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My Chain Story

Recommended Posts


3. A dead hooker


Among Yeager's clothes, all spread out over the floor and bed, in the corner by the closet lies a pale prostitute with a deep cut over her throat.


Dakota: Jesus Christ, Yeager.

Packie: What else would you expect. The guy loves torturing people. Though I don't see any bruises or burns, there's just that stab wound.

Gerry: What difference does that make?

Packie: It means that Yeager wasn't the one who killed this hooker. A simple fatal cut would be too boring for him. Surely there'd be a laceration somewhere, a scuff mark or two.

Gerry: Look, it's great that you're familiar with the sex habits of another man, Packie, but come on. We gotta leave. The smell is killing me in here.

Dakota: Yeah, this doesn't mean anything. Let's take his stuff and go.


Gerry and Dakota pack all of Yeager's clothes in a suitcase that was leaning against the wall. They also pack some empty deodorant they found, a small sum of money Yeager left behind, and a few brownies inside a sandwich bag. They leave the hotel, Gerry holding the luggage, brownies in Packie's pocket. They stand outside the hotel for a bit, and Dakota has a quick smoke.


Packie: So we're headed to Paleto Bay now?

Dakota: Yup. I'll call another cab.

Packie: Or we could take a bus there.

Dakota: Hmm. Maybe. Sure.

Gerry: Can't believe we're ditching Gordon.

Packie: I thought I told you; he's Los Santos' problem now. He's probably sucking off some of that Vinewood poontang by now.


The trio walk down to the nearest bus station. After a few minutes, the scheduled bus arrives. It looks like it's been dented to sh*t, thrown into the ocean a couple times and is missing a headlight. Packie, Gerry and Dakota, however, have never took a Los Santos bus before, so they assume it's a custom there, and are happy to come on board. The bespectacled bus driver eyes them fiercely, staring them down when they're seated. Packie, sat next to Dakota, whispers into her ear.


Packie: Does this driver have a problem or something?

Dakota: Drug problem, probably. Everyone is this city has an addiction.

Packie: Wouldn't be surprised, honestly.

Dakota: Yeah. Hey, can you not speak so closely to my ear? It's... uncomfortable.


Gerry is seated with the luggage, beside a frail old lady listening to music. She takes her headphones off and leans onto Gerry's lap.


Lady: Excuse me, mister, do you know the closest place I can buy condoms?

Gerry: Well... surely, they have a bunch around here. And we're on a moving bus, so I can't say the nearest one. I also don't know where any of them are. And can you move away a bit, you're a little too close?

Lady: Motherf*cker, I asked you a question. How dense you gotta be, limpdick?

Gerry: What the hell?


Packie hears the commotion and looks at the elderly woman as she argues with Gerry. He can't help but feel he has seen her face somewhere before. Beneath the ugly makeup and obvious woolly wig, Packie concludes that, first, Gerry must be a f*cking idiot, and second...


Packie: Wait a f*cking second!


Packie leaps from his seat and stands, albeit a bit wobbly, before taking off the old lady's wig. She moves her hands to her hairless head. Her headphones come unplugged, and from her smartphone blasts rapid trap music.


Packie: Playboy X!

Playboy: Well shiiiit, money.

Packie: What are you doing here?

Playboy: Bitch, I'm back. After failing to take over Liberty, heard you cats was here and thought I'd come and pay you a visit.


Gerry feels an cold Uzi at his neck.


Playboy: After taking care of you, I was thinking of headin' to Paleto Bay. Take the opportunity to see a good friend in hospital.

Packie: I ain't letting that happen, sh*thead.

Playboy: Boy, I got an army behind me.


Packie, Gerry and Dakota look at their fellow passengers and squint their eyes at the flashlights and barrels of at least ten loaded guns aimed from both directions.


Gerry: Wait. I don't know who the f*ck you are, but why did you ask for condoms?

Playboy: Man, I've never been LS before. I was also trying to seduce you, so I could kill you.

Dakota: That's strangely forthright.

Gerry: Wouldn't have worked, sorry. I don't hunt no cougars.

Playboy: I wouldn't be smug if I was you, homie. I still got a trick up my sleeve.

Packie: Oh yeah?

Playboy: L, come out here!


The bus driver gets out of his seat, wielding a shotgun loaded with explosive shells. Packie gasps at the familiar face.


Packie: Lester!

Lester: Looks like you've... *cocks gun* ...caught the wrong bus.

Dakota: Ugh...


Our heroes stay frozen in the headlights of their enemies' weapons, Dakota still seated, Packie standing up, Gerry sat with Playboy's Uzi at his throat, and the bus seemingly on auto-pilot, speeding down glitzy Eclipse Boulevard.


1. Packie forms a plan involving the squashed-to-sh*t brownies in his back pocket; Dakota is visibly disgusted by the display.

2. Packie offers to buy condoms for Playboy, in exchange for letting them go.

3. There is another familiar face among the bus's passengers.

4. We follow Gordon, getting some of that prime paparazzi pomegranate power-level poontang.

5. We follow Pathos, investigating Bern Bern's return on the rise.


Note: "Bern Bern's return" has a certain ring to it.

Edited by The_Anti-tragedy

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3. There is another familiar face among the bus's passengers.


This sudden change in events was worrying for our 3 heroes, taken captive by Playboy X, Lester and several of his cronies, Packie was thinking about the smeared Brownies in his back pocket, which made him hungry so Packie reached around to pick them out but was stopped by a 3rd familar face pointing a gun to his back

(Packie) What now, I'm hungry

Packie turns to see another old looking person holding a Revolver

(Packie) Who this asshole

The old man takes of his wig, glasses and old guy face puddy to reveal Dwayne, to Packie's dismay and Dekota surprise, they can't exactly believes what's going on

(Packie) Hey buddy, what's doing

(Gerry) Another friend of yours Pack

(Dekota) Certainly a lot of work for a stick up

(Playboy) Oh I have more surprices up my sleeve

(Packie) Why didn't he respond?

(Playboy) Some damn fine hypnotherapy, isn't that right X37

(Dwayne) Yes. boss

Dwayne talked like a robot so he was clearly not him self, talking in weird stoppages with every word

(Dwayne) Do. You. Want. Them. Dead

(Playboy) No, just makes sure they don't do anything stupid

(Dwayne) Affirmative.

(Playboy) Driver, take us to Peleto Bay

(Lester) Yes sir

Lester starts driving where they eventually get on the highway, the mood the entire way what sh*t, playboy the smug bastard was cocky the entire trip and every other seat was taken up by a goon.

(Packie) So what are you gunna do when we get to... SMACK

Packie was cut off by Dwayne with the butt of his gun which caused a large red bumb to appear in the back of his head

(Dekota) Tell your boy to go easy

(Playboy) Nope, but to answer your question, I'm gunna kidnap your friends in Paleto then the party bus is heading to San Feirro

(Gerry) Why there

(Playboy) Because Dan Silver has a lot of tech I want including a fancy mechine that hunts down people, which thanks to my boy Lester, hacked a phone call between Dan and Niko that tells us what the mechine does

(Dekota) Damn your hacking ability, why don't you have limits to them

(Lester) Because I'm a bad guy that why

They reach wood area outside Peleto and the bus speeds up

(Playboy) Almost there folks

(Gerry) Can I pee when we stop

(Playboy) No

The reach the hospital

What happens next???

1) Dwayne, Playboy and several goons raid the hospital by them selves

2) Same but they drag Packie, Dekota and Gerry with them

3) The Hypnotherapy wears off on Dwayne but he pretends to follow until a good time to break

4) The bus is rammed by a dump truck being driven by a familar face knocking it over and breaking Dwayne out of his trances




5) We cut to Fortuna and Natasha in the hospital.

Edited by Corndawg93

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3) The hypnotherapy wears off on Dwayne but he pretends to follow until a good time to break.


As they're stopped in front of the hospital, all of Playboy's passengers exit the bus and wait for his call to enter the building.


Playboy: Yo, Dwayne.

Dwayne's thoughts: Whoa. Wait, what the f*ck? Playboy, ordering me around? Last I remember... sh*t, motherf*cker hypnotized me. I get it. I should play it cool and get him when his back's turned.

Dwayne: What. Boss?

Playboy: Ice these foolish former friends of yours. I wanna see 'em bleed.

Dwayne's thoughts: Sh*t.

Packie: Oh, hell no. We're not dying right here.

