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Grand Theft Auto: Family Ties

The Notorious MOB

Recommended Posts

The Notorious MOB


Main Theme


You take control of a twenty eight year old Italian American from the mean streets of Bohan named Carlo Devino, who after falling into serious financial difficulty, ends up working for the mob. You will journey with Carlo up through the ranks of Liberty City's five big Mafia Families, working your way up from a simple associate to a full fledged member of Liberty City's La Cosa Nostra, taking on more violent and dangerous jobs as you go.

The game will give players a chance to deeply immerse themselves in Liberty City's most infamous crime families and experience first hand the compelling events which surround them on a daily basis. The overall tone and format of this chapter based game will differ greatly and will unfold in a more narrative fashion than any of the previous titles in the Grand Theft Auto series, playing out more like an interactive movie than an actual game. The story will equate to about twenty or thirty hours of gameplay, with plenty of mini games and side missions thrown in to keep it fun. The various chapters will also be re-playable, providing plenty more hours of gameplay even when the main story is done. Other exclusive additions to this game will be an advanced combat system, improved law enforcement AI, requiring the player to act tactically to avoid arrest (or death) and a whole host of new weapons. Carlo will also have access to three exclusive clothing stores – namely Ranch and ProLaps (for casual/leisure wear) and Didier Sachs (which sells more formal attire as you progress further into the game).

Other additions include an honor and respect system similar to Red Dead Redemption, weapon specific close quarters executions, a gun closet in your safehouse (where you can store weapons you have obtained over the course of the story), the ability to call in crew members to accompany you on jobs and all new “favors” missions; which are similar to random character side missions but are centered around random events on the street such as: muggings, car thefts, vacating drug dealers from neighborhoods and package delivery jobs. The map will also be expanded with a brand new island to the south west of LC known as Richmond Island (based on Staten Island). The story itself will be almost completely separate from that of the other Liberty City protagonists (meaning no direct crossovers) but some of the characters will re-appear and certain events from those games will be referenced and/or explained in greater detail.


You play as Carlo Devino, who begins the story living in a small apartment in Bohan with his elderly mother, who is widowed and raised him alone from a teenager. Carlo has never really been able to hold down a job, due to his serious lack of formal education. And over the years he has had to resort to working undesirable, temporary jobs and committing petty crimes in order to bring money home for his mother.

Growing up, Carlo was surrounded by mobsters, thieves and drug dealers in his community, but he has always tried hard not to fall too deep into the criminal underworld. Lately however Carlo's financial situation has gotten particularly dyer and the money he gets for the odd jobs he does is barely enough to keep the asbestos filled roof over his mother's head. For Carlo it's now a case of desperate times calling for desperate measures and when his childhood friend Daniela “Dani” Lupisella inadvertently offers him a chance to work for the local cosa nostra family, the offer just seems a little too lucrative to refuse. As the story progresses he will get sucked deeper and deeper into the world of the mafia as he goes from a lowly associate to a full fledged member of one of Liberty City's largest crime families






Richmond Island


State: Liberty State
City: Liberty City
Total Area: 265.5 sq km
Population: 468, 730 approx

Richmond Island is one of the five boroughs in the Family Ties version of Liberty City and the only one which is inaccessible to the player at the start. Richmond Island is the least populated of the five boroughs but is the third largest in area. Richmond island is a lot more suburban in nature compared to the other four boroughs of Liberty City and the independent state of Alderney which is overall more urban than the majority of the island. Richmond Island is the only part of the city not to be connected to another by way of a bridge as has been the case since the Tudor Bridge connecting the Island to Alderney (the remnants of which can still be seen off Tinderbox and Red Wing Avenues in Tudor and Acter Industrial) was destroyed by a terrorist attack. The only remaining mode of transportation between the island and other parts of Liberty City is the Richmond Island Ferry which carries people to and from the island from stops at The St. John's Bus and Ferry Terminal (Richmond Island), Pier 45 in Algonquin, East Hook in Broker, Happiness Island and the Alderney Ferry Terminal for the price of just $2. Due to these and other factors Richmond Island has often been called "the forgotten borough" by it's inhabitants who feel neglected by the city government to the point of denying it's existence despite some of it's members actually living on the island. It is also often erroneously considered to be part of neighboring Alderney (from which it is separated by a tidal strait affectionately known as "The Snatch"). Unlike the other boroughs of Liberty City Richmond Island does not have an operational subway system instead making use of buses to transport it's inhabitants around the island (these buses can be hijacked by the player and used as a way of making a little bit of extra cash). Overall the island is quite ethnically diverse and is diversely split in terms of the socioeconomic backgrounds of it's citizens, with the South of the Island being generally affluent and the North of the island generally being more disadvantaged. Despite the generally upscale nature of the island compared to the other boroughs there is in fact a substantial presence of gangs on the island, especially members of the Liberty City Mafia who will be Carlo's main contacts on the island.


