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Grand Theft Auto IV: London

Recommended Posts


I like the idea mate it would really bring your narrative to life.

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Do you have a theme song? I suggest this:


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Never really thought about a theme song. Nice tune though.


What about a theme song for each character? Or some of them?

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Money Over Bullshit

This topic is f*cking beautiful mate! the missions really transport the reader/player back to London in that time peroid and I see you have a lot of fresh ideas yet to be added. Keep up the the great work my friend. icon14.gif

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who is Raymond Caine's actor?

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Money Over Bullshit
who is Raymond Caine's actor?

His name is Craig Fairbrass. He was in a few london gangster movies and once appeared in a british soap opera called Eastenders

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Thanks MOB!


And yeah, that's Craig Fairbrass as Ray Caine. I believe he also voiced Gaz and Ghost in the Call of Duty games?

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Damn, i'm actually surprised that this is THAT badass. The only thing in my mind when I was reading it was like a throwback to The Getaway games back on the PS2. I'm excited for the next part.

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I don't think it's wise to use the Broadwater Farm riot in an actual story because a police officer was killed and nearly had his head hacked off with a machete, like 9/11, GTA tends to stray away from real events.

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Finn 7 five 11

Red is impossible to read, please change the colour i tried some different skins and it is still difficult to read, but aside from that very good, but i dunno if im up for the dark and gritty again i am little over it.

I love the detail of the characters especially the main, he seems a lot like tommy vercetti actually.

Burglary would be great but it has to be much improved from San Andreas.



I think its great how many gangs you have listed, the more gang the better i think, but you need to have a large map for many gangs otherwise you end up with each gang having like 3 territories.



Hand to hand combat, i want that to be awesome, banging heads on poles, walls, cars ect. You and the other fighter can throw punches at the same time, it's not punch for punch, so you go to throw a punch they twist your arm, pull you in then knee you.

I am not sure what buttons would be used, but you could possibly enter a combat mode for more complicated fighting, by pressing R3 (its instant), then most buttons have different uses than normal, or just stick to the regular fighting if you want to be quick.

Also if you want to better position yourself in a fight you can run at them and push, shoulder charge, headbutt them to the ground and run.



Would be great but it has to be much improved from San Andreas, and if there are guards roaming around the property it would be cool if a improved stealth system from SA was used (much improved).


Football hooligan

This sounds like loads of fun, getting chased by a bunch of drunk manchester fans would be pretty cool.




Edited by finn4life

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Thanks for the comments guys.


@MikeWh: I'm not going to use the Broadwater Farm riot. For the reasons you said Mike and for the fact they were something completely different to what I have planned. I believe the police actually showed up to help some people during Broadwater, where as in this story situation the riot will kick off because the police failed to help someone and as per this it escalates. Most of the real events that I am going to parody will be pretty distorted from the truth anyway.


@finn4life: Great ideas!


Boxing will be showcased in the next mission, complete with the blocking and punching that I planned but concerning fighting outside of the ring where there are no rules I especially like the ideas of being able to throw your opponent around into things. Imagine pinning someone to the hood of a car and proceeding to lay into them! I think I'm going to put that in through the grappling system. I remember the Godfather game had the ability to take hold of an enemy and throw them around so maybe I could use a similar technique here where at the shunt of the left stick/L3 you would be able to take advantage of your immediate surroundings. The overall fighting system will be updated as this topic progresses and Ray adopts new fighting moves through missions (Biting, etc).


I agree with you about having guards patrolling the bigger houses. They would also patrol shopping centres at night. I'm planning a mission that introduces stealth soon so look out for that!

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Nice easter eggs man.

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This is absolutely amazing smile.gif I hope this gets made into a real game.

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Thanks for the comments guys.


@MikeWh: I'm not going to use the Broadwater Farm riot. For the reasons you said Mike and for the fact they were something completely different to what I have planned. I believe the police actually showed up to help some people during Broadwater, where as in this story situation the riot will kick off because the police failed to help someone and as per this it escalates. Most of the real events that I am going to parody will be pretty distorted from the truth anyway.

Ah, well this is amazing and TBH, I would rather see this as a real game and not in the GTA Series, it'd probably do well!


Keep up the good work!

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Thank you. I wouldn't mind this as a game either!


