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My Chain Story

Recommended Posts


Okey dokey then, I would like to apologise to Domand, don't leave, I'm sure you have some great ideas and whatnot and I wasn't trying to be d*ck before about your writing style and everything, hell it's not my place to tell you how to write, I ain't no author, but at the end of the day it's just a Chain Story? To quote Fallcreek, this isn't the writers guild.


Anyway like Creeky also said lets move on and be friendos


Also can someone continue the Story please

Edited by Corndawg93

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like I explained earlier privately, no hard feelings at all! I think people letting me know I can do better will help me improve and learn how to write for this type of specific story here in this chain story. Don't worry I intend to stay and thanks guys for letting me contribute here!


Now.....should someone continue the thread now?

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And now to get this back on track


(4) We follow Lynch


Lynch is still crying over not winning The Voice so he sets up a white board and writes down a 10 step system on how to take over the world, more to realistic point Liberty

(Lynch) I hope this works


We leave Lynch and follow Niko who's now in a white room with a figure in white in the corner


(Niko) Can't say Alessa didn't warned me, F*ck, who are you?

(Man in White) You've been asking that a lot lately haven't you

(Niko) Yeah and I'm getting sick of asking it, so who are you then, are you God

(Man in White) I'm Andrzej Sapkowski, creater of the Witcher books, Eriden is a creation of mine that escaped the world I made and went rogue

(Niko) And now he killing everyone I know and has MY LOVE LOCKED UP SOMEWHERE and now because of that I can't respawn for another 10 pages

(Andrzej) That only applys to side characters not main characters like your self

(Niko) And how would you know that

(Andrzej) Because I stole that gun from the Golden Eye land, and Playboy stole it from me

(Niko) How?

(Andrzej) The last time he died and was waiting to respawn he met me, long story short he stole that Gold gun from me

(Niko) So hold on, can I go back now

(Andrzej) Not yet, I need something from you 1st

(Niko) Whats that?

(Andrzej) Kill Eriden with this Platinum Gun,


The Platinum Gun looked like a desert eagle, covered in Platinum with It looked gorgeous, Niko took the gun


(Niko) F*ck me

(Andrzej) Killing Eriden with that gun should send him back to me, he'll never bother you again

(Niko) Nice, can you send me back now

(Andrzej) I have the power to send you back to whatever point in time you wish

(Niko) Oh ok then, send me back to when I was with future Alessa in that building

(Andrzej) Ok, and one last thing, try to not let your anger get the better of you

(Niko) Will do

Andrzej waves his hands and calls apon a white flash sending Niko back to the building with Future Alessa, in the middle of a hug with her Nikos eyes open suddernly and sees that he's now back with Alessa

(Niko) Alessa good to see you again

(Alessa) Do you have the Platinum gun

(Niko) Yes I d.. wait how do you know

(Alessa) He set this up, I told you about The gold gun, knowing full well your anger would get the best of you, I'm from the future dummy I know what happens to everything

(Niko) So did you know the gold gun only effects side characters then

(Alessa) Yep

(Niko) Non of this makes sence

(Alessa) Well what can I say, it's the Chain Story

(Niko) You just broke the 4th wall

They both laugh

(Niko) Is there anything else I should know

(Alessa) Your friends are heading to the wrong Penthouse

(Niko) We have to warn them


What happens next???

1) Niko and Alessa head to the Northwood Penthouse that Niko owns

2) They get some food

3) Fortuna shows up




4) We cut to Playboy and Lester in the after math of their fight

5) We follow Everett in the trunk trying to escape


I'm fairly sure I just made Domands post null and void, sorry about that, I needed to way for Niko to come back and not wait 10 pages, a Nikoless CS for 10 pages would get boring and kill the momentum of the story, and that the best thing I could think of

Edited by Corndawg93

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I always thought of the Chain Story as being its own living, breathing entity. It responds to those that give it delicious food like good storylines and snarls at bridge droppings. But whatever you feed it, it becomes part of the Chain Story. All the nutrients are spread around: all the plot details and plot holes alike, the characters, the motivations and even the small details that don't have anything to do with anything. It all feeds the beast and creates this wonderful world of many different characters. Some of course are forgotten, but they all exist. We even saw it during the time where Niko and co were driving to Liberty City, an entirely different plot was happening, but eventually Niko and all that showed up. They didn't need to be guided through.


And we enjoy it because we built it. Together. All the events and characters are ours - at least in what a friendly fan fiction world could afford in actual intellectual property. And we should enjoy it as a collective. No one writer owns the Chain Story because the Chain Story enjoys autonomy. We just feed that sh*t.


Anyways, thats enough of me blabbing on about ridiculous meta-physical philosophy :lol:




Deleted, It happened again with the page thing.

Edited by ArmyRaidFail404

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Note: I myself would see a Niko-less CS working, even for one page or so. Perhaps better to not start a fight about it though lol.

3) Fortuna shows up

Niko's ass gets slapped right when he's in the middle of a monologue about how he never should've left his friends behind. It actually feels super embarrassing.


Niko: Alessa, I really wish you wouldn't pick up Tuna's habits.

Fortuna: What are you talking about, Niko? It's me!

Niko: Oh sh*t, that's right, a page change! But it's odd that you came to me right away. No one should've known where I went.

Fortuna: Yeah, well, respawns can be weird sometimes. D'elroy got the worst of it though.

Niko: What do you mean?


Cut to Packie, who got an urgent call from a hospital, where D'elroy had recently appeared with some nasty injuries, along with Dwayne in prime condition. He left the group behind for a moment to go check up on his friends, finding D'elroy suffering greatly.


Packie: How come he didn't respawn properly? Was there an error in the game's code?

Dwayne: Maybe it was some kinda post-death punishment Eriden gave to him, who knows.

Packie: This is funny though. Look at his phone, 28 missed calls, all within a day.

Dwayne: 28? Who tries to reach him that often? D'arcy?

Packie: Try again. All are from the same person though - Elizabeta Torres.

Dwayne: Oh. Heh, D'elroy's girlfriend.

D'elroy: She's - not...

Packie: Don't try to speak too much, buddy, you're looking bad down there.

Dwayne: Anyway, what were you saying about some assault before we went to see D'elroy?

Packie: Long story short, we're finally about to avenge Lester! We even got help from some new character. His cousin Fester.

Dwayne: What kinda lame-ass family gives everyone rhyming names?