Playboy: The way I see it, y'all are the fish in the shallow pond. Small time, before I move on to the next part of my plan.

Dakota: Well, we're not going down without a fight.

Gerry: Guys, you know this son-of-a-bitch still has his gun at my throat?

Playboy: And this son-of-a-bitch don't appreciate you yelling into his ear! Dwayne, you heard me. Cap these fools already.


Dwayne sees, in his peripheral vision, Lester sat in the driver's seat.


Dwayne: Of course. Boss.


Dwayne aims his revolver at Playboy's head and fires, but misses and shoots his gun hand instead. Playboy's Uzi clangs on the floor before being picked up almost instantly by Packie, and held between Playboy's eyes.


Playboy: Sh*t! What the f*ck, Dwayne?

Packie: Dwayne, you're back?

Dwayne: I guess I am.

Playboy: Man, this hypnotherapy is bullsh*t!

Packie: You got nowhere to go, Playboy!

Lester: Neither do you pricks!


Lester fires an explosive shell, shattering the windows on the bus. Packie, Gerry, Dakota, Playboy and Dwayne are all hit with shards of various sizes. Lester stands before them all with his shotgun at the ready.


Playboy: Lester, save me!

Lester: Save yourself; this thing deals a ton of splash damage, so I suggest you run.


Playboy runs off the bus and joins the bus passengers in front of the hospital. With a quick command, they all turn and enter the building, Playboy at the front of the pack. Our heroes still stand, held captive on the bus by a livid Lester.


Lester: Dwayne, I haven't forgotten the time you and Niko put a stop to me in the sewers. I'm gonna rip you a new asshole!

Dwayne: Oh, god.

Lester: Even after I respawned, there was sh*t in my wheelchair.

Dwayne: Oh, god.

Lester: I've waited nine months to put an end to you after that incident! And months before that!


Lester's monologue is interrupted and he is completely blinded when a brown mass is thrown in his face. Packie stands victorious, hands at his back pockets.


Packie: I knew those brownies would come in handy.

Dakota: Someone take his gun!

Lester: Oh, no you don't! I'VE WAITED NINE MON-


Lester's gun is wrestled out of his hands by Gerry, who punches him in the face right after. Lester falls to the ground, glasses broken and squashed brownies on the floor.


Lester: This can't be. Sh*t will once again be the death of me!

Dwayne: Lester, to quote Niko, that's a nasty hobby.


Gerry gives the shotgun to Dwayne, who drops his revolver. Dwayne kills Lester, further perforating his uncannily gelatinous body. Packie and Dakota eyed the hospital outside, the front of it vacant.


Dakota: Well, we got Lester, but Playboy and his army has already headed into the hospital.

Packie: Right. Come on, guys.


Packie and Dwayne lead Gerry and Dwayne off the bus and the four all run into the hospital. There's no need to ask Yellowy, the receptionist, for it seemed Playboy's army could be seen crowding an entire hallway. That, and the receptionist was looking pretty uh... dead. Our heroes rush to Yeager's room.


Packie: Dwayne, do you know about Yeager?

Dwayne: Um, no, not really. Why, did something happen?

Dakota: He was looking for you and D'elroy, and ended up getting wrecked by a mountain lion.

Dwayne: Hmm, that's not good.


The group of four reach the tail-end of what appears to be Playboy's army, all of which have their backs turned. Dwayne doesn't even have to properly aim the shotgun.


Dwayne: Stand back!


Dwayne blasts through the crowd with a score of explosive shots, and the group progresses further down the hall. As they reach the front of the crowd, they start opening doors and checking rooms. Playboy is not among the many bodies, and Yeager not in the many rooms. In their failure, Dwayne further inspects the bodies


Dwayne: Oh, that ain't right.

Dakota: What's up?

Dwayne: These ain't Playboy's goons. Motherf*cker, we just shot up a patient's entire family that came to visit!

Dakota: Oh. Oh, god. That's, uh... pretty tragic, huh...

Packie: ...I mean, they looked like Playboy's army...

Dakota: ...And this page just started, so they may not respawn for a long time...

Packie: ...And it's usually me who breaks the fourth wall, you know...?

Gerry: Agh, come on, we don't have time for this mourning crap. Plus, it's all Dwayne's fault. He's the one with the exploding shotgun.

Dwayne: Man, just shut up. Let's get moving.


1. We cut to Fortuna and Natasha at Yeager's hospital bed.

2. We follow Pathos on the streets of LC looking into Bern Bern's return.

3. We follow Lester, who still lies alive in the bus, face full of brownies and body full of bullet holes.

4. Hospital guards pop up from behind corners to incapacitate our four "heroes."

5. Packie slips on ice and breaks his arm. Good thing he's in a hospital!

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The sterile hospital walls shook violently as the deafening explosions echoed down the hall. With her ears ringing, Natasha quickly grabbed hold of Fortuna's arm and they both ducked behind the hospital bed where a comatose Yeager was laid out.


Fumbling for her USP. 45, Natasha looked at Fortuna with a wide eyed glare. "What the f*ck was that!?"


Fortuna returned the look. "A terrorist attack? sh*t, I don't know!"


Gripping her USP 45 firmly, she thumbed the safety off and pulled back the slide. Slowly peeking out with her sights trained on the door, she noticed that it was open. From the acute angle she had on the hall, she quickly noticed that the wall was doused with blood. An explosion? Had to be. She ducked back into cover and looked at Fortuna.


"We need to get the hell out of here, but we can't leave Yeager." She said in a hushed tone.


"So? What do we do?"


Natasha looked behind her and noticed the window. It led straight into the parking lot where the rental car was.


"Through the window. If we can get that sh*t open without making any noise, we can get Yeager into the Tailgator. It'll be a straight shot."


Fortuna nodded. "Alright, but we need to get the door closed, in case anyone sees us." She pointed out, looking at the door that led to the hallway.


Natasha agreed. "Okay, I'll cover you." She leaned out of cover and trained her sights on the hallway. "Go."


Fortuna rushed towards the door and quickly positioned herself behind the frame. With her hand, she turned the handle so the tongue wasn't sticking out, and slowly closed it. With the slight "clink" the door made as it made contact with the frame, Fortuna let go of the handle and darted back to Natasha.


"Alright, now the window."


Natasha nodded. "Check it, I'm going to unhook Yeager from this stuff."


As Fortuna made for the window, Natasha turned towards Yeager and laid her USP on the over bed table that was placed next to his hospital bed. Doing a quick look over the equipment, she noticed that he was getting a blood transfusion, evident by the blood bags hanging next to the IV ones. Must've lost a lot of blood in the accident. Hope you can handle this, Yeager. Taking a breath, she grabbed one of the tubes that was delivering blood to his veins, and yanked it out. Almost instantaneously, blood squirted all over her jeans and Yeager's hospital robe. She cussed. Probably could've found a better way to do that. Next, she undid the IV tubes, then the pulse oximeter next.


Natasha looked over towards Fortuna and noticed that the window was open. "Yeager's free, let's get the f*ck out of here."


Fortuna grabbed Yeager and flung him over her shoulders into a fireman's carry, while Natasha grabbed her USP and watched the door was two made their way out of the window.


What Next?

1) Once Fortuna and Yeager are through the window, Natasha follows suit. As she's climbing through, the door suddenly swings open to reveal someone. Reflexes kicking in, Natasha aimed her handgun at the man and pulled the trigger, splattering Packie's brains all over the wall.

2) Fortuna manages to muscle Yeager into the backseat of the Tailgator. Natasha climbs out, and jumps into the passenger seat, and they make their escape from the Paleto Bay Hospital undetected.




3) We cut to Dwayne, Packie, Dakota and Gerry's PoV as they rush towards Yeager's room to find Playboy X and a few of his cronies looking out the window. Dakota and Packie quickly pull out their own handguns and hold them up, not knowing that the building is surrounded by the Paleto Bay Sheriff's Office.

4) We cut to Dwayne, Packie, Dakota and Gerry's PoV as they rush towards Yeager's room to find the room empty, but quickly notice a black Tailgator speeding out of the parking lot. Rushing towards the entrance, they steal an old Oceanic and try to catch up as the Paleto Bay Sheriff's Office are hot on their tail.

5) We cut to Pathos back Liberty City as he's investigating the rumored return of Emperor Bern Bern.

