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My Chain Story

Recommended Posts


3) They flag a taxi down.


(Niko) Taxi (whistles loudly), damn it Yellow Car


(Packie) Niko it's not working


(Niko) F*ck this

Niko gets out an Uzi and points it at an SUV and driver stops and runs away

(Packie) Well that's one of way of doing it

They get in with the hard drives and head off to the airport


Where do they head

1) Los Santos

2) Kyrat

3) Steelport

4) Liberty City

5) Chicago

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1) Los Santos


The trio is seated on the next flight to Los Santos. A steward approaches them.


Steward: We hope you enjoy your flight to Los Santos, gentlemen.

Packie: Wait, Los Santos? Dwayne, that ain't Liberty City.

Dwayne: Los Santos? I thought it was Liberty City.

Niko: How could you possibly screw that up?

Dwayne: I though L.S. stood for Liberty Sity.

Packie: You f*cking idiot!

Dwayne: I don't read well, you know that.

Packie: No I f*cking don't.

Niko: He told me.

Packie: Well, you ain't me!


Packie crosses his arms and stares at the floor.


Niko: As soon as we arrive in Los Santos, we board the next place back to Liberty.

Dwayne: Sounds like a plan.


1. The plane is blown up by Yusuf.

2. They run into Lester at Los Santos International.

3. Luis and Tony are on the same plane as them.

4. Someone in another seat is blasting their music on their iPod.

5. Natasha, the woman from the car rental, is on the plane as a stewardess.

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1. The plane is blown up by Yusuf.

As the plane flies over Liberty City, Packie stares down with a bitter look on his face, while Niko and Dwayne are having a good time. Suddenly, Niko notices a familiar figure pass by them, and he waves to that person.


Niko: Yusuf! Is that you?

Yusuf: Niko? Err, good to see you... up here. Very, very good.

Dwayne: What's up with you? You look nervous as hell.

Yusuf: Well, you see... I've been... recently wronged by American society. I had wanted to purchase Maisonette 9, but some trailer trash goon had already claimed ownership, and refused to sell. I'm in ruins!

Niko: You'll be alright, it's just a club.

Yusuf: Oh yeah? Easy for you to say! Thing is... when I've been wronged... I need to get revenge somehow.


Yusuf unzips his jacket and reveals several bombs strapped to his vest.






Yusuf blows up along with the plane. Because this is the Chain Story after all, Niko, Packie and Dwayne have awesome luck, and all of them survive the explosion. They do fall out of the plane, though, but all of them also have parachutes. Niko is even able to save the whole bag of hard drives! Unfortunately, by now they're far away from Liberty City... yet again.


Where do they end up now?


1) Intercourse, PA.

2) Steelport.

3) Stilwater.

4) Las Venturas.

5) Ferguson, MO.

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4) Las Venturas.


They land outside of Caligula's Casino.




They land.


Niko: Well, that wasn't so bad. I even managed to save these stupid hard drives.

Packie: They're bringing us more bad luck than good. I just hope the play's good.

Dwayne: Yeah. Holy crap, we're in Venturas!

Packie: I always wanted to visit here. Yo, Dwayne want to go in?

Dwayne: I know how to count cards, so sure.

Packie: Sweet! Niko , go get us some transportation. We'll be waiting here.


Packie and Dwayne walk into Caligula's, singing 'We're in the Money'.


Niko: Goddamnit. Might as well find a car rental place to get us to the airport. The taxis here are f*cking awful.


He walks around for a bit, until he finds one near the airport. It looks like it was last renovated when Elvis was still alive and kicking. At least, officially. There's a perky valley girl behind the counter. It looks kind of busy.


Valley Girl( she shall be... D'arcy): Hi there, welcome to Collie Rentals! How can I help you?

Niko: Yes. I would like a car.

D'arcy: Okay, well you've come to the right place then! Any specific model?

Niko: I don't care.

D'arcy: Well, okay. We have an Emperor in a depot just out of town. The first ones on the house if you get transportation there.

Niko: Sure, whatever.

D'arcy: Wonderful! Here's the keys to your wonderful car!

She hands him a rusty key. He walks out before D'arcy's preppy ness smothers him. He hails a taxi.

Niko: Cabby!



Dwayne's card counting abilities are beyond measure.


Packie: Holy sh*t man, we're just raking in the cash!

Dwayne: What did I tell you, man? I mean, we've made at least half a million here.

Packie: You are the f*cking man.

Dwayne: It's nothing.


Unbeknownst to them, they've attracted the attention of the manager of the casino...


Niko is in a cab 3/4 of the way to the depot. The driver has The Eagles playing in his cab.


Niko: Hey man, can you knock this off?

Eagles Cabbie: No. You don't like The Eagles?

Niko: No, I don't like The Eagles, they're too damn overrated. And besides-

Eagles Cabbie hits hard on the brakes, gets out and pulls Niko from the cab and drives off.


Eagles Cabbie: (very faintly) HOW CAN YOU NOT LIKE THE EAGLES?!

Niko: Arrrrgh, screw you! Oh f*ck, the rental agreement. I left it in the cab. f*ck!


Niko walks the rest of the way to the depot. The district seems to be stuck in the 1990's, for some reason.


When he gets to the depot, the Emperor is nowhere to be seen.

Niko: Not this again. NOT THIS AGAIN!




Packie is on Slot machines and Dwayne is playing Poker. Together, they've amassed about $1.2 million dollars.

The manager is on to them now. He sends two guys down to 'help' them.


Niko is walking back to the car rental place. He has walked up a highway in near freezing conditions to get back to the airport. Only one obstacle remains. The runways.

He walks across the first no problem. The second one however, a plane comes into land and nearly sucks Niko into the turbines. He appears mildly fazed by it all. He gets back to the car rental place and finds D'arcy stand there on the phone.


D'arcy: Yes Mom, of course I got the kids presents. Don't worry, I'll take care it. Okay, okay. Give my love to Dad. Love you.

Niko is standing there.

D'arcy: Can I help you sir?

Niko: Yes.

D'arcy... How can I help you sir?

Niko: You can start by wiping that f*cking dumbass smile off your f*cking rosy cheeks. I want a f*cking car, anything, a f*cking Albany, a f*cking BF, a f*cking Ubermacht, a f*cking Vapid, four wheels and a seat!

D'arcy: I don't like the tone you're speaking to me.

Niko: Well, I don't f*cking like it how your company left me in the middle of f*cking nowhere, with f*cking keys to a f*cking car that wasn't f*cking there. I've had to walk up a f*cking highway in near freezing temperatures, I even crossed a f*cking runway to get here. I want a f*cking car, right. f*cking. now.

D'arcy: Do you have your rental agreement?

Niko: I left it in the cab.

D'arcy: Oh, boy.

Niko: Oh boy what?

D'arcy: You're f*cked.

Niko storms out of the car rental place, walking back to Caligula's.

Niko: They had better f*cking have won something.




Packie and Dwayne have been called to the manager's office, Yeager.


Yeager: Gentlemen, I'm sure you know why I've called you here.

Packie: No, we don't. If there's been a misunderstanding, we'll try to clear it up.

Yeager: No gentlemen, the problem is pretty obvious. Mr Forge here has been counting cards.

Do you know what we do to card counters, Mr Forge?

Dwayne: No. Do I want to know?

Yeager: You see Louie over there? You know how he's missing his eye? Well, that's what we do to card counters. We take a knife (he pulls a knife form his desk draw)and we take out their right eye.

Yeager draws the knife closer and closer to Dwayne's face.

Yeager: Are you scared yet, Mr Forge?

Dwayne: Y-yes.

Yeager: There is a way to avoid this. Give us the money you won on the poker table, and we'll let you keep what. Mr McReary earned on the slots. Sound good?

Dwayne: Sure, here.

Dwayne gives about 99% of their taking back to Yeager.

Yeager: And that leaves you with $150. Have a nice day.


They get thrown out of Caligula's. Niko is walking nearby.

Niko: Please tell me you had some good luck.

Packie: We got caught. We had $1.5 million. Now we have what I earned on the slots, $150.

Niko: Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck. It's been 4 hours, and we're back to square one again.


What happens?

1) They walk to the airport and get on a flight to LC.

2) They hail a cabbie down. It's the Eagles Cabbie.

3) It starts to rain, damaging the hard drives.

Edited by Onett
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3) It starts to rain, damaging the hard drives.


