Patrick or Tommy?


From the irish backround Clerkenwell syndacite??

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Dominic and Desmond Noonan?

And we have ourselves a winner!


The Noonans apparently had connections with a couple of caravan sites down London, so thats how I'm going to introduce their parodies. Furthermore, Dominic was heavily behind the Strangeways Riot in 1990 which that last scene took from and Dessie played a massive part in keeping the BNP out of Manchester in the 80s and early 90s. Also supposedly had links to the IRA. Maybe it seems a bit strange to include them but I wanted to give some sort of nod to them... even if it only serves to show how far the player's name stretches out at the end.


Adams' Family are in as the Doherty Brothers, Sanjeem wink.gif Good guess though!


Edit: Added both of you to the credits on the front page, and will get to adding everyone else who has contributed later. When your topic is up, brownbear, send me a link and I'll add it to the OP along with the others.


Spread the love icon14.gif

Edited by Tyla

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The telephone downstairs begins to ring immediately after completion of By The Jewels, press Y/Triangle to answer it and trigger the next mission.


Track The Smack


Ray: Caine.


The responding foreign dialect on the end speaks with urgency; it’s one of the Turkish lads from Sheesh Kebab – the Heroin has been stolen. Ray finds this somewhat amusing that the Heroin has gone missing from the very people he had recovered it for but the youths are absolutely terrified. They explain a local gang of Asian thugs – extortionists that act on the orders of the community in return for payment – came to their takeaway restaurant and smashed it up on the orders of a competitor that was not happy about it stealing custom from his rival curry house. Not having pity on the boys but sensing an opportunity, he tells them that he will sort everything out, but it’s gonna cost them.


The game will divert your attention to a shifty looking old man seated in the corner of the pub, wearing a long coat and clutching a bag. A pop-up explains that the man is a black market salesman (and that there are several others that can be also be discovered) and that some extra firepower for this mission would be extremely useful. When you are placed back in control of Ray, approach the man and press action to get his attention.


Gunsmith: You don’t look like the filth: come with me.


Follow him outside to the car park, where he leads you to the back of a beat-up Beagle. He pulls back the door to reveal a selection of weapons.


Gunsmith: All seen action, all in working order. Take your pick son.


You will notice the weapons are old, WWII era guns elaborate in design. Hover over them with the D-Pad to make a selection.


Sterling SMG – £150

Sten SMG - £200


Though it is the priciest, go with the Sten.




Pick up additional ammunition for £25 a clip and then exit the menu. The gunsmith will give you his telephone number, which will be added to your directory for later dates. He then packs up his vehicle and drives off, leaving you to get on with your job. Get a car and drive to the kebab shop as you promised, stopping in the marker outside to trigger the following cutscene.


You find the Kebab Shop ruined, the glass window display splashed across the floor inside with advertisements for two-for-one deals littered around, trampled underneath Ray’s entering Size 12’s. The lad you spoke to on the phone – Ahmet – will approach you with his friend Ishmael and provide you with a deeper description of the people who attacked the store. They talk of four thickly built Asian men as the perpetrators, and that they arrived and left in a blue Schafter.


Return to your vehicle and begin to prowl the streets in search of the four men that were described to you. They do not appear as automatic blips on your radar and it is part of the mission’s challenge that you have to discover them yourself. Undertaking this mission during a night setting will be extremely hard due to your main lead being the blue Schafter and it being rather difficult to distinguish in the dark. You will eventually come across it outside a convenience store, and find that it has a distinctive gold trim.


Lay in wait across the street for the four men to exit the store, equipping your newly purchased weapon ready to gun them down. To your surprise, only two men will exit the store; one carries a large envelope. It becomes apparent that he is collecting money from a protection racket.


You can simply choose to execute* the men and recover the drugs, following them however will prove to be more profitable, as they are collecting the gang’s weekly earnings. They will travel to two more locations – a kebab van and restaurant – picking up a third man at the former, making recovering the drugs an increasingly difficult task should you choose to prolong the job in favour of profits. They will make one more profitable stop at an off license, where you can observe them from outside beating the owner senseless into paying their overbearing demands, before driving off again with the contents of the cash register.


The gang will pick up a forth and final man from a street corner; he also carries an envelope, and then make their way to their final destination, Balti Nights curry house, the favourite hangout of their superior. Watch them park up outside and enter the restaurant, taking seats around a table at the back. Although you can simply steal the Schafter and recover the Heroin, if you have stuck the mission out for this long you will want to profit: now is the time to strike.


Enter the restaurant; you find it is full of people enjoying meals lovingly cooked by the master chefs, wining and dining. The gangsters you followed will blend in with the crowds, the many people that populate the restaurant blocking your chances for a clean shot at your targets. Once you think you have pinpointed them, equip your Sten SMG. The gangsters will notice you and take out their own weapons and begin to fire at you. Diners will begin to panic and run amok, leaving their meals; some of them perish in the fire fight that ensues.


You will find Ray fires the Sten at an angle from the stock when strafing, firing it as though it is a power-drill. He will also be quick to reload with the bolt mechanism and clip. Take one of the customers for a human shield should you feel the need to but focus mainly on moving through the restaurant towards your targets, pressing X/Square to overturn tables to use as cover. When you eventually get close enough to the four of them, slay them.


