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My Chain Story

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Popular Posts

1) Yeager's Christmas break has come to an end, and he needs to get back to his casino in Venturas for a New Year party. The crew bid him farewell.   Yeager: Well, this is goodbye, guys. Niko: We h

4) Las Venturas.   They land outside of Caligula's Casino.   All three of them: ARRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGHHH!   They land.   Niko: Well, that wasn't so bad. I even managed to save these stupid

3) Cut to Packie and Gerald at Dukes.   We enter the McReary household, where Packie and Gerald are currently strapping up to stick it to Pathos. Donning bandanas, belts and several layers o

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that was an abrupt ending to possible awesomeness.


Niko: Dwayne? Dwayne? I got your wallet

Dwayne isn't there, but Niko notices a strange sound. He turns around. No one there. He spins around again, and then its Ratman, looking at him evilly, wearing a red hoodie, blue jeans and a rat-shaped balaclava. Niko screams like a little girl as Ratman runs towards him with a large steel knife. Niko runs away and hides behind a car as Ratman retreats. He runs back round teh corner and Ratman isn't there. He sighs with relief, and turns around and its...

1. Dwayne, holding a knife, red hoodie, rat-shaped balaclava and blue jeans

2. Brucie, holding a knife, red hoodie, rat-shaped balaclava and blue jeans

3. Alex and Packie, holding a knife, red hoodie, rat-shaped balaclava and blue jeans

4. Gerry, holding a knife, red hoodie, rat-shaped balaclava and blue jeans

5. Ratman

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@ClaudespeedIV: Better paste this in the first post:


An interactive online GTA related game!




Someone will write part of a story. EG-Niko then stole a car and travled to...

Then the writer must add up to five options for the next writer.

Any person can take over from that point


No more than 5 options for a story part

You are not allowed to kill off main characters EG-LJ, Niko, Packie etc. NOTE you can kill Niko, he just respawns at the hospital

No cheats. EG-Then Niko got infinite health and armour

Who ever posts first between 2 more people the first story will continue as normal, the 2nd or 3rd story replying to a same story part must edit their post and must say 'never mind this' to not cause confusion

No supernatural sh*t that isn't in the game

Please do not edit your story if it IS used already by another writer

You can say Niko finds weapons but only in correct and real spawn points in the game

The same writer can NOT reply to their own story


Please pay the most attention to the Underlined and Bold Rules.





Niko: ´What the hell Brucie? You were ratman the whole time?

Brucie: ´What? NO! Brucie is no rat.´

Niko: ´And what about the knife? Why are you here anyways?

Brucie: ´Well, my brother Mori told me to kill you.

Niko: ´What? Why?´

Brucie: ´Cause I showed him that red-army throw you showed me.´

Niko: ´I think I´m gonna teach him a lesson too.´



1. Goes to Mori with Brucie.

2. Punches Brucie for almost killing him.

3. Calls Dwayne.


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BAM! Niko punches him for being a traitor, cos he doesn't even know who Mori is. Brucie is knocked unconscious. Some of Brucie's 'juice' falls out of Brucie's jacket. Niko decides to take some. He picks it up and starts injecting himself. Niko feels a massive burst of energy, so he takes some more. he runs all the way to Dwyne's house. Suddenly, he realizes that taking those steroids wasn't a good idea because...

1.His d!ck is half as big

2.People are calling him the hulk

3.he feels faint.

4. He dropped the wallet over a bridge.

5. ANOTHER Ratman stole it while he was running and he didn't notice.

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´Man, that was a bad idea. Now I know how Brucie feels like.´

Niko enters Dwayne´s safehouse and...

1. Nobody is there.

2. Dwayne is there.

3. Alex and Packie are there.

4. Dwayne and his boys play some cards.

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The Lolwut Pear



"Hey, Dwayne..." says Niko "Here's your wa-"


1. Niko doesn't have the wallet.

2. Niko has the wallet.

3. Niko's phone rings.

4. An explosion is heard.

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´What the f**k?´

They go outside and:

1. Dwayne´s wallet exploded.

2. Luis is on a shootout with cops.

3. A helicopter crashed because Johnny was shooting at it.

4. Gay Tony stands there.

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The Lolwut Pear



Luis shoots at a Police Merit up to the point of it exploding in a debris of metal, plastic and glass. The 2 policemen inside it are blown away, and Niko comes running outside of Dwayne's apartment with Dwayne running along behind him.


Niko points at Luis, saying "That's the guy that shot up the diamond deal!"