Edited by Fallcreek

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Option 1 was really tempting


4) We cut to Dwayne, Packie, Dakota and Gerry's PoV as they rush towards Yeager's room to find the room empty, but quickly notice a black Tailgator speeding out of the parking lot. Rushing towards the entrance, they steal an old Oceanic and try to catch up as the Paleto Bay Sheriff's Office are hot on their tail.


This is going swell for our 4 heroes, Dwayne is back and they escaped Playboy, who for some reason went to a different wing of the hospital, Packie, Dekota, Dwayne and Gerry were back on the road that they came on and following who they think is Fortuna, Natasha and Yeager, fortunately for them it is, but oh no the popo are on there ass as well, what will the do

(Dwayne) Cop are on your asses man

(Packie) That delightful

(Gerry) How about shooting at them, like I am now *BANG* *BANG*

Packie and Dwayne do so aswell where they take out several cop cars, those men had families, anyway, we cut to the car infront with Fortuna and co, to which Natasha is keeping a close eye on Yeager who still out of it

(Natasha) We need to find another helicopter, know anywhere that has one

(Fortuna) Not really, how about we head back for the chopper we came in

(Natasha) It's a bit too late now don't you think

Natasha looks behind them and sees people coming up on them, both Packie and Natasha lock eyes, immediately recognising each other, having taken out every cop on the road behind them Pack and Nat notify their respectful drivers to pull over at Hookies seafood restaurant, to which they do, they pull over and get to talking

(Packie) Tuna and Nat, what's going on

(Fortuna) Nothing good, we have Yeager who on his last legs

(Dwayne) Anyone have a hotdog

(Fortuna) Dwayne?, I thought you were missing, how'd you fine him

(Dekota) Hold up, before we go into him we need to fix up Yeager, does this place have hotdogs or burgers

(Natasha) Why the rush?

(Dekota) The mayor sent for him

(Dwayne) What does Bernie need with Yeager

(Packie) Bernie doesn't need Yeager, Niko does

(Dwayne) But you just said the mayor sent for him, wouldn't that mean Bernie needs him, not Niko

(Packie) Let me spell this out for you, NIKO. IS. THE. MAYOR

(Fortuna) Who the f*ck voted for him

(Packie) He kinda won by default, Bernie tried to rig the polls and was caught doing so

(Dekota) And he made Roman deputy

(Dwayne) God help us

(Fortuna) You can say that again

Just then a hotdog vender walk by

(Vender) Hotdog for sale, get them while they're hot

(Dwayne) Just what we need

Dwayne walks over to the vender and purchase's a dog and head back to the car and shoves it down Yeagers throat

(Gerry) That's f*cked up

Just then Yeager pops up and hops out of the car wonders where or what's the hells going on

(Yeager) Oh wow, the f*ck is happening

Just then the Party Bus being driven by barely living Lester, along with Playboy and his goons comes around the corner and barely notices the Group of 7 before too late

(Lester) There they are

(Playboy) Quick turn

He try's to turn but due to being half dead Lester gives up half way through and collapses on the steering wheel, causing to turn wildly towards the restaurant

(Playboy) Ah f*ck

The bus crashes Into the meth lab the bikers have set up and all the bikers set the sites on the bus and unleash a fury of bullets towards it, causing everyone in Hookies to flee including the group of 7

Who do we follow next???

1) The group of 7 as they head off up the highway

2) Niko talking to the media about protesters from earlier

3) Playboy in the mist of the bus crash

4) Pathos who is on the lookout for a return from Emperor Bern Bern

5) R.A. Cist, who's regathering the Racist brigade with Rachel and everyone else

Edited by Corndawg93

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3) Playboy in the midst of the bus crash.


Playboy wasn't a guy to consider his life choices often. Hell, when you're a respected entrepreneur in Liberty City, looking back in the past was a downer. He actually didn't remember most of the 1990's, come to think of it.

Lost in a haze of various substance abuses and bullet wounds in extremities. To quote Clement Attlee, "if you don't remember the 1990's, chances are, you weren't born in the decade."


But he digressed. Now probably wasn't, but considering he wanted to be shot the f*ck up by some creepy West coast guy no more than ten minutes ago because he died in his own f*cking poop and now just died at the wheel of a bus and was about to crash into a meth lab. The silver lining, he realised was that a lot of people were going to die. He'd always wanted a cremation, just not an extreme, salting the Earth kind of thing-


No one figured out what Playboy died from, bullets to the body, an explosion or just plain ol' blunt force trauma but he was surely dead. Maybe.


What happens next?

1) We follow Nastasha as she realises she just shot Packie in the head.

2) Niko, doing mayor type stuff.

3) R.A. Cist rallying his 'troops'.

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3) R.A. Cist rallying his 'troops'.


Richard Cist, racist person and all round bad guy who also has developed a fear of pianos for some reason, got back the stuff that makes his bombs racist is now also back with Rachel and what's left of his troops, not many really, like only 4 guys are left to do his bidding


(Richard) All right men, we have taken a back seat to other people on this Chain Story as of late, but now we will get revenge of those who wronged us


Just then A pink bus rams through a wall revealing to be an old ERG bus, being drivien by JuWanna her self, remnants of ERG march out of the bus and surround the remaining racists aiming there guns at them


(JuWanna) Now you have two choices here, you can ditch your racist antics and joins us or you can die here and now

(Rachel) This is a rivalry I'd never throught would happen

What happens next???

1) The secret hobo society shows up

2) JuWanna kills Rachel

3) Emporer Bern Bern shows up and try's to recruit them who has the NULL 5 with him

4) Pathos walks in

Edited by Corndawg93

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Off-topic: Had a laugh at the ERG driving a pink bus. :D


Also, from now on, whenever a character thinks of something in my posts, it'll be in italics.

4) Pathos walks in

Pathos almost walks right into the middle of the unexpected meeting, just about hiding himself behind a dumpster (cliché, I know) to spy on them.


Pathos: Man, if these are in league with Bern-Bern, it's worse than I thought. And how is Pathos gonna contact Niko when his damn phone's out of battery juice?


Richard: I really would hate to give up the ideology... but I suppose we're outnumbered, so whatever.

JuWanna: That's a good boy! Even though all of you look like a bunch of pathetic messes who have done no virtuous deed in your lives, you'll make good workers in Emperor Bern-Bern's "re-election campaign".

Richard: Who the hell is Bern-Bern? That has to be the dumbest name I've ever---

JuWanna: Emperor, you cis scum!

Rachel: Alright, whatever. What are his goals?

JuWanna: What do you think, you f*cking racism enabler? He's going to take over the City Hall that he righteously deserves, and bring law and order back to this wicked city.

Richard: Law and order sounds like something I'm usually not fond of, being a bomber and everything...

Jimmy (ERG goon): Trust me, you'll grow to like it. Plenty of dissidents to kill, of course, it just won't be very public.


Pathos: This is too f*cked. I could write a song about this. But first, gotta get to Niko before I forget half the things they were saying...

Unknown: Put your hands up where I can see them.


Pathos curses under his breath as a gun points at his forehead. Looking up at the person holding it, they're still unknown because he hasn't exactly met a ton of the OC's, but it doesn't take much thinking to assume they're also an ally to Bern-Bern's cause. Other figures also appear from a variety of hiding places on the alley, all of them notably women.


Chelsea: How rude of you to try and leave before introducing yourself. Hey, people, come look who I found!

Richard: And who's this lady? And all her - friends, too?

JuWanna: A bunch of smart people, who knew to enlist as soon as the Emperor acknowledged he needed help. Meet the NULL Group of Five.

Rachel: All this talk about his minions, but where is the boss-man himself?

JuWanna: He will show himself when he f*cking wants! Right now, our task is to increase the size of our forces, and nothing else.

Danielle: Well, that and throwing up some warning graffiti to keep that cursed Niko Bellic in fear before his inevitable demise.

Patricia: And now he's sent this little rat to investigate the issue? Pathetic, I tell you.

Pathos: Please, I'm just a bystander! I saw the pink bus crash through a wall and thought there might be drugs involved, so I went to check and---

Chelsea: Lame-ass nonsense. We saw how you tried to listen in.

Jagger: So what are we gonna do with him?

JuWanna: Nothing a little brainwashing can't fix. He'll be the first slave for the Emperor's cause soon enough.

Pathos: No slavery! I just made a really touching piece about it, and---

Nikki: Best to get to work right away, then.

Pathos: Please! You hate racism so much, why would you let this happen?

JuWanna: You talking to me? It's because sacrifices must be made... and since you're working for Niko, that makes you a f*cking race traitor anyway!

