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My Chain Story

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All the bouncers surround the club. Niko grabs one and breaks his neck to take his gun. He starts a shootout with the bouncers.

He shoots a few of them, one shots him and Niko falls to the floor in pain. Suddenly, a masked person comes out of the room and kills the remaining bouncers. He takes out his mask and its... a she!

Who is she?

1. Carmen

2. Alex

3. Kiki

4. An unknown, sexy woman.

5. (Enter female name here)

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The unknown, sexy woman walks past Niko and they both exchange a glance at each other then she runs out the front door and Brucie and Roman come over to Niko.

Roman: "Niko are you alright cousin?"

Niko: "Yeah I'm fine. Are you and Brucie okay?"

Roman: "Yeah I'm alright and so is Brucie. You should have seen Brucies reaction when that woman came through the clubs back door and started shooting up the place, Brucie screamed like a little girl!"

Brucie: "Oh shut up Roman!"

But just as Niko was about to laugh at Brucie they heard sirens.

Niko: "We should get out of here."

They all run through the clubs back door and steal some poor peds car. They then drive to:

1. Brucies house

2. Burger Shot

3. Comrades Bar

4. Niko's Middle Park East safe house

5. Middle Park

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5. Middle Park

They steal the nearest car and drive to middle park.

´Hey Bru, what was that woman doing there?´

´Dunno, plot questions will be answered later.´

Arriving in middle park they:

1. Go back to Honkers *facepalm*

2. Go for a walk.

3. Buy hotdogs

4. Go to the toilets

5. Want to find out more about that woman cause Niko fell in love.

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The Lolwut Pear



Portal 2 Advertising aside,



Brucie yells out: "sh*t, Niko, I need to take a sh*t!"

Niko stops the Pinnacle at a curb and Brucie steps out an frantically runs out to the toilets.

"So, Cousin, who do you think that woman was?"

"I don't know...She looked a bit like that girl in that video, 2 Girls 1 C-"




1. Brucie runs out of the bathroom screaming like a little girl.

2. Luis drives by in a Schafter.

3. The mysterious woman walks up to Niko's Pinnacle.

4. Roman needs to go throw up.

5. Niko receives a call on his phone.

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?: ´Hello.´

Niko: ´Hello? Who the f*ck is this?´

?: ´Listen, I came to Honkers to steal the money. You were the only real man in there, so you stole it before me.´


Niko recognizes its a female voice.

Niko: ´You are that woman!´

Woman: ´So? My name is Jessica. All I want is my money. I planned that robbery for two months. You have an hour to bring it to the burger shot at the golden pier. If not, then spend the money on a nice gravestone for your cousin. Understand?



1. Asks Roman if he has the money.

2. Asks Brucie if he has the money.

3. Says that he did not steal the money.

4. Recognizes Marko (Protagonist of the ghost) , his old friend come to the toilets (Self-adversing FTW!)

5. Answers ´So, its a date?´

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The Lolwut Pear



"I didn't steal the f*cking money!"

"Then who did, Mr.Bellic?"

"How do you know my name? On a second thought, how do you know my number or that i have a cousin?"

"That doesn't matter..."

"Wait a second..You're.."


1. "Michelle!"

2. "Kate!"

3. "Packie!"

4. "Brucie!"

5. "A mysterious woman who knows my phone number, my name and that I have a cousin!"

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Woman: ´Yes. My name is Jessica as I told you. I need money so I went on this robbery but there was no money!´

Niko; ´But how do you know me? And my cousin?

Woman: ´OK, my name is not Jessica. I am Mila Tadic. You had a crush on me. Now I am in Liberty.

Roman: ´What? Mila? I remember rid...´

Niko: ´Shut up, Roman! OK, we dont have the money but...´

1. You wanna go out?

2. We can rob the bank together.

3. I have to go bowling with my friends now.


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user posted image


We may have read many autobiographies of many celebrities, including businessmen; however, this particular one has the certain elements which really make a heart go "Wow...if he can do it, anyone can"! I am talking here about Captain G. R. Gopinath, the man behind India's first low cost airline, who reached where he is today, with ultimate will power to following his dreams. Now wouldn't that be cliche - follow your dreams, do the right thing, toil hard, be firm with your dreams, learn everyday - we may be hearing or reading them quite often in our lives. So what does this book have to offer to make it a good read!