The man at the head of the table, distinctive by the fact he did not appear with the others in the car, will drop a collective amount of money on the floor which will total to the amount his men collected from their racket. Once you have this, make immediately for the door.


You will earn a three star wanted level the moment you leave the restaurant, though this is easily enough avoided by entering the Schafter outside containing the Heroin and driving away. When you arrive back at the kebab shop, you will find the young Turks to be extremely joyous when you produce the recovered Heroin. They are very grateful for you helping them, and talk of the whole situation as being extremely hard work, but that if this is what it takes to ‘get to the top’ they will stick with it.


+£1,000, £2,500, or £4,000 according to your choices.


**Execution - Ray will come out of the shadows with the Sten at his side and approach the Schafter as the men enter it. First, the body of the driver is mauled with bullets, and we see him bobbing up and down, perishing in his seat. Ray then turns the gun on the second man, murdering him through the windshield (the glass that does not break is turned thick with blood) with what is left of the clip. You are then instructed to take the Heroin from the boot.


Weapons featured in this mission were suggested by akavari112.

Edited by Tyla

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Haha I see you included some of the guns I suggested! Great mission, love this f*cking topic don't stop baby. inlove.gif

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Good mission icon14.gif You're great at writing them.

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This is f*cking good! I just love your concept. Wish it was real.

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When your topic is up, brownbear, send me a link and I'll add it to the OP along with the others.

I don't think it will be up for a while, actually. I have ran out of inspiration and energy for it, maybe later on I'll do it but I'm not really in the mood for it at the moment.

Edited by brownbear

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Your Dialogue aswell is excelent Tyla, Top notch topic this is, and you know why, because it is probably the most original, perfect time setting, new setting and the characters are interesting and we are looking at fictional gangs based on real gangs, i mean i hadn't heard of the Turkish mafia, I'd heard of the Italian, the Russian but not the turkish until London topics started becoming more popular.

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It's will be nice if this is a movie biggrin.gif

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Great! but why this is not GTA V ? confused.gif

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Just popping in to wish everyone a happy christmas and thank you guys for the feedback. I'll be sure to get to updates after festivities... so make sure you keep an eye out! Enjoy yourselves xmas.gif

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Merry Christmas Tyla, have a good one xmas.gif And well done for this wonderful concept thread.

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Here's the next mission, as promised! Hope you all enjoyed Christmas!



The Lot of It


Even in the street upon your arrival, the thick Irish voice can be heard booming inside the small East End office space. We see Ray look around outside and the camera shift focus to a gold plaque adorning the wall:


Lyons & McCann Debt Recovery.


The second partner in the business, a man of enormous proportions, marches up and down the room, thick with fury. Every time he opens his mouth to shout, saliva flies everywhere.


Mack: Doherty’s gotta get paid, Leonard. He’s gotta get paid today!


Lenny: If Doherty knows the bloke, and knows he’s broke, then why did he lend him the cash in the first place?

And if he’s always been broke, then what the f*ck is there to ‘recover’?


Mack: He wants the damn business Leonard, and he’s on to me like a hound with two dicks to get it him! Today!


Ray enters the office and the argument suddenly falls silent. McCann takes a deep breath and scratches the back of his head, suppressing somehow the anger that he can summon on an instant to get things to go the way he wants.


Lenny: Look: Ray’s here now, he’ll sort it out. Ray!


Ray: Alright, Len?


Lenny: Hectic, mate, hectic. But I’ll come to that in a minute; Ray, this is Mack McCann: the undisputed daddy of bareknuckle, and partner in this business.

Mack this is Ray, you remember me telling you about Ray?


McCann extends a hand, the massive paw almost swamping Ray’s.


Mack: Raymond... Raymond Caine? That’s your name, is it?


Ray: That’s right...


Mack: I’ve heard things about you. You know Tom McGhee? Big Tom McGhee?


Ray: I knew him...


Mack: He’s a nephew of mine: says you knocked seven shades of sh*t out of him in the Scrubs!


Ray: We had a match and I had him on his arse, yeah.


Mack: If you had Tom down then you must be as good as they say. Leonard, fill him in.


Lenny: We’ve been working a debt for a couple of weeks now, giving the bloke a chance to cough up, you know? As it stands he’s never had the funds to make a dent in the loan in a first place, and now his creditor wants us to take a piece of his car lot as payment.


Ray: What sort of piece?


Lenny: Twenty-five percent.


Mack casts a heavy frown and rolls his neck.


Mack: Twenty-five percent?! Why don’t you take the balls out of my sack while you’re at it?!


He throws himself behind a desk and into a chair. His fist begins to pound on the wooden finish with his demands, shaking the entire room.


Mack: You take FIFTY percent, you hearing me Raymond? You get half for that gobsh*te Doherty, and then you bring ‘ol Mack his best motor for the trouble he’s gone to, all this f*ckin’ carry on. You do this for me; I’ll cut you in on anything Doherty throws my way...

Head over to the forecourt nearby to take care of Mack’s business. You will notice it is a small lot scarcely populated with vehicles, indicating that the owner isn’t doing too well at the moment. An orange Stinger, adorned in sale stickers clearly catches your eye as the pick of the bunch, clearly the most valuable of those on display.