Nikki: Grab a little drink, and wake up to a new world...


Chelsea and Jagger forcefully hold Pathos in place (and his mouth open) as Nikki pours in some kind of pink liquid. Pathos coughs a few times, then goes into some sort of trance before he knows it.


Danielle: It'll be a while before he wakes up, so to speak.

JuWanna: Well, either way, load him into the bus and let's go! That includes you racist pricks. Recruitment won't be over until the bus is completely full.

Patricia: The main question is, who is next up on the list?


Indeed, who is Bern-Bern's gang next going to approach?


1) The Chupacabras.

2) The Dingoes.

3) The Mad Moose Mounties.

4) The Cranky Crumpets.

5) The Baguettes.

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2) The Dingoes.


Looking at the list, Dingoes, Baguettes, Mounties, Crumpets, Chupacabras, all gang that's have failed in taking down the system, Dingoes had some achievement in keeping Dwayne and Packie hostage, but they did eventually die in that plane crash

(JuWanna) The dumb Australians would have respawned by now, where are they?

(Patricia) Back in Australia last I heard

(Chelsea) Us Nulls will track them

(Jagger) Those filthy idiots in that sh*tty country, I can't wait


The Nulls get to booking tickets while everyone else on the bus move out and make there way to a secret underground base underneath the Outlook park in Broker, they arrive to see Emperor Bern Bern in a meeting with Don Percival and several other Merrywhether people.

(JuWanna) Who are you

(Don) A very important man, I run Merrywhether, A private army that mr Crane her....

(Emporer Bern Bern) ITS EMPORER BERN BERN!!!!!!!

(Don) Yes ok, that Emporer Bern Bern will be using

(Emporer Bern Bern) Yes, then that backstabbing friend of mine will BURN AT THE STAKE, and all his other friends as well of course

JuWanna signals the other ERG to bring in the Racists and Pathos

(JuWanna) We found them, and we found this man spying on us, we brainwashed him and his orders are to spy on Niko for us

(Bern Bern) Good, your last job is hunt down Tom Stubbs the 3rd and bring him here.

They let Pathos go

Who do we follow next???

1) Niko, who's addressing the media about the protesters from earlier

2) The Group of 7, on there way to San Fiarro

3) Pathos, who heads to City Hall to spy on Niko

4) The Nulls, going to track down The Dingos in Australia

5) The Dingos, Who aren't in Australia, but rather Canada, in the mist of a war with the Mad Moose Mounties

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Cmon people, let's not let this die a 5th time

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2) The Group of 7, on there way to San Fiarro

The GO7 have found themselves a van since we last saw them, and are on their merry way to San Fierro. Needless to say, wholesome banter ensues throughout the trip.


Packie: What's with the CS and buses recently?

Dwayne: Packie, you're not supposed to know what's going on in Liberty City. Quit it.

Dakota: Some things never change, huh?

Fortuna: Just like that receptionist. Natty, you saw her nametag, right? Yellowy? Reminds me of another similar preppy airhead who worked at Collie Rentals in Boston.

Dwayne: Some might say the CS has become so mainstream lately that it just keeps reusing the same jokes in slightly different clothing.

Natasha: Now that's silly, and cynical. There'll always be some originality.

Gerry: Would you agree, Yeager?


But Yeager has fallen asleep and is unable to contribute with the one line that had been expected from him at minimum. Then again, he's still at a recovery phase and needs plenty of rest - and that can only call for one thing.




In a location that he cannot remember, it finally became true. He and that once treacherous D'elroy had finally cornered D'arcy when she least expected it. Just as he'd dreamed for some time.


Yeager: Got anything snarky to say this time, you little brat?

D'arcy: Do I really count as a brat at this age anymore? I'm a mature woman, it's not my fault my voice never broke. *giggles*

Yeager: There's a lot more to it than your damn voice.

D'elroy: Niko should be here anytime now. I'm sure he's dying to see you, you know.

D'arcy: And I'm dying to f*ck him up real bad. The memories of his horrible mistreatment of me never fade.

Yeager: Thought you'd be over it already after you beat him down at Bullworth.

D'arcy: It was only the beginning for a very nasty bunch of years. All because you people couldn't keep your noses out of my business after I won, fair and square.

D'elroy: Actually, I recall Niko only got caught back up in your schemes by mere coincidence. You really can't claim the moral high ground here.

D'arcy: Say, since there's absolutely zero chance of me escaping, why don't we share a drink while I'm still free as a bird, baby brother?

Yeager: Be careful, D'elroy...

D'arcy: It's your favorite flavor too - raspberry!

Yeager: You like raspberry?

D'elroy: What can I say... it's got a sweet taste.

D'arcy: It's OK, there's many manly men out there who can't handle strong stuff. *giggles*


D'arcy pours both of them a glass of some kind of pink juice. Yeager feels a bit left out, and can only really lean on the wall and keep his gun trained on D'arcy. D'elroy downs his juice in one gulp. More people show up in the room just as he's done: Dwayne and Fortuna.


Yeager: Hello, guys.

Fortuna: Looks like you people have hit a jackpot here.

Yeager: Almost didn't because D'elroy couldn't choose his side for a bit. You got a vehicle outside?

Dwayne: It's shabby, but does the job.

Yeager: Alright, let's get that bitch loaded up then.


D'elroy hits Yeager in the shoulder out of nowhere.


Fortuna: What are you doing?

D'elroy: You don't talk about my sister like that!

Yeager: Dude, relax. You have no idea what kinda misery she put us through, even if you got off easy.

D'elroy: Yeah? Yeah? You think that makes it OK to disrespect her? Like she's just a damn dog?

Dwayne: Don't take it so literally, D. You're better than that.

D'elroy: F*ck you all! Only over my dead body are you gonna put my sister in prison with all the creeps and murderers!


He punches Fortuna in the face as she comes in to restrain him, and points his gun at the others, backing up towards an unguarded door with D'arcy in tow.


D'elroy: Stand back! Stand the hell back!

D'arcy: That's my brother!

Yeager: Tuna, you alright?

Fortuna: Well, that'll be a first. Just feels like I ran into a brick wall.

Dwayne: Worry about injuries later, we got two greasy O'Callahans to catch!



D'elroy tosses a flashbang that takes all three of the (still) good guys by surprise and leaves them unable to resist as the siblings flee down the stairs of the building and out of sight. By the time the dust is settled (in lack of a better term) the prime chance of success was already gone.


Yeager: F*cking f*ck! That useless, no-good, backstabbing c*nt...

Fortuna: What was up with his pink eyes? That sh*t was sort of scary.

Yeager: What f*cking pink eyes? They're gonna be black once I get a hold of him again, and I don't care what he's gonna do to weasel himself out of that!

Dwayne: They did look unusual. Like he'd been hypnotized or some sh*t.

Fortuna: Hypno- whoa, are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Dwayne: If it's what I just said, then yes.

Fortuna: No, this has to have something to do with all that 'Project Sovereign' bullcrap! No way around it. Remember Bryce and Mallorie? D'arcy has controlled people before, and that explains D'elroy's mood swings as well! He was under the effect of - that pink stuff whenever he was allegiant to his sister!

Dwayne: So, she basically gave away her secret to make this one-off escape possible. Good for her, but next time we'll be aware of it.


Niko walks in, at the most opportune of moments.


Niko: Found her yet?

Yeager: Grrrrrrrrrrrr...

Fortuna: What he means to say is that we came really close, but sh*t happened, and the window's over. That flash you may have seen was D'arcy and D'elroy escaping together.

Niko: Again?!

Dwayne: Yeah, but not voluntarily. D'elroy, that is. If we find them again, we better keep him away from any pink liquid, or he'll be brainwashed into a good little servant once again.

Niko: That explains a lot of sh*t, you know. But if you're telling me D'arcy got away just as we had a grasp... I'm gonna join Yeager in a temper tantrum for just a bit.

Fortuna: Be my guest. D'elroy punched me, by the way, if you want more to rage about.




[And find them again, they sure did. However, this is why it's called Lost Episode #1 - no point cramming all the details into one chapter. Also this author's note is stupid.]


Who to cut to next?


1) The Dingoes and Mad Moose Mounties at war.

2) Don Percival, who orders his Merryweather goons with the kidnapping of Yusuf and Bryce.

3) JuWanna and her task force, heading for Stubbs.

4) Pathos, about to arrive at the City Hall for some spying.