Packie: Maybe a rapper family, who knows. The biggest question is though, do you think the quick progression of pages made your deaths a bit meaningless?

D'elroy: P-P-P-Packie...

Packie: What?

D'elroy (forcefully standing up): Quit breaking the fourth wall!


Back at Niko's location, where he's just done explaining the recent sh*t that went down, when he notices something.


Niko: But I almost forgot, Tuna, I met someone who can help us. I know it sounds silly, but it's Alessa from the future - somehow.

Fortuna: What? I haven't seen anyone with you. And I'd think you wouldn't take her current self's kidnapping so lightly you'd joke about a future version being here.

Niko: I don't get it - she was just here a moment ago?

Fortuna: You sure you aren't hallucinating?

Niko: H-hey, I'm not that kind of person! Well, there were some hallucinations, but nothing related to this!


Fortuna crosses her arms.

Niko: Alright, somewhat related to the subject, but that's not the point now! Could you, uhh, head to my penthouse? I'll grab us some food and meet up later.

Fortuna: Oh, food for three, right?

Niko: Please take me seriously now. Oh, and I hope you like chicken.

Fortuna: I'll have to watch out for my weight, but one meal never killed anyone. *slaps Niko's ass*


Both turn around. Niko nearly screams when Alessa is right in front of him again, but contains it - somehow.


Niko: What's with your refusal to meet Tunafish? She's on our side.

Alessa: For the sake of temporal stability, it'd be best if I didn't interact with your support cast too much.

Niko: Temporal what?

Alessa: *sigh* It means if I paraded around your friends all the time and made myself known, there'd be potential for a time paradox.

Niko: Huh, you're still your reserved old self - in some way.

Alessa: So chicken it is?

Niko: That's the plan. Try not to chicken out at the penthouse again, though.

Alessa: I make no promises.


1) We follow them as they enter the Cluckin' Bell, where Niko is confronted by the three Russians from page 1.

2) Niko and Alessa grab the food and head to the penthouse without incident.

3) Dwayne calls Elizabeta back on D'elroy's phone for kicks.

4) We follow the big group about to attack the wrong penthouse (without Packie).

5) Cut to Playboy X and Lester in the aftermath of their fight.

Edited by Carbonox

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​Well to be fair, we nearly had a Nikoless page on 126 with the Luis led story. And again on the last page where it was mostly just us bickering about pointless sh*t.


​And damn, I wish I didn't delete my previous post. It could have went along perfectly from your post, Carbonox :D

4) We follow the big group about to attack the wrong penthouse (without Packie).



The camera of the Chain Story flies over to where Yeager is following Johnny in armoured vans. Johnny's van includes Luis up front, Franklin and Fester in the back. Yeager has Arcade in the front, Alonso and Henrique in the back. The two vans were heading up into Northwood, so Yeager pulled out his shortwave radio and called for Johnny to pick up. As a detail everyone was using psuedonyms - simply because Henrique and Alonso insisted that they do.


Yeager: Lost Boy. Come in Lost Boy.

Johnny: Yeah, I've picked up, Blackjack.

Yeager: Lost Boy, pull up your van behind the building. My team will take the front, over.

Johnny: Roger. My team will the fire escape.


The two team leaders took up their respective positions outside the building. For now we follow Yeager's team. Arcade jumped out as the van was parking, and knocked on the back door to let Alonso and Henrique know it was time to move. Yeager again reached for his radio.


Yeager: Arab Money? Where is that helicopter?


Yeager: Arab Money?

Yusef: Oh, is that me? Yeah! We getting Arab Money!

Yeager: Arab Money? Where are you?

Yusef: Oh sorry, Yeag-

Yeager: No it's Blackjack.

Yusef: No, I can't keep up with that, but the thing is I was about to leave and bring Armando with me, but I can't find him.

Yeager: What happened?

Yusef: I don't know he just disappeared.

Yeager: f*cking hell.....Alright, just get over here anyways.

Yusef: Roger, Yeag- I mean, Blackjack.


Yeager looked over to Alonso and Henrique who were wearing party hats.


Yeager: What the f*ck are these for?

Alonso: Oh, we're celebrating a birthday.

Yeager: What? Who for?

Henrique: Oh, this guy named Armyraidfail404. He had his birthday technically yesterday, but we didn't get a chance to celebrate.

Yeager: I don't get it, why are we doing this?

Henrique: Well, me and Alonso thought that since Carbonox got to mention his birthday, this writer should too.

Yeager: Can you just. STOP. Breaking the fourth wall.

Arcade: OK. Are we doing this or what?

Yeager: It's still a go. Alonso, Henrique, you're on that door.


Yeager pointed over to the front door of the building, which - since Playboy was being Playboy and building Fortresses everywhere - was made out of heavy steel. Still, this door could be blown open with a few satchel charges. Alonso and Henrique walked over to it, Henrique crouching in front as Alonso pulled out some charges from his bag. Let's just say that Henrique was not the best man for the job. He didn't properly stick on the charges and the way he set the timer was enough to send Alonso in a spaz.


Alonso: You f*cking idiot, you're gonna blow us up!

Henrique: Trust meeeee.....


Alonso runned away as quick as he could. Henrique was about to finish when the charges exploded, throwing Henrique off the front door landing and into the armoured van. Upon landing, Henrique let out a large expression of pain.


Henrique: Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!


Knowing that the element of surprise was necessary for this, Arcade and Yeager wasted no time making it to the front door, kicking open what was left of it and firing rapidly with their AK-47's. By the time they reloaded they realised that:


A] No one was there.

B] Russians had occupied the building.

C] A giant supercomputer was in it.

D] Playboy's goons were in there, and they had missed them all.

Edited by ArmyRaidFail404

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Ok, there one thing that's bugging me, is this Niko penthouse or a different one, because Niko, Fortuna and Alessa are heading to Nikos, and Yeager and co are heading to Nikos as well or what?

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Ok, there one thing that's bugging me, is this Niko penthouse or a different one, because Niko, Fortuna and Alessa are heading to Nikos, and Yeager and co are heading to Nikos as well or what?

I'll assume it's a different one because everyone knows Niko owns Playboy's old penthouse. In fact, I think there was a chapter with D'elroy and Dwayne attacking his new hideout in the same district some time ago.

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Ok, there one thing that's bugging me, is this Niko penthouse or a different one, because Niko, Fortuna and Alessa are heading to Nikos, and Yeager and co are heading to Nikos as well or what?