Approach the office door and immediately burst through, finding the owner and his accomplice inside. The accomplice is knelt over the safe, gathering whatever money he can as they have obviously been expecting someone like you to come ploughing through the door concerning the debt. The owner initially tries to fob you off with the Crapi from the courtyard, for free, but when this doesn’t provide him any relief he orders the accomplice – his minder – to attack you.


The minder will come at you the second you are thrown back into gameplay; bombard him with punches to weaken his defence and when he lowers his guard, catch him with a good punch and follow up by dismantling him with a combo. The moment he hits the floor, a cutscene will kick in.


Owner: Alright, alright! Take the money – take the lot of it!

Ray grins – he’ll save the money for later. The same smirk becomes a mask of menace in an instant as he edges dangerously closer to the owner.


When gameplay resumes you will find a new meter displayed around the HUD – the intimidation meter, much like the stealth meter from Bobby Dazzlers and Burglary side-missions. It is now your task to fill it and convince the owner why he should sign half of his business over to the Doherty brothers.


Grab him (Square/X) by the collar of his camel coat and drag him to his feet: toy with different ways of filling the meter. Using LS/L3 to throw him around and manoeuvre the owner where you want him to go, drag him out onto the forecourt and prepare to seal the deal. You will notice the longer you keep hold of him that the meter will steadily rise, but not enough so to fill the bar. Press RS/R3 near a vehicle – the Stinger – to pin him to the bonnet. He crashes down with a thud, Ray angling over him. You can choose to lay into him or shake him; thrash RS/R3 up and down to do so. Be sure to tap < or > to throw in a taunt for good measure:


Ray: You’re gonna let the Doherty’s in on half of this business. Ain’t ‘ya, eh? Yes!


The pinning, shaking and taunting does the trick and the meter fills, turning green to signify so. The owner gives in.


Ray: See this motor? This is mine now. And the cash. And if you dare piss the Doherty’s about I’ll raze this place to the f*ckin’ ground with you in it, you got me?


The croak from his throat signals the owner’s acknowledgement. Tap RS/R3 once again to release him from your grip, letting him slump from the bonnet to the ground. Head back into the office, grabbing the car keys, and the cash - £500 – which will be immediately added to your balance. Return to the Stinger; feel free to speed around in it and throw the sports car around corners on your way to McCann’s Scrap Yard but do not damage it too badly or you will be forced to repair it.


On your arrival, Mack will greet you as you pull up, clapping his hands. He has a smile on his face, a rare calm for a man of his demeanour.


Mack: Leonard wasn’t having me on. You are good.


Ray: You tell that to Doherty.


He removes the keys from the ignition and tosses them into McCann’s grip.


Ray: Here’s your motor.


Mack: Ethan!


He beckons a man down from a crane operated car-crusher; he carries an envelope which he passes to Mack.


Mack: Take it away. Raymond - Here.


He passes the envelope to Ray.


Mack: From your pals down at Lyons & McCann. We could use a ‘fella like you. Leonard’s too caught up with his den of c*nts... why don’t ‘ya drop by sometime?


Ray bounces the envelope in his hands. It is stuffed with notes and we soon see him warm to the idea.


Ray: Might just take you up on that...


Mission Complete – Reward: £1,500

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And as a bonus, here are a list of re-tooled features for the concept in addition to the ones displayed on the front page, as well as visualizations and gameplay changes/improvements. Enjoy!


A lot of these are based on features from RDR. I haven't actually played the game, and these are merely interpretations of what I've read. Again apologies for the double post but this needs a link for the OP.


Criminal Rating – Much like the Honor/Fame in RDR, and the ranking system seen in previous GTA titles, the Criminal Rating system returns with a greater purpose than it held before. Your Criminal Rating – your reputation – acts as an active representation of the player’s standing in the criminal underworld and effects how NPC’s and people on the street will treat the player. The higher your Criminal Rating, the more random opportunities may become open to you. For instance, someone may approach you with regards to collecting on a debt, sorting out a source of trouble, intimidation, protecting a lucrative deal, etc, etc.


Of course, the greater the reputation the more lucrative it becomes to other people, people who want to gain a reputation off the back of the one you have created for yourself. You will find some NPC’s do not take kindly to your ‘rep arriving well ahead of you and will challenge you knowing full well who you are. As the old saying goes, reputations take years to build and solidify and only seconds to destroy. Keep guard of yours at all costs.


Debt-Collecting – Unlocked after completing the previous mission (The Lot of It), the player will be able to return to Lyons & McCann Debt Recovery and assist the company on collecting on outstanding debts.


Collections are scripted and are unique as to change things up; on one occasion you may simply turn up and be paid, on another you may have to employ some verbal threats whilst some folk may be outright confrontational, prompting you to make the ‘recovery’ by use of force. Recoveries vary in terms of money, businesses, possessions and properties.


After completing the set-list of missions, Ray will be inducted into the business as a third partner, and you will find you are able to put up money to loan out yourself, choosing either to capitalise on extortionate amounts of interest or repossession of something of value.


Human Trafficking – Human Trafficking is an evolving side-mission that is introduced a fair way into the storyline. At first, Ray will become involved in this line of work on the back of the Mickelthwaite’s downfall, and the first set of five missions will revolve around working alongside their brutal one-time partners: the Albanian Mafia.