Richmond Island consists of a total of 13 individual designated areas, these are as follows:

1. New Haven (based on St. George, Tomkinsville and New Brighton)
New Haven is a historic commercial and residential district located in the north eastern tip of the island. The main attraction of this area is the St. John's Ferry Terminal, the main gateway to the island for travelers from the rest of the city. The area is generally quite affluent and houses many large apartment building and quaint little eateries, historic shopping districts, a farmer's market and a large church. Other major landmarks in the area include the Richmond Island Museum, the St. John's Theater, the Richmond Island Borough Hall and a waterfront memorial sculpture, dedicated to none other than St. John himself. The southern and eastern portions of the neighborhood are more residential and contain several blocks of two story town houses moving towards West Haven and the beach. This area is home to many Italian and Irish Americans but also boasts a small Albanian community who can be seen hanging around the area's commercial hub and in clusters around the seafront boardwalk. One of the islands three police stations is also located in the area close to North Beach.

2. West Haven (based on West Brighton, Clifton and Stapleton)
West Haven is a mostly residential area located to the west of New Haven. The area is generally working class in nature, although there is a clear split in social classes within the area - with the east side containing a number of two story houses (similar to neighboring New Haven). The neighborhood begins to look more run down however moving west towards Port Haven. The western portion of the neighborhood contains several rows of shops and a small number of ethnic commercial properties, however the area is majorly dominated by project buildings and six story red brick apartment complexes which are home to the area's large African American population. Almost the entire northern portion of the neighborhood is taken up by the Bank of Richmond Ballpark, a baseball stadium which separates the large commercial office buildings of New Haven to the east and the aforementioned run down project and apartment buildings to the west. West Haven is also the site of one of the island's two major hospitals, one of two fire stations and the second of three police stations.

3. Port Haven (based on Port Richmond)
Port Haven is a neighborhood located north of West Haven reminiscent of many areas of Bohan (particularly Chase Point and Little Bay). The area was once a bustling hub at the foot of the Tudor Bridge, since the destruction of the bridge however most of the buildings in the area have gone into a state of disrepair and it has become more of a 'haven' for drug dealing, gang violence and prostitution. In recent years it has also seen many wars between the area's population of gang affiliated Latino Immigrants and the African American gangsters from neighboring West Haven. The area is currently in the midst of a large scale redevelopment plan which aims to restore it to its former glory (the evidence of which can be seen by the many construction sites). Aside from the construction sites, the area is generally run down and dirty and features an abundance of graffiti on buildings and piles of litter everywhere. Port Haven is also the site of Richmond Island's third and final police station.

4. North Beach (based on the east shore)
North Beach is a coastal area which encompasses almost the entire south eastern shoreline of the island. The residential portion of the area is a mix between apartment buildings located in the area closest to western New Haven and small beach front properties located close to the beach, which is separated from the rest of the area by a large boardwalk promenadesimilar to Firefly Island. This section contains many stores and small businesses as well as a mix of Italian and Chinese restaurants. Also located close to the beach is a disused amusement park and an adjacent arcade where the player can play bowling, pool and air hockey. In this area there is also a small housing estate which not only separates the adjacent park from the coast but also offers its residents some mild seclusion from the hustle and bustle of the seaside promenade. The people who live in the area are mixture of Irish, Italian and Chinese immigrants who seem to coexist with one another without any problems.