In Simple terms - a Simple man's, simple journey from his childhood to where he is today, having built the best in class low cost airline which had a catch word - Simply fly!! Get inspired - read this book to get to know the man not only as the creator of Air Deccan, but also of several other successful projects in his life, his triumphs and travails. Not many first generation entrepreneurs have dabbled into farming - lost everything to floods, turned a barren land into an award winning silk worm production unit (he got an Award for it), enter politics and lose and election, and that too after having been an Army Officer and fought wars, and then create a revolution in Indian aviation.

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Niko: "We can rob the Bank of Liberty together."

Mila: "Okay Niko, lets rob the bank together then."

Roman: "Leave me out of this Niko, I'm to pretty to go to jail!"

Niko: "Ha ha, that made me laugh cousin."

Roman: "F**k you NB!"

Niko drops Roman of at his cab office (the new one where ever that is) and drives to the Bank of Liberty in Chinatown to wait for Mila, he doesn't need to wait long though.

Mila: "There you are Niko, come on lets do this."

Niko: "Wow you have changed alot since the days of being the village bike."

Mila: "You have not changed much either Niko, you are still a prick."

Niko: Very funny now lets do this, I'm getting deja vu for some reason."


Niko and Mila enter the bank and point there weapons at the banks employees, Niko threatens to shoot one of the employees if the vault door is not opened for him so the bank manager opens the vault for Niko whilst Mila watches the banks employees. Niko collects the money from the vault and puts it into 4 empty boxes outside of the vault then takes the boxes to Mila.

Niko: "I've got as much money as I can carry, let's go!"


1. One of the banks employees pulls out a shotgun from under a desk and aims it at Niko.

2. The banks manager pulls out a shotgun and starts firing at Niko and Mila.

3. An employee pulls the silent alarm and the police arrive.

4. Brucie lands his helicopter infront of the bank to take Niko and Mila to safety.

5. A drunk Roman walks into the bank crying holding a grenade.

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NOOSE vans arrive everywhere. Niko is mad and blows the employees head off.

Mila: ´No time for this sh*t. I think I have a plan, Niko:

1. Lets just shoot shoot and shoot till they are all dead!

2. We act as civilians.

3. We act as tourists.

4. We shoot our way trough chinatown and escape underground (Deja Vu?!)

5. We go to the lift and go to the roof.

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Niko and Mila hide there guns and run through the front door with there hands up in the air yelling "Don't shoot us, the maniac is inside, he has a grenade!" An LCPD officer takes them behind the police line and waves of NOOSE officers run into the bank, Niko and Mila slip away and Niko phones Roman for a taxi. They have done it, they have robbed the bank and they both have $500,000 each. With there new fortune they both go to:

1. Vice City

2. Las Venturas

3. One of Niko's safehouses

4. The Majestic Hotel where Mila is staying

5. To go see Roman

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They go to Playboys old apartment as not to look too suspicious and Niko says: Do you take back what you said about me being a prick now? I got you that money didn't I. Mila says: What do you mean I, we were both in on it. Sudenly they hear a loud knock on the door so they quickly :

1. Stash the money in the safe.

2. Stash the money in the mattress.

3. Stash the money in a draw.

4. Throw the money off the balcony.

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1. Stash the money in the safe.

Niko: I dont remember having that safe.

Mila: Who cares? Lets open the door.

The open the door and the janitor comes in.

Janitor: Next time, clean your shoes OK? The place is full of blood.

Niko: Sure. Sorry.


Mila: So whats next?


1. Your going home?

2. You want to stay for some warm coffee?

3. I go bowling with my cousin.


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OK then. 3.


Niko: I'm going bowling with my cousin, do you want to come along or what?

Mila: OK but I think you should give him a call so he knows were on our way.

Niko: What ever you say Mila.

Niko calls Roman.

Roman: Niko, Niko, thank god you called, I think they're after me.

Niko: Who do you think is after you Roman? Who? Tell me already.


Who is after Roman?

1. Loan sharks?

2. Some of Vlads friends?

3. Dmitris friends?

4. The police?

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4. The police?

Niko: What the hell do they want from you?

Roman: You tell me. They ask me ´Where is Niko Bellic?´ all the time.

Niko: Calm down, Roman. Dont tell anything. Where are you?

Roman: At the bowling alley on firefly.


What happens next?