After these five missions, Ray will become unhappy with the Albanians method of business and set out to cultivate an interest in Human Trafficking for himself. Side-missions will evolve into breaking the Albo’s stranglehold on this trade and eventually become ‘tasks’ that must be done in three parts,


Purchasing & Smuggling the Cargo,

Arranging a Sale,

Making the Sale.


Though one of the darker side-missions in the game, its participation is realistic in the sense that the protagonist seeks to control trades and dominate them in ways he deems acceptable to his own moral codes, and not the codes of others. Life is cheap when you can bring in thirty more on the next boat.


Intimidation – Briefly showcased in the previous mission, Intimidation serves as the ability to bully those around you into complying with your will, fitting with the demeanour of the protagonist. Aside from appearing in Extortion side-missions, Ray is able to ‘scare’ his way out of some situations by actions of the player and the practise will also extend to robberies, when concerning the management of hostages and preventing any have-a-go heroes.


If you decide to turn on the pressure in just going about your daily business – ordering at Poofy Burger for instance – you may find yourself helping yourself to a free Pounder with Sprunk instead of paying the £1: obviously a feature for the fun, as well as its true purposes as explained above.


Kidnapping – Briefly explored in IV with the Ancelotti-Diamond saga, Kidnapping side-missions are ten scripted quests that require the player to have purchased safehouses to store victims whilst demanding ransoms. Targets range from V.I.P’s to the Rich & Famous; some you will find have ransom’s paid outright for their release, while others will attempt to bargain with you and involve the police. Exchanges may go tits-skyward pretty quickly and you may occasionally be left with very little gain for the effort you put in.


Money – Touched on partially in previous posts, the money the player accumulates will have a far greater use than IV due to the egotism and opportunity of the 1980s era the game takes place in. Along with what is mentioned in Player Image, the player will be able to purchase a wide variety of expensive, exclusive possessions with the cash they earn, keeping with the themes of excess and tasteless, extravagant purchases. Underground weapons dealers will sell unique, often elaborate weapons (see HERE) that can vary in cost from extremely cheap (Sterling SMG) to extremely expensive (Bren Gun, PIAT) and the practise will also extend to vehicles. Through Raymond’s underworld contacts, he will be able to import unique (won’t spawn in London), one-of-a-kind vehicles from abroad, that not only will be permanently available to the player in their garage but will play host to several of the much loved vehicles from previous games returning in this setting; a VC-style Infernus, for example, would set the player back £75,000. A houseboat on the River Thames, over looking the iconic scenery of London, would be priced at £500,000 whilst a lavish, luxury Mansion out on an Essex estate weighs in at £2,000,000.


The spoils of your efforts should be visible.


Player Image – As well as Raymond Caine’s aggressive, bold and brash attitude that becomes apparent early on, he should also have a distinctive aura about him in terms of appearance. As he eventually becomes a powerful man, I would this to be reflected in his manner as his position evolves.


If we use six-foot-three, 16 – 18 stone Craig Fairbrass as the basis of Raymond’s player model, the effect on the player would be the same as when shifting from Niko Bellic to Johnny Klebitz and finding that the 230 pound biker is more sluggish in his handling and runs hunched, with a limp. Not only would they be physically above most of the NPC models Caine walks past on the street, the reach of his punch would be greater, the impact of his punching would inflict more damage, and he would walk with a confident swagger in his step and run as though he is a charging bull: the mental effect would be that you are playing as someone bigger, stronger, and above everyone else. Player-character immersion at its finest.


To increase the feeling of power, clothing is not only hideously reflective of early eighties trends but is based highly on so-called ‘power dressing’; flaunting one’s wealth. Imagine splashing out on a suit for £5,000; a wide-shouldered suit that makes the player model look even bigger than it originally is. And what about the ability to purchase shoes with lifts inserted, as John Wayne would once do? Even with a two-inch lift, that would stand the player model at 6’5”, 6’6”, reflecting the image of ego akin to that Caine himself would have in his head.


How better to say “Do you know who the f*ck I am?” than by showing up to a party in your £75,000 Infernus, dressed in your £5,000 suit, having just arrived from your £500,000 boat on the Thames?


**Looting – Another interpretation of an RDR feature, looting appears in the form of stealing distinctive items from the body of a demobilized NPC, ranging from Clothing to Jewellery: as Mr. T would once do in his bouncer days.


Imagine encountering an NPC at random, and this NPC is exceptionally tough, far tougher than any of the peds you have picked on before. You hit them and hit them but they shrug it off as though they aren’t feeling Raymond’s punches; when you eventually get them on their arse, its going to be an achievement. Naturally, you will want something to show for it. By pressing X/Square whilst locked on to the downed body, Ray will take a ‘trophy’ – much like a favourite, saved car - that can be adorned at the player’s choice. When worn, NPC’s will look and comment that ‘if you took out so-and-so’ they had better not screw with you.


Naturally, people will be queuing up to take this ‘trophy’ off of you.


Player View – A small feature from VC & SA, one would notice after a short period where you leave the main character to their own devices they would look at the environment surrounding them: CJ would even ogle the bouncing arses of passing females.