5) The Group of 7, with Yeager springing awake from his bitter memory.

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1) The Dingoes and Mad Moose Mounties at war.


Here we follow a war that started when Mounties started there own Bridge dropping company and pretty much stole all of Dingoes business, I guess the bridge dropping business is booming like crazy, anyway after Dingoes leader Regan Jones got word from his second in command Shane Walker, he lost his marbles and cursed the name of Adam Burns, leader of the Mounties, so every single dingo went to Canada and started a war with the Mad Moose Mounties, the Streets of Vancouver were a warzone, burnt out cars and smashed windows to house and streets had dead Dingo and Mounties on the streets, Regan made sure that Mounties were hit hard when he sent an RPG into the heart of the Mounties base of opporations pretty much killing everyone of the Mounties except for Adam Burns and several of his lieutenants, we follow Regan in a hotel room with several of his men wondering what to do next


(Regan) Alrighty then boys, time to end this war and regain business of dropping bridges on people

(Shane) I got several men keeping an eye out for any chatter

(Regan) Good, then march over to the big Statium called the BP Place where what's left of Adams men are hold up and blow the ever living sh*t out of it, who's with me

(Dingoes) YEAAHHH!!!!!


What happen next???

1) The Dingoes lay the living sh*t of BP Place

2) They are ambushed by the Mounties

3) The Crumpets show and try to make peace between the gangs




4) We follow Flashback number 2 where it's explained how Dwayne went missing

5) We follow The Group of 7 when Yeager wakes up and his Flashback

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LOST EPISODE #2 (2017-??-??)


Some time after D'elroy's indoctrination and departure from the group, we cut back to Yeager as he's sitting in his office late at night in Las Venturas. Having broken off with Niko and the rest of the crew a few weeks before, he decided it was best to look after his own interests - namely his casino; Caligula's. He's been back for a few weeks, and while he was there in the flesh, he wasn't prepared to run the place mentally. He couldn't stop thinking about his encounter with D'arcy. Just how did she manage to make D'elroy shift his allegiances?


Yeager leaned forward on his expensive mohagany desk, both hands on his face. Heaving a laboured sigh, he ran his fingers through his thick hair and came to a conclusion - the pink drink she poured for them both - it had to be. D'elroy wouldn't just betray them then and there for no reason, would he?



Yeager shook his head slowly, that couldn't be it.. but if it was the drink, how did it work?-


Before Yeager could finish his thought, his phone suddenly rang. He pulled up his cell phone and checked his caller ID - It was Dwayne, back in Liberty City. He accepted the call and brought the phone to his ear.


"Dwayne, how's it going?" He asked, his voice a little coarse.


"I'm alright, man. Helping Niko out with his little campaign here."


"Campaign?" Yeager inquired, slightly interested in Niko's activities back in LC. "What's he getting into now?"


"Something big, dog. Has his sights set for the top."


"Huh" Yeager shrugged, he wasn't getting any more information out of it. "Well, whatever it is, hopefully he's not getting over his head."


"You know Niko man, doesn't let anything hold him back."


He nodded his head as if Dwayne were there. "Yeah, I do."


A few seconds of silence past, allowing Yeager's gaze to wander around his office.


"So Frank man, what you been into?"


His eyes landed on a picture hanging on his office wall. The outline of Mount Chilliad was just barely visible through Yeager's darkened office.


"Not too much. I've been running Caligula's again, getting back into the swing of things."


"Getting back to normal, you mean. " Dwayne corrected, chuckling.


"Normal as I can, man. It's been difficult though, just a lot on my mind."


"What you mean?"


"Well, D'elroy for one. I mean, I still can't get over the fact that D'arcy slipped from our grasp, only for her take D'elroy along with her - willingly. He was practically entranced."


"Yeah, that sh*t was f*cked up."


"I know it had something to do with this pink liquid she had D'elroy drink. I just don't have no f*ckin' clue to what it is."


"It feels like it's been a wild goo-"


As Dwayne's talking, Yeager can hear the faint sound of tires screeching on a road, followed by door slams. Dwayne cuts his sentence short in the few seconds of hearing it himself, and turns around to notice a black van with four guys dressed in all black approaching him.




Yeager heard the thud of Dwayne's cell phone hitting the pavement, with Dwayne's grunts in the background.


"Dwayne? What's going on?"


Yeager couldn't piece it together. Was it an abduction? He could hear Dwayne struggling with something before the line suddenly went dead, leaving Yeager alone in his office again.


His heart raced as he thought of the possibilities. Who could have done it? D'arcy's Kill Force? They aren't pacifists, are they? He felt powerless sitting in his office, doing nothing. He slammed his fist down on his table, then dialed Fortuna.


What Next?

1) We cut to the present as Yeager's waking up.

2) We cut to the gang war between The Dingoes and The Mad Moose Mounties in Vancouver, Canada.

3) We cut to Don Percival as he's sending the order to a Merryweather task force to abduct Yusuf Amir and Bryce Dawkins.

4) We cut to some State Troopers back in Paleto Bay as they're reviewing the evidence from the massacre of the hospital. They ID Dwayne from CCTV footage, and flag him as a terrorist.

5) We cut to Niko back in Liberty City as he's visited by an old acquaintance.

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1) We cut to the present as Yeager's waking up.


Yeager woke up from his flashback, should he see a doctor about these flashback, they happen so randomly, anywho, he examined his surrounding, he was on a table in a room that was painted sky blue.


(Yeager) Where the hell am I, why am I having flashbacks to previous events.


He sits up and hops on his feet and walks over to the door, opens it to a hallway and hears laughing coming from the end of said hallway


(Yeager) Hello, anyone there?

From the around the corner is Packie and Fortuna who notice Yeager and greet him to the rest of the group

(Fortuna) Hey boss, have a nice sleep

(Packie) About time you woke up

(Yeager) Where the hell are we?

(Packie) Dan Silva's compound

(Yeager) San Fierro?

(Fortuna) Yep

(Yeager) Who else is here?

(Packie) Lets see

They walk around the corner to see Dwayne, Dekota, Gerry, Natasha and Dan

(Dan) Great, Yeagers up,

(Dekota) So found Yeager and Dwayne, let's get going

(Yeager) No, need to find D'elroy

(Fortuna) Yeah, before everything went south, we were hunting for both Dwayne and D'elroy

(Dwayne) Do we really need D'elroy, I'm done with that fool

(Dan) How'd you go missing

(Dwayne) What?

(Dan) Tuna just said they were hunting for both of you, what happen to you, like when Tuna came here and said she was looking for the 3 of you, she never said what happen

(Dwayne) Well I assume Playboy kidnapped me, I have no clue what actually happen, next thing I know is that Playboy was asking me to kill you


Just then Buzz walks in with good news about the GoFindMe machine

(Buzz) Dan, I got the machine fixed

(Fortuna) You fixed the GoFindMe

(Dan) I believe he was addressing me, what she said

(Natasha) About time you fix...

(Packie) Hold up, what the GoFindMe

(Dwayne) Sounds like a cheap plot device

(Dan) The GoFindMe, Biometrics, it uses a proprietary facial recognition scanner, we're able to translate data sen.....

(Gerry) Yeah we get it, it's does nerdy things, let's just find this guy and be done with it

(Dwayne) Sure as sh*t sounds like a cheap plot device

(Dan) Just cmon already

They walk into the next room to see the cheap plo... Err I mean GoFindMe

(Yeager) How does it work?

(Dan) Say the person your looking for into the mic and hey presto

(Yeager) Ok, D'elroy O Callahan

The GoFindMe does it's thing and sets a surrounding location for Nashville Tennessee

(Dwayne) Why the hell is he there

(Dekota) Must have a thing for country music

(Dan) Still working, good, any other names you want to know

(Gerry) Yeah, Gordon Sargent

The GFM then sets a surrounded location in the Sandy Shores

(Gerry) Hahahahahahahhaha, how'd that happen

(Dan) Anyone else?


Who walks up next???

1) Dwayne

2) Fortuna

3) Natasha

4) Dekota

5) Packie

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"Anyone else?" Dan announced, scanning the room after Gerry stood back from the GoFindMe Machine.


The room went quiet for a second as everyone thought about the possibilities of who they could find, when suddenly a light bulb lit up in Dakota's mind.


"Yeah, me." Dakota declared, shooting her hand up.


