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My Chain Story

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Seems like a good time for people to get back into this, concidering everyone being in lockdown 

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  • 7 months later...

Well, this is it; the 10th anniversary of the IV Chain Story. While many contributors to this thread have come and gone over the span of the decade, I'd like to salute the core group of writers who have been keeping this beast alive over the past few years.


These core group of writers include:



Without you guys, this thread would've been dead in the water a long time ago. Mind you, there's been quite a few gaps in between posts over the last few pages, and 2020's easily been the poorest performing year by far, but even still; I'm glad this thread exists, unllke it's sister thread -  The GTA V Chain Story  :p I still owe that thread to giving birth to my GTA Online character's personality. I made a few machinimas with Arcade since then, and have been working on a few over the past year. I even planned on making a few adaptions of some chapters in this thread in GTA V, but that stuff takes time and effort. One of these days, I'll finish it up lol.


On another note, we've come a long way from Niko helping Dwayne find his lost wallet on the first page, to Dictator Mori running Liberty City of these latest pages. Personally, my favourite story arc to ever come out of this thread is the "Hard Drive Arc" as I like to call it from late 2014. Maybe it's nostalgia but that specific arc was around the time I started writing for this thread. While the story beats were super clunky, it was a cohesive story with a beginning and an end  A lot of the storylines since then have been pretty open ended, coming and going (not to belittle them compared to the Hard Drive Arc) but I really felt that was the golden age of the Chain Story. I don't know if we'll ever hit a high like that again, but maybe we don't have to. What we have here is ours, and it's cataloged here for everyone else to see if they want to take the time to read back on these pages one day.


I mean, we essentially created our own IV universe that runs tangentially alongside the main Rockstar canon with lore that runs back years with an entire cast of original characters that could run this story by themselves if Niko was somehow taken out of the picture. That in itself is amazing to me. Taking for example:


  • The Mysterious D'arcy O'Callahan, mortal enemy to Niko and associates
  • The Vigilante D'elroy O'Callahan, brother to D'arcy
  • Ex-ETTVSO Spy Dakota Carrington, love interest to Niko
  • Lester's brother, Chester Crest, notorious stoner who could outsmoke The Truth if they ever met
  • Owner/Manager of Caligula's Casino in Las Venturas Frank Yeager, close ally of Niko and associates.
  • Leader of the Equal Rights Group, JuWanna B. White, mortal enemy to Niko and associates
  • Leader of the inept Strip Mafia in Las Venturas, Harold, minor annoyance to Niko and associates
  • Russian Spy, Natasha Bykova, occasional friend/foe to Niko and associates


All memorable original characters that all of us had a hand in creating and developing. Like I'm not joking, if the chain story was it's own syndicated TV show, each of these characters could have their own spin off if the situation warranted it. That's something we did, together.


Now to switch gears, I'd like to focus on writing a small note to each of you.


Corndog – When I first started writing for this Chain Story, I’m almost positive you thought I was a punk in regards to how I essentially just showed up on your doorstep out of nowhere and started to demand change in how you guys did things. Back then, in late 2014, I was 19 years old. I was abrasive and extremely stubborn in my stances. So much so, it caused us to butt heads over stupid sh*t numerous times and when I look back at those old posts, it honestly causes me to cringe because I regret those exchanges between us. I thought I was right in how the Chain Story should have more serious plot lines, flushed out chapters and characters but that ideology didn’t exactly translate well with the thread because there’s so many different viewpoints and writing styles that it just makes things get muddled and convoluted. That in turn made me annoyed because of that expectation I had for how story lines should go. It was incredibly naive, and I should’ve been more passive back then. It’s the biggest mistake any writer could make when writing for a collaborative project such at the IV Chain Story. So, to Corndog; I’m sorry for all those times we argued. You’re truly the heart and soul of this thread.



Carbonox – You’re legit the only friend I’ve ever made on this forum. You write novels for chapters and I wish I could do a better job keeping up with your fanfic “Three Worlds” because it’s truly an epic piece of writing. You were always accommodating in helping me grow as a writer and I hope I can do the same for you.



The Anti-Tragedy – We haven’t interacted with each other much, if not at all but I have to admit. You’re easily the funniest writer out of all of us. Every chapter you write manages to make me laugh because of your writing quirks and how you frame your scenes. For example, take the character Lynch. I always imagined him as “Lynch” from Kane and Lynch, but when you wrote him, you made him into this 20-something year old rapping fool whose name no one can remember, and honestly? It was f*cking gold. That’s what I love about your chapters, you put your own spin on these situations and I just have to say; I appreciate you.



ArmyRaidFail – ArmyRaid, we’ve started writing for the Chain Story around the same time. Albeit you started in the V CS while I did in the IV CS, but regardless; I just want to say that you’ve grown by leaps and bounds since that first post you wrote in the V Chain Story. From that thread being shut down, to the now defunct “V Chain Story (Reboot)” to contributing to the fossil that is the IV Chain Story, you’ve always been one of the main forces in keeping this old beast chugging forward. It’s admirable, really.



Now, I don’t know what this thread holds in store for the future. It’s always been on a steady decline, but even moreso now and it’s kind of depressing because we’re all getting older, but despite that, I just want to say that I enjoyed my time writing for this thread. You guys never told me once to stop writing because you hated my ideas, and I appreciate that. Regardless if this thread lives or dies right here and now, I just want to say that I consider you all my friends and I’ll be happy to help any of you in any way I can.

Edited by Fallcreek
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First up, Thank you for that apology, no harm done


Secondly, CAN SOMEONE CONTINUE THIS DAMN STORY, I have soooooooo many ideas for this but I can't because no one wants to participate 

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  • 2 months later...
Lemoyne outlaw

hi everyone. so i started a chain story for red dead redemption 2. and i would love to have some people be a part of it. here is a link.


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