Dwayne says that he lives around here, in which Niko responds "Where?"


1."Just off the street from Playboy's place...."

2. A police car is blown away right toward them.

3. A helicopter falls nearby.

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The heli falls in front of them but thankfully it doesn't get damaged. Niko and Dwayne jack the police heli and fly away. An Annihilator follows them. Dwayne fires a few shots out the side, killing the pilot. The gunned heli falls to the ground.

Niko says "phew, that was close. Who was that Domincan guy again? I don't care. Anyway, here is your wall... WTF WHERE DID IT GO?" Niko screams as he realizes he no longer has the wallet. He tries to remember where it could be when suddenly he remembers he...

1.dropped it out the helicopter

2.threw it off the bridge when he was high

3.gave it to Luis when the cops were there.

4.was pick pocketed off from Ratman

5.gambled it when he was playing Video game poker with Ezio Auditore, John Marston, Agent 47 and Super Mario

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Dwayne: ´Thats f**ked up, son´



1. Jumps out of the helicopter (without the parachute)

2. Sees the wallet on the street (yep, he has sharp eyes)

3. Shoots the helicopter behind them.

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"Dwayne, sh*t man it's your wallet" said Niko loudly pointing down at the road below.

"How the f*ck do you see it!" Exclaimed Dwayne, as he took a smoke of a cigarette he's now randomly smoking.

To this Niko replies "War dose sh*t to you."


They then:

1.Get a phone call from Roman Asking if they want to go bowling.


2.Land and get the wallet


3.Ignor the wallet and go get a bite to eat.

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They want to land on the middle of Star Junction but:

1. They have no money so they go back for the wallet.

2. Yusuf Amir has parked there already.

3. The cops are still chasing them.

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Niko looks at his wallet, it's empty as he put’s it back into his pocket he says "Dwayne, change of plans we're going back to you wallet."


They do so.


Once the get to the site of the wallet...


1. They realize it's gone


2. It's not Dwayne's wallet after but is Packie’s


3.That it's not Dwayne wallet but is (Insert Random Character of you choosing.)

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Niko: ´What the... its Luis´ wallet!´

Dwayne: ´F**k son. I have to pop him. He stole my drug stash togetha with his boys. Wanna help me?´


1. ´Sure. I always help friends.´

2. ´Nah, he will just respawn. We take the drugs back.

3. ´But I¨m hungry!´

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suddenly, Ratman appears and offers them cluckin bell. they eat it and get AIDS. it can only be cured by teh wallet. suddenly, Dwayne realizes it was in his



3.third world country he bought on ebay


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Dwayne: "Hey Niko look what I found."

Niko: "WTF Dwayne it was in your pants back pocket all this time?!"

Dwayne: "Yeah I guess it was so everything that has happened today was all for nothing."

Niko: ...

Dwayne: "But we had fun didn't we?"


What does Niko do now:

1. Niko starts hitting his head on the table.

2. Niko pulls out a gun and shoots Dwayne in the face (he later respawns at the hospital).

3. Niko laughs.

4. He runs away.

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Dwayne: Stop facedesking all the time!

Niko: *facedesk*

Niko eats the cure instead giving it to some lab and...

1. Shoots Dwayne.

2. Goes to Luis to give his wallet back.

3. Goes with Dwayne to kill Luis.

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The Lolwut Pear

AceRay, I'm sorry but you're turning this sh*tty again.






"Holy sh*t! This medicine has side effects!"

For some unknown medical reason, Niko takes out a Pistol and shoots Dwayne.


A thumbs down icon appears on top of Niko's radar.



1. Gets a call from Dwayne saying he can't have backup anymore.

2. Gets out because the shot warned the cops.

3. Gets a call from Roman to guess what...

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´Cousin! Wanna go ...





Niko: ´No.´

It starts raining and we hear hard lightings. A storm starts.

Roman: ´What?´

Niko: ´No.´

Roman: ´Lemme ask you again. Do-You-Want-To-Go-Bowling-With-Me?´


Roman: ´What?´



1. Are you stupid? No.

2. Sure cousin. How could I refuse?

3. What?

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Lolwut pear: thank you, your so kind.

seriously, I'm just playing the game. Ratman is in the game, he's a least a myth. so he counts.



Niko agrees, and they go bowling. When Niko picks up Roman, he is shocked and horriefied to find that Roman is getting beat up by...



3.His mother

4.a donkey

5.Darko and Bernie

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3. (from mati's post).

Niko: "What?"