I'll assume it's a different one because everyone knows Niko owns Playboy's old penthouse. In fact, I think there was a chapter with D'elroy and Dwayne attacking his new hideout in the same district some time ago.Okey then, that makes sense, also I was reading up on the Currupt UN story, what was Anti-Tragerty smoking when he came up the Cam being a demon from hell subplot


Edited by Corndawg93

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C] A giant supercomputer was in it.


The smoke and dust from the AKs started to clear as they very slowly walk in, Yeager was in 1st then Arcade and then Alonso staying back with Henrique to help him up


(Yeager) See anything

(Arcade) I can only see what you see dummy, nothing but smoke and dust

(Yeager) Well how about past the smoke and dust

(Arcade) For the LAST TIME NO!!!!

(Yeager) Hey don't get snippy at me asshole

(Arcade) Don't ask dumb questions


Just then a unusual sounding voice kicks in startling both Yeager and Arcade


(Cliffford) Do you mind if I chime in, you should both shut up

(Yeager) What the hell was that

(Arcade) God?


Just then the smoke and dust clears and they see a normal looking penthouse but see a large metal cabinet with cords coming from it, they go over to investigate it, and they see the word CLIFFFORD on the front


(Cliffford) Yes that's my mainframe, and it's set to self distruct in 5 seconds

(Yeager) OH SH*T, RUN


What happens next???

1) They escape and the building explodes killing off Johnny's team

2) Cliffford locks the door and explodes killing everyone

3) It's turns out to be a fake out and a pre recorded voice over of Lester laughs at them




4) We follow Everett in the trunk trying to escape

5) We follow Trevor eating people

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3) It's turns out to be a fake out and a pre recorded voice over of Lester laughs at them

There's no way Yeager or Arcade could make it out in 5 seconds - but luckily for them, they don't need to. Instead there's merely a toy explosion at best, with loads of party horns going off and serpentine being spread everywhere - as a cherry on top, there's Lester's message.


Lester: HAH! I completely served you fools, just like that bastard Jay Norris!

Yeager: Wait, what? What is he talking about?

Johnny: Does he realize that's basically a confession that he blew up that guy's head on live TV?

Fester: I don't think he's thinking straight.

Yeager: That's very plausible, Thompson.

Fester: Hey, we stopped using code names several posts ago because it got awkward. Didn't you catch the memo?

Franklin: Oh, now the new guy's breaking the fourth wall too?

Luis: Yeager, did you find any other clues in there?

Yeager: I don't think so... but in all honesty, someone as stupid as Playboy X could well have placed something important in this "booby-trap room" anyway.


Yeager and Arcade proceed to search the penthouse just in case, with Henrique stumbling inside behind them. They end up finding...


1) Blueprints for Manny Escuela's exosuit.

2) A book titled "How to be a Deus Ex Machina for beginners".

3) A henchman of Playboy X's, who got accidentally left behind and hid in the closet.




4) Cut to Armando, who got left behind at the City Hall by accident.

5) Cut to Niko.

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2) A book titled "How to be a Deus Ex Machina for beginners".


Yeager pick up the book and inspects it.

(Yeager) The f*ck is this

(Arcade) Someone is f*cking with us

(Johnny) This ain't right

(Luis) You can say that again


Yeager opens the book and sees the same sentence over and over again "Messing with thyme can be dangerous"

(Yeager) Someone is defiantly messing with us

(Arcade) Why is time spelt differently

(Johnny) Poor handwriting maybe

(Henrique) Maybe it has some thing to do with this over here


Henrique opens a cabinet that says spices and sees several jars of Rosemary and Thyme, he reaches in opens one and spring snakes come flying out, scaring Henrique

(Henrique) Oh sh*t

(Alonso) Hahahahahahha, you idiota

(Luis) This place is like some kinda funhouse

(Yeager) Well look out for more surprises


What happens next???

1) Something cool happens

2) Something scary happens

3) Something unnessary happens

4) Something lame happens

5) Henrique dies

Edited by Corndawg93

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And another year brushes past the Chain Story. Happy New Years everyone.



Arcade squeezed the checkered grip of her customized Five-Seven as she eyed the exit.


"I'm not sure about you guys, but f*ck surprises. Lets get the hell out of here."


Johnny looked at Arcade, then nodded slowly.


"She's right, we're wasting time. Playboy's clearly not here."


Yeager held up a hand towards Johnny.


"Whoa, hold up there, Cowboy. We leave now and we're left floating dead in the water with no paddle."


Johnny craned his head at Yeager.


"What the hell are you talkin' about?"


Yeager sighed.


"Clues, there has to be something here that will point us in Playboy's direction.


Arcade scanned the room before locking eyes with Yeager.


"That may be true Yeager, but this place might also be rigged to blow."


Yeager just shook his head,


"Do you realize just how crazy that sounds? He'd blow up his whole penthouse in order to kill us all?"


Arcade curled her lips.


"You're blind if you don't realize what's at stake here Yeager. Everyone here except me is an associate of Niko Bellic, who are all known to be armed and extremely dangerous. I have no doubts in my mind that Playboy would have no problem blowing us all the hell up because that'd be a weight lifted off his f*cking shoulders!"


Yeager just looked at Arcade, before sighing.


What Next?

1) Yeager gives into Arcade and they leave Playboy's Penthouse as it promptly blows up behind them.

2) Yeager rejects Arcade's logic and forces her and anyone who agrees with her out the door.

3) Before Yeager could make a choice, the place blows up, killing the whole crew.

4) Manny Escuela suddenly shows up in his Exosuit, with orders to wipe out the entire crew.

5) We cut to Niko as he meets up with Fortuna, with the older Alessa trailing behind, watching from afar.

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Posted (edited)

Yes, Happy New Year to you all, now hope this chain story doesn't die for a trillionth time


4) Manny Escuela suddenly shows up in his Exosuit, with orders to wipe out the entire crew.