1. Police blasts trough the roof.

2. Niko and Mila go to Roman.

3. Niko decides to go hiding.

4. Niko calls Johnny to help.

5. Niko calls Luis to help.

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2. Niko and Mila go to Roman.


Niko: Looks like bowling will have to be cancelled, come on we gotta go.

Mila: Yeah, uh, alright.

Niko: I'm almost certain there wasn't a janitor at the apartment before.

Mila: he must have been working for the police.

Niko: we should have got rid of him while we had the chance.

They arrive at firefly island.

Mila: Wow, there's even more of them here than there was at the bank!


So Niko and Mila:


1. Start shooting?

2. Turn round and drive away without Roman?

3. Take Roman and drive away?

4. Give them selves in.

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They get in the car with Roman and drive away.

He drives fast to the highway.

Niko:What was that about?

Roman:F**k you NB. They asked me about you again and you've brought Mila too

Niko:F**k you

Suddenly a police car tries to pull him over.




1:Stops the car

2:Slams the Pedal to the Metal

3:Gets out of the car and starts shooting

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1. Stops the car.

Mila: And I thought you was a real man.

Niko: Gimme a few seconds.

While 10 police cars surround the car from every side, Niko starts a burnout and makes circles. He gives full speed ahead towards one of the cops, making Niko´s car jump and the cop cars suddenly explode while kick-ass music plays.

Roman: How did you do that Niko?

Niko: I would like to know myself. Ive been watching american TV I guess.


What happens next?

1. Niko falls asleep while driving the car.

2. More cops are on their way.

3. Luis parachutes on their car.

4. Someone snipes Mila in her stomach.

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4. Someone snipes Mila in her stomach.


Niko: sh*t, what are we going to do now?

Roman: I guess we feed the fishes again hey.

Niko: I don't know, the VIP area's getting a little crowded now.

Roman:That Vlad would make an empty basketball hall look crowded, the fat b*****d.

Niko: Stop talking about Vlad.

Roman: Why, you getting all emotional about the war again?

Niko: It doesn't matter, we have to get rid of this body without getting spotted so shut the hell up.

Roman: I wish you'd talk to me Niko.

Niko: Some other time.

Roman: Oh sh*t, look out!


What happened?

1. A cop car came the other way and is heading straight for them?

2. Niko goes onto the other side of the road?

3. There's a sharp bend ahead and they could crash?

4. There's a road block in front of them?

5. Nothing, and Roman was just trying to change the subject?

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The Lolwut Pear



Niko yells out "LEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERROOOOY!" as his car drives through two Enforcers.

Niko goes flying out the windshield, and crashes on top of a NooSE agent.

Niko shoots him in the head and takes his Carbine Rifle. Niko begins shooting at several NooSE Agents and FIB surrounding him, while more epic music plays.



1. Makes his last stand.

2. Attempts to run back to Roman and the possibly dead Mila.

3. Is killed.

4. Surrenders.

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Niko: You wanna play games, huh? OK. You think you can take me? You need a f*cking army if you gonna take me! Huh?

He runs to a villa nearby on firefly, while Roman drives away, probably to the hospital. Niko finds a grenade launcher and a machine gun upstairs and combines them. He sees on a monitor that NOOSE surrounds the villa and some of them stand near the door.

Niko: Say hello to my little friend!

He shoots a grenade blasting the doors and the NOOSE away.

What happens next?

1. Niko continues shooting.

2. Roman comes back with healed Mila and Packie to help.

3. A helicopter crashes on the villa.

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3. A helicopter crashes on the villa.


And Niko jumps onto another roof. He heres a voice from the chopper, 'Ice cold bitches, ice cold.'

Niko: Bruice?

Bruice: Niko, hello.

Niko: What the f**k are you doing here?

Bruice: Come to save your a*** NB.

Niko: How did you know I was in trouble?

Bruice: I got a call from your ice cold cousin Roman, said something about a load of cops so I told him I'd be straight there.

Niko: Er, thanks, but what are you going to do now you've crashed the chopper?

Bruice: Don't worry NB, I got it all sorted, afew phone calls here and there and a few of our palls are going to 'drop in' to help.


What happens next?


1. A chopper comes with Jacob, and Packie?

2. Some cars pull up with the Mcreary brothers and Roman and there friends?

3. Yusuf Amir comes in his golden buzzard?

4. A chopper full of some of Brucies pals Niko has never met come?

5. Jacob comes in a chopper and air lifts them to safety?

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Niko: Who is this clown?