Roman: "What?"

Niko: "I said what."

Roman: "Why?"

Niko: "I kept on saying "no" but you didn't hear me."

Roman: "Oh. So do you want to go bowling?"

Niko: "I can't go bowling because...there is a storm, yeah that's it, it is to dangerous."

Roman: "Okay Niko, maybe another time. See you soon."

Niko: "Whew, I'm glad that's over."

What happens next:

1. Niko gets a phone call from Roman to go play darts.

2. Dwayne calls to ask if he can be picked up from the hospital.

3. Packie calls to go drinking.

4. Little Jacob calls to go play pool.

5. Brucie calls to ask if he wants to go to a club.

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Niko turns off his phone and throws it in the sea. Suddenly, he is a attacked by...

1. a bunch of Albainains

2.A bunch of Russians

3.his mother

4. A donkey

5.Darko and Bernie

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The Lolwut Pear

Sorry, but I could start a myth saying that Niko can grow hair and go in tunnels and shoot fire from his mouth.






"Oh f*ck!" yells Niko as he runs for cover.

The Russians begin shooting at him with Assault Rifles, and Niko screams out: "Why? What the f*ck did I do!?"

The Russians say:


1. "You killed Rascalov!"

2. "You refused to go bowling and play darts!"

3. "We hate you!"

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´So? A storm is out there!´

´Thats not nice. Now you deserve to die Niko.´



1. Shoot him with the assault rifles

2. Shoot him with darts.

3. Kidnap him to the Irish pub.


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The Lolwut Pear



Niko runs for cover as they keep on shotting. He runs behind a wall and blind fires with his SMG.

To his dismay, he hit none of them. tounge.gif


He takes out an RPG and says: "f*ck this!" He runs out of cover and shoots the Russians right in the middle of them, where they all go flying away.

Niko inserts a new RPG shell and says "f*ck yea..."



1. Goes to kill more Russians.

2. Goes to his safehouse.

3. Gets wet from the storm.

4. Goes see some titties.

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Lolwut, actually Niko had no rocket launcher. Read the rules tounge.gif


He continues shooting with the rocket launcher that came out of nowhere.

After killing them all he says ´f*ck yaay´.

A suited man with body armor comes in. He has a scarf on his face.

Niko: ´Who are you´?


1. I am your father!

2. I am Roman!

3. I am Dimitri´s ex boyfriend and I took over!

4. I am the boss of Memory Lanes!

5. I am a man with a scarf on my face!

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lulwot: maybe not as a rat, but maybe there is a hobo called Ratman?



Niko: yeah I can see that.

Scarf dude: Well, I came to tell you that all your friends and family aka every named character in GTA4 are being held hostage at the top of Rotterdam tower


Scarf dude then dies suddenly adn violently. Niko sees an annihalator parked nearby so he jacks it and flies to the top of Rotterdam tower. When he gets there he sees all teh characters of GTA4 being held hostage by a bunch of guys in balaclavs. Niko...

1. Commits suicide

2. Jumps onto the tower, but misses his footing and falls off

3. Lands on the tower. as he gets off teh annihalator falls off but he escapes.

4.Shoots the guns on the annihalator

5.does nothing

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lulwot: maybe not as a rat, but maybe there is a hobo called Ratman?


Yeah in this story Ratman was just a hobo, anyhow it dosen't matter. (He was in this story for while)




Niko jumps from the heli copter to his death.


*6 Hours Later*


Niko wakes up in front of the hospital, realizing that his plan to kill himself failed (and is impossible) he...




2.Shugs it off and goes to save the people on the tower.


3.Goes to [email protected] internet cafe to type "Why do I always die, and wake up six hours later..." into a search engine.

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N:Eh, I'll argue about it later

He steals a Higins Helitours heli and flies to the top of RT. At the top he notices that Michelle, Vallorie and Anthony Corado are about to fall to their deaths! the balaclava dudes hold them out over the edge. Niko

1.commits suicide

2.Shoots the dudes

3.SHoots Anthony, Michelle and Valloire

4.Runs away.

5.Goes bowling

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Niko hears his phone ring, he looks at it, it's Roman. "Hey cousin want..." Niko cuts him off mid statement, "Yes, I'll go bowling with you."


After a round of bowling, Roman asks for a ride home as he gloats about his victory, after leaveing the bowling ally, they see...


1. Brucie

2. The hobo with the diamonds

3. U.L paper guy

4. Packie's Mom

5. Littel Jacob, and Badman

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