Yeager was not entirely sure what to do as he didn't think playboy would bomb his own apartment/penthouse, it just seem odd, that is until IronManny popped in for a visit, he busts through the roof, crushing Alonso in the process, killing him


(Henrique) Oh f*ck

(Yeager) The f*ck is this

(Johnny) And it keeps getting better

(Arcade) This wouldn't have happen if we left


Manny hovering in the air aims his arm cannon at the group and with his fancy lock on system that can only lock on to 3 targets at a time, the targets being Henrique, Franklin and a teapot,


(IronManny) Damn aiming system man


He shoots and both Henrique and Frank heads get blown off and the teapot shatters launching fragment of the pot all over the room


(Yeager) Why are we still standing here


Just then Luis shoots at the exosuit with his .44 the bullet busts through the armor injuring Manny arm


(IronManny) Damn it man, Lester with your shotty armour

(Yeager) His armour is crap

Manny then had a thought go through he stupid head, if Luis's gun can penetrate the armour then so can the others

(Manny) F*ck that, I'm out of here man


Manny flys out and heads towards the base in castle gardens, but we head back the penthouse with Yeager, Arcade, Johnny, Luis, Fester, with Yusef flying in the air

(Yeager) Well good thing he left

(Fester) I'll send my nethew a thank you gift for half assing that exosuits armour

(Arcade) So are we gunna Ignor the fact that Franklin, Henrique and Alonso are dead

(Luis) No, Henrique was my bro, Armando's gunna be pissed, as for Alonso, f*ck him, I was in jail because of him

(Johnny) Why the f*ck are we still here


Just then Yusefs voice comes through the walky talky Yeager was holding

(Yusef) Arab Money to Blackjack, come in

(Yeager) Forget the code names dude, wassup

(Yusef) Someone that was in the penthouse with you just flu off towards Castle gardens, should I follow it

(Yeager) Yes, follow that asshole

(Yusef) On it


The call ends and we follow someone else


1) Niko, Fortuna and Alessa

2) Everett trying to escape from the trunk

3) IronManny

4) Armando back at city hall with Bernie




5) We stay with Yeager, Johnny, Luis, Fester and Arcade discussing what to do next

Edited by Corndawg93

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Posted (edited)

3) IronManny

Manny makes a stylish entrance through the window of the Castle Gardens penthouse, or at least tries to, but it really just turns out awfully messy, ruining Playboy's living room even worse than Lester's lab after the two owners had their little fight. Those two happen to be chilling at the couch at the moment, with one privileged goon getting to guard the place as well.


Playboy: Holy sh*t, what the f*ck, money?

Manny: Those damn street menaces were too much for me, man. This suit won't clean the streets if it won't absorb bullets, man!

Playboy: Lester...

Lester: What? It obviously can't be my fault!

Manny: But if you designed it, man, who's is it? Deffo not mine.

Playboy: I dunno what pisses me off more, the fact you ruined the f*ckin' feng shui of this place or using the word "deffo".

Lester: I might've been a bit depressed when I made the plans. Just a little bit, but it doesn't affect anything.

Playboy: Depressed? What the f*ck makes you depressed in a time like this? Lack of pussy?

Manny: Maybe the state of the streets, man.

Lester: Let's not talk about it...

Playboy Goon: Oi oi, what's that thing buzzing around up there?

Playboy: What?


He runs to the broken window to see a golden goose, A.K.A. Yusuf's Buzzard, inspecting the site while being extremely conspicuous about it.


Playboy: Manny Escuela, you f*cking sh*thead! You led Mr. Arab Money right to our location!

Manny: What should I have done, man? Used the street entrance?

Playboy: Streets, streets, f*cking streets... You worry about the sky right now! Goon, bring me my specialized anti-aircraft revolver.

Playboy Goon: On it, boss!

Playboy: And send a squad to my other penthouse! They might still be there, thinking I got secrets hidden in there. Yeah, right.


1) Playboy shoots down the Buzzard.

2) Playboy shoots but misses. He orders Manny to intercept it and bring it down himself.

3) Lester suggests using an untested RC Possessor that he somehow stole from a purple gang member earlier.

4) We follow Yeager, Luis and all the others, deciding to split up with one group heading to Castle Gardens and the other continuing to search the Northwood penthouse.

5) We follow Armando and Bernie at the City Hall playing Uno.

Edited by Carbonox

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Posted (edited)

1) Playboy shoots down the Buzzard.


The goon who went to fetch Playboys anti-aircraft revolver was in a hurry for some reason and when he finds the guns it's locked in a box, he had use his trusty knife to open the box it's in, doing so, he picks up the odd weapon and runs back to Playboy not before tripping over Lesters cane and impaling him self on his own knife, dropping the revolver in the process damaging it


(Playboy) Oh sh*t money

(Lester) Hahahahalol

(IronManny) That's f*cked up man


With the goon dead Playboy picks up the revolver and inspect it throughly, sees that the aiming scope is bent

(Playboy) Ahhh, f*ck me, now I can't use it

(Lester) My cane doubles at a sniper rifle

(Playboy) No it doesn't

Playboy picks up the cane and presses the sniper button that unlocks a trigger and a scope from inside

(Playboy) Oh sh*t it does, lets hope this works


Playboy points at the buzzard and aims at the windscreen, Yusef in sight he pulls the trigger ever so slightly

(Lester) Be careful of the crooked site

(Playboy) What....

BANG!!!!!, the bullet flys up towards the buzzard and the camera rides along with the bullet all slo mo like, a lot like how you'd see it on CSI, anyway the bullet instead of hitting Yusef it hits flying stick causing Yusef to lose control and spiral towards Yusefs tower, however the bullet that caused that ricochets and bounces on a passing plane and heads back down towards the window Playboy was standing in passing him and bouncing off the floor and hits IronManny in the head killing him

(Lester) Hahahhalol, should've mentioned the bullets have a special chemical in them that causes them to ricochet off hard surfaces

(Playboy) Well sh*t dawg, f*ck me


What happens next???

1) Playboys points the cane at Lester

2) Playboys hits Lester with his cane

3) Playboys gets so angry he suffers a heart attack




4) We follow the Yusefs crash

5) We follow Niko, Fortuna and Alessa

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3) Playboy gets so angry he suffers a heart attack


Playboy: Ahh f*ck this, first my useless goon, and now Manny!

Lester: So what about Manny? He's dead, and so is Yusef.

Playboy: But he dropped my gun!


Playboy goes over to the body of his dead goon, still impaled on the knife. After inspecting the gun one more time he kicks the goon over.


Playboy: f*ck you! Look at this! He bent this sh*t like 90 degrees!

Lester: Hey calm down.

Playboy: Everything's going wrong!


Playboy picks up his golden throne and throws it out the window, tumbling down 40 stories.


Lester: Holy sh*t! What's wrong with you?

