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Project Mayhem

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After discussions between Jam and myself, we've decided we're finally shutting Project Mayhem down for good. The odds of bringing this gang from the brink are slim so without further adieu, I'm hammering the final nail into the proverbial coffin and I bid thee, PM, farewell. This gangs been up sh*ts creek for a while now, and it's been through sheer enthusiasm and commitment we've kept this place afloat. It's been a good fight, gents, but we've been fighting a losing battle and it's just time we let laid down our arms and admit defeat. Farewell, Project Mayhem (October 26th 2010 - June 20th 2011).


Not that anybody will give a hoot, but this will likely be my final appearance on GTAF too, so... it's been fun, gentleman. Live long and prosper icon14.gif

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Oh no, the gang section will never be the same. cryani.gif

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Gee, I thought your gang died a month ago....... dozingoff.gif

Also this:

user posted image

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The Yardies being fa**ots, what's new? monocle.gif


Been a good run gents. I trust I'll be seeing some of you on Xbox Live in the future for some laughs. But to be fair, this had to be done. If anyone feels like reviving it sometime, feel free. But I doubt it. So I'll sign off with this;




Adios, lads.

Edited by .2D

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Closed on request.

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