She locked eyes with Dan's icy gaze, then he waved her over. "Dakota? Alright, just step over here." He said, pointing to the microphone that was positioned to the side of the bulky machine. Dakota returned a quick nod, then made her way through the crowded room. Reaching the machine, Dakota positioned herself in front of the microphone.


"Alright, now just lean in and say the same of the person you're looking for."


She nodded again, then leaned forward. Sucking in a short breath of air, she held it for a second then exhaled the name. "Alessa Trace"


She stood back upward, then looked up towards the monitor where the computer was visibly sorting through video feeds. It was a few minutes before it stopped and automatically pulled up a 3D representation of planet Earth.


Where does the GoFindMe Machine show where Alessa is?

1) Somewhere in Bayside, San Fierro.

2) Somewhere in the desert, outside of Las Venturas.

3) Somewhere in Nashville, Tennessee

4) Somewhere in Blaine County, Sandy Shores.




5) We cut to.. someone.

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1) Somewhere in Bayside, San Fierro.

Dakota: The place where everything started, huh...

Fortuna: Can someone fill me in on who this person is?

Packie: In just a sec. I just had an idea. Remember Cam? I wanna see how he's holding up... if he's at all.

Fortuna: Eww, the greasy sex shop guy from Las Venturas?

Packie: Just the one. What was his last name again?


Yeager whispers something in his ear (A/N: truthfully I don't know if a last name was given or not) and Packie says it out loud for the machine... which points to the exact same spot as Alessa's tracker.


Dwayne: Is there a glitch?

Dan: Impossible, this tech just doesn't glitch up like that. Besides, there's a slight change in value. Not by a big margin, though, which suggests that your - greasy friend is in the same building as...

Yeager: Hey, where'd Dakota go?


Following the open doorways around the building, the posse speed up to a run as they find Dakota just outside, hopping into their van at record speed. Only Packie and Dwayne are able to jump into the back before she floors it out of the garage.


Packie: Slow down! There's still space for more of the crew.

Dakota: You two are good enough for this. Just stay the f*ck out of my way when I deal with business.

Dwayne: Heh, Tuna is making some angry gestures. You should call her, Packie, let her know it's an urgent deal.

Packie: Should I tell the whole story from the beginning?

Dwayne: She seemed out of the loop, so I'd support that.


With Dakota blasting through the San Fierro streets and finding the fastest way to the highway (which doesn't involve the Windy Windy Windy Windy Street, btw) Packie does what is suggested. Dwayne can only hear what he's saying, but the call seems awfully sugary. One can only imagine what Packie and Tuna are going to do together if given one moment of privacy for once.


Packie: With that out of the way, how about something to speed up the time?

Dwayne: What do you mean, those stupid games people play on road trips?

Packie: Exactly! Animal, vegetable or mineral, for instance. I'll go first.

Dwayne: You sure? I got a good one.

Packie: That wouldn't be fair, I got the idea so I get the first turn. Dakota, you want to play?

Dakota: I - don't - have - time - for - that.

Packie: Geez, OK.


1) We stick with the trio heading for Bayside as banter between Packie and Dwayne ensues.


Or we cut to someone, as usual.


2) Niko.

3) Dan and the others.

4) Pathos.

5) Stubbs being targeted for kidnapping by the ERG and racists.

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1) We stick with the trio heading for Bayside as banter between Packie and Dwayne ensues.


Dekota wasn't in the mood to play the game as she was thinking about the possibility that Alessa and her being back where it all started, Packie on the other hand wanted to play the game

(Dwayne) This game is stupid

(Packie) Cmon man it's a fun game, animal, vegetable or mineral

(Dwayne) I'm not playing it

(Packie) Ok then, let's talk about your time with Playboy and Lester

(Dwayne) I told you I don't remember

(Packie) There got to be something you remember, like your original kidnapping

(Dwayne) Nope, not a damn thing


The car arrives at the Golden Gate Bridge and Dekota slows down to pay the toll but she has no money on her person, Packie being the gentleman he thinks he is offers to pay for it and does so, the car gets going again and they set off for Bayside, being in the rush gets you places.


(Dwayne) Where do you think they'll be?

(Dekota) The hotel Niko met her at dummy

(Dwayne) But we don't know that, that dumb machine didn't exactly say where they are

(Packie) Dwayne has a point there

(Dekota) We'll check it anyway, she just doesn't go to Bayside of all places with a creep and not end up at that hotel

(Dwayne) Well let's just hope


They arrive at the hotel 6 minutes later and the place is a construction site with some building completed and others are still in the scaffold stage with people working on them

(Dekota) Damn it

(Dwayne) Trails gone cold

With no hotel in sight they felt lost and confused but one of buildings that was finished looked to be a computer electronics stole that doesn't have a name attached to it yet

(Dwayne) Didn't Cam own a computer store back in Las Venturas

(Packie) Cam's Cumputers, yep

(Dekota) ALESSA!!!!!

(Dwayne) Hey wait....


Dekota runs inside and she pretty much turns the place on its head, smashing computers and tipping over tables open random storage room with to no avail, Dwayne and Packie walk in and can't believe what she did

(Dekota) Help me find her!

(Packie) Hey we don't know if this is Cam's place or not

(Dwayne) And ransacking the place won't help in finding your girl

(Dekota) I DONT CARE!!!!!, she's been missing for long damn long and me and Niko have been sick wondering what happen to her


Kota then picks up an a random Lava lamp and throws it towards a large poster of the movie Meltdown, but the lamp tears through the poster and enters another room, making sounds like it was heading down a flight of stairs

(Packie) Shouldn't there be a wall behind that poster

(Dwayne) It's must be hiding a secret room

They slowly walk over to it and pull off the poster and see a dark room, using there phones as torches they head down, they get to the bottom and find a switch to a light, they turn it on.... we then cut to someone else


1) Niko

2) Johnny

3) Luis


That was some of my best work, I deserve a cookie

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Cradling the bottle's neck, Johnny took a swig of his Pißwasser and sighed.


Sitting alone in his kitchen, he thought back on his life and wondered if things would ever be the same again. He cracked a grin as he thought back to the time he went to eat with Niko at Cluckin' Bell and stuck up the place with his farts. It had gotten so crazy that the Police actually started chasing him with gas masks. He chuckled at the passing thought. It was a different time in his life where the city seemed to be more alive, and the adventures never seemed to end. Like the time when he took up arms with Niko and the rest of the crew to fight off the Secret Hobo Society in that old Casino in Westdyke. It was pure insanity, like the Hobo's rendition of D-Day. A lot of people got hurt that day, some even lost their lives. Like Clay, who caught a bullet to the stomach, or Terry who almost died when he was shot in the head. Of course the Hobos suffered the majority of the casualties though. It was a good time, until Niko lost his sh*t and planted bombs all over the place. Luckily he managed to get out of there with Jim before it went up in flames.


Johnny took another swig from the bottle and pulled out his phone. Scrolling through his contacts, he debated if he should give Niko a call. Since he arrived in Liberty City almost 9 years ago now, he seemed to always have something going. He had heard that he managed to secure the Mayoral position in City Hall, so maybe he had settled down from those days. He hadn't really spoken to the man in quite a while. Scrolling to the top of his list, he saw Angus' number. Exhaling slowly, he tapped the name and pressed the phone up against his ear.


The phone buzzed a few times before he heard the audible click of someone answering.




"Ah... Johnny, my brother. How's it goin'?"


Johnny shrugged. "I don't know man. I'm doin' okay, but not great, you know?"


Angus laughed a bit. "Yeah, I know what you mean. Things could be better, that kind of thing."


"Things could always be better, Angus."


"You got that right, John."


Johnny went silence for a moment. He wasn't sure about what he could say, he hadn't really planned on it when he phoned Angus in the first place. He just needed to hear another voice besides his own.


"So, you've been up to anything lately, John? I haven't really heard from ya in a quite a while."


"Nah, man. I've.. just been sitting around at home."


" 'Sittin' around at home'? Sounds like you're waiting for somethin'"


Johnny nodded slowly. "Maybe I am. I don't know. I just.. feel like things ain't what they used to be, you know?."


He heard Angus sigh over the phone. "Things ain't ever goin' back to how they used to be, John. You can keep reliving the same old memories of days passed, but some time you're gonna have to look forward."


Johnny nodded again. "Yeah.. You're right, man."


"Good man, John. You're 43. It's time to move on."



"Keep in touch, John boy. Later."


"Later, man."