Playboy: I'm just- IM JUST. SO. ANGRY!


Playboy lets out a large yell and grunts. His tantrum is abruptly stopped however when he winces and collapses on the ground, grasping the area of his heart in quite a melodramatic fashion.




Playboy later waked up in a hospital, or what passed for one. The walls were cracked, the paint was thinning and the equipment looked at least 20 years old. A "doctor" for lack of a better word walked up to him.


Playboy: Yo, money. Where am I?

Doctor: Calm down. You had a heart attack and we had to take you in.

Playboy: You a doctor?

Doctor: More or less...

Playboy: Where's Lester?

Doctor: He's back in Liberty-

Playboy: What do you mean back? Where the f*ck am I if Lester is back at anywhere?

Doctor: Uhhh, you're in Cincinatti.

Playboy: Da faq? Cincinatti?

Doctor: Yeah. You see, Lester had you teleported here.

Playboy: Teleported?

Doctor: Hold on, I'll explain in a few.


Playboy looked confused. The doctor went around to one of the rooms and didn't come back for 10 minutes. Playboy was now both angry and confused.


Playboy: So?

Doctor: So what?

Playboy: What did Lester mean by teleportation?

Doctor: Oh sh*t, sorry. I was gonna tell you but I ducked out for a smoke.

Playboy: You- you f*cking what?

Doctor: Yeah, I'm a bit forgetful. It must be the weed.

Playboy: I don't think I trust you very much.

Doctor: Yeah well, Lester wanted you here, so.

Playboy: Lester teleported me here. Now about that..

Doctor: Yeah, sorry. So he called ahead to say that he'd be sending you. And like you just popped up in bed. He'd said it take a few minutes to do but sh*t it worked. You're here.

Playboy: Damn..Lester was hiding a teleportation device from me? That could have been useful. I could have zapped away any fool.

Doctor: No no it don't work like that.

Playboy: What?

Doctor: You gotta let it fire up a few seconds and then you gotta have it trained on someone for 2 minutes. Something like that. Lester walked me through it on the phone but really man I was high as f*ck.

Playboy: Yo, don't I know you?

Doctor: Nah. Who would I be then?


Playboy squinted his eyes a bit and realised that the "Doctor" was in fact:


A] Lincoln Clay

B] D'arcy

C] R.A Cist

D] Chester

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"Yo, don't I recognize you?"


D'arcy shrugged as she turned her back on Playboy to look at her surgical instruments which were neatly placed on top of a small metallic table. Stretching the surgical mask under her chin, she exhaled a calm breath.


"I dunno. Do you?"


Playboy pulled himself up from off the bed, and looked at D'arcy with a slightly frustrated expression.


"Yeah, I-I think I do."


D'arcy's eyes grazed each metallic tool until she stopped at the scalpel.


"Then say my name."


Playboy looked down at D'arcy's hand and saw that she was slowly inching her way towards the small but sharp object.




D'arcy sucked in a deep breath and nodded.


"That's right."


Tightening her grasp around the scalpel, D'arcy turned towards Playboy who was clearly tensed up on the bed. They exchanged looks at each other for a few seconds, which seemed like an eternity before eventually Playboy broke and jumped off the bed. Scanning the room quickly, Playboy quickly noticed that the door to exit the room was located on D'arcy's side of the room, but in between them was the surgical bed he was just laid out on a few seconds ago.


"L-listen girl, w-we don't gotta do this sh*t."


D'arcy's eyes were slowly shrouded by darkness as she inched closer to the surgical bed, which was located underneath the dimly lit light bulb which was located right above it.


"We both want Niko dead right? L-lets work something out here."


Trying refrain himself from making any sudden moves, Playboy slowly inched to the left around the bed as D'arcy moved the opposite direction. She was waiting for something, but Playboy couldn't figure out what for.


"You know Lester right? He wouldn't want this!"


Making a full 180 around the brown surgical bed, Playboy now acknowledged that they were on opposite sides of the room, and he was now closer to the door. Feeling his fight or flight instincts kick in, Playboy chose the former and quickly backed up towards the wall until his hand was on the knob. Clutching the cold metal with his damp hand, he slowly twisted it until he heard the click. That's when he saw D'arcy leap over the bed. Playboy tried to push on the door, but the hinges only allowed it to open inwards. Cussing under his breath, he quickly ducked and rolled out of the way as D'arcy came crashing down on top of him. Clutching onto his jeans, Playboy kicked down on D'arcy's face. As he heard her grunt, he felt her clutch weaken. Kicking down on her again, she let go but not before slicing at Playboy's leg. Feeling the familiar sting, Playboy yelled but ignored the pain as he scrambled to his feet. Limping towards the door again, he pulled it open to reveal a blinding sun that glared down upon him. As his eyes adjusted, he realized that the door led to a sterile hall, with floor to ceiling windows that lined up against the wall that faced him, which in turn revealed a desert that rolled along the blue horizon. Turning around, Playboy noticed that D'arcy was charging at him, her nose clearly broken with blood running down her medical scrubs. Slamming the door on her face, Playboy looked around nervously.


What Next?

1) Playboy decides to get the jump on D'arcy. Instead of running, he pressed up against the wall, on the side of the doorway in hopes that D'arcy will come bursting through.

2) Playboy takes the opportunity to start limping down the hallway, in hopes that he'll find an exit.

3) Lester teleports inside the room with D'arcy, who sees that the Doctor isn't who he thought it was. A fight engages between them.

4) We follow Alessa who's following Niko from a far.

5) We follow Yeager's group as he receives a text from Yusuf before he succumbs to his injuries in the Buzzard crash.

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3) Lester teleports inside the room with D'arcy, who sees that the Doctor isn't who he thought it was. A fight engages between them.