5. Cursor Park (LaTourette Park and surrounding areas)
This neighborhood consists almost entirely of a large park of the same name, which also contains a country club and golf course - a huge hit with the island's most affluent residents. As was the case with Leaf Links in Vice City, weapons are not allowed on site, but there are plenty of golf clubs and stealable carts floating around with which to cause mayhem. Adjacent to the park, there are also a few brownstone townhouses - home to a small orthodox Jewish community.

6. Cursor Hills (based on Todt Hill and Dongan Hills)
Cursor Hills is a highly affluent private residential neighbourhood (Similar to Meadow Hills) located in the hills next to Cursor Park, complete with its own security guard. The area contains several tudor styled two story houses and mini mansions, largely owned by local celebrities and high ranking mob figures. The largest of these being a mega mansion belonging to Don Giovanni Ancelotti and an iconic mansion featured in a mafia themed Vinewood blockbuster from the 1970s.

7. Stoneville (based on Graniteville, Willowbrook and commercial section of Bulls Head)
Stoneville is Richmond Island's main commercial hub, located beneath the large hills which house the neighborhood of Cursor Hills and overlook the area. The area is the most sparsely populated of all of Richmond Island's neighborhoods, but is home to three of the borough's major landmarks these being: the Richmond Island Mall - a medium sized shopping mall comparable in size to the North Point mall in GTA III era's Vice City, The College of Richmond Island, which has its campus in the center of the neighborhood and a large hotel owned by the super rich Von Crastenburg family. The area also contains some light forestry, mostly concentrated towards the south west near Cursor Park.

8. Bentleyville (based on Tottenville)
Bentleyville is a large upper-middle class residential neighborhood consisting of two and three story duplexes and detached and semi detached homes, which sit next to a small beach area to the south east (similar to the ones found in Beachgate in Broker). The Residents of Bentleyville are a mix between young (mostly white) collegiate types and elderly people of all races. The neighborhood is also home to the south west area's main fire station, which is located close to the border with Thompsonville. The area also contains a boathouse, although it is of no particular use to the player, other than providing a spawn point for several boats.

9. Norfolk (based on Industrial Bloomfield and Travis)
Norfolk is Richmond Island's Industrial hub containing many warehouses and factories. Overall the neighborhood is similar to Acter Industrial Park in Alderney.

10. Port Norfolk (based on Port Ivory and parts of Mariner's Harbor)
Port Norfolk is Richmond Island's main sea port. It is located almost directly opposite the Acter Industrial section of Alderney. Port Norfolk, like neighboring Norfolk, is heavily industrialized and many trucks, trailers and cranes can be found here for loading and unloading containers from cargo ships. As a result, many containers can be found stacked in the area. The only residential dwellings in this area are a collection of mobile homes located to the east.

11. Thompsonville (based on Rossville, Huguenot and Charleston)
Thompsonville is a large residential neighborhood located just west of the center of Richmond Island. Most of the area is made up of two story detached and semi detached homes with open gardens giving this area a distinct country feel. Due to the neighborhood's border with Norfolk, it is surrounded by many scrap yards and small industrial properties. There is also a medium sized hospital and a fire department located in the neighborhood.

12. West Beach (loosely based on South Beach)
West Beach is a large baron sandy beach located to the extreme west of the island. The beach is largely uninhabited and contains many sand dunes and natural ramps and hills, which make the area a virtual playground ideal for cruising around on a dirt bike or a dune buggy.

13. City Dump (based on the Fresh Kills landfill)
After being previously mentioned in GTA IV, the City Dump finally makes its appearance here. Although the dump is technically not a neighborhood, its sheer size dictates that it be considered its own individually designated area. The dump is where most of the city's garbage ends up after it is taken from the other boroughs, by way of specially constructed boats. The dump doesn't provide much to the player in the way of fun, but it will none the less be given a starring role in one particular chapter of the story. Although the dump is technically controlled by the Liberty City Sanitation Department (who in turn work under the rule of the mob) it can just as much be considered to be under the rule of the local army of hobos who call the dump their own, remaining unmoved by the LSD, who recently lost a bid to move the hobos on, as it was deemed to be a breach of their squatters rights.

