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MODS Request


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Alright, I already have the gloves, except I have no idea how to actually use them or where to put them.


But I have a few requests


I want a skin for Niko that gives him a buzzed haircut. I'd also appreciate it if someone said how you actually activate them


Here are the Gloves that another user gave me, but as I said I haven't got a clue how to get them working.


Another thing I'd love is the mod where you turn Niko lifeless, I'm not sure if I should call it a ragdoll cuz of euphoria, but basically you press a button and Niko goes soft, lol (sounds wrong)


oh and also I'd love a trainer, comming from consoles it would be a blast to play this game with god mode, I already tried a trainer but it didn't work.


I have the latest version of the game patch 7, etc.


Also here's a crazy gif of an old video I made where I literally barrel roll'd helicopter blades, lol


user posted image

Edited by Laufas
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Guys, help him!

Thank you for your useless f*cking input.


@Laufas For the fiingerless gloves, follow these instructions:

1. Using SparkIV, open up playerped.rpf (located in Grand Theft Auto IV/pc/models/cdimages/).

2. Backup the default hand textures by exporting hand_000_r.wdr and hand_diff_000_a_whi.wtd. Save them somewhere safe incase you ever want to revert.

3. Export hand_001_r.wdr and hand_diff_001_a_whi.wtd, and then change the 001 in both file names to 000.

4. Now re-import the files you have just re-named.

5. Press save!



As for the buzzcut, SLAYERMAGGOT has created a GTA IV beta mod but the topic was closed and the remains of his work is still there for downloading. The buzzcut is included in the download


You want Niko to go 'soft'? HippieCommunist made this 'Ragdoll Mod' that can turn Niko into a ragdoll at the press of a button.


As for the god mode, use Simple Native Trainer by sjaak327. Just place the files in your directory IV/EFLC along with Alexander Blade's .asi loader


The gif, I saw that a while ago and that is some slick sh*t icon14.gif

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