Lester teleporting into the room makes a weird wub wub sound which alerts D'arcy, she turns away from the door Playboy jammed with a chair on the other side, Lester fully ported into the room sees D'arcy looking at him, a smile luminiating her face, Lester looked miffed

(Lester) You're not the doctor I hoped for

(D'arcy) Oh I certainly am not

(Lester) What are you doing here

(D'arcy) Ensuring everything goes my way, and you being alive is something I can't have, you've hacked your last bank account

(Lester) Oh cmon, that was over 30 pages ago, plus I'm evil now

(D'arcy) I don't care


D'arcy picks up a nearby cutting knife and swings but Lester dodges and uses his cane to hit her in the leg causing her to trip over and hit her shoulder side counter


(Lester) Hahaha, got ya

(D'arcy) Not for long you cripple


D'arcy stands back up only to see Lester points his cane at her with the cane in sniper mode, he pulls the trigger but before the shot goes off Playboy hearing all this opens the door Lester standing next to really fast knocking Lester off balance and causing the shot to graze D'arcy's face and leave a gnarly scare going across her cheek and over her ear, this makes her falls over, as for Lester he got knocked out by the door and he hits his head on both the door being swung and the corner of the table, probably giving him a concussion or brain damage

(Playboy) Oh sh*t money, my bad, better drag his ass back to the base, now where is that teleported thing


Playboy searches for the teleported thing and finds it in Lesters pocket

What happens next???

1) Playboy teleports him and Lester to base

2) D'arcy hitches a ride as she jumps towards them also ending up in the base with them

3) Teleport fails to work

4) Eriden appears





5) We cut to Anyone in Liberty City

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3) Teleport fails to work


Unfortunately the way Lester landed was not beneficial to the condition of his teleportation device. Lester - being the smart man that he is - had managed to allow it to be taken with when teleporting by replacing many of its components with organic substitutes and covering crucial electronics with soft tissue. However this caused it to be much weaker than the original metal design, and currently in Playboy's hand was a squishy ball with some wires stuck in it. As such, it didn't work too well. Also, Playboy wasn't really trained in how to use it anyways so any attempt would likely be futile.


Playboy: sh*t, this thing come with a manual?


D'arcy quickly got up, trying not to be too bothered with the trail chiseled out of the side of her face - luckily superficial - and instead focusing her attention onto a confused Playboy X. Clutching her scalpel tightly, she proceeded on to Playboy.


Playboy: Eh, why you gotta kill me?

D'arcy: Are you retarded? This entire time you were trying to undermine my influence and establish a trans-American criminal empire. A domain - I should remind you - that belongs to me.

Playboy: Look, crazy lady. Niko is the one you want. I ain't got no part in your domains and sh*t!


D'arcy threw her scalpel at Playboy, who incidentally lifted the teleportation device in front of him, catching the knife with said device. Without hesitation, Playboy grabbed Lester's cane and swung it across D'arcy's head, seemingly forgetting about the built-in gun that Lester installed. D'arcy took a tumble.


Playboy: Hmph. Punk ass bitch.


While Playboy was muttering all smug about his cheap victory, D'arcy was willing to take it away from him. She grabbed him by the leg and yanked, causing him to tumble too. She quickly pinned him down, leaning over to grab another scalpel.


Just then someone came busting through the door, who was it?


A] The actual Doctor that Lester tried to send Playboy to

B] Dan, Natasha and Chester

C] Lamar Davis, for whatever reason

D] D'elroy

E] Little Jacob, cause he smelled the weed that D'arcy was smoking earlier

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B] Dan, Natasha and Chester

Not one, not two, but three figures enter the room as suddenly as a SWAT team would, finding the ongoing situation a lot more chaotic than they thought. Lester is laying face down right near the door, while D'arcy pauses just before she's about to stab Playboy.


Chester: Lester?

Playboy: Dan Silver?

Natasha: Playboy X?

Dan: D'arcy?!

D'arcy: If you expect me to join this stupidity with a line like "OMG CHESTER!", you're dead wrong, dumbos.

Chester: But none of us said 'OMG'. Only my scumbag little brother would, anyway.

D'arcy: Oh well, how's it going, old man? You've gained weight again, haven't you?


Chester looks down at his stomach, embarrassed. Dan is having none of the diversion, though, as he pulls out his gun.


Dan: You, Playboy X and Lester Crest are all under arrest.

D'arcy: Do you really have the authorization to do that?

Dan: What are you - I'm an IAA agent, you disrespectful bitch!

D'arcy: Yeah, running around with a Russian and a druggie who should've been arrested ages ago. When your fed buddies hear that, you'll be the one in the electric chair! *giggles*

Dan: Now you're just making up bullsh*t.

Natasha: (whispering) Is she really?

Dan: (whispering) No, but I'll just leave you two out of the report when the time comes.

Playboy: Less talking! Just set me free already!


Dan's group realizes D'arcy still hasn't dropped the scalpel, and is slowly lowering it towards Playboy's throat.


D'arcy: What's wrong? I'm making your job easier by reducing the number of suspects you gotta torture.

Dan: T-torture? IAA is above that, and you know it!

D'arcy: I guess waterboarding doesn't count? *giggles*

Natasha: Just put a round in this piece of sh*t already! Save us a load of trouble.

Chester: B-but - can't we just talk about this?

Dan: What the hell is there to talk about?

D'arcy: Aaaaaaawwwwww! Even after I took him hostage, Chester still loves me.

Chester: Ugh, it's nothing that big really, b-but it's not right to just blow her brains out like that.

Playboy: Why won't none of you care about me that much?!

Dan: None of us were really around when you last were a big deal, but I think most people in this story are kinda fed up with you.

Playboy: C'mon, man, forgive and forget! If you save me, I'll never trouble you again! I promise!

Dan: D'arcy, I'll count to three and if you haven't dropped the knife by then, I will open fire.

Natasha: It's a scalpel.

Dan: What?

Natasha: The thing she's holding, it's a scalpel. Like, a doctor's knife.

Dan: A knife's a knife! Don't f*cking disturb me! Alright, one...

D'arcy: If I drop it on his throat, does that count?

Dan: On the floor.

D'arcy: On the floor through him? *giggles*

Dan: Two...


D'arcy flashes a creepy smile. Although it only lasts a short time, a real battle of minds goes on as both test their patience.


Dan: Thr- F*CK!


Dan's grip falters and he drops the gun as sudden and intense pain finds its way to his stomach, in the form of a thrown scalpel. D'arcy, happy enough with the bloody wound that she caused, jumps off Playboy but not without stomping on him for good measure first, while Natasha tries to pull the scalpel out of Dan only to be told off.


Dan: If you remove the weapon, it'll just increase the chance of fatality. Find me a damn doctor instead!

Chester: Shouldn't be too hard, we're in a hospital after all.

D'arcy: Doctor D'arcy is in the room! Would you like a quickie surgery?

Chester: Natasha, go! I'll hold her off.

Natasha: How old are you again? It doesn't seem smart.