Niko: Oh, god damn it! Could this day get any f*cking worse!? WE'RE IN f*ckING LAS VANTURAS FOR f*ck'S SAKE!


While Niko's screaming at seemingly nothing, Dwayne notices the rain beating down on the hard drives


Dwayne: sh*t, Niko! The hard drives, cover 'em!


Niko notices the bag that's holding the hard drives are now soaked, he bolts inside Caligula's


Niko: sh*t, sh*t, sh*t! What are we going to do!? The god damn hard drives are soaked!

Packie: f*ck man, all that work for nothing!? It's the diamonds all over again!

Dwayne: Calm down, maybe we can drop by a computer shop, we'll have the guy check them out


While the trio are planning a course of action, Yaeger notices them at the entrance on the entrance camera. He turns towards his right hand, Houser; a massive man that puts Arnold Schwarzenegger to shame in his prime


Yeager: Houser, please go see what our "guests" are up too.

Houser: Yes sir.


While Niko's frantically looking for a phone book since he seemingly owns the now out-dated 2008 phone Playboy X gave him, Dwayne takes notice


Dwayne, while snickering: Niko, you still have that old ass phone?

Niko: Yeah, man. f*cking Playboy X gave me it. It's hard to let go you know? 2008 was a heavy year, it holds sentimental value I guess.

Dwayne: Yeah, I feel you. ...f*cking Packie, I can't believe you shot X! He was my boy!

Packie: The guy was a dick, f*ck him.

Dwayne: HE WAS MY BOY!


Dwayne tackles Packie onto the ground, and throws a few blows.


Packie, strugging: ..Get the f*ck off me, man!


Houser notices the scruffle and storms towards them, tearing their grasp apart and holding them both with an iron grip


Houser: Yaeger told you boys to leave, now you're going to have to deal with the consequences.

Dwayne and Packie, still pumping off the adrenaline: f*ck YOU, MAN! LET ME GO!


Niko stands idle, watching the situation unfold; unsure what to do


1) Niko attempts to tackle Houser, breaking the hard drives since he's still carrying them

2) Bolts for the door, still focused on finding a computer repair shop to see if the hard drives still work

Edited by Fallcreek

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2) Bolts for the door, still focused on finding a computer repair shop to see if the hard drives still work


As Niko rushes to the doors, Yeager's men guard the entrance. Niko proceeds to go Red Army on their asses, all hard drives in tow, leaving Packie and Dwayne behind.


The rain shortly ends about two minutes later as Niko runs trying to protect the hard drives. For the next two hours, he walks around Las Venturas looking for a computer repair shop. He finally finds one. Niko is standing in front of the building.


Niko: Cam's Cumputers. Strange name.


Niko gets a call.


Yeager: Niko Bellic, your friends Packie and Dwayne have told me all about you. They're in my casino right now.

Niko: I don't have f*cking time for your f*cking kidnapping bullsh*t.

Yeager: I insist on making a deal with you; a fair trade.

Niko: f*ck you, you're just another mob guy.

Yeager: Mob guy? We're mere casino men.

Niko: "Weh meh caseneh meh." f*ck you, lying asshole. I'm really not in the mood for this.

Yeager: Okay, whatever. I'll just kill them.

Niko: Please do.


Niko ends the call before going inside Cam's Cumputers. As it turns out, it's a sex shop. A bald man behind the counter waves at him.


Niko: You must be Cam.

Cam: Yep. You looking for anything in particular? I haven't seen you here before.

Niko: Actually, I must have got the wrong shop. Sorry for wasting your time.

Cam: Eh, it's OK.


Niko leaves and Cam is left alone in his store. Cam spots a poster he put on one of the walls of the shop, it is a "WANTED" poster of Niko, depicting Niko's angry face.


Cam: Oh sh*t!


Cam takes out a double-barrel shotgun from behind the counter, cocks it, leaps over the counter and quickly hurries outside. Niko is out of sight. He sighs before running in a direction he thinks Niko may have gone.


In the meantime, Niko has gone back to Caligula's, interested in Packie and Dwayne's current situation. He's confronted by one of Yeager's guards.


Niko: I don't want no trouble. I just want to see my friends.

Guard: You got the sh*t?

Niko: What? No, Yeager never told me what to give him. I just want to know, are they alive?

Guard: Probably not.

Niko: f*ck you.


Niko beats up the guard and proceeds to go inside the establishment. With strange luck on his side, he finds Yeager's office. He goes inside. The room is empty, but there's a simple desk and two chairs in front and behind, also a door at the back. Niko goes to the door, which leads to several flights of stairs leading to a basement.


Niko: What's Yeager hiding down here?


Niko goes into the basement and finds Packie, tied up, gagged, knocked out on a chair. Dwayne's in the same conditions, and his chair was propped onto Packie's lap, for some reason. The only source of light in the room is a single light bulb in the corner. A door can be seen in the corner, but besides that, the room is almost empty. A voice calls out to Niko.


Voice: Well, well, well...

Niko: Yeager? Is that you? Let me have my friends, you scumbag.

Voice: This isn't Yeager.

Niko: Then who are you?


A figure comes out from the shadows, out of the door in the corner. It's Natasha, the woman from the Russian car rental, but wearing a stealth outfit.


Niko: What the f*ck are you doing here, bitch?

Natasha: Niko Bellic, it's nice to see you again.

Niko: f*ck. You. Where's Yeager?

Natasha: I took care of him; you and your associates aren't the only ones that want those hard drives.


Niko glances at the hard drives in his arms before giving a glare to Natasha.


Niko: Who do you work for?

Natasha: You don't want to know. It's not the IAA, though, so you're in luck.

Yeager: Help!


Yeager's shouting is heard from the room Natasha came from.


Natasha: Just a second.


Natasha goes back into the room, Niko follows. Yeager is in a chair behind a wooden desk with a computer. It appears he is also tied up, but not gagged and not unconscious.


Yeager: Niko Bellic, handle this psycho bitch for me, will you?

Niko: I will, but not for you. Not to mention, I got other things on my mind right now.

Natasha: You won't do any of them after I'm done with you, motherf*cker.

Yeager: Watch your f*cking mouth.

Niko: You watch yours.


Niko smashes the computer's keyboard on Natasha's head. Natasha falls unconscious against the wall.


Niko: sh*t, smashing things on people's heads is fun.

Yeager: Can you untie me, please? All debts will be cleared and you can keep your friends.

Niko: You sure about that?


1. Niko leaves Yeager tied up in the room as he goes to get Packie and Dwayne.

2. Niko leaves Yeager tied up and attempts to hook up a wet hard drive into the computer on the desk.

3. He unties Yeager, but Yeager had his fingers crossed and takes a swing at Niko.

4. Packie wakes up, yells, wakes up Dwayne, and the two scatter in their chairs like chickens.

5. Cam and Lester come down to the basement, who, unbeknownst to the others, are working with Natasha.

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(What, as in, the basement is working with Natasha? :p Just kidding, but had to fit a snarky joke here somewhere)


5. Cam and Lester come down to the basement, who, unbeknownst to the others, are working with Natasha.


While Niko is pondering whether or not to release Yeager, he suddenly hears footsteps from the staircase. There are multiple people, and he has no gun, so he can only hope they mean no harm. Niko considers hiding somewhere, but on the other hand, Yeager could easily just give his position away. To gain at least a little bit of cover, Niko goes behind the chair Yeager is tied up on.


The first one to show up is, much to Niko's shock, Lester. He is immediately followed by Cam, who still has his double-barreled shotgun.


Niko: What the f*ck is this?

Lester: Niko! Small world, eh?

Cam: There's the wanted thug! Now he's not gonna escape!

Lester: Calm the f*ck down, he's on our side. He's the one who originally stole those hard drives from the IAA.

Cam: Oh! Well, in that case, you're pretty badass!

Lester: Question is... do you still have the hard drives? It looks like there has been a pretty big scuffle down here. Oh, and another question: Why did you never call me, Niko?

Niko: I, err, umm... well, the important part is that I still have them right here... *shows Lester the bag* ...but problem is, these kinda got wet outside when it was raining, and I don't know if they work...

Lester: What?! How can you be stupid enough to carry these sensitive hard drives in the rain?!


Lester forcefully grabs the bag from Niko's hands, holds it against his chest and slowly cuddles it.


Lester: Poor babies... don't worry, I'll never let that savage manhandle you again.

Niko: :blink:

Cam: Hey, wait! Look at that, L! It's Natasha! Our Russian associate!