Edited by The Notorious MOB
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The Notorious MOB



What would "Family Ties" be without families? Well, as anyone with half a brain knows, Liberty City has got five of them. And has done for the best part of 80 years. Forget the Von Crastenburgs, the Cleethorpes' and the Bicklemeyers, because the families who really rule this town are (still) the Gambettis, Pavanos, Messinas, Lupisellas and Ancelottis.



Named after former boss Gustavo Gambetti, the Gambetti Family is currently the most powerful of the five Liberty City families. They have far reaching ties all over the city that are said to go as deep as capitol hill. The family consists of between 150 and 200 members as well as over 1500 associates.


Key Members

Jon Gravelli - Boss
Jon Gravelli is the Boss of the Gambetti Crime Family and the highest power on the Liberty City Commission. Gravelli was born in Meadow Hills, Dukes to two Sicilian immigrants in 1923. At the time of Gravelli's birth, his future mentor Sonny Cangelosi was a Capo in Gus Gambetti's family who eventually ascended to the position of boss after arranging the murder of his former Don. Jon has been involved in La Cosa Nostra business from an early age, starting work in Cangelosi's club at the age of twelve, where he served drinks to Liberty City's biggest mobsters on a daily basis. Earlier that year his father had been murdered in what police called a "mob-related execution." Before his death, Gravelli's father had been a good friend to Cangelosi but was also a violent drunk and degenerate gambler, who had gotten deeply into debt to mafia affiliated loan sharks all over the city. It is said that he had asked Cangelosi for financial assistance several times but his requests were repeatedly denied. Feeling guilt over the murder, he took Gravelli under his wing. Gravelli then dropped out of school in the eighth grade to work in the club full time and it was through this work that he also first became affiliated with the mafia, running a small time gambling operation at the age of 17,  for which he had his first run in with the law. Although the case (like many others) never saw the inside of a court room thanks to Cangelosi's influence within the city.

No sooner had Jon turned 21, he was officially inducted into the Gambetti crime family, leaving his working class roots behind him once and for all. Over the next 30 years or so, Gravelli worked his way up from a low level soldier to the role of acting underboss before taking over the family after Cangelosi's death in 1978. Many mobsters at the time believe that this honor should have went to Cangelosi's older and more experienced underboss Antonio LaRocca and it was feared that his decision to pass the position on to Gravelli (who was little more than a high ranking Capo at the time) would cause a war to break out within the family. The war never materialized however due to the high level of respect Gravelli's underlings had for him and he is still ruling the family with an iron fist (and diseased lungs) 30 years on. Despite being the subject of a number of arrests and several indictments Gravelli has never spent a day in prison, a fact attributed to his far reaching political and law enforcement connections, which are thought to date back to at least 1946 when he was acquitted of attempted murder for shooting a man five times on a Broker street. It is alleged that he paid officer's $5,000 to drop the charges however when the bribery was discovered, the officers refused to admit before a grand jury that they had been paid off, leading to yet another acquittal. In recent years Gravelli has fallen into ill health and is currently a full time resident of the Schottler medical center in Dukes, where he is looked after on a permanent basis by mob enforcer Vincenzo Andolla, the uterine nephew of long time loyal capo Artie Caruso.

Sammy Bottino - Underboss
Sammy Bottino is the former underboss of the Gambetti Family who relinquished his position to Roy Zito after going into hiding in 2007 in order to avoid prosecution for murder in Vice City. Sammy was born in South Broker in 1965 and lived in Little Italy, Algonquin for a time before moving back to Broker with his mother in 1972 after his parents separated. After moving back to Broker Sammy didn't have much contact with his father who was a former marine and a violent drunk, instead growing up under the wing of his grandfather Joseph Montigliano who was affiliated with the Lupisella family. Sammy began his criminal career under his grandfather's tutelage in his mid teens, stealing cars for him with his crew (who would then either sell them whole or strip them for parts). When Sammy was 18 however, Joey (who was more like a surrogate father to him) was shot dead in a Bohan barber shop by an unknown shooter.