Chester: Sixty-f*cking-eight as of 2018. Hasn't slowed me down so far.


Chester moves in front of the injured Dan, taking a fighting pose. D'arcy, obviously amused by this, mimics him.


1) We stick with Chester and D'arcy as they battle.

2) We follow Natasha, searching for a doctor in the hallways when she runs into Jeff.

3) The cult Dan mentioned earlier makes its way to the hospital, and begins to cause chaos.

4) Cut to Niko, who can't seem to get Fortuna and Alessa to interact with one another.

5) Cut to Yeager and his group, still in Playboy's Northwood penthouse.

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3) The cult Dan mentioned earlier makes its way to the hospital, and begins to cause chaos.


The Cult, who are called The Cletus Gang, led by Bill Cletus and several of his followers, Rogan, Wendall and Cronk, arrive in their Pick up truck with odd weapons, such as a Nailguns, Spray bottles filled with Wasabi Hot Sause and Lava Lamp Bombs, they get out of the truck and search the place

(Bill) Awe right boys, dem city folk came this way

(Rogan) See over there, it's that fancy Veehicle they be driven

(Cronk) Lets go git em yeehah


The run into the hospital and we cut to the room with D'arcy, Playboy, Lester, Dan, Natasha and Chester, Dan clutching his gut with Natasha helping him, Cheater trying to get D'arcy to back down but D'arcy is having non of it

(D'arcy) Look at the touph stoner, oh I'm scared (laughs)

(Chester) Come at me bitch

Natasha face palms and laughs

(Natasha) All right, calm down Chester, I'll take her

(D'arcy) The Russian's coming to get me, oh no

(Natasha) Bring it

D'arcy lunges at Natasha who falls back on the door and essentially knocks it down with all their weight combined, punching each other they end up in the hallway, knocking over tables and vases with flowers in them, all this noise attracts the Cult

(Bill) Hey, what's that noise I hear


Back at the room Chester helps Dan by rubbing some form of anisthetic cream on Dans cut, and as for Playboy, he ditches Lester and bails from the room and follows the path of destruction and runs into the cult

(Playboy) What the f*ck

(Wendall) Hey it's one of those negros I hear so much about

(Bill) Git him boys

Playboy turns around and runs in the other direction narrowly avoiding nails being shot at him


Who do we follow???

1) Lester, who's dreaming about ponys

2) Dan bringing treated by Chester, who Ignors Dans warning and pulls out the scalpel, thinking the anisthetic cream worked

3) D'arcy and Natasha brawl all across the hospital

4) Playboy running away from the Cletus Gang, as he avoids Lava Lamp bombs and Nails








5) We cut to the Inventer of Uno, who is going through his hate mail of people who lost friendships over the card game

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Oh fine. I'll do a chapter...


1) Lester, who's dreaming about ponys


In Lester's dream state, he is in discussion with several ponies about how to properly hack stuff. But because Lester is like no traditional hacker, he can't actually explain how to hack to the ponys.


Pony: So. You just do it?

Lester: Yep. Just those simple lines of code is all you need to do pretty much everything.

Pony: And those lines of code are:

<hack_checker.exe>check Item_Hackable_Object="hacked"     if ​false then ​init executable="hack_program.exe"
Lester: Yep.

​Pony: I don't think I believe you. Ain't hacking more complicated than that?

​Lester: Well yeah. I had to write that entire executable.

​Pony: Also, I'm not sure that's a real language.

​Lester: Well, it is. I wrote language.

​Pony:......Yeah. Sure you did. So you just wrote a master hacking program that does the work for you?

​Lester: Uh, no. I wrote it for you, unnamed Pony. If you didn't know I am ​the ​master​ of hacking.

​Pony: Wait, why are you dreaming about us and hacking. Didn't you just fall unconscious after hitting your head on a table after you realised that D'arcy was pretending to be that doctor.

​Lester: Uhhhhhhh. Maybe.

​Pony: Well, anyways. I can't remember the name now. I represent that part of your brain that was hit by the table, and ironically that was where that information was stored.

​Lester: So, I forgot?

​Pony: Not necessarily. The name might show up later.

​Lester: Well, thanks. You've been really helpful.

​Pony: Eh. Not so much. You're kind of stuck here for a while.

​Lester: Wow that's great.


​Anyways, we leave Lester's dream to follow Yeager and crew back in Liberty City. They had just narrowly escaped the explosion that Playboy X had accidentally remotely activated in the scuffle in Ohio.


​Johnny: Holy sh*t! Playboy X is a motherf*cking psychopath!

​Arcade: I told you he'd do that.

​Johnny: Yeah but...f*ck! He just literally blew up his own building to kill us all.

​Yeager: Well, now it seems we gotta be more careful. We can't just f*ck around now.


​The group regrouped. In the escapade, Luis and Fester had taken the back exit, Yeager, Johnny and Arcade took the front.


​Luis: Ey? Where did the rest of the other guys go?

​Yeager: Clearly they had better things to do. Either that or they knew we'd just forget about them. There was way too many people on this job to begin with.

Arcade: And that Franklin dude died.

Yeager: Oh yeah. That too. I completely forgot about that for some reason.

​Fester: What about...ahem...Arab Money?

​Yeager: Dunno. Let me check.


​Yeager pulled out his shortwave radio and fiddled with it a bit until he found Yusef's frequency.


​Yeager: Yusef? What's your status?


​A clearly in pain Yusef crawled up and spoke into his transmitter.


​Yusef: Ahghghhh! Yeager....I've crashed!

​Yeager: What?? Where are you?

​Yusef: Uggghhhh, Star *cough* Junction.

​Yeager: sh*t man. We'll be there soon.


​Luis: What up with Yusef?

​Yeager: He crashed. Playboy must have shot him down.

​Luis: sh*t, man. That's my boy, I'll go pick him up. Alonso, Henrique? You coming?

Luis realised that in the grand escape we never saw he had forgotten that Alonso and Henrique were killed by IronManny.


Johnny: Umm. No, brother. They died.

Luis: Oh. f*ck. Well anyways I'm still gonna go rescue Yusef. I'll pick them up later at the hospital.


​Luis commandeers one of the cars left behind by a random NPC who was scared sh*tless of the building collapsing in on itself. He headed south to Star Junction to rescue Yusef. Johnny shuffled around the debris.


​Johnny: So, umm. Are we gonna get out of here or what? As far as I can see, any "clue" is well....gone.