Mission Four;



Back in the Corner


When you arrive at the gym in Shoreditch, you find the room to be populated by five or six men – Lenny’s ‘Boys’ – all using the equipment, the tempo of their reps keeping with the drum beat of

. Lenny himself is in the boxing ring sparring with another man; he is effectively slaughtering him with lightning quick speed that the larger figure cannot repel. Eventually he provokes a fight back before calling time on the sparring session. Upon Frank's prompt, he then turns and greets you, welcoming you to the gym and formally introducing you to the rest of his friends over the ropes.


After the warm introduction, Lenny begins to talk about his past; he tells Ray that he once was an amateur boxer (owing to the skill that Ray witnessed earlier on) but a couple of bad decisions led to this dream becoming unrealised. This is something the two men share in common; Ray talks of how he once boxed and represented London in national competitions as an eighteen year old, though he does not share tales of his decent into violence. Eventually Lenny asks you if you would like to spar; you agree and suggest that small bets are made to make things interesting.


The bouncers gather around the ring, making bets amongst themselves as you prepare to fight. The object of this mission is to give you a feel for Ray’s fighting style and clue you up so that you know how to make the most of his twin-fisted abilities. The fight will also introduce you to the mechanic of having opponents that are tougher than others, with Lenny being a fighter with far greater skill in the craft than the pissheads and revellers that you met in If Your Name’s Not Down.


Hold down A/X to cause Ray to keep his guard up as Lenny comes at you throwing jabs. You will not take damage while you have your hands up and are able to move at your will as to lead your opponent around the ring but bear in mind that this will not be the case on the street where anything goes. When you see the opportunity, tap X/Square to throw a left jab whilst moving. Follow up by pressing B/Circle to jab with your right; further coordinated mashing of the buttons after connecting will cause Ray to throw harder, faster shots that wear down your opponent much faster though throwing these shots will remove your defence. Lenny recovers from your onslaught and makes his escape from the corner swinging; keep your finger down on A/X and deflect his shots until you seize the chance to catch Len with a strong hand to the chin in-between his punches whilst his guard is down and box him back into his corner.


Lenny praises your fighting skills and declares you winner of the bout, earning the respect of his door firm and the bets that they placed on their boss. You are then free to leave the ring and wander around the gym talking to some of the boys until you decide to make an exit.


Mission Complete - Reward: £50


*You can return to the gym at any time. The weights will be functional in the form of curls, deadlifts, presses and squats, and though they do not alter any statistics their use makes sense as the protagonist is of strong build. The men present in this mission may also populate the gym; over time, you will get to know these characters and as the story progresses they may become important to you.


**Be sure to pop into the nearby Poofy Burger should you need to replenish your health. A Pounder will set you back £1 whilst a Big Banger with Sprunk costs £2.


I've changed the text colour for this mission, be sure to let me know whether it is better or worse. Additional missions will be here soon.

Edited by Tyla

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In-Game Dialogue


This list is made up of dialogue spoken by Ray during free roam gameplay. These 'taunts' can be triggered by pressing LB/L1 during certain gameplay situations, while some are spoken automatically like in previous editions. As a result of being taunted an enemy will often be goaded into making a move they shouldn't, and in this way these lines can work in your advantage.


Attacking Pedestrians


  • You must be off your rocker.
  • You don’t stand a chance.
  • I do this for a living.
  • I’m gonna kick your head in.
  • Know who I am?
  • Do you understand now?!
  • You got Cained!
  • Alright, let’s have it your way.
  • I’m gonna do you badly!
  • Your head’s gonna be up your arse in a minute, you c*nt!
  • Can the bollocks and FIGHT.
  • You found it, dickhead!
  • Don’t get in my face again!
  • Are you gonna try it on again?!
  • I’m gonna sort you out!
  • You’re f*cked now, son.
  • Now leave me alone!
  • Caine! Remember that!
  • Now piss off!
  • Go on, f*ck off!
  • Now you’ve F*CKED me off!
  • Stop fannying about and punch!
  • Get up!
  • There’s more!
  • f*cking mug me off?!
  • What are you gonna do?!
  • Don’t hassle me again!
  • Now shut your f*ckin’ mouth!
Arrested By Police


  • What is it today, rozzer?
  • F*ck me! SPG not bothering a minority!
  • The light was amber, guv'nor.
  • Let me guess... the Met wants a contribution?
  • If I get the chance I’ll f*ck up your life.
  • I’ll find you when I walk.
  • I know the drill.
  • I'll be home by tea-time.
  • Do you think that tit on your head makes you something, copper?
  • Get my brief on the phone.
  • (Ray starts humming the theme tune to The Plod)
Aiming With A Weapon