I think this would be perfect to bring back, especially for a character like Ray. Though only a small feature, it would give the impression that the character’s mind is always ticking over for opportunities if the camera occasionally veers from it’s straight position behind the player to an opportunity going down on the street: gangsters collecting protection money, a pimp gathering his earnings from his girls, a drug deal taking place, etc.


Straightener – The IV: London version of Red Dead’s ‘Duel’: a straightener is a one on one fist-fight without the use of weapons. As mentioned above with ‘Criminal Rating’, people will be keen to earn a reputation from the one you have earned for yourself and on occasion will straight out challenge you to a fight, which if you lose, your reputation will take a large denting and must be rebuilt. On the contrary, the more of these you win the more your reputation is set in stone.


Obviously, on occasion these would not be as straight forward as they sound. One minute, you could be hanging around a pub when someone would beckon you – “I know you. You’re that big c*nt from Bow. I wanna see you outside.” – The next, should you agree to the challenge (declining would impact your ‘Rep accordingly) you will be outside fighting an NPC much tougher than those that usually spawn on the street, much like bareknuckle boxing but without the reward. To add to the challenge, he who wants your reputation may not always be alone, and you may find yourself faced with three or four guys who all want to make a name for themselves by doing in Raymond Caine.


These are all additions and features that would be included in the game for purposes of placing the player in the shoes of Raymond Caine in the form described on the front page and attempt to accurately recreate the underworld of late 1970s - early 1980s era Britain.

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When (if) this topic is completed, it will probably be the best one ever made. Reading the missions is like watching a movie in my mind, hell I even found myself reenacting the previous mission as Ray spraying lead across the restaurant with the Sten SMG. biggrin.gif

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When (if) this topic is completed, it will probably be the best one ever made. Reading the missions is like watching a movie in my mind, hell I even found myself reenacting the previous mission as Ray spraying lead across the restaurant with the Sten SMG.  biggrin.gif

I don't see why I wouldn't complete this topic at some point, as long as the demand is here and people have a continued interest in this idea then I will continue writing missions and adding new features. The idea was not only to show why the location could be a good idea but to tell the story of the characters I've created, it would be pretty stupid of me to abandon the work I've done with everything only half told. Saying that, if my style of mission and my idea's are popular enough I'll want to start working on the follow up - the Gerald idea - as soon as possible... and eventually do the 1970s LC idea I promised MOB I'd create a while back... tounge.gif All canonical with each other. Awesome that you found yourself recreating the scene btw!!


The next mission (13) will be coming soon: would you all like to see more of the Turks, or some focus on the Doherty Brothers?

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I do like the Turks in your concept alot, probably since there new, and also new in London, maybe being a major threat aswell. Also nice avatar.

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I do like the Turks in your concept alot, probably since there new, and also new in London, maybe being a major threat aswell. Also nice avatar.

You got it. More Turks it is!


Regrettably, they will only feature as mission givers on two more occasions before becoming antagonists, but through the end of their participation opens up a new branch of the story. Infact, I think the story is in a position as it is to branch out to the events that lead up to some of the major plots points: the rip-off's, the robberies, Ray's eventual rise... so you guys better keep an eye on this topic, because I might just let you decide which one we move to first!


Glad you like the avatar by the way, mate smile.gif It's Paulie Sindacco.

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I'd like to see the Yardies and street gangs feature more icon14.gif.

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200th reply biggrin.gif Well done Tyla, I can see this getting 500 plus replies.

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Congrats on 200 posts! cookie.gif


Hey Tyla, if you ever get down to making that 70s LC topic, you think I could get in on it with you? I always think about the idea and I could have some useful input. Plus you know I'm down with the weapons sly.gif

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Congrats on 200 posts!  cookie.gif


Hey Tyla, if you ever get down to making that 70s LC topic, you think I could get in on it with you? I always think about the idea and I could have some useful input. Plus you know I'm down with the weapons  sly.gif

Why not! I think that would be a great idea, and I would be glad of the input.


I'm gunning for 1978 as a setting because that year holds a lot of relevance in LC - a lot of people have got convictions and history dating back to that time - but I'm indecisive about what sort of protagonist I would have. I'm going to pay LC a visit in this topic soon in the 1982 setting that might give a look into what I want to get out of the setting, the sort of atmosphere I would want to create as the characters pass through Dukes and into Broker.


And thanks for the 'congrats guys! icon14.gif


@brownbear: Soon, mate, soon wink.gif

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I've always been fond of the early 70s, but 1978 would be fine I guess. After I'm done BAAFLC I wanted to do either a Carcer City concept set in present day, or a 70s concept based pretty much anywhere.

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You wanted more Turks, you got more Turks!


Smacked Down


The door opens on the rather modest looking detached house on the quiet North London street at your arrival, all of its purity vanishing in the instant that Mehmet, who you will remember as the Mafia representative from earlier missions, reveals himself perched between the door frame with a bloodied claw hammer in his right hand and wearing a stained shirt to boot, appearing as though he has been earning some moonlighting money at a slaughterhouse. He quickly ushers you inside, wanting not to draw attention to him and his activities.