After Montigliano's death Sammy became an associate of the Gambetti family and quickly became a big earner due to a lucrative truck hijacking operation he ran with a few of his close friends. Most of Bottino's early criminal career was spent behind bars, but his loyalty to the family ensured that he never flipped to get out of jail time, a fact that earned him great respect among his fellow mobsters. After a stint for manslaughter in the '80s, Bottino was officially inducted into the family, spearheading the Gambettis expansion into Vice City soon after. Sammy has always had an eye for a good deal and this eye for a good business opportunity has garnered him the nickname "Sonny" (or "Young Sonny") supposedly after the late Sonny Cangelosi, who in the 60's and 70's established the Gambetti Family as a dominating force in the Liberty City underworld. Despite Bottino's popularity among his peers however he is said to have a long running rivalry with fellow family member Roy Zito. When indictments started being handed out to members of the Gambetti family a year ago, he preempted his arrest and went on the run. He is believed to be currently in hiding somewhere out west with his wife and daughter, however his exact whereabouts are unknown.


Roy Zito - (Acting) Underboss
Roy Zito is the current underboss of the Gambetti Family. Zito was born in Broker in 1973. Growing up he had been a good friend of “Junior” Gravelli, the son of Gambetti crime family boss Jon Gravelli. As early as his teens, Zito was running errands for Gravelli who would pay him generously for his services. During this time he carried out carjackings and occasional armed robberies in order to earn extra cash. It was also around this time that Zito met his future mob captain Philly Santucci, who later officially inducted Zito into the Gambetti crime family. During one ill fated armed robbery in 1992 however Zito was arrested and sentenced to three years in prison. It is alleged that Zito and another man walked up to the window of a Lombank in Richmond Island with ski masks and axe handles, as the manager was loading the weekend money from all the local stores. Zito smashed the window with the axe handle and grabbed a cart full of canvas bags, containing over four hundred thousand in cash, which was then loaded into a stolen vehicle and driven away. He served out his full sentence and was released in 1995, at which point he returned to his old crew in South Slopes and became heavily involved in gambling and loansharking on behalf of Philip Santucci. Unbeknownst to his superiors, he and Junior also became involved in drug dealing.


At this time he also became close to family underboss Frankie Mileto and frequently traveled to his headquarters at Amico's Social Club to brief him on the crew's activities. It was around this time that he also inadvertently got a chance to prove himself to the big man himself. Junior had been kidnapped and held for ransom due to a drug debt owed to a neighborhood dealer. The previous week he had been arrested for possession of cocaine and had missed the deadline for return of the money, which lead to the kidnapping. Being a good friend of Junior's, Zito was personally tasked by Gravelli with bringing him back. Zito arranged a meet with the dealer and brought along two of his associates. There was an altercation and one of the guys ended up shooting the dealer but Zito managed to rescue Junior and bring him back to his father unscathed. Zito was later identified by eyewitnesses and arrested for the killing. He was able to strike a plea bargain however and only received a four-year sentence for attempted manslaughter for his part in the hit, being released back onto the street after serving only two. He was subsequently inducted into the Gambetti crime family and assigned to the crew of Philly Santucci.


When Santucci was arrested on racketeering charges, Zito then had to answer to acting capo Louis Perrino. In 1999 however Perrino was officially granted his own crew, therefore being replaced by Zito as acting capo of Santucci's crew. With Santucci in maximum security he and his crew reported directly to Mileto and when Perrino was sentenced to five years in prison in 2002, he stepped down as capo and Zito was officially promoted to lead his crew. Under Zito, the crew were some of the family's biggest earners. Besides his cut of his subordinates' earnings, he also ran his own loan sharking operation and was involved in many (semi)legitimate businesses such as a chain of dry cleaners which reportedly specialized in removing forensic evidence. Unconfirmed allegations suggest that he also financed drug deals. Due to his earning ability, Zito is highly regarded by Gravelli, who reportedly treats him better than his own son who was shamefully arrested for armed robbery in 2004. This closeness is not thought to have caused any animosity between Zito and Jon Jnr. however as the two are still believed to be friendly, having pulled several scores together in the past. Since then, Zito has moved up quickly through the ranks of the family all the way to his current position as the family's underboss at the relatively young age of 35. Outside of his mob business, Zito is still said to control many legitimate ventures including a popular social club in Broker and the aforementioned chain of dry cleaners, although these are also expected to be merely fronts for other illegal activities. Since his ascension to underboss Zito has been a hot target for the FIB. He doesn't seem to be phased by this attention however, and has been seen on many occasions to act seemingly without fear of prosecution. And so far they haven't been able to get any substantial charges against him to stick.