​Yeager: Right, right. We'll just take another car.

​Fester: Why can't we just take the armoured truck. Mayor Crane probably paid good money for those.

​Arcade: Blow em up. We can't leave behind evidence of what looks like a f*cking terrorist attack that leads back to us or "Mayor Crane".


​Fester promptly got to work setting explosives on the trucks. Once the small job was done, Fester and the rest escaped the scene in a black Washington.


​Fester: Where are we going?

​Yeager: Well. I don't know. We just lost a good lead.

​Arcade: If I can chip in, Pathos said we should be looking in Castle Gardens. I was sort of surprised we didn't go there first, especially as that's where Niko went.

​Yeager: Well....sh*t.

​Johnny: Yeah this whole thing was a bit pointless.

Arcade: Not to mention we very nearly just died.

Yeager: Ok, ok. It was a bad plan.


Who do we cut to?


A] Fortuna at Niko's penthouse - who was making herself comfortable but is now looking across the North Holland skyline at the building that just collapsed.

B] Niko and Alessa at Cluckin Bell - noticing the golden helicopter that had now crashed into the road.

C] Yeager, Johnny, Arcade and Fester - driving to Castle Gardens to investigate Pathos's claims and try to find Niko.

D] Luis - driving to Star Junction to rescue Yusef when a black Washington cuts him off and speeds off.

E] Playboy X - trying to escape the insane situation he just found himself in.

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Didnt IronManny kill Alonso and Henrique?

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Fixed it. Luis does a goof when he realises that he forgot Alonso and Henrique died. I also remembered to mention Franklin.

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Also Yusef crashed into Amir Towers

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Oh come on man. Stop nitpicking mah story :D


Besides he was only spiralling in the direction of the tower


instead of hitting Yusef it hits flying stick causing Yusef to lose control and spiral towards Yusefs tower


Doesn't necesarilly mean he crashed into it ;)

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E] Playboy X - trying to escape the insane situation he just found himself in.


Playboy trips over and the cult kidnaps him and takes him to their base


What do they do with him???

1) Kill him

2) Convert him

3) Rape him

4) Torture him


Sorry I got lazy

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Posted (edited)

2) Convert him



Playboy wakes up sitting in a cell. Its dark. He realizes he doesn't have clothes on and is sweating from the heat.


Playboy: Hello?


Playboy gets up and feels around for a door or something. He suddenly see's the door open as light enters the cell blinding Playboy.


Rogan: Well dur da fella dat we was lookin fo.


Wendall: We betta label deee cells so we don't get don confused again.


Playboy: You need to start speaking correctly and stop acting like your hillbillies with accents.


Wendall slaps Playboy.


Wendall: Shut up you.


They hear footsteps and suddenly Wendall and Rogan kneel as Bill comes over.


Bill: What are you fellas up and on about? I asked you to simply bring This negro to me and your just standing around. We got work to do. Its time to make this man reborn.


Playboy: Bi*ch what you mean reborn??


Bill makes Wendall and Rogan stand up.


Bill: Grab him. Its time for some conversion.


Wendall grab and Rogan gran Playboy by the arms and drag him as they follow Bill down the hallway that smells like old hoagies.


Bill: You boy are about to see the world for what it truly is. Its time you become a cletus.


Playboy: Player I be worried if I was you! You best get off me now before I stick a foot up your a**!


Bill: Calm down. Our converted doesn't like it when his students are rough like this.


Playboy: Oh and who is your converter huh? I'll bust his a** too!


Bill: His names Cam. Cam the cum something. I ain't really pay attention when we first met.


We see..


1)Playboy dragged in to a room where Cam is waiting to convert him into a cletus gang member.

2)Wendall and Rogan get distracted by something




3) We cut to Niko and Alessa

4)Luis off rescuing Yusuf

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Shorty chapter, because I'm not really on an inspirational high, but wanted to bump anyway.

4)Luis off rescuing Yusuf

As annoying as Yusuf can get, Luis hasn't forgotten about his contribution to the end of his first big adventure (it's been nearly 10 years, goddamnit) and so a rescue must be mounted. In Star Junction, locating the wreck is pretty easy because of all the smoke and - well - because it's in the middle of the junction. There is a crowd around the wreck, but it's hardly distinguishable from the usual amount of foot traffic in the area.


Luis gets out of his car just on time as Yusuf has been removed from the helicopter, although the people doing so don't look friendly.


Man 1: This man tried to commit Islamic terrorism on our streets!

Man 2: Tar and feather him!

Man 3: *outraged monkey-like noises*

Yusuf: I only want to do good for this city with my Arab money! You need to believe me!

Man 4: Like blow us up sky high? Nice try, you terrorist!

Yusuf gets punched in the back of the head. He staggers forward, recognizing his buddy who he happens to look at with just the right timing.

Yusuf: LUIS! Help me!


Suddenly Luis is at the center of attention at just the wrong time, with people surrounding him on all sides. Is all hope lost? ...No, because he's got some leftover weapons in his pocket, perfect for a situation like this.


Man 5: Well? Are you in league with this f*cker or what?

Luis: *pulling out sticky bomb* ALLAH AKBAR!


Everyone disperses in panic, even though he hadn't even set a timer on the explosive. Even Yusuf starts to run away before remembering that Luis isn't a suicide bomber.


Luis: Yo, it looks like you're in need of a hospital visit.

Yusuf: A couple broken bones, a hit to the head, something that feels like a control stick up the ass - eh, I could do worse.

Luis: Well, if you say so, we should still move fast. I think the mob are calling my bluff.


The people close in on them again, now even angrier than last time. Luis' car somehow got trashed by crazy civilians while he wasn't looking, but thankfully Star Junction's parking spots always have an abundance of buses, and so he and Yusuf grab the nearest one, closing the doors just on time before unwanted guests force their way in. About 20 people try and tip the bus over from the side, but Luis manages to accelerate away, running over a few unfortunate rage-a-holics. Oh well, civilian lives in the GTA world are cheap sometimes.


1) Some people manage to climb to the roof of the bus, and start smashing it up with melee weapons.

2) Yusuf's head injury causes him to go mad, and he tries to attack Luis.


3) Cut to Niko and Alessa getting back to his penthouse.

4) Cut to Playboy, who's being converted into a Cletus Gang member by Cam.

5) Cut to D'arcy and Natasha, still brawling all over the hospital.

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