Lester: Yes, I know she's here. *continues cuddling as if nothing had been said*

Cam: No, I mean, she's knocked out!

Lester: What?!


He gives the bag hastily to Cam, and goes to check on Natasha. A while later, he approaches the tied up Yeager and hits him with his cane.


Lester: What the hell did you do to her?!

Yeager: Don't ask me! Ask that Serbian c*nt who introduced a freakin' keyboard to her face!


Both Lester and Cam angrily look at Niko. He tries to look as innocent as possible.


Niko: What are you implying? There's no way I could've smashed a heavy object into a woman's face. I mean, as all of you know, I'm a hardcore feminist!

Lester, Cam, Packie & Dwayne: :blink:

Niko: Anyway, what really happened was that...


Suddenly Natasha stands up.


Niko: This is getting crowded.

Natasha: That's the d*ckbag capitalist who hit me with a freakin' keyboard! I'm gonna love torturing the hell out of him...

Lester: OK, let's keep it calm. Niko, why did you attack Natasha like that?

Niko: Well I had no idea she was on our side!

Cam: Of course she's on our side, you idiot! She's been working alongside us on the background all this time, when we've been hiding these hard drives from the IAA.

Niko: Good to know. But, umm, she could've made herself more clear. She tried to hurt my friends, I can't tolerate that.

Lester: Whatever. Are we cool now? Right now, we must stick to the plan. We must harvest what's left of the data in these hard drives and then get the hell away from this area. We can't hide in the desert, the government has a base there, so they can easily monitor our movements. I suggest we go back to Los Santos.

Natasha: Los Santos? Why not just go to mother Russia? We have plenty of space where no American agencies dare to go. And in Russia, American agencies can't track you.

Lester: I don't know about that, I mean... I'm very anti-IAA, but I'd rather keep these poor babies (<--- in a soft voice, also accompanied by more cuddling of hard drives) away from any kind of world superpower right now.

Natasha: I'm afraid you don't have a choice, Mr. Crest. *points a gun at him*

Niko: What the f*ck is going on?

Natasha: You, Lester, were so easy to use. Just like any American. But now, clearly, our partnership needs to come to an end so that my bosses can finally get their hands on those precious hard drives. You goon from the sex shop, throw your gun on the floor. After that, computer nerd here gives me the hard drives. And the Serb doesn't move an inch.


Everyone does as asked. When Natasha has the hard drives, she aims at Niko instead of Lester.


Natasha: And now, friends, I think I need to eradicate this Serbian tw*t right here just to remind you not to mess with me, or my people.


Before she can do it, though, Houser storms into the room along with some nameless Yeager's goons. He launches a devastating punch on Cam, who is unlucky enough to be standing closest to him, and flies across the room, barely conscious. Natasha freaks out and has difficulty deciding who to aim her gun at. Niko uses this opportunity to attack her when she's facing Houser. Niko is able to keep the hard drives from landing hard on the ground, and hands them to Lester, who begins to cuddle them again. While Natasha is down on the ground, Niko holds her down with his knee and takes aim at Houser with her pistol.


Houser: Drop the gun or die, f*ggot.

Niko: I've heard that cliché many times.

Houser: I said DROP IT! Or nerdboy here's gonna die. *one of Yeager's guys aims at Lester*

Niko: F*ck, whatever.

He throws the gun to Houser, who puts it in his pocket and then releases Yeager from the chair.


Yeager: Finally. Well, guys, it looks like those hard drives are more valuable than I thought. We'll take them with us, even if we risk some big-time government interference.

Houser: I agree. Nerd hands them over nicely unless he wants a reminder of how school jocks treat his kind.

Natasha: NO! THEY'RE MINE!

Houser: Shut up, bitch!

Niko: Yeah, shut up, bitch!

Yeager: I'm glad you hate that Ruskie as much as we do, but unfortunately, that doesn't mean we're going to just let you walk away from here. Let alone with those hard drives in your possession.


Houser forcibly grabs the bag of hard drives from Lester.


Lester *sobbing*: My... babies...

Natasha: Those hard drives are mine! I must have them!

Houser: You have an unhealthy obsession, don't ya, babe?

Yeager: They're ours now, and there's nothing you can do about it.

Niko: We'll see about that! I stole them, so actually they're rightfully mine!

Unknown: Actually... these hard drives belong to me.


A figure arrives in the room along with a few more goons, who aim their guns at everyone in the basement. Who is this person?


1) Salvatore Leone.

2) Rocco.

3) Michelle.

4) Gerry.

5) D'arcy.

Edited by Carbonox
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5) D'arcy.


Niko: The airhead car rental bitch?

D'arcy, for some reason is wearing a Crow - style outfit, even with white makeup on. She kicks Niko in the balls.


D'arcy: (dropping her preppy airhead voice to a femme fetale style voice): Amazing actor, huh? You know, I really didn't appreciate you dropping that f bomb on me.


Houser: Who the f*ck are you? Some gothic bit


D'arcy shoots Houser in the mouth mid sentence. She also pistol whips Natasha. She picks up the drives from the ground.


D'arcy: Well, I'll be leaving now. Have fun with the IAA.


Niko: Crazy IAA bitch!

D'arcy: *laughs* I'm not IAA, FIB or anyone. Just a... restless soul, looking for revenge.


She walks up the stairs, shutting off the lights. Sirens are faintly heard.




What happens?

1) The IAA storms the casino. Dwayne gets free of his ropes.

2) The IAA storm the casino. Packie gets free.

3) The LVLD storm the building and they all get arrested. D'arcy just seems to have vanished.

Edited by Onett

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3) The LVLD storm the building and they all get arrested. D'arcy just seems to have vanished.




Two officers are taking their break inside their squad car, Officers Flansburgh and Laura. Suddenly Dispatch Stevenson lights up their communications.


Dispatch Stevenson: There's multiple reports of shots fired at Caligula's Casino, need units to respond; Over.

Laura: Units 102 & 107 are taking this call, over.

Dispatch Stevenson: 10-4

Laura: Caligula's huh. Mafia owned casino once owned by Salvatore Leone. Let's go see what this is about.

Flansburgh: Sounds big, be ready.


Laura starts the ignition, and cruises towards Caligula's, arriving shortly after at the casino, People are pouring out of the entrance, screaming


Flansburgh: Jesus..

Laura: Get some back up here, Flans! I need to head in before things get worse

Flansburgh: sh*t, maybe you should wait. There could be multiple perps in there!

Laura: There may be more civilians inside also, just cover me!


Flansburgh hesitantly agrees and opens his car door, positioning himself between the door and the car with his 9mm while Laura bolts towards the entrance, armed.


Laura makes it into the building, finding seemly nothing. She notices a door that's wide open leading into the lower basement of Caligula's. She persues the only lead. She finds a series of corridors, but she spots another open door, this time with a faint Eastern European voice. She glides towards the door, silent as can be and finds Niko trying to wake up Dwayne and Packie, along with Houser's dead body and Yaeger, who is still tied up


Officer Laura: Stop where you are! Put your hands up and turn towards me!


Niko, unarmed and alarmed complies


Niko: sh*t, f*ck me! f*cking rain! f*cking russian bitch! f*cking Yeager! f*ck!

Laura: Is there anyone else here? Anyone armed, who might be a danger, or in danger!?

Niko: No, it's just us. The people you want are gone.

Laura: You're still under arrest, we need to figure out what happened here. There's a dead body, you may be responsible since you're the only one free.

Niko: That wasn't me! You can't pin that sh*t on me, bitch!


Laura ignores Niko and slaps the cuffs on him and read him his miranda rights. The rest of her back up finally arrives and picks up the rest, Dwayne, Packie and Yaeger and transports them to jail.


Packie and Dwayne wake up in the jail cell, finding Niko and Yaeger playing cards on the floor.


Packie: What the f*ck happened!? Why are we in a f*cking cell!?

Niko: Well..


Niko sits there for a solid half hour explaining what went down, and gets interupted by a cell guard


Cellguard Tom: Since you couldn't organize a Lawyer, we provided you with one, gentlemen.


Who is the lawyer?


1)Ken Rosenberg, a washed up old lawyer who once worked with CJ and Tommy Vercetti.

2)Tom Goldberg, seemingly survived his incident with Niko, and is now working in Las Ventuas

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1)Ken Rosenberg, a washed up old lawyer who once worked with CJ and Tommy Vercetti.


