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500 things we learnt from Vice City

Arsen Vitiuk

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I have been inspired by the 1000 things we learnt in San Andreas topic and I decided make the same one for GTA: Vice City. Because we DID learn something from Vice City too.




-Don't post more than 20 facts at a time.

-No off-topic posts.

-You should number the facts. If you don't number the facts, things will get confused.

-All facts must be related to an original GTA Vice City.

-This topic is for fun, not for others to get mad.

-If 1 fact is posted, then another fact is posted which is the same, it will be replaced by a new one. e.g. Parking lots are full of vehicles. Vehicles are always parked in the parking lots.


Let's get started!


1. No matter which is the building's height, if you fall from it with full health and armor, you'll surely survive.

2. Changing clothes drives the enforcement on up to 2 stars wanted level away.

3. Saving restores your health.

4. Reloading the game after saving with wanted level will clear it.

5. The Army shoots everybody except the police (even FBI are getting shot)

6. During Firefighter if burning people run into the water or if burning vehicles are pushed there, they will count as extinguished fires.

7. During Rampages where you have to shoot gangs, you can use Seasparrow or Hunter instead of the weapon given (Drive-by rampages do not count)

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8. Tommy kicks a55!

9. You can kill as many of Vercetti gang members as you want, they stay loyal and dont attack you.

10. Cop pants are really tight.

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11. If you fall from somwhere when talking on a cellphone, you will still be talking.

12. You can use elevator while on bike.

13. Funeraria Romero is the shop for cannibals.

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14.Taking time to Look around can give good rewards.

15.Old games are still fun to play.

16.Water can kill.

17.Guns are easy to get.

18.Recruiting gang members is pointless.

19.The army is a gang.

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20. If you start a vigilante mission with the hunter it says black hawk.

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21. When you shoot the moon with your sniper, the moon changes size.

22. When you continously saw the corpse with the chainsaw, then the corpse still stays in one piece.

23. You can drive over the intersection with a red light and you can cause an accident right in front of the cops, but you still wont get a wanted level.

24. After the mission Martha´s Mug Shot you can´t enter the building through the door, but there are always some people on the top floor.

25. You can punch a thief, who´s running away from a cop, just how many times you like: you wont get a wanted level and you will get a little payment for it also.

26. There are lifeguards houses on the beach, although nobody doesn´t know how to swim and actually there aren´t any lifeguards at all.

27. When you drove with your vehicle and looked behind you and saw another citizens car from a distance and looked behind again a few seconds later, then the car normally had disappeared. When it was a cop car, then it most certainly was always there when ever you watched back!

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28. Nothing except water and roll-over can destroy the Rhino.

29. Entering 'Restore Helath' cheat when driving also restores your car's health

30. if you jack a boat in the sea, people from it will run into the water.

31. If your gang members are separated from you by a fence or by a wall, they'll start waving their hand instead of trying to bypass the barrier.

32. Blow-up cheat will not destroy a police chopper that is going after you.

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33. we only get a lousy t-shirt if we complete vice city

34. PIG is a gang, and they really look like pigs.

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35. Vice city is business so dont trust anyone.

36. Vercetti estate is based on Montana estate.

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Arsen Vituk, thanks for making this.


36. Picking up bribes magically reduces the wanted level.

37. A black voodoo is unique.

38. It's hard to take-off a Skimmer when it's stormy.

39. People get confused about Diaz's Admiral (Light-gray) and Ken's Admiral (Pure-white).


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40. Spending $ 300 on a strip dancer will make a strip club generating a revenue

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41. If you look closely, Lance has always his eyes closed. (only on cutscenes they are open)

42. If you go to the church at 12:00 you hear church music.

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43.If you purchase food you won't ever get your order, yet your health will be replenished

44.You need not have any training or attend an interview to do an honest days work, simply steal one of the emergency service vehicles or a Pizza Boy.

45.After you have delivered 100 passengers Hydraulics are standard in all Taxi's

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46. Ambulance missions are annoying.

47. There is a shark in the porn studio.

48. Aunie Paulet has no underwear.

49. After dildo dodo, flyers of Candy Suxx are all around the city.

50. You can cheat some weapons in the golf course, where you normally have to give your weapons away before entering.


1/10 way there people!

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51. The Army is the same as Streetwannabes gang

52. You cannot destroy a Police Maverick that appears sometimes in the sky

53. All cops are blonde

54. Cortez likes exotic food

55. There is at least one Haitian who will never be hostile to you. He is in Little Haiti's Pizza Place

56. Some vehicles meet only once in game (Spand Express; Romero's Hearse)

57. A Banshee from VC is nothing similar to Banshee from GTA III except their name

58. The font used in game is Brush Script

59. Rooftop security uses PCJ 600

60. Marlin Fish Factory has a branch in Vice City

61. GASH is the father of ZIP

62. Hidden Packages are filled with drugs

63. You can find many interesting stuff in the waters of Vice City (Alien Spaceship, Man in cement shoes, Sunken ship, sharks, dolphins etc)

64. Somehow, the room occupants in WK Chariot turn on their lights at 23:00 the way it would look like a dick

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65. Tommy is a huge fan of Claude, he has a big poster of him.

66. Tommy is the Harwood butcher.

67. Vice City is based off Miami.

68. With a 3 star wanted level, the Miami Vice guys come after you.

69. Tommy has a ´Nice a55, baby!´

70. There is a secret apartment near the Pay and spray in ocean beach.

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71.Not to trust a some one you just met.

72.You can get a automatic rocket launcher.

73.Real men don't own a gun they own 5 or more.

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The Lolwut Pear

74. No one in Miami can swim.

75. Rockstar towels are being sold somewhere.

76. By 100%ing life, you can infact, get a larger lifespan.

77. The military lets cops get into secret military bases.

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78. Nobody in the city except Ken Rosenberg needs to sleep

79. During bank robbery, if you kill Cam, you'll get the same amount as if you would not kill him although Tommy says that they got "more for us"

80. Cubans are men with HUGE COJONES

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81. Lance talks about the Lance Vance Dance but never does it (only in VCS)

82. Weapons CAN fly.

83. Starfish Island´s rich guys like different shaped pools.


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84. When you jump in water you can actually prevent yourself from drowning by using the health cheat however it is quite hard to do.

85. The beach is really big and pointless

86. When you drown it is recorded in your stats labeled as "fish fed"

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89. Umberto has big packages.

90. You can play a ball minigame in Starfish Island.

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92. The moon landing was filmed at InterGlobal

93. Tommy Vercetti does not cut'n'run

94. Ken Rosenberg IS NOT an interior decorator

95. Diaz was surrounded by pricks

96. Kids are dirty, stinking, sniveling, snotty, vile, puking and crying

97. Earnest Kelly replaced Tommy's father

98. Haitians are all dead for long time

99. You can snipe seagulls at the back of the Mansion after "The Fastest Boat"

100. You cannot cancel the Bloodring mission (unlike Hotring & Dirtring)


20% complete. Well Done!

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103. On Flash FM Toni says she was dancing with a lighter and her hair went up in flames like a Christmas tree.

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103.if you shoot or hack at with a chainsaw a beachball it takes forever to pop (it pops after about 10 tries) dontgetit.gif

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