  • What’s your problem, mate?
  • Lose the attitude.
  • Don’t push me.
  • Want some of this?
  • Think we don’t have guns here, sunshine?
  • Now F*CK OFF.
  • You’re not gonna test me again.
  • I wouldn’t think twice about murdering you.
  • Oi, wanker.
  • You’ll do.
  • Think we’ve gone soft?!
  • Don’t make a scene.
  • Do I make myself clear?
  • Don’t test my patience.
  • You shouldn’t have done that...
  • Are you done now?
  • Don’t come the c*nt with me, mate.
  • Fancy your chances?
Chased By Police


  • Don’t come near me, screw.
  • Come on then, cop slag.
  • I just left the scrubs!
  • How’s your missus?
  • Back off! Give up!
  • Catch me then, twat!
  • Let go of me, copper!
  • Call the squad.
  • Bring the heavy mob.
  • What took you so long!
  • Look what I’ve got that you haven’t!
  • Feeling brave, officer?
  • Keep back, tit heads.
  • You should get back in that car and f*ck off!
  • I’m not gonna go quietly!
Mugging Pedestrians/Stealing Money


  • Gimme that dosh!
  • Tough titty!
  • Now I’m taking your wallet.
  • PAY ME.
  • Give me that wallet!
  • Now pay your dues.
  • Is THAT IT?!
  • You’ve been taxed.
  • Run along now.
  • Bad luck, yuppie boy.
Murdering Pedestrians/Rampaging


  • Blame the law, they couldn’t stop me!
  • Remember Ray Caine?
  • I’ll take the lot of you down!
  • Let me share this with you!
  • Keep away!
  • Keep going. They’re all ‘gonna die.
  • Anyone else?!
  • Hello victims!
  • You can’t stop me!
  • Anyone got a problem with what I’ve just done?
  • I’m gonna do you all!
  • Did you think I’d just fade away?!
  • No, I just like the attention!
  • I’m coming for you ALL!
  • Punk slags!
  • Have some of this!
  • Blame my father!
  • Raymond Caine!
  • Now you know all about me!
  • I’m a madman!
  • You made me do it.
  • You can’t run from me!
  • Do you remember Raymond Caine now?!
  • Call the filth, they can’t help you.
  • Do you get me now?!
Running Over Pedestrians


  • You f*cking thick tart!
  • Out the way!
  • Should’ve looked both ways, shouldn’t ya!
  • Are you going where I’m going?
  • Move!
  • Where’s your lollipop?
  • Streets are for cars, idiot.
  • You should’ve paid attention to Tufty, twat!
  • F*ckin’ bonnet fodder.
  • I’m not gonna slow down for you, selfish prick!
Stealing Vehicles/Car Jacking


  • This is mine now!
  • Oi, you.
  • You! Get out the car!
  • Nice motor!
  • Jog on.
  • Clear off!
  • Out! Now!
  • Don’t kill yourself being the hero.
  • Eat pavement.
  • Just walk away you silly cow.
  • Don’t mind me.
  • Ta!
  • Needs must!
  • Don’t make a fuss.
  • It suits me better!
  • I’ll be taking this.
Edited by Tyla

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Your writing is really good. It makes the missions very interesting to read and paints a picture of what's going on, like I am watching a movie or something.

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Playing Away


You arrive at Trotter Towers, dull, dismal, deprived council flats that stand in Peckham in search of your brother. A score of people line the walkway, peering over the edge to view a group of police crowded around a door to a flat within the daunting building that towers to the right of you, the words ‘Filth’ & ‘Druggie Scum’ tagged either side of the entrance. Various expletives are exchanged between the two groups as you walk along, with the camera giving focus to one of the police officers; he boldly steps in front of the others and puffs out his chest.


DCI: Right pal, either you open this door or I open it for you, you bastard!


His words are soon followed by the sharp sound of his boot against the door and the noise of the officers piling through. You arrive at your own destination to find the door half open and a great big mark where the lock once sat. Cautiously, you push open the door and wander inside. The flat has been turned upside down, the contents strewn across the floor. Dave joins you, at first anxious at your presence. He recites that he had returned to the flat for some beer and found some youths inside, though they soon f*cked off when he rumbled them. While you help him ground an upturned sofa, Dave notices the time and realises he is running late for a meet with his hooligan friends; he asks Ray if he will drive him.