(Niko) Ken? Haven't seen you in a while


(Ken) Niko how'd you end up here


(Niko) Long f*cking story


(Packie) What happen to Lester


(Lester) I'm over here

Lester walk out of the shadows of the opposite cell

(Niko) Why are you over there


(Yeager) Why am I even here.


(Niko) Ken get us out of here


(Ken) ok


Ten minutes leter They all get released except Lester

(Niko) Why isn't Lester getting released


(Idiot guard) Because


(Lester) Because what?


(Idiot Guard) Durrr


(Niko) F*ck this

Niko knocks out the Idiot guard and goes red army on Lester cell

(Lester) Thank you Niko

What happens next

1) They sneak out of the police station quietly and catch the next flight back to Los Santos

2) Another guard sees them trying to escape

3) A familiar face brakes into the jail

4) The idiot guard wakes up and calls for back up into his wallet

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3) A familiar face brakes into the jail

As the six of them are making their way through the hallways, they bump into someone. Niko is ready to go Red Army on him, before realizing he's actually a familiar face. It's Cam from the sex shop (oh, and Lester's affiliate as well), who lost his shotgun, and is instead holding a giant, pink sex toy. As a weapon, apparently.


Niko: Holy f*ck, you scared us! What the hell are you doing prancing around this place like that?

Cam: Ssssshhhhhh! I'm here to get you out.

Packie: In case you didn't notice, we already got out.

Cam: Yes, out of the cell, but not from the building. Come on, follow me, I'll show you a nice, quick, stealthy way.


*annoying intercom beep*


Announcer: Attention. Prisoner 72 has escaped. He may be accompanying prisoners 68-71, who just recently got released, as well as the town's famous ambulance chaser, Ken Rosenberg. Locate them before they get out.

Lester: Well, sh*t...

Packie: I wonder, which one of us was prisoner 69?

Niko: Is that all you care about? Come on, Cam, show us the way out already.

Lester: By the way, Cam, how did you manage to avoid getting caught?

Cam: I hid in a tiny-ass locker when the cop lady came in. And Natasha forced herself in too, said that if I tried to force her out, she'd give my position away too.

Niko: What happened next? Did you kill her? God, I hope so.

Cam: No. Bitch got my shotgun and ran off.

Lester: Well, we should be worried if that's the case. She might try to get the hard drives for her bosses, and that might be very bad if she's from the KGB. Or Spetsnaz.

Cam: I got hit in the head pretty bad, who's got the hard drives then?

Niko: Some bitch named D'arcy.

Cam: With a '?

Niko: With a '.


*annoying intercom beep*


Announcer: Attention. We have just found out that an idiot guard has been knocked out near the cells in which prisoners 68-72 were being held. Find out where said prisoners are at the moment, and when you do, terminate them with extreme prejudice.


Niko: Goddamn it. Does anyone have a gun?

Yeager: Not exactly, 'cause, as you know, we kinda got arrested. And that lawyer looks too nervous to ever have been given the right to carry.

Ken: Yeah, umm, whatever you say.

Lester: Well, that right hand guy of Yeager's used to have a fine little gun, but then he took a bullet to the mouth.

Yeager: Don't talk about Houser! Goddamn it! He was one of my best guys. I'm gonna skin the Darcy bitch alive when I find her.

Niko: It's still D'arcy. With a '.

Yeager: Whatever!


They sneak to a door. Cam tries to open the door, only to find out it doesn't budge. It's not locked, but seems to be blocked from the inside.


Cam: F*ck's sake! It's as if someone's stuffed a refridgerator in the way. Well, we can't get out from here. Now what are we gonna do?


1) Get to the locker room, and steal a bunch o' police uniforms, then walk out.

2) Access the sewers through the basement.

3) Go to the garage and drive off in 2 of the squad cars.

4) Call Dwayne's boys for backup.

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2) Access the sewers through the basement


Dwayne: sh*t man, there's a latch over there! I wonder where it leads too?


Yaeger rushes over, and lifts the latch revealing a horrible smell; the sewers.


Ken: Oh f*ck man, I'm not going in there! These are my best shoes!

Packie: It smells awful, but I don't see another way out ..unless you want to get shot up trying to stealth our way out of here..

Lester" Yeah, you're right. There's 6 of us.. The only way we're getting out is through those sewers.

Niko: sh*t. Alright, let's do it.


They all ..hesitantly climb down with their shirts/hands over their noses into the confusing corridors that are the sewers.


Niko: sh*t, it's dark down here. Anyone have a flashlight?

Dwayne: None of us do man, all of our sh*t is back in the precinct!

Packie: Including the money? f*ck man, we're broke and on the run!

Yaeger: Shut it, stick in a line; single file. We'll ..feel the walls until we reach another ladder.


Feeling the damp, cold walls of the sewers, they finally reach another ladder after about an hour


Ken: Jesus, my f*cking suit.. My shoes, god damn it No f*cking money, no cellphones, nothing!.

Niko: Shh, I hear voices. The manhole, where the f*ck are we?


1) Down the road at the Four Dragons Casino

2) Area 69 in the Desert

3) They find a fallout shelter, under a abandoned hospital in the middle of a deserted, nameless city. The voices weren't there, it was all in Niko's head

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Wow, this storyline with the hard drives has really gone somewhere. It makes for a good read. :lol:


1) Down the road at the Four Dragons Casino


Niko, Packie, Dwayne, Yeager, Lester, Ken and Cam (correct me if I'm missing someone :whuh:) all climb up the ladder to find that it's night-time and they're in front of the Four Dragons Casino.


Packie: What do we do now?

Lester: We find D'arcy so we can get those sweet hard drives.

Yeager: I think we should probably change out of these prison duds.

Ken: Uh, I'll meet up with you guys later, I gotta get a change of clothes.

Niko: We should just all go together.

Packie: Who's paying, 'cause I ain't got sh*t.

Ken: I've got you guys covered financially. Come on, let's go.


The group of seven find a high-end clothing store. They walk inside, the shopkeeper looking intimidated by their orange prison outfits. She reluctantly does business with them regardless.


By the time they're done, all of them are dressed for success. Niko is wearing a black suit with a red tie, black loafers and dark sunglasses. Ken wears his trademark purple suit and black shirt underneath. Packie and Dwayne are in matching navy blue suit jackets, black pants and matching shoes. Yeager is wearing a black striped double-breasted suit and a black fedora. Lester wears a white suit with a pale blue shirt underneath and blue shoes. Cam sports a lava red suit with a black tie and black shoes.


Packie: We are stylish as hell.

Niko: From now on, we shall be named "The Group of Seven."

Cam: That's a totally stupid name, but why not?

Niko: Asshole.


The men all come out of the store to the sounds of police sirens. The first car to pass them is a green sedan speeding down the road. It's shortly followed by police squad cars in hot pursuit.


Niko: So how are we going to find D'arcy?

Lester: If I get a laptop, I can easily find any recent activity from her cellphone.

Niko: Okay then. Cam, you know any good computer shops?

Cam: Yeah, but we can just steal a laptop. There's a person with one right there.


Cam points to a pedestrian across the street walking with his laptop in his hands. He's wearing a green ski jacket and is drinking root beet out of a cup. The Group of Seven all run across the street and tackle the man.



Packie: Give us your f*cking laptop, punk!

Ped: Just take it!


Niko snatches the laptop and hands it to Lester. As the group leaves, Niko turns around to face the ped again. He adjusts his shades.

Niko: You didn't see anything.

Niko runs back to the group. The ped pulls out his cellphone.


Ped: Yes, LVPD? We got a group of six or seven guys last seen in front of Four Dragons Casino. They're stylish as hell.


Lester goes into a back alley as the rest of them join him. He sits down, gets the laptop out and starts to work his magic.


Niko: I didn't knew getting a laptop could be so easy.

Cam: You just need to be in the right places, man.

Dwayne: Wait, when we have the hard drives, how are we going to work with 'em?

Lester: We'll find a buyer and hope to God that's the end of it.

Packie: Sounds good to me.

Lester: Okay, I'm connected. At 8:26PM, D'arcy sent a text message to, I'm guessing, one of her bosses, from the V-Rock Hotel right here in Las Venturas. The message: "Drives are safe, don't worry about it. Niko Bellic and his men were arrested earlier today. Get the jet ready. -D'"

Yeager: I think it's around 9 PM right now. She must have stashed the drives so she would get them later when she catches that jet she mentioned.

Niko: Okay. Can you find her with the current location of her phone?

Lester: Unfortunately not yet. That's for later.