Brucie: Its Yusuf Amir. He is a friend of my brother´s friend.

Niko: And can he take us out of here?

Brucie: Of course. Check him out!


Yusuf: (while shooting rockets at noose) ARAB MONEY! WE ARE F*CKING COBRAS B*TCHES!

Niko: Did he say we?

Yusuf land and the villa and Brucie and Niko go in the chopper. Luis also sits in the chopper.

Niko: So why are you saving us?


1. Cause you have to help us with a job.

2. Cause you have to help me steal the statue of Happiness for Yusufs backyard.

3. Dunno lol.

4. We have no hobbies thats why.

5. Brucie asked us to help.

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5. Brucie asked us to help.


Niko: Yusuf Amir, I remember that name, you're that guy with the building site in castel gardens, I did some work for you getting rid of the union pricks, you remember?

Yusuf: Yes,er..

Niko: Niko.

Yusuf: Yes, Niko.

Niko: So, you going to get us out of this mess or what?

Yusuf: Yes I am, n*****s, just gotta get rid of these cops first though.


After shooting loads of missiles every where.


Niko: I think that's them all gone now, we better land this thing soon, a golden chopper can't be hard to spot from on the ground.

Bruice: Hey Yusuf, give our boy Niko the controls while we take down any followers.


What happens next?


1. Niko crashes into a building?

2. Niko refuses to take the controls?

3. Loads of cops start to chase them again?

4. The chopper gets shot down and they need to jump to safety?

5. Niko flys them to a safe spot?

Edited by GTA 360
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The Lolwut Pear



Just as Yusuf is going to pass the controls to Niko, a sniper shoots him in the head and he dies. Niko rushes to take the controls again but the Buzzard (which mysteriously only fits 2 people, not 4) crashes into the LC24 building. Luis grabs a parachute and jumps off, while Brucie screams like a little girl and Niko jumps off and:


1. Lands on top of the LC24 Building.

2. Lands in the water.

3. Lands on the ground, and well, dies.

4. Lands on top of Luis, parachuting.

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4. Lands on top of Luis, parachuting. (as the rules state the main character can't die and the story would be boring if he did.)


Niko: Where the f**k did this come from?

Luis: The parachute?

Niko: Yes the parachute.

Luis: There's a shop in an alleyway in hove beach, I'll take you there some time if you want.

Niko: Thanks. It was a bit of a squeeze in that chopper though.

Luis: It wasn't designed to be a rescue vehicle you know, any way, it got you out of there didn't it.



They land on the ground safely and...


1. They steal a car and drive off?

2. They steal a boat and go to the other island?

3. Bruice pulls up next to them?

Edited by GTA 360
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Niko: Wait... werent you in that chopper?

Luis: lolwut?

Brucie: Yeah. So? I have my connections you know...

Brucie drives them off to:

1. The hospital where Mila and Roman are.

2. To the police station tounge.gif

3. To Maisonette.

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Brucie: so NB, Louie, where do you guys want to go?

Luis: How about Maisonette? I need to speak to Tony about something.

Niko: Yes, Brucie, bring us to Maisonette, I'll have a little dance.


As they are driving there, they go past Hercules, which has been set on fire and they see Gay Tony running on the street and get hit by Brucie.


Luis: Jesus, Brucie, you hit my boss!

Brucie: Well I guess there is no need to go to Maisonette. Niko, is it cool if we just chill out here for a while.....umm.....wait for Luis....?

Niko: What the hell, Brucie? Screw that, I'm going, see you fellas later!


Niko turns the corner to be confronted by.....


1. Packie and Gerry

2. Roman

3. Phil Bell

4. A NOOSE team, ready to raid Hercules, unaware that it is on fire

5. Bernie

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2. Roman


Roman: Ladies, where have you been?

Niko: It's a long story Roman, get in the car, oh, and Bruice, put 'Tony' in the trunk.

Bruice: Al right man, al right, I'm on to it

Roman: Mila is in the hospital on Cassidy street, take us there.

Niko: al right then cousin. You know this car is getting as crowded as that helicopter we were in earlier


What happens next?


1. They get to the hospital and Mila is dead?

2. They get to the hospital and Mila is OK?

3. They crash the car?

4. They decide to steal another car as not to get pulled over by the cops?

5. They get pulled by the cops?

6. The car breaks down?

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