The interior Ray is led through is extremely deceiving; rare, expensive antiques are littered all around and priceless paintings hang above him. You are led into the parking garage, which could not be more of a contrast. No vehicle is present; it is instead occupied by a lifeless, battered shell of a body hanging from reins on the ceiling, and two men: one, a tough looking goon, and the other being a smartly dressed diminutive figure of authority that seems indifferent to the sight before him. Mehmet orders you to stay at the door while he garners his attention with the utmost respect. Once the old man’s notice has been roused, the two walk back over to Ray while the goon makes his way over to the side board to fire up a blowtorch.


Mehmet: This is Raymond Caine, the man who has been assisting us with the Heroin problem.


He reiterates the same words to the old man in Turkish for he does not comprehend English. The old man grunts back and looks somewhat interested in Ray having heard the tales of his involvement.


Mehmet: Mr. Caine, we must ask you to confirm: You did deliver the entire quantity of the product you recovered for us, yes?


The seemingly lifeless body in the background gives a terrifying scream as the flame begins to melt away at his skin, giving suitable reason for Ray to rush his answer along.


Ray: All of it...


Mehmet studies your face for a moment, coming to a final conclusion. In Turkish, he calls out to the goon, indicating that the man on the ropes had been lying all along. In a shockingly swift and unquestionable set of circumstances, Arda – the goon – replaces the blowtorch with an Assault SMG from the sideboard. With a twisted, widening grin, he forces open the mouth of the man, dry with his own blood, and deepens the barrel down his throat. A dull, single-shot rings out; Ray blinks as blood splashes back onto his temple. Mehmet is handed the Assault SMG: he offers the warm weapon to Ray.


Mehmet: You take this, and you hunt the men you delivered our product to down like the dogs they are. Men who act with such dishonour to steal a quantity for themselves do not deserve to live; I will be assured you will deliver their fates most appropriately, Mr. Caine?


Hardly in a position to refuse, Ray nods and accepts the weapon.


Mehmet: Return the merchandise directly to this address when you have it. I will see to it that you are rewarded for your actions.


Ray: Thank you.


Make your return to Sheesh Kebab, the location of which you should be familiar with by now. The broken window has been replaced with a wooden board preventing you from seeing inside; the bass reverberating through your controller will indicate clearly what the young men are up to though: celebrating.


You can choose to mount your attack in a number of ways, each effecting how the situation will play out.


•Kick in the front door to mount a full on assault, to which you will be met with armed resistance.

•Choose to wait until the party finishes and the Turks begin to leave; you can then attack many of them while they are unarmed and leaving.


Or, you can utilize the element of stealth and go around the back: follow the alley way (where you originally delivered the drugs) at the side round to the rear door. You will find a man smoking a cigarette alone in the doorway, approach him unarmed and he will not be alarmed. Quell his suspicions through use of the small talk controls (< & >).


Ray: Got a light, mate?

Lock on to him as he fumbles in his pocket for his lighter, striking as the reticule turns red, as you will have learnt during the club missions. Ray will stealthily knock him off (if a silenced weapon is equipped, he will shoot them dead), taking him in a choke hold and snapping his neck. With him out of the way, you can peer around the door and case the situation out. There are roughly five men – two of them instantly recognizable from the mission Track The Smack – drinking, dancing, and toasting what they see as a grand achievement of ripping the Mafia off to the tune of ten keys. They do not have weapons equipped.


You will be forced to make your move when one of the partiers calls out for the man you killed and when he doesn’t get a response, he walks to the door. Draw your Assault SMG and take him hostage; Ray forces him back inside with the gun angling at his side and spray the unsuspecting men with gunfire. Those you do not hit will dive for cover, whilst Ahmet and Ishmael make for the kitchen – the heart of the building. Murder the collateral before they can draw on you, and then storm through into the kitchen. You will be immediately confronted by a Machete wielding chef from behind, rendering your weapon useless. Bash X/Square frantically to stop him hacking Ray’s head down the middle and push the weapon upwards, eventually releasing his grip on it and forcing him to regain his stance. Whip him with the force of the Assault SMG using R1/RB, knocking him to the ground out cold – or simply shoot him – and turn your attention back to the dynamic duo who you will find has been reduced to a one man band: Ahmet. He is frozen with fear in the corner, and pleads with you not to murder him.


Choose to Kill or Spare Ahmet.


If you choose to murder Ahmet, Ray point blank places the barrel of the gun to Ahmet’s head. Choosing to spare Ahmet will result in the same sequence with Ray ordering him to tell him where Ishmael went. He is told that Ishmael fled for his motorbike. Depending on your choice, Ray will either shoot him in the head or catapult him across the kitchen by the collar of his shirt, ordering him to f*ck off right away.


You will find Ishmael outside rushing towards his PCJ 600 with a black dufflebag on his back containing the missing drugs. He will jump onto the bike and furiously attempt to kick it into life, eventually managing to do so. The lights will blare out and a short cutscene will show the two of you lining up for a stand-off: Ishmael on his bike ready to escape, Ray standing between him and freedom.


Ishmael revs wildly twice more before driving towards you, at which point you must stop him or be mowed down. Either shoot him or blast out the front tyre, which will force him to lose control and fly over the steering as the machine careers in a skid across the street into a parked car. He limply moves around on the ground, defeated, prompting a final cutscene.


Ray: Pass over the f*ckin’ smack, now.


Ishmael groans in pain; Ray kicks his wounds and turns him over. He gives another groan as Ray removes the bag and throws it over his own shoulder.