Niko: Maybe she left the hard drives in her hotel room.

Packie: How do we find out her hotel room number?

Cam: Haven't you seen the movies I sell? The guy smooth-talks the woman at the counter and gets the information in exchange for sex.

Lester: May I just say that that is completely unrealistic?

Cam: Let's just f*cking go.


The Group of Seven find a 6 x 6 Dubsta parked on the street. They all squeeze in, Niko in the driver's seat and Lester beside him. Yeager, Packie and Dwayne take up the backseat with Ken and Cam riding on the back of the truck. They drive to the V-Rock Hotel.


1. Natasha, who was driving the green sedan that passed by, crashes into the back of their truck, swearing in Russian.

2. The drive goes smoothly and they get to the hotel without a word.

3. Some "hilarious" banter ensues with the guys in the truck.

4. Lester gets a notification regarding new activity from D'arcy's phone.

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4. Lester gets a notification regarding new activity from D'arcy's phone.


(Lester) Hey, Darcy...


(Niko) It's D'arcy


(Lester) Sorry, D'ARCY just used her credit card


(Packie) Does it say


(Lester) Yeah, she bought a run down airstrip in the middle of the desert, she must of bought it to dodge getting though air port security with stolen hardware


(Niko) Gotta remember LVPD will wanna be helping the IAA for those hard drives if they come across them.


(Cam) I know where that airport is.


(Niko) Ok good, me, Packie, Lester, and Yeager will go to the V Rock hotel and check that out, Dwayne, Cam and Ken, yous head to the air strip and check that out


(Dwayne) Alright

D, C and K get in a near by PMP 600 and out to the airstrip, N, L, P and Y go off the the hotel


Who do we follow

1) D, C and K

2) N, P, L and Y

3) Natasha

4) D'Arcy

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4) D'arcy




After sending the text to her supposed superior, she lays her phone down on the table and sighs. Laying her head in her hands, she notices the door creak open a bit, one of her men come through the door, Delager.


Delager: Miss, we gotta go. Our spotters have seen Niko and his boys at a local intersection, and a suspicious green sadan is parked outside the hotel.

D'arcy: I know, they wouldn't let me go that easily. Whatever's in these hard drives, they want them bad. I finalized the deal with that airstrip in Bone County. Get the car ready.

Delager: Yes, ma'am.


Delager leaves D'arcy. She picks up the bag containing the hard drives, grabs her hand gun and leaves her phone; knowing that one of the people after the hard drives are probably tracing her every move. Exiting the room, she takes note that the hallway is surprisingly empty; where's her escorts? "Something's wrong" she mutters and notices the elevator's coming to her floor. She picks up her pace, going down the stairwell instead of waiting for the elevator. She arrives on the ground floor, with a brisk jog she slips into the back of the black Cognoscenti where Dalager and her two other men are waiting: Martin and Allen.


D'arcy: They're here. They must've gotten Jacob because I didn't see him on my way out.

Delager: sh*t, we'll send some scouts to take a look around. Mean while, we need to go.


Flash 2 hours ahead, and they finally arrive at the abandoned airstrip, hot and hazy, D'arcy steps out.


D'arcy: Prep the jet, I need to confirm our location with the superior.


Nearby, Ken, Dwayne and Cam are sitting on a local hill with binoculors, and a PSG-1


Who do we follow next?

1) Niko, Packie, Lester and Yaeger at the V-Rock Hotel?

2) Natasha at the V-Rock Hotel?

3) D'arcy and her men?

4) Dwayne, Ken and Cam on the hill with the PSG-1?

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4) Dwayne, Ken and Cam on the hill with the PSG-1?

Dwayne is holding the PSG-1 while Cam uses the binoculars... and Ken is just crouching next to them behind a rock.


Ken: Oh crap, I hate this sand. It really makes my new suit dusty.

Dwayne: Quit bitching. If only you'd lived in the streets like me, you would be happy just to wake up and see another day.

Cam: Not this melodrama sh*t again. Do you see anything? 'Cause I don't. It's suddenly gotten very dark.

Dwayne: You idiot! You haven't even removed the lens cover!

Cam: Oh... *takes it off* Ah, now I see! There's a jet, and...

Dwayne: Yes, sex shop boy, we know there's a jet. See if you can point out Darcy.

Ken & Cam: It's D'arcy.

Dwayne: :sarcasm:


As they continue scoping out the airfield, D'arcy finally pops up out of the main building.


Dwayne: I got her! Wait, did Niko and the others tell us to kill her or not?

Cam: I'm pretty sure everyone wants her dead, but y'know, we only got one gun, and those guys might swarm us if we make any hasty moves.

Dwayne: Right. Well, we still gotta do something before that jet takes off.


What next?


1) D'arcy notices the sunlight reflection from Dwayne and Cam's lenses, and sends some goons to sneak up behind them.

2) A snake bites Ken, who goes hysterical.

3) We follow Niko, Packie, Lester and Yeager at the hotel, where Niko decides to follow Cam's advice and convinces a receptionist lady to give up information in exchange for sex.

4) We cut to Natasha in the V-Rock hotel, who is frantically searching for the hard drives.

5) We cut to Mike (see last page), who got bitterly disappointed when he couldn't get the hard drives, and happens to be in Las Venturas now, when he overhears Niko's crew talking about the hard drives.

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2) A snake bites Ken, who goes hysterical.




Ken stands up to reveal that a snake has bitten his ass.






Dwayne and Cam double take.


Dwayne: Who the f*ck is Tommy?

Cam: Shut the f*ck up!


D'arcy obviously (seriously, how could you not?) and has disappeared yet again.


Dwayne: Wait, where the f*ck did she go?



2) Back into the hangar.

3) Onto the jet, which has now taken off, to parts unknown.

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3) Onto the jet, which has now taken off to, parts unknown.


Meanwhile, down the hill..


While Delager and the rest of the crew are getting the Jet ready, D'arcy's confiming the drop off location with her supposed superior


D'arcy: Yeah, yes sir.

Recieveing Voice: Mumble mumble mumble!

D'arcy: We're just prepping the jets sir, expect us in a few hours or so.

Recieving Voice: Mumble.


She hangs up and looks towards the hills, with a deep sigh. She sees nothing initially, but then she hears a sharp scream coming from the area. She frantically looks around, studying her surroundings, again she hears the scream "Tommy, HELP ME!" she thinks someone's in trouble, she spots Ken Rosenberg and his neon pink suit in the distance, then she sees two, bright glints in the distance, she then ducks into the hanger where the Jet's now ready.


D'arcy, yelling: sh*t, they found us! Drop what you're doing and get in the Jet!


Delager climbs into the jet first, letting D'arcy pass him second, and some of the more important staff thirdly, then he blocks off the new guy "Allen," pulls out his Colt Operator and points it towards his stomache and pulls the trigger. "This is the message" Delager mutters, then he climbs into the cockpit where he takes control of the jet and flies off into obscurity: maybe.


What next?

1) While Ken's freaking out, Dwayne and Cam take notice that the Jet's taking off. They climb down the hill to find Allen, bleeding out, and to examine the hanger to see if there's any clues

2) We swap to Niko and the boys at V-Rock Hotel, outside the room where Natasha is in.

3) We swap to Natasha, still frantically searching for the hard drives inside D'arcy's booked hotel room where she seemingly disappeared

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1) While Ken's freaking out, Dwayne and Cam take notice that the Jet's taking off. They climb down the hill to find Allen, bleeding out, and to examine the hanger to see if there's any clues

Dwayne: It's gonna be alright, man, that snake wasn't even venomous.

Cam (whispering): You sure?

Dwayne (whispering as well): Of course not! What, do I look like a scientist or something?


They hear the jet's loud voice. As they turn to look, they realize it's taking off, and not even the fastest man in the world could catch up to it on time.


Cam: For f*ck's sake! There goes our prize!

Dwayne: It's pretty pathetic really. We're a 7-man crew and we get outsmarted by some f*cking goth chick.

Ken: Yeah, real tragic. Can someone please help me? I don't know if I can ever sit down again! So much pain!

Cam: Sorry, bud, but we gotta check out that airfield. There's gotta be some clues as to where she went.

Ken: No! At least one of you has to stay with me!

Dwayne: Goddammit, calm down already. We'll only make a brief visit. Like I said, we already did what we could. You need some rest. Quit being stressed.


Ken tries to utter something to convince the two to stay with him, but to no avail, as Dwayne and Cam jog their way downhill and, sooner than they thought, reach the airfield. It's completely empty, or at least seems that way.