Walk with Dave down to his Luton, parked down on the ground floor. By this point, the crowds of earlier have scarpered and the police are now dragging the drug dealer out of his flat and down to their van.


Ray: This place is a f*ckin’ sh*t ‘ole. When are you gonna get a proper gaff?


Dave: You know how it is Ray. Money’s tight.


Ray: Why don’t you have a word with the old man and get yourself sorted?


Dave: ‘Cause he’s gone f*cking potty!


You arrive on the ground floor to find two burly men leaning against Dave’s van. One of them holds a baseball bat and it becomes instantly clear that it wasn’t youths that did Dave’s flat over. One of the men begins to talk, his accent being distinctly foreign.


Thug: Good afternoon, Mr. Caine.


Dave: Oh, f*ckin’ ‘ell...


Thug: We called at your home but you were not there. Maybe now we can settle accounts?


The man with the bat knocks it against the bonnet of Dave’s van. Ray keeps his eyes on him, the man returns the favour.


Dave: Look ‘Amit, I’ve been a busy boy...


Hamit: But not busy enough to get our money?


Dave: I’ll have it by next week.


Hamit: Me and Halil are not here for ‘next week’


The other man edges closer, bat angling at his side, brushing against his leather Trenchcoat.


Ray: What’s your f*ckin’ problem, mate?


Hamit turns to his accomplice, feeding him instructions in Turkish: Halil, knee cap this piece of sh*t if it comes any closer.


Ray: He’ll get you the dosh when he’s got it, and I’m f*ckin’ warnin’ ‘ya; you come near this flat again and I’ll do the bloody both of ‘ya.


Hamit: Yeter! Incitmek onu!


You are given control of Ray just in time to react to Halil, the large Turkish thug coming at you with the baseball bat. Utilizing what you learnt in the tutorial let him come at you and whilst he prepares to floor you with his weapon, hold down LB/L1 to lock onto the target/the weapon and upon the fat attacker’s sluggish swing tap A/X to counter his attack and again to hit him with your own. Done correctly, watch gleefully as Ray dodges the bat and drives his fist into Halil’s jaw, the shock of the blow reverberating around his chubby face. He takes control of the weapon, swinging his attacker back into the front of the Luton.


The cutscene that follows depicts Ray having hold of the bat and taking Halil by the collar, shoving him back towards Hamit. He waves the bat at him.


Ray: There’s some here for you ‘an all, c*nt!


Hamit simply laughs, he clearly has better things to do; the plot for more forceful ‘collection’ already smoulders in his eyes. Directly staring down at Dave, he recites their agreement.


Hamit: You will get my money, Mr. Caine; you are aware of the rules. Do not dare to disappoint me again.


Both men walk away; Ray tosses the bat aside and you are quickly placed in control of the Luton; drive to the map marker.


Ray: How tight?!


Dave sighs, quiet in his tone: Twenty grand...


Ray: You floated twenty grand from a f*ckin’ heavy mob?


Dave: Piss off Ray, you don’t know the half.


Ray: Twenty grand... I’ve a good mind to slap some sense into you.


Dave: I ain’t a kid no more Ray. I don’t f*ckin’ need this!


Ray: Oh yeah? Let’s f*ckin’ do this now!


Player is prompted to pull over.


Ray: I wanna know everything that’s going on, you hear? What the f*ck’s going on?!


Dave: Dad asked me to mind some brown...


Ray: Come off it! The old man? Smack??


Dave: He was looking after it for a foreign crew. Trying to monger an alliance. Then some headcases from down Brixton did ‘Tel over... he was sitting on it. It was gone when John found him.


Ray shakes his head: f*ckin’ ‘ell.


Dave: I had to make up for what happened ‘else everything would have been f*cked! Sparky put me in touch with this Turkish geezer who’d float us the cash on a short term basis... only we’ve ended up totally broke. Now they want their money and they aren’t the type of boys who’d think twice about taking a chunk out of me.


Ray: This stinks, Dave.


Dave: Dad’s head’s up his arse ever since mum...


Ray: Get in the van.


Dave: Ray...


Ray: Get in the van!


Player gets back in the Van with Dave.


Ray: What are you gonna do for cash?


