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Arch Face

PSP - Xin Missions and R*SC wont sync

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Arch Face

hey, as many of you, i have purchased gta chinatown wars for my psp (unlike my friends who hack their psp's...), anyways, i have finished the main story of the game, and sync'd my stats (as i normally do 3 times a day).

when i logged onto the R*SC website and checked my stats, is said that i never even played the game yet (everything was zeroed) and that i need to complete the main story in-order to acuire my prize (the xin missions).


i have finished the game, and i have acuired both of the "lions of fu".

and according to the site, no one alse has found the guardians since 10.25.10, which is most likely a extremly un updated stats or the chinatown wars staff team died >.<


iv'e read on some place that i dont need to sync my game with the R*SC in-order to get the xin missions, but after 10 days in game it kinda feels like a waste of time, drug-dealing gets BORING -.-'

iv'e re-linked my account few times and did same with my PSN on my PSP, with no result... geese the days of gta lcs/vcs were better >.>

im off to play a little bit on lcs now, i'll be back tommorow, i hope someone could help me out with that :S





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You are not alone. I brought this game for my PSP-3000 and I too have this problem. I have completed the game 100% according to the little message that poped up during gmaeplay saying 'Congradulations, you have achived 100%'. I went to sync my stats but got no results and I've done it many times. I am not only syncing for the XIN missions, but also the Sean dealer (after I got 100/100 cameras) located in the lighthouse on North Colony Island. I hear he has all drug types for sale at half price. I hope this problem gets fixed soon.

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Arch Face

hmm confused.gif

it seems like rockstar has abandomed the chinatown wars section of the Social Club confused.gif nothing new over there since 25.10.10 confused.gif

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I thought I am only one with that. For some reason my stats at Social club are wiped off so it shows 0.00%. When I sync ingame it says sync successfull, but the stats are still blank.

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Hey guys I think it's working again! I just sync my stats after receiving an email from badger in the game and it finally worked! I got the xin missions and found Sean. Mission complete. Happy thanksgiving!

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