Dwayne: We better not lose our guard. She bought this place, she probably left some goons to check it out as well.

Cam: Easy for you to say, you're the one with a gun. I only have these stupid binoculars that don't even zoom in.

Dwayne: Umm, you're holding them the wrong way.



They enter the hangar which the jet took off from. There, they find the dying body of Allen.


Allen: Help... me!

Cam: Well, well, what do we have here?

Dwayne: Looks like one of that D'arcy's guards. What's up, boyo? Who shot ya? Did someone attack this place? Was that why the girl left so hastily?

Allen: F*cking Delager! He left me here to die like a goddamn *cough* roadkilled dog!

Dwayne: Who's Delager?

Allen: D'arcy's main goon, obviously! Guy said *cough* "This is the message" after shooting me. *cough*

Cam: Looks like D'arcy doesn't mess around.

Dwayne: No, she does not. Well, now that you're still obviously breathing, why not tell us who she's workin' for?

Allen: How the *cough* hell am I meant to know? I was a *cough* new guy in the *cough* organization!

Dwayne: Interesting. Whoever those guys are, they sure know how to cover their tracks.

Allen: Can you *cough* help me already? I can't *cough* hold on much longer!


What next?


1) Dwayne tries to perform first aid on Allen, while Cam searches for clues.

2) Dwayne and Cam leave Allen to die and locate those damn clues.

3) We cut to Niko and his group back at the hotel.

4) We cut to Natasha (still in D'arcy's room).

5) We cut to D'arcy in her jet, as she receives a call from her boss.

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4) We cut to Natasha (still in D'arcy's room).


Natasha is frantically searching for the drives but can't find them


(Natasha) Sh*t where are they

Just then the door is kicked in by Niko

(Packie) What the hell


(Niko) What are you doing here


(Natasha) I could ask you the same question


(Niko) Well, did you find any drives


(Natasha) Nope, non

Suddenly Dwayne calls Niko

(Niko) Give me some good news


(Dwayne) Got non, D'arcy and her sidekick got away


(Niko) Well do you have any thing useful you can tell me


(Dwayne) She was talking on her phone to someone, maybe Lester can hack into her phone and see who she talking to


(Niko) Ok good, Lester Dwayne says D was talking to someone on her phone, can you hack into it


(Lester) Sure can,.... 30 second later, ok I got a recording of the conversation

Phone recording

D'arcy: Yeah, yes sir.

Recieveing Voice: Mumble mumble mumble!

D'arcy: We're just prepping the jets sir, expect us in a few hours or so.

Recieving Voice: Mumble.


(Niko) Can't really make out what the other guy is saying, can you make sound better


(Lester) Nope


(Niko) F*ck, Dwayne, stay there were coming to you

Niko hangs up and they head the 6 x 6 they came in including Natasha making it the Magnificent 8

What happens next???

1) Natasha turns on them and crashes the car

2) Lester find more info on D'arcy

3) They make it the airstrip and look for clues

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1) Natasha turns on them and crashes the car




While Natasha was ransacking D'arcy's hotel room at the V-Rock Hotel, she was texting her mole in the mysterious organization; Allen.


5:03 PM Natasha: Damn it Allen, I think they f*cked off to the Airfield, are you with them?

5:06 PM Allen: Yes, Natasha. I think D'arcy's right hand, Delager is catching on to me. Can't get caught, last correspondance for now.

5:07 PM Allen: Bone County, you know that Abandoned Airfield? Be there. sh*t, I think we're taking off.


Before she has time to respond, Niko kicks in the door






All piled into the 6x6 Niko and the group were driving, Natasha's sitting shotgun next to Yaeger who is driving.


Yaeger: We're going to get those yippie f*cks for everything they've done to us, to me,

Niko: I think we have one more lead, Dwayne texted me and said "There's someone here who might know something. His name's Allen"

Packie: Really? sh*t, maybe-


Before Packie can finish his sentence, Natasha grabs hold of the steering wheel and slams the 6x6 into a palm tree on the Strip, knocking everyone out. 3 minutes later, Natasha regains conciousness and regains her composure. She drags everyone out of the 6x6 who includes Niko, Yaeger, Lester and Packie then jacks the 6x6 and heads for the Abandoned Airfield, leaving them all behind.


Natasha: Those gullible bastards, survive this Allen..


She drives off into the sunset where the Abandoned Airfield is, going to figure out what happened there.


What next?


1) We cut to Dwayne, Ken and Cam trying to patch up Allen, who is falling in and out of concious states.

2) We cut back to Niko, Yaeger, Lester and Packie who are just waking up on the side of the road on the Strip, who are now carless and on the run from the LVPD

3) We cut to Natasha, who is scoping out the airfield on a hill

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(Personal comment: Quite a risky plan there from Natasha. She was lucky to be the first one to wake up. :p )

1) We cut to Dwayne, Ken and Cam trying to patch up Allen, who is falling in and out of concious states.

As Dwayne and Cam are helping Allen, Ken limps to the hangar, looking angry.


Ken: Oh, so here you are! You decided to help out some random henchman while leaving me to suffer from a snake bite in the heat of the desert! Ah, this hangar's so much better. No more desert heat.

Dwayne: You were overreacting to some barely harmful snake that was only protecting its territory. This guy's on the verge of death, and we better help him out.

Ken: But... why? He's an enemy!

Cam (whispering, so that Allen won't hear): Let's just say he might hold a grudge against D'arcy after he got shot by her right hand man. Someone called Delager. We play our cards right, he could help us with the hard drives.

Ken: You think he's going to do that?

Cam: Why not? It's not like we have done anything bad to him.

Dwayne: Hey, I can't do everything alone here! Come along, help me with this!


Allen is switching between consciousness and unconsciousness, and occasionally mutters something that the others don't understand.


Dwayne: Not looking good. He might not make it.

Ken: Well, boo f*cking hoo. It's not like you were that concerned about my condition...

Cam: Will ya knock it off already!

Ken: You know, I really don't like your attitude.

Dwayne: Guys, just take it easy!

Cam: I don't care about your freakin' problems! You're just another guy who can't handle a little injury! I bet you'd sue that snake if you weren't such a horrible lawyer that you'd probably lose the case even if the snake had no defender!

Ken: That's IT! I'm going to... show you who's boss!


Ken moves in to attack Cam, who grabs him and pushes him away - right on top of Allen.


Dwayne: Motherf*cker!


But miraculously, this somehow resusciated Allen, who suddenly regains full consciousness! He looks at Ken with a baffled expression. Ken jumps off him and backs away, while Allen looks around and slowly sits down. With assistance from Dwayne, he then stands up.


Allen: Thank you... I guess. Man, I thought I was a goner for sure. I saw this bright-ass light and thought to myself "F*ck me, does this already have to end?".

Dwayne: Yeah, well, you should be fine now.

Cam: Well, it looks like me and Ken's fight actually proved useful. Yeah, err, what do you say, man, should we just forgive and forget? 'Cuz we're a team after all.

Ken: Of course!


Ken walks up to Cam and hugs him. Dwayne rolls his eyes, while Allen looks around.


Allen (thinking): I better pretend I'm on the side of these guys until me and Natasha have the upper hand. Damn, what's taking her so long?


And next?


1) Natasha is scoping up the place on a nearby hill, when ironically, the very same snake that bit Ken, bites her as well.

2) Cam finds a clue that may hint where D'arcy and her crew are heading.

3) Niko, Packie, Lester and Yeager wake up on The Strip.

4) Niko, Packie, Lester and Yeager wake up in an ambulance that's taking them to a hospital.

5) At the plane, D'arcy somehow finds out Lester's tracing her calls, and decides to deliberately give Niko's crew false clues in her next call.

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3) Niko, Packie, Lester and Yeager wake up on the Strip.


Packie: Dad... is that you?

Yeager: Wake up, you moron.


Yeager was the first one to wake. He pokes and prods the other three until they regain consciousness. Natasha left with their truck just two minutes ago. Niko and Lester are awake.


Packie: What the f*ck happened?

Niko: Natasha happened. Bitch crashed us and took our 6x6.

Packie: That bitch! Note to your dumb idiot self, Packie: Never trust a woman that broke out of a prison with a shotgun.

Yeager: Speaking of shotgun...


Yeager takes out a double-barrel shotgun and cocks it. The same shotgun that belonged to Cam before it got stolen by Natasha.


Yeager: I found this when we were all in the Dubsta.