Dave: I’ve got plans... (He looks at his watch) but right now we need to pick up the boys. They’ll be wondering where the f*ck I am.


Ray: Right... where to?


Dave: ‘Said I’d pick Sparky up from the clam first.


Drive to ‘The Bearded Clam’ pub first and collect Sparky. You arrive to find him standing outside, pacing around with a hammer in his hand. He jumps into the back of the van once you stop.


Sparky: Dave, my son!


Dave: Alright, Sparky?


Sparky: f*ckin’ buzzin’, mate. I’ve been waiting to walk over the scum all bleedin’ season!


Dave: That’s the spirit! Sparky mate, this is my brother, Ray. You remember me telling you all about him?


Sparky: Yeah nice to meet you mate.


Ray: You ‘an all.


Dave: Time to get Sid and Rozzer from the Pearl.


Collect Sid & Rozzer from 'The Pearl Necklace'.


Sparky: You seen the filth’s striker this season Dave?


Dave: No mate?


Sparky: He’s f*cking useless! Couldn’t kick a nappy full of sh*t!


You arrive at the Pearl; Rozzer and Sid climb in the back of the van. Your destination is now the ambush.


Rozzer: Dave! Where the f*ck have you been?


Dave: Woman trouble, you know how it is.


Sparky: Must be a right old shame that she ain’t as dirty as your f*ckin’ van!


Dave: I’ve nailed her where you’re sitting son!


Sparky: Oh, you manky mongrel.


Dave: Right lads, you remember what we talked about?


Rozzer: We jump ‘em under the arches?


Dave: They won’t know what hit ‘em. ‘Everyone tooled up?


Sid: Oh, f*ck! I’ve left my bat in the pub!


Dave: Here, (He produces a Kosh from the glove box) Use this.


Sid: That’ll do nicely.

You arrive at the ambush, a pathway next to a construction site that leads to the nearby football stadium. Dave and his boys jump out of the van, weapons at the ready.


Dave: Keep her ticking over. This shouldn’t take long.


You are prompted to use the right stick to look around you while Dave and the others walk towards the bridge. Not surprisingly, three other men clad in the kit of the rival football team appear, also with weapons. Both groups stop and face each other off.


Rival: It’s the wank brigade!


Rozzer: You fairies come without Eric? My, my, you’re becoming mighty brave.


Dave: Shame he ain’t here, I was looking forward to seeing him.


Sid: You c*nts will have to do!


The rivals begin to laugh and all of a sudden a forth man – Eric – comes around the corner, holding an Axe.


Eric: Let’s be having you, Caine! I’ve been waiting all season for you, you c*nt!


You notice a large group of men – rivals – hurrying towards the bridge to have Dave at his own game. Put your foot down and get to Dave before they do. Angle the van in the direction of the bridge and speed towards the ambush. The rivals quickly notice you and begin to pelt the Luton with bricks, now beginning to charge. Skid to a stop as so the back doors are facing Dave and wait for them to get in, the charging rivals forming a menacing view to the front of you. Eric the hooligan is lying motionless on the floor and Rozzer has to drag Dave off of him. Sid follows them, climbing into the back of the van with an axe wound in his arm.


Immediately accelerate; the group of fans will bolt out of the way and run when the Luton jumps at them. Their own van soon appears and collects a group of them; they begin to pursue you. Using bricks they have stolen from the construction site, your pursuers will pelt your van as they get close though a great deal of their shots will miss completely and end up slamming into the back of the supporters that are walking along. Swerving in between traffic will help to keep them at a distance; if they get too close, Dave’s boys will open the back doors and begin to swing at the chasing Rumpo with their own weapons. This puts them in a vulnerable position however and you must make sure that they don’t get hit.


Your rivals will appear at several points throughout the chase, pouring out of back alleys, on the top of walkway bridges dropping boulders in an attempt to make the player crash. Eventually, a Police Patrol will come barrelling down the road and will begin to chase the rival van, breaking the chase up.


You are instructed to drive to the Crown Jewels pub in Bow where the boys will patch Sid up and watch the game away from the crowds for they have had enough excitement for one day. Through Rozzer’s account of the beating ‘Eric’ took, Dave clearly let out his underworld stresses on the poor bastard whom Rozzer thinks is dead. They jump out of the van upon your arrival at the pub; Dave turns back at your calls.