Johnny hung up the phone and laid it down carefully on the table. He stared at it for a while, almost as if he were counting on it ringing again, but nothing came. Johnny took one last swig of his Pißwasser, then laid it down on the table next to his phone. Exhaling a tired sigh, he went upstairs and retired to his bedroom.


Shifting perspectives too..

1) Dakota, Packie and Dwayne in Bayside as they explore the basement.

2) Yeager, Dan Silver, Fortuna, Natasha and whoever else was left at San Fierro.

3) Niko in his office, late at night.

4) Yusuf Amir and Bryce Dawkins in some highrise apartment as they're attending a social function for some charity.

5) Luis, whatever he's up too.

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3) Niko in his office, late at night.


Late at the office dealing with the paper work, which includes where he wants to put an new steak house, areas included the old site of Maisonette 9, outlook park and somewhere in Star Junction

(Niko) What's a good name for it, hmmmmm, High Stakes?, no, I'll put it to the people, see what they think

Just then Pathos walks in, but Niko notices he's not all there

(Pathos) Hey man, Pathos got a scoop for ya

(Niko) What is it

(Pathos) Bernie Crane has a set of guys at his disposal

(Niko) Such as?

(Pathos) Sh*t I've said too much

Pathos walks off and Niko runs after him, grabs him by the neck and throws up against a wall

(Niko) What wrong with you?

(Pathos) What, I didn't say anything, get your hands off me, Pathos have rights man

(Niko) You have the right to answer my question, did Bernie get to you, who's he working with

(Pathos) Help, HEEEELLLL.....


Niko red army's his ass and knocks him out, dragging him to a side room and ties him up to a chair and leaves him in there until Pathos is normal again.

(Niko) I'll come back in the morning

He then goes back to his office and puts aside the building plans and looks a set of files relating to the union strike at the Harbour in BOABO

(Niko) Huh, I guess which ever Mafia is running this scam has a problem with how the dock are run, I'll try and set up a meeting with this "Union"

What happens next???

1) JuWanna and the ERG remnants raid the place

2) Roman calls with urgent news

3) Yusef walks in




4) We cut to Luis

5) We cut to Yeager, Dan Silver, Natasha and Fortuna in the compound

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I wanna add to this were should I start picking up and read from to really respond good. Sorry for interrupting. ( Noticed how the original poster is banned i think?)

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Personally, I think page 84 would be a good place to start if you're itching for some context.


Anything before that isn't really relevant, besides the odd callback.

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Personally, I think page 84 would be a good place to start if you're itching for some context.


Anything before that isn't really relevant, besides the odd callback.

As much as I love to discuss where we should start reading without going to the beginning but can someone continue this thread please

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Is it alive again? I don't know, but one new post for a change is better than zero.

2) Roman calls with urgent news

Roman: Cousin, it is your cousin! Something so terrible has happened I can't even say it!

Niko: Oh, this wasn't a friendship activity call?

Roman: I'll try and say this in Serbian, maybe then it won't bother me so much. Someone wants to tear down Memory Lanes in Broker from the way of that Las Venturas theme park. Our old bowling hangout before Dimitri burned us out of Hove Beach! It's horrible! Can you use your mayoral powers to stop that madness?

Niko: Roman, I've got my hands full at the moment and-

Roman: F*ck you! You've turned into such a douchebag since you got that position! And I used to look up to your integrity!

Niko: Alright, fine, I'll add it to the things I need to do. Right now though, there's some union bullsh*t going on, Pathos went crazy and-

Roman: You're a good cousin! Would you like to get something to eat? I'm hungry for a Big Smoke!

Niko: I told you, Roman, I'm busy. And even though Mallorie was being crazy with the exercising crap, you shouldn't let the lesson go to waste-

Roman: So this is how you treat me after everything I gave you when you were new in town! Screw you, you dick! *hangs up*

Niko: ...What's with the mood swings?


Niko gets back to work, wondering if this mayoral duty is really the right kind for him. Perhaps living the high life in Playboy's penthouse and enjoying wild parties with friends was a good enough American dream for him, and sh*t.


Meanwhile on the other coast, in this lovely little town of Bayside...


As the lights come on in the basement, Dakota, Dwayne and Packie are treated to the sight of Cam waiting for them with the kind of pose that indicates he was ready for them.


Dwayne: Hands up, sh*thead!

Cam: Watch who you're talking to. Everyone always thought I was just a dumb sex shop worker who turned on Niko for no good reason, but look at me now! I outsmarted everyone in this little game, including the O'Callahan bitch, and walked away with the lovely protein in hand! And the carrier too, but that's just unavoidable.

Packie: D'arcy may be a bitch, but you're a real c*nt, mate.

Dwayne: Yeah, surprised you even know how to pronounce 'protein'.

Dakota: No time for trash-talking! Where's Alessa, you f*cking creep?

Cam: If you pop a round in my head, I doubt I'll be able to talk very much.

Packie: I doubt it matters. It's a small room you got here. Not really convincing for a supervillain hideout.

Cam: I slowly moved the girl all the way across the country from LC before getting here. Pretty impressive, isn't it, morons?

Dwayne: This is really going nowhere. Just admit that you lost the long game right at the end.

Packie: And give her up too. That could be important for your survival.

Cam: I could still kill you and preserve my secret.

Dakota: Just how? You're f*cking unarmed.

Packie: He'll whack off to whatever perverted sh*t he's got on his computer and make us all faint in disgust.


1) Several of Cam's hired thugs surprise our heroes from behind.

2) An offended Cam tries to fight off the trio with a massive sex toy.


Or if we want to jump back to Liberty City...


3) Pathos wakes up and wiggles himself free from the chair.

4) JuWanna and the ERG get involved in the gang war between the Dingoes and Mounties.

5) Roman accidentally crosses paths with Bernie's goons, and gets kidnapped.

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The want to resuscitate this old thread is fueled on pure sentimentality lol.




Dakota's ears perked up curiously as she heard the shuffling steps of Cam's hired goons approach behind them. She sighed, and watched Cam's grin grow into a wretched smile.


"Gotcha, you f*cking morons." He proclaimed excitedly "Didn't even draw your weapons either! I mean, how stupid could you guys be?"


Dakota didn't know what to say. Her mind was dead set on finding Alessa, so much so, that everything else in the immediate moment came secondary, including her own safety.


"And now here we are. Dakota, Packie and Dwayne in the palm of my hand. It's a shame that Niko couldn't make it, but eh.. I'll work on that some other time. Now put your f*ckin' hands up, or I'll shoot you and your friends like rabid dogs."


Dakota gritted her teeth, and hesitantly complied; raising two open palmed hands in the air. Packie and Dwayne followed suit, realizing that the chance for heroics was long gone.


"There we go, no need for any bloodshed." Cam then turned his attention to one of the masked goons standing behind the trio. "You, escort our guests to the van. It's time for a little reunion."


The goon nodded, and positioned himself in front of the trio, shotgun in hand.


"The three of you, turn around and go back up the stairs where you came from. We're going for a ride."


What Next?

1) The trio is transported out of Bayside, and subsequently moved out towards the house next to El Gordo Lighthouse with no problems.

2) As the trio's walking towards the van out in the parking lot, Packie suddenly starts running for cover.




3) We cut to Niko as he calls it a day at the Mayor's office, and proceeds to leave City Hall, when suddenly your GTA:O avatar approaches him with an offer for...

4) We cut to Luis as he's getting hammered at Maisonette 9, completely ignoring his responsibilities as the club's manager.

5) We cut to Johnny as he's buying a beer at the convenience store in Sandy Shores, when suddenly Trevor shows up and tries to rob the place.

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5) We cut to Johnny as he's buying a beer at the convenience store in Sandy Shores, when suddenly Trevor shows up and tries to rob the place.

Sandy Shores, it can't get much more rednecky than that. Johnny's already caught some remarks directed at his nose that remind him way too much of the traitors Billy and Brian. The mere thought of them makes him shudder, actually. Brian especially, how'd he go from his chilled out self that rode to Las Venturas with him and Terry all those years back to Billy's obedient lapdog with a need to insert an insult into all of his phrases? Who knows.


At least Johnny's money is still as good as anything for the guy behind the desk. Right now, all he'd like is to find a nice quiet place to chuck the beer down and relive some of the happier memories from the bygone era.


The door opens as Johnny's in the middle of the transaction. In rushes Trevor, who's looking serious.


Trevor: Give up the money or I'll burn this place down!