Niko: The group shall prevail.

Lester: Let's go, men.


The four rob an old lady of her sleek black Stanier and make their way to the airfield.


We cut to Natasha, who is scoping the airfield from a nearby hill. She has her sniper's sights on Ken's head. She takes the shot, but she gets bit by the same snake that bit Ken. The bullet misses as she screams in pain.



Cam: What the hell was that?

Dwayne: It came from that hill!

Allen, under his breath: Natasha?

Cam: Let's go check it out. Allen, you can stay here.


As Dwayne and Cam go to investigate the noise, Ken has his back turned to Allen as he stands idly. Allen takes out a handgun from his pocket and grabs Ken by the throat with the armed hand.


Ken: Eugh! I thought. We were... pals!

Allen: Never trust a man that broke out of prison with a toothpick! *looks at Natasha* Natasha, take the shot!


Allen moves his head out of the line of fire as Natasha, having shaken the snake bite, pulls the trigger on her sniper rifle. Ken gets a bullet in the brain as Allen pulls back from reflex. He drops Ken. Allen raises his hand as a thumbs-up to signal Natasha. He then fires two rounds from his own gun into Ken's body.


All the while, Dwayne and Cam were running to Natasha's hill while she was distracted by the snake. By the time Natasha killed Ken, Cam and Dwayne were hiding in a lone bush. They can only speak in hushed whispers.


Cam: Did you see that? They f*cking killed Ken!

Dwayne: sh*t, calm down, dude! Why are Allen and Natasha working together? I thought he was D'arcy's boy.

Cam: We'll find out later. Aw, sh*t!


Niko, Lester, Packie and Yeager arrive shortly later in their Stanier, headlights on, exposed in the openness of the airfield.


Niko: Where are Dwayne, Ken and Cam?

Packie: There's someone over there, in the hangar! He has his thumb up!

Lester: Is that one of our guys?

Yeager: Get a closer look at him.


1. Natasha pulls off an amazing shot and shoots Yeager in the head, which pulls the trigger of his shotgun.

2. Allen pulls out his pistol and shoots out both of the Stanier's headlights, leaving them all in darkness.

3. Cam raises his hands and stands up out of the bush, yelling at the Stanier.

4. Packie, in the passenger's seat, finds a Micro SMG in the glove compartment of the Stanier.

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((Personal comment: Jesus, you're really backing me into a corner here lol. On another note, i'm loving this.))


2. Allen pulls out his pistol and shoots out both of the Stanier's headlights, leaving them all in the darkness


As Niko, Packie, Lester and Yaeger finally arrive at the airfield with their brights on at the now totally dark Airfield, Allen takes notice. "sh*t, what now.." after some quick thinking, he trains his sights on the car's headlights and pulls the trigger leaving them in The Darkness. He takes cover behind some boxes while eaves dropping on them


Niko: sh*t, take cover!

Yaeger; Packie, grab the f*cking flashlight in the glove compartment!

Packie: Found it, grab it Yaeger!


Packie throws the flashlight towards Yaeger, he grabs it and positions the flashlight under the double barrel of Cam's shotgun like a trained marksman.


Yaeger, yelling: Whoever you are, come on out! We have you surrounded, mother f*cker!


Allen notices that the men dressed in suits are now closing in on his position, he ducks behind some other boxes, and notices a map. "Bullworth, New England" is circled on there with a red marker. He reaches for the map, but Yaeger shines the light over his position, missing his hand by milliseconds. Allen takes a breath, and ditches the map and continues to make his way to the back of the hanger, frantically looking for a back door


Yaeger: sh*t, they f*cking got the lawyer, Rosenberg! His face is splattered all over the floor!


Finally spotting a back door, he slowly creeps out, not making a peep. After a few minutes of crawling around the hill, looking for Natasha, he finally spots her and signals her that it's him. He gets closer, and lays down.


Allen: Holy sh*t, I didn't think I was walking out of there.. I know where they're going..

Natasha: What? Where?

Allen: Bullworth, New England. Not sure what's there, but we need to get the f*ck out of here.

Natasha: The Academy, of course. There's some rumours circulating that the Headmaster is linked with a Government Black Op, dubbed "Parsimoniae". I thought it was bullsh*t, but maybe it's not. How is D'arcy connected? What the hell is going on here..?. Regardless, agreed. Let's get out of here.


What happens next?


1) We follow Natasha and Allen towards the Las Venturas Airport as they book their tickets to Bullworth

2) We follow Niko and the gang as they look for Dwayne and Cam, and examine the hanger for clues

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2) We follow Niko and the gang as they look for Dwayne and Cam, and examine the hanger for clues


(Lester) Were sh*t out of luck, D'arcy's gone to God know we're, Kens dead and Dwayne and Cam are also possibly dead


(Dwayne) No where not


(Niko) Oh good your alive, same about Ken

Just then the IAA raid the airstrip lead by a very pissed off Michelle


(Niko) Michelle, I killed you


(Michelle) F*ck you, you Serbian prick, give us the hard drives


(Packie) Hold on, how'd you track us down


(IAA agent named Bob) We traced your friends laptop after it got reported stolen


(Lester) Damn it, I knew I should've taking out the tracking chip


(Michelle) Shut up, Niko where the f*ck are my Hard Drives


(Niko) A goth bitch named D'arcy stole them and there's a bitch Russian named Natasha after them as well.


(Michelle) Bob, track both those names in our data base

Five minutes later

(Bob) Both those names stand out. D'arcy, a car rent agent and is known for ripping off her clients


(Niko) Boy I'll say


(Bob) and Natasha is a Russian car hire agent who is also know for ripping off clients


(Niko) I could've told you that

What happens next???

1) Niko and Michelle make a deal to get the drives and she agrees that D'arcy and Natasha go to jail instead off them because someone gotta go to jail

2) Michelle arrest The 6 ending this storyline

3) Trevor shows up out of no where and runs down the IAA agents and helps the 6 in getting away

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1) Niko and Michelle make a deal to get the drives and she agrees that D'arcy and Natasha go to jail instead of them because someone gotta go to jail


Michelle: f*ck. You know what? We won't throw you all in for death sentences.

Cam: Oh, sh*t, really?

Michelle: Under the condition that you give us back the hard drives. We'll make sure D'arcy and Natasha rot in federal penitentiaries, as well.


The Group of Six huddle in a circle to discuss their decision.


Cam: We could turn on them after D'arcy and Natasha go to jail.

Niko: But they'll realize we ripped them off and just let the girls loose.

Packie: f*cking idiot.

Cam: Hey, f*ck you.

Lester: We have no choice but to accept the deal for the time being. We'll save our asses now and risk our asses later.

Dwayne: Maybe if we get the hard drives, we could kill D'arcy and Natasha. And that punk Allen too.

Yaeger: Allen?

Dwayne: He was that guy in the hangar that shot out you guys' headlights.

Cam: Allen was working undercover with Natasha.


Michelle: You guys gonna f*cking tell us your decision?

Packie: In a minute, bitch.


Packie: So we get the hard drives from D'arcy, kill her, Natasha and Allen, and hopefully kill this bitch Michelle in the process?

Niko: Sounds good to me.

Lester: I agree.


The group turn around as Niko steps forward to Michelle.


Niko: We accept your offer.

Michelle: Good.

Yaeger: Guys, Allen and Natasha are on their way to catch a flight to Bullworth Academy. D'arcy's headed for an overnight trip to the same place.

Packie: Let's get to it, then. We'll need a plane, though.

Bob: Men, we have a private jet we can hook you all up with to aid you in obtaining the hard drives.

Packie: Oh, sh*t, sweet. Count me in, sir.


Morning arrives as the Group of Six ride in style on an IAA-funded private jet over the Atlantic Ocean. It's safe to assume that Natasha and Allen are in the air as well.


Packie pours himself a glass of champagne in his seat. Yaeger and Niko resume their card game, and Lester and Cam are discussing tastes in pornography. Dwayne is looking out the window with the binoculars, on the lookout for the FlyUS plane Natasha and Allen are most likely taking. Packie goes over to Dwayne.


Packie: Dwayne, you see sh*t?

Dwayne: No, sir. No huge-ass plane in sight.

Packie: It is a huge-ass plane. Maybe they got shot out of the air or something?

Dwayne: Doubt it.

Packie: Man, that D'arcy's a bitch. I haven't really seen her, but man, she sounds like a bitch.