Ishmael: Please! My family will not even know that I am dead!


He coughs up some blood.


Ishmael: Please! I don’t want to die!


Lock your aim onto his crippled body: end him.


Ray: I’ll tell you like a man; it’ll be over in a flash.


Ishmael: No!


The burst fire penetrates the entirety of his torso in, as Ray said, a flash, followed by the weapon choking out a great deal of smoke and the crashing of empty cartridges.


You now have a two star wanted level with armed response on their way. Flee the area and deliver the stolen product back to the house to complete the mission and claim your reward. Mehmet thanks Ray, and calls him a valuable asset.



*You are now able to do extra work (see Hired Muscle) for the Turkish Mafia, open until their role becomes as antagonists. Your first task will be getting rid of the (now) dead corpse seen in the mission above.

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Man I love this concept. Do you plan on making any other concepts after you're done with this one?

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This is the best concept thread yet. I just love it.

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Thanks, mati blush.gif


LB: I plan on following this one up with a story about Gerald McReary, set in Liberty City at the turn of the millennium and revolving around the McReary Family and their demise and ruin before GTA IV. It wouldn't be so much of a concept in the way that I wouldn't actually want the setting for the next game in the same way I support London, but it would be backed up with new features/music to keep people interested. I would like to keep it in the same universe as this topic too... so people could see how returning characters here fit in to the actual story of IV.

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Happy New Year lads! Here's wishing you all the best for the year ahead.


The first mission of 2011 will hopefully be a good one? Tried to focus on character development here...


Oh, and I'm thinking about posting a preview of the mission in LC later on tonight, anyone interested?


<Telephone call>


Ray: Caine.


Mack: Raymond, this is Mack McCann calling. Listen, I gave Jack Doherty a bell and put in a word for ‘ya. He’s interested in meeting up at Finsbury Park with a little proposition to put to you.


Ray: Cheers, Mack. I’ll have a wander down. See you later.


Down In The Third


The mission is triggered by the pond, birds and ducks are squawking all around the main character. Ray walks along the shore appearing rather cold; he is all alone but for an old man walking in the opposite direction with a bag of chips. A bird suddenly lands in his dinner and he begins to freak out.


Crazy Old Man: Arrrghhh! Bollocks!


The bird flies off. The old man looks rather disgusted as to what the bird has left behind in his food. He throws the chips at the ducks.


Crazy Old Man: Bastard ducks!

Ray gives him a rather bemused look as he dashes past and the birds all flock to pick at the discarded food. Another man then appears, seemingly out of nowhere. It’s Jackie Doherty. He sizes you up and introduces himself.


Jackie: Mr. Caine?


He smiles and extends a gloved hand.


Jackie: Jack Doherty, pleased to meet ‘ya.


Ray: Raymond. It’s a pleasure.


Jackie: Come on, let’s take a walk.


The camera follows the two as they walk the shoreline, blossoming spring trees looming above their heads. Jackie is extremely relaxed in his manner and keeps very casual body language, displaying little to no indication of the position he is in or the role he plays in organized crime.


Jackie: So Raymond, Mack tells me you’re good at taking care of problems?


Ray: Problems have a funny way of disappearing when the right money’s involved, Mr. Doherty.


Jackie gives a low chuckle and raises a smile.


Jackie: Why don’t you start calling me Jackie?


He places his hand around Ray’s shoulder.


Jackie: Now Raymond, me and my brother are real grateful you took care of that little mishap for us down at the car lot.


Ray: No problem. I’ve been looking to branch out a bit.


Jackie: Really?


Ray: Just come off the back of a seven year stretch – blagging.


Jackie: Had you down as more of fighter? McCann tells me you fought bareknuckle?


Ray: Yeah. Boxed for the country once, in the championships. Back when I was a nipper. Trainer wanted me to turn pro after I got back off my service in the RAF... but I lived a different life.


Jackie: Well son, you still got some ‘o that fighting spirit in you?


Ray: Oh yeah...


Jackie: I’m backing McCann’s nephew, Seamus, in a match at the Rainbow tonight. He’s up against Paddy Whelan, Donny’s kid. Ever heard of Donny Whelan?


Ray: Doesn’t ring any bells, no.


Jackie: Well he’s a devious streak of piss, and his son’s a fat poof. He’d never take Seamus in a straightener. Donny’s been sending some of his lads ‘round to put the pressure on, telling ‘Seamo he’s ‘gonna break his legs with a tire iron, break into his flat and batter his wife: got him sh*ttin’ bricks.


Ray: And this Whelan’s ‘gonna pull something?


Jackie: Me and Seamus had a little chat earlier on and he’s gonna go through with the fight – like a man. Now the moment Paddy hits that canvas they’re going to be around him like flies ‘round sh*t.


He stops in the gravel, turning to face Ray, his hand wandering near to his pocket.


Jackie: We want you to make sure nothing happens to the boy, and we’ll make it worth your while.


He produces a brown envelope from the pocket of his overcoat, holding it out to Ray.


Jackie: This is how I take care of people, Raymond. Not by shooting people and making threats.


An opportunity too good to pass up, Ray accepts the cash.


Jackie: Fight kicks off at half past ten. Meet me there for nine.