Ray: Oi, wrong ‘un. I’ll be back for you later.


Dave laughs: Alright, alright. See you soon mate.


Mission Complete – Reward: None

Edited by Tyla

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Man, this is amazing. You have great writing skills.

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Thank you. I don't think this could ever be made into a mod and unless Rockstar do London or it comes to fruition in another form then this setting (at this time, at least) will never be seen... so I'm glad I can paint a mental picture for you guys.


Here's introducing a new extension to the map that will hopefully showcase a more relaxing, leisurely side to the concept and improve the perception that this is all gritty:





As suggested by brownbear and Max.


Picture One

Picture Two

Picture Three


Brighton, sometimes known as London-by-the-sea, is along with Southend one of two seaside resorts that feature in the game, both in different ends of the map. It serves as a relatively tranquil area devoid of much visible crime with the only gangs operating here being small timers or organized figures that operate in the shadows. It is however full of holidaymakers and Brighton's beaches are often packed out with day trippers even during the variable Spring-Summer setting that the game takes place in. Brighton is a favourite destination of Mod Revivalists whom along with Skinheads often clash with rival Rocker and Teddy Boy revivalists.


Brighton will become prominent during the latter stages of the game when the player has control of an empire. Being one of England's premier party spots, Ray will have an involvement in competing for control of much of the lucrative security aspects involved in this trade that are provided to Concert Venues, Nightclubs and early beach/rave parties. Those that have control of these contracts will not be in a hurry to give them up.


Leisure activities include the Speed Trials, of which the player can race in, the race track where the player can stake bets on greyhounds/horses and rig races, boating activities at the Marina and the Pier, which has an Electric Railway running the length of it for easy scaling.


Edit: Also looking to add a Glam/Prog Rock station to the existing soundtrack sometime soon. All suggestions are welcome.

Edited by Tyla

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This concept makes me want to watch London gangster flicks from the 70s/80s.

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I would defiantly recommend 'The Long Good Friday' to get that feeling of a gangster in the mould of an early thatcherite. Even if it is getting on for thirty years old now it still becomes relevant to today's London due to the Olympics coming up in 2012... shady plots for a fictional 1988 bid being a main part of that film. And going with all the fuss that is surrounding England's 2018 bid at the moment, I would say it is a must see. I would also recommend looking up 'Rise of the Footsoldier' on youtube and looking out for the character Pat Tate, which would give you a loose picture of what kind of character I'm trying to mould here.


Before I post up the next mission, can I get a couple of views on the dialogue? Would people like more of it, or less of it? Should I stick to strictly descriptions or try and mix in as much communication between characters as possible?

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no mention of hackney or clerkenwell mob! wow.gif

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clerkenwell mob! wow.gif

They're in as the Doherty Crime Syndicate wink.gif

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I see you have added a Mafia family, well personally i think london would be the perfect time to actually get away from the whole mafia theme since in every other GTA it is pretty much a key player.



However if you are going to put some kind of Mafia group in the game i recomend you don't put one from New York, instead why don't you put a new mafia clan in the game, you know instead of an Italian - American mafia family maybe actually put one from the original home country of the mafia! Italy.


Like the Sacra Corona Unita, just make up some kind of italian name and put clan at the end of it, and say it's from this criminal group, it was started in 70's so it's a very new breed of Mafia and they probably invested in London then just as they do now in legitmate businesses for money laundering reasons, heres an interesting article for you to base your ideas on.




This is just a suggestion by the way, i just think having one of the five families in London a little odd if you ask me, and i woudn't make the mafia a big thing in london on the whole anyway.

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I think you should align the text to the left to make it easier to read. Having it centered looks nice but once you start reading it gets clumsy.

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The Guru
I think you should align the text to the left to make it easier to read. Having it centered looks nice but once you start reading it gets clumsy.

Also the color. It's Christmas time and I can imagine people with the xmas skin (including me) will have their eyes burning and getting a f*cking headache trying to read it. I know, it's my fault that I use the skin but plain white is okay too. smile.gif

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Just spent the best part of an hour removing the trouble colours. The main posts on the first page and the missions I posted up are now completely devoid of colours spare for some necessary hues and should be as pure as the christmas snow under your feet. It should now be completely readable so I look forward to hearing what you think of it.


Also toyed with aligning to the left, but it looked absolutely horrible.

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LOL this is laugh out loud amazing!!!

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