1. Out of nowhere, Luis and Tony fly their Swift into the jet's engines.

2. Lester gets a Skype call request from Michelle, reporting from the IAA headquarters.

3. Packie, in a drunken stupor, smashes his champagne bottle onto Dwayne's head, injuring him.

4. Niko and Yaeger's card game is interrupted when Niko gets a call from D'arcy herself.

5. Packie, in a drunken stupor, throws Cam out of the jet.

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1. Out of nowhere, Luis and Tony fly their Swift into the jet's engines


10 Minutes ago...


After all that crap that happened in Liberty City, Tony and Luis have survived their injuries sustained from Niko's departure from Liberty, Flying back from recovering in Canada, they're debating if they want to expand their business


Luis: sh*t tone, Liberty City is a f*ckin' warzone. We almost died back there!

Tony: Yeah, maybe we should leave. Take Yosuf up on his offer and expand Maisonette 9 and Hercules. Open up clubs in Vice, or even that sh*thole, Carcer City.

Luis: Anything's better than f*cking Liberty, man.



After flying in pitch black darkness, they're suddenly staring into the engines of the IAA funded jet that Niko and the crew are in. Ramming into them with full velocity, the entire wing rips off as Tony and Luis go barreling into the Atlantic Ocean, while the jet starts barelling towards New England.


3 minutes earlier, inside the jet..


Pilot Adamska: We're 5 minutes out from New England, get ready gentlemen.


After Packie walks away, getting more hammered as he drinks the entire catalog of alcohol, Dwayne looks through the binoculours again. This time, he notices a Swift helicopter coming straight their way. Wondering why the Pilots aren't doing anything, he starts to panic. Dwayne jumps up from his seat, and starts walking towards the cabin, before he can reach it, the left wing rips off, and the emergency lights/siren go off. The jet starts barelling out of control, and Dwayne & Co get sucked to the walls, one of the windows break and Cam goes flying through, cutting his throat on the shattered glass; killing him instantly.


Dwayne: f*ck, CAM! HE'S DEAD!



Before Niko can finish, they hit the water, killing both pilots on impact, cutting Niko's right forearm wide open, losing blood rapidly, and the rest are knocked unconcious for a few minutes as the Jet starts sinking under water. Yaeger regains conciousness, first


Yaeger, gasping for air: Holy sh*t, what the f*ck! Think, think, think..


Lester, comes up second, splashing in the water




Yaeger swims over towards Lester, telling him to grab onto his back.


Niko, Dwayne and Packie come up last


Packie, still hammered: Oh *hic*, what th- *hic* I don't feel we-


Packie vomits everywhere into the water, mixing with Niko's blood.


Niko: I can still make it.. We need to get out of here before this jet goes deeper.

Yaeger: Right, alright listen; on the count of three, we dive into the water, open the emergency latch on the jet, and swim towards the top. Are we clear?

Niko, Dwayne and Packie: Sure..

Yaeger: Lester, put your head against my back and count my heartbeat. When you reach 300, we'll be on the otherside. Alright. Three.. Two.. One.. GO!


Yaeger, and the rest of the remaining crew dive into the bloody water, frantically looking for the latch, they finally find it. The latch goes flying wide open, and the make the daring swim towards the top. Noticing Niko has passed out from blood loss, Dwayne goes back and gets him. They finally reach the top of the water to find that they're at the beach of Old Bullworth Vale.


Dwayne drags Niko's unconcious body onto the beach, and notices an Ambulance is waiting. Yaeger follows in tow with Lester, then finally Packie staggers onto the beach last. A medic comes rushing towards Niko's body


Medic Johns: Crap, this one is in critical danger, Thomas, Riley! Get your asses over here, we got more survivors!


Dwayne, feeling calm as he saved Niko, and the rest are on the beach, he finally passes out from the amount of adrenaline flowing through his veins


What happens next?


1) We cut to Niko as he wakes up in the hospital in Old Bullworth Vale, 3 weeks later.

2) We cut to Natasha as they touch down in New Conventry Airport

3) We cut to D'arcy who's watching the mid-air collision from the Headmaster's office at Bullworth Academy

4) We cut to Luis and Tony who are now sinking in in their Swift towards the bottom of the ocean

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Comment: My god, this post consists almost entirely of original characters, it's ridiculous.


2) We cut to Natasha as they touch down in New Conventry Airport.


Natasha and Allen's plane lands in New England. Natasha is wearing a leather jacket and jeans. Allen is wearing a black suit and tie.


Natasha: That Keith should be over here.

Allen: Hopefully this guy doesn't double-cross us.

Natasha: Yes. You never know with agencies like ours.


The two meet up with their contact, Keith, who arrives in an Esperanto.


Keith: I got the stuff.

Allen: Let's see it.


Natasha and Allen follow Keith to the car's trunk. Keith opens it up, revealing several firearms, grenades and body armour. Natasha and Allen take what they can carry and hide them in their clothes. Natasha arms herself with a Carbine Rifle and a Combat Pistol. Allen hides an SMG in his jacket.


Natasha: It's good to know the agency is looking after us.

Keith: 'Kay. You guys strapped up?

Allen: Yeah. You know the place?

Keith: Bullworth Academy. Come on, let's go.


Natasha, Allen and Keith get in the Esperanto. Keith begins to drive them to Bullworth Academy.


1. The Group of Five's ambulance accidentally crashes into Keith's Esperanto.

2. Keith pulls off a mask, revealing to Ken Rosenberg.

3. Natasha aims her pistol at Keith's head for whatever reason.

4. We cut to the ambulance carrying Niko for his injuries, and the others because they need a ride.

5. Allen spots a hidden bomb in the car.

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1. The Group of Five's ambulance accidentally crashes into Keith's Esperanto.


BAM goes the Esparanto and the ambulance


(Lester) I'm already crippled you know.


(Niko) What the hell did we hit


(Dwayne) An Esparanto

Natasha gets out of the car with a massive gash on her cheek

(Natasha) Ouch that hurt


(Packie) She looks familiar


(Yeager) You think it's Natasha


(Packie) Sh*t it is, GET HER

Packie, Yeager and Dwayne get out and point there guns at Natasha which lead Kieth and Allen to get out as well

(Packie) Thought you lost us didn't you


(Allen) F*ck

Just then Niko gets out of the car with a sling that Lester found and with his good arm shoots Kieth in the face

(Natasha) Oh no


(Allen) Don't kill me

He points it at Natasha with a really pissed off look on his face

(Niko) I'm not very F*CKING happy because 1 you gave me the keys to f*cking nothing, 2 MY ARM F*CKING HURTS AND 3 YOU KILLED KEN YOU F*CK, NOW GIVE ME ONE F*CKING REASON FOR WHY I SHOULDNT F*CKING KILL YOU


(Natasha) We ca.....

Before she can finish her sentence Niko shoot her in the face as well and then points it at Allen

(Niko) F*ck you

He shoots Allen as well


What happens next???

1) Niko in his anger kills Yeager

2) Niko calms down

3) Lester find some info on D'Arcy

4) It starts raining, cause you know why the f*ck not

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2) Niko calms down

Packie: Great f*cking job, Niko! Is a blind impotent anger your solution to everything?! We could've interrogated them first!

Niko: I know, I know, I'm just... really stressed out at the moment.

Yeager: And now we probably never get to know who her boss was. She did say she was working for... someone...


In the distance, a sniper is examining their location.


Sniper (in thick Russian accent): Wrong, casino man. You will all get to meet him... very, very soon.


He points the gun at Niko first. Packie notices the laser sight on his forehead, but is unable to warn him before the sniper already shoots him. Yeager panics and runs into cover. Dwayne helps Lester along, and Packie looks undecided on whether to help Niko or get cover, but because of the imminent threat, he goes with his friends too. They're all hiding behind the same trash can.


Dwayne: Oh my god! He killed Niko!

Packie: You bastard!

Niko: I'm not dead.

Packie: WHAT?

Niko: It was just... anesthetic... *passes out*


What happens next?


1) Another sniper takes up position nearby, and lands a hit on the rest of the crew as well, knocking them out. They then wake up tied up in someone's basement (YET AGAiN).

2) A mysterious person arrives in the area by car and helps the crew escape, but Niko is left lying on the ground and gets kidnapped all by himself.

3) Yeager has a mental breakdown.

4) A gang of Greasers notice the hiding crew and attempt to fight them, thinking they're preppies.

5) We cut to D'arcy and her crew at the Bullworth Academy, where some creepy government sh*t is going on.

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