Make your way to the nearby Rainbow Theatre where Jackie will be waiting at the door. You will arrive to find it surrounded by spectators, all paying to watch the fight as if it were a professional bout, making it instantly clear that Jackie is making a great deal of money from his practise of arranging bouts here and probably earning a ton more on side-bets, making it even more important that Seamus McCann wins the fight.


Security: Whoa, whoa, where’d you think your going sunshine? Where’s your ticket?


Jackie: Excuse me ‘Jase, Ray’s a guest of mine.


He slips the bouncer a twenty.


Jackie: Keep up the good work.

Come with me, Ray.


Follow Jackie through the corridors, lined with spectators walking to their seats, to the dressing rooms.


Ray: This place was still a concert hall when I went inside.


Jackie: Times change. Ever since the council was formed we’ve been setting up bouts here. The people love it; see the folk queuing up outside?


Enter the dressing room with Jackie, triggering a cutscene. Seamus is shadow boxing in the corner, with his anger being goaded by his trainer.


Trainer: I hear Whelan wants your missus?


Seamus: Whelan’s a poof!


Trainer: Keep punching like that, you might aswell let him have her!


Jackie: Evening, Bill.


Trainer: ‘Ello Jackie, you alright?

Faster, son, faster! He’s shagging her already!


Jackie: How’s our champ?


Seamus: Arrrghhh!


Trainer: ...Up the arse!


Seamus knocks out an insurmountable amount of furious punches, and launches himself into the locker, headbutting it.


Trainer: Oh, he’ll be fine. The ruby’ll kick in soon.

That’s more like it! Time!


Jackie: Bill, this is Raymond Caine. He’ll be walking out with ‘Seamo tonight.


The Trainer and Ray shake hands.


Trainer: Hello son, nice to meet you.

‘Seamo! Come over here and say hello to Jackie.


Seamus dries his forehead, basted in sweat, with a wet towel and walks over drinking out of a paper cup.


Seamus: Jackie!


Jackie: I’d like to you to meet Ray, ‘Seamo. He’ll be looking after you.


The two shake hands.


Ray: Got everything covered, mate. Don’t worry about a thing.


Seamus: Brilliant, man, brilliant. You’ll have to excuse me; I’m burstin’ for a sh*te!


Trainer: That’ll be the ruby!


The cutscene fades out to black for a moment before refocusing at a later date after a second or so. We hear Black Sabbath’s Supernaut blare out from the speakers and Paddy Whelan makes his entrance to the ring, backed by a chorus of chanting from a section of the crowd. Inside the dressing room, Seamus brings himself to his feet and is given a small pep talk by Bill the Trainer.


Jackie: Stay at his side Ray, don’t let anyone get near him.


Follow Seamus out of the dressing room; Jackie stands to his left so make sure you cover his right whilst Bill walks behind him. Emerald by Thin Lizzy begins to play over the speakers and the crowd begins to cheer; Seamus throws his hands into the air and laps up the attention. People will spill over the stands, trying to get near him. Use B/Circle to Push them back or if you’re feeling generous, lock on and headbutt them.


Ray: Sit down!


Woman: Seamus! I love you!


Ray: f*ck off, cow!


Announcer: ...wearing the green shorts, from Crumlin, Ireland, standing five feet eight inches tall and weighing in at 153 pounds... Seamus McCann!


Once you have reached the ring, where Whelan stands with his father, Donny, Seamus will climb in over the ropes. A cutscene will again cut in with a time warp to the third round – the round in which one of the men must fall. We see Seamus charging at Whelan like a bull, battering him into the corner with a barrage of punches. He topples him with a crushing right uppercut, the punch reverberating around Whelan’s face, and he is declared winner by knockout. He stands triumphantly in the middle of the ring, unaware of the scornful hoods preparing to rush him from behind.


Jump into the ring and protect Seamus as the Whelan’s attempt to get at him. One hood will throw himself into the ring and begin to shout about how he staked his savings on Seamus falling and now he has nothing: give him a black eye and send him packing with a combo, knocking him clean out the ring. Eventually Jackie will call to regroup and head back to the dressing room.


Donny Whelan will appear, armed with a Pistol at the foot of the passage back to the dressing rooms, flanked by two of his henchmen wielding baseball bats. Blocking your way, he points the gun at Seamus and demands his attention.


Donny: You’re f*cking finished, McCann! Finished! I’ll f*cking have you!


Command Seamus to follow you using the Up button on your pad (as you would a gang member in SA) and lead him out of the line of fire as Whelan begins to fire, the crowd suddenly going wild, people fleeing everywhere to the tune of shots. Muscle your way along the front row towards the front door, drawing your own weapon to make the pathway to escape. Use the crowds to your advantage to lose the Whelans but make sure Seamus does not get lost: he can handle himself but he is not invincible to bullets.


When you make it outside bundle into Jackie’s waiting Admiral and speed away from the venue; whether or not you are faced with pursuing Whelans you must lose depends on if you managed to flee them in the crowds. Either way, with some clever driving employed you will be able to lose any pursuers and safely make your way back to the Doherty’s safe location, completing the mission.


Jackie: Thank you Raymond, you can handle yourself. We’ll be in touch.



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Nice mission Tyla icon14.gif I enjoyed reading It.

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