Shopkeeper: Oh my god, an actual raid!

Trevor: There'll be an actual extra hole in your head if you don't do as I say! ...oh, look who's here. Johnny K.

Johnny: Trevor Philips.

Trevor: Still stuck in the 70's, pal? Hey, hey, I ran into Ashley the other day. Well, to be precise, my dick ran right into her ass, and-

Johnny: That's actually real nice. Hope you drilled a few brain cells into her when you were at it.

Trevor: What? Why the f*ck are you not angry yet? Why aren't you yelling at me? You're trying my f*cking patience.

Johnny: Because I cut my ties with her long ago. Good riddance if you ask me. You should get the most out of her while you can, before she dies in some drug orgy. Or has the International Space Station come crashing down on her.

Trevor: Y-you're mocking me. You f*cking cocksucker are actually mocking me! It's not supposed to be that way! WHY ARE YOU NOT PROVOKED YET?

Johnny: Try saying something offensive to me, then.

Trevor: Your - nose is f*cking gigantic! And that Billy guy was a better chapter president than you!

Johnny: When all his idiotic kids' stuff got priority over business? Sure, I can understand someone like you relating to him.



Trevor runs outside, abandoning the robbery and punches the nearest redneck in the face out of frustration. A nearby cop patrol notices this, and Trevor, unable to reach his Bodhi in time, is forced to run off into the desert as the humorless law enforcement give chase.


The shopkeeper is just cowering underneath the counter at this point, too scared to even press the alarm button. Johnny leaves his payment and is off on his way before someone gets the idea of questioning him as well.


1) Johnny gets a call from a local criminal interested in his services.

2) Cut to Packie's group being escorted to the El Gordo Lighthouse by Cam and his goons.

3) Cut to Yeager, Dan and friends at the San Fierro compound.

4) Cut to Niko.

5) Cut to Manny because... reasons?

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Well I'm back from not having the interest in this anymore, but then a coconut hit me in the head and I was born again


4) Cut to Niko.


Nikky is siting in his office, it's the afternoon and work is almost over, but then Niko has an epiphany

(Niko) Burnie hasn't attacked city hall yet, has he giving up, it's been 4 weeks since anything had happened.

Unbeknownst to Niko a lot has happen in those 4 weeks

What happened???

1) Yeager got a sex change and his now called Polly

2) Bernie is now straight and married

3) Broker burned down

4) Donald Trump happened

5) War, War happened

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I don't even remember what was going on beforehand, it's been so long lol. f*ck.




Snow fell softly past Niko's gaze as he looked out past the window that separated him from the rest of Liberty City. He felt distant, detached from his duties as the mayor. The days kind of just slipped from Niko's grasped, and he slowly started losing the context that brought him to the mayor's office in the first place.


Am I mentally equipped to run this city right now?


Niko exhaled a tired sigh and leaned back in his chair before his phone broke his chain of thought. Slipping his hand into his pocket, he received his cell phone and pressed the phone up against his ear.




"Niko!?" Roman's panicked voice came scrambling through the speaker.


"Roman? What's wrong?"


"Cousin, what the f*ck have you been doing!?"




"Broker! The place has been burned down for months, and you've been sitting on your ass, doing jack-sh*t!"


Niko leaned forward on his chair, snapping out of his reverie. "Wait, Broker burned down?"


"Holy sh*t Niko, what has happened with you!? I'm coming down to City Hall, we need to talk."


Before Niko could say anything, he heard the click.




Niko slipped his phone back into his pocket and turned to face the window again.


What Next?

1) Roman finally arrives at City Hall, and grabs a beer with Niko at Lucky Winkles.

2) We cut to Packie, Dakota and Dwayne as they're being escorted.. somewhere

3) We cut to Luis, whatever he's been up to.

4) We cut to Johnny, somewhere in San Andreas.

5) We cut to a new character, for no particular reason.

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5) We cut to a new character, for no particular reason.


We now follow a man named Uchalect from planet Ubareen from a galaxy named Paradreg 3 billion light years coming to Liberty City on his LightCycle to investigate the reason why a bunch of time jumps are happening, when he land in LC he sees Broker gone and Bohan cut off from the rest of Liberty and is now its own nation with a wall surrounding it


(Uchalect) What the hell


He also sees that Alderney is a waste land with nothing but green gas surround it


(Uchalect) Hardly see the difference


What happens next???

1) He runs into Roman going to see Niko

2) Another time jump happens (which will most likely happen)

3) His phone rings

4) He kills a dog

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1) He runs into Roman going to see Niko


Roman walks and bums passed Uchalect who is just standing in the way staring at him.


Roman: Watch out there buddy.


Uchalect stares at Roman, who stops walking and looks back at Uchalect.


Roman: What? Like what you see? Sorry I don't swing left.


Uchalect: What is this place?


Uchalect suddenly disappears for no reason.


Roman: Well......pointless.


Roman proceeds to walk as he continues going to City Hall to meet with Niko.


After some time, Roman arrives and heads up to the door of Niko's office.


Roman: Cousin?


Roman knocks. Niko slowly opens the door as if nervous of who it is. He is relieved to see its just Roman, and opens the door all the way letting him in.


Niko: Cousin....good to see your here.


Niko closes the door as Roman walks over to the window and looks out.


Niko: What is it?


Niko sits as Roman turns to face him. Roman points to the coffee maker in the corner and Niko nods yes. Roman heads over and starts making coffee.


Roman: Cousin.....whats happened with you?


Niko: I don't know. My mayor skills. All of my abilities. I think its going down the drain.


Roman: Well whats the plan to fix that?


Niko: I don't know. Should I even worry about this position anymore? Perhaps I need to retire. Maybe its just not for me.


Roman: What?


Niko: I mean come on....I didn't even know a whole section of my city burned down.


Roman: True. Maybe your right. Maybe the time is coming to an end.


Niko: But what would I even pursue? Whats left out there for me to get my life pumping again? Something interesting?


Roman sits across from Niko as he hands him a cup of coffee. They both drink from their cups.


Niko: I mean.....after being mayor...after all thats happened......I think I have done about all I can do that will be fun in this life. I mean sometimes I wish I could take it all back. I wish I could just go back to where it all started....change history so to speak. I wouldn't of been mayor...instead I would be busy involved in something more fun and my life wouldn't be a drag right now.


Roman: Well.....I think I have a solution. Remember Bernie? Lets just say we met up.


Niko slams his coffee down.


Niko: What?


Roman: He gave me this (pulls some touch screen device from his pocket)....he said it could....reset things. He feels too much damage has been done between everyone. He has a solution after working with someone who he refused to name. Point is....this could...maybe answer your wish.


Niko takes the device and see's he could imprint a time and location into its touchscreen pad.


Niko: What is this?


Roman: Bernie said his mutual friend developed it from some tech they recieved from Vice City...all sorts of crazy sh*t there. He said its a manipulator of time in a way.


Niko: You don't mean....


Niko suddenly types something into the touchscreen and activates the device.


1) The device takes Niko back to outside the burger shot where He see's his past self asking the Russians inside about the wallet they stole ( Chain Story page one, AlexGtaGamer's 11/10/2010 response)

2)The device fails

3)The device takes Niko back to outside Packies Ma's house, where Niko see's his past self inside the raided home when he found the hard drives stolen(Chain Story page 83, Onett's response 11/30/2014)

4) Niko disappears but we stay with Roman

5) We cut to another random character

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4) Niko disappears but we stay with Roman


Niko disappears in a blinding white light leaving Roman in awe that the divice worked, wanting to know if it worked he looks out a window only to see clouds and Yeager along with D'elroy and Dwayne sitting next to him on a private jet heading to San Fierro


(Roman) Oh I see he's gone back to before the time jumps started happening (http://gtaforums.com/topic/462751-my-chain-story/page-124?do=findComment&comment=1069216877)

(Yeager) What are you talking about Roman

(Roman) Ahh, nothing, are we head to see why D'arcy was in San Fierro for

(Dwayne) Correct


We follow Niko as he went back to New Orleans with Fortuna, Chester, Packie, Dan, Natasha as they are torturing Everett for info

(Niko) Is good to be back

(Chester) What, I want what you're smoking

(Fortuna) Shhh, I'm trying to torture this prick


What happens next???

1) A time traveller arrives and tells Niko is done something wrong by going back in time

2) Everett spills the beans

3) Niko calls Roman to see if he remembers

4) Packie raids the fridge

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