Salvatore Mangano - Consigliere
Salvatore Mangano is said to be the Gambetti Family's current Consigliere. Despite his alleged position as Jon Gravelli's go to guy however, there is not a trace of evidence to link Mangano to any criminal activity after the mid '90s. Salvatore's public image is that of a successful entreprenure and part time political activist with some questionable friends, although witnesses and the FIB claim that this is nothing more than a cover up for his true occupation as a ruthless mafioso.

If these sources are to be believed, which a recent Liberty Tree article claims "they most definitely are" then Mangano's tenure with the family dates back to the late '60's when he was a simple soldier in the family serving under Don Gravelli himself and over the years he has had a hand in the Gambetti Family's rise to the top of the Liberty City commission, dining with politicians (who he regards as personal friends) and sweet talking police commissioners, making sure evidence against the family never sees the light of day. All of this however is merely speculation.


Nicky Bottino - Soldier
Nicky Bottino is a soldier in the Gambetti Family. Being born the illegitimate son of mobster Sammy Bottino while he was serving four years in prison and then growing up in the Broker slums with his drug addict turned prostitute of a mother, "Little" Nicky Bottino was never really given many chances in life. After dropping out of high school, Nicky began to look for his education elsewhere and started running with a gang of street thugs from his local neighborhood who eventually lead him down the same criminal path as his father before him. At that time, Nicky's main specialty was boosting cars, a skill which garnered him the respect of, then capo, Roy Zito who took Nicky under his wing.

After several years of doing grunt work for the Gambettis, Nicky finally got made into the Family, which served to fill the void left by his detachment from his own family and brought him closer to the father he never really knew. Being the archetypal product of his environment, Nicky is as you'd expect a callous and cold individual who genuinely enjoys violence and the life of crime, a good man to have by your side by all accounts. Nicky is currently a member of high ranking Capo "Fast" Philly Santucci's crew which also includes Jon Gravelli's nephew Peter Gravelli and his personal bodyguard Vinny Andolla.




The Pavano Family was first established by an old style Neapolitan named Giussepe Pavano and was one of the founding families of the Liberty City Commission in the 1930's. Currently the family sits as the second most powerful family in the city, second only to the Gambettis, having previously been the number one family for many years. The Pavano Family have traditionally been a very secretive faction, choosing to shy away from the media spotlight that some members of the other families embrace, deeply regarding the laws of ómerta. The family currently consists of 150-250 made members and well over 1,000 associates.


Key Members

Mary Valvona - Boss
Mary Valvona otherwise known as "The Godmother" and "The Black Widow" is alleged to be the current boss of the Pavano Family. Born Maria Provenzano in 1948 in Palermo Sicily, Mary first emigrated to America with her widowed father and five siblings at the age of ten. Shortly after her arrival, she began working in sweat shops around the Liberty City garment district to help support her brothers and sisters due to her father's low wages which he received for working the docks. In order to earn extra money she became involved in drug dealing and prostitution at the age of 12 and through this, she became involved in further criminality, once reportedly kidnapping a child from a rich neighborhood and extorting his parents into giving her money for his return. She was just 13 years old. It was through her work in sweat shops however that she met an older man named Luigi Valvona who ran the seamsters union for Giuseppe Pavano, and the two fell in love, despite their 20 year age gap. Luigi's wealth ensured that she would never have to work again and for years they had a seemingly very happy relationship, but as soon as Luigi became the Don of the Pavano family in the early 80s cracks began to show. Luigi had originally attempted to give her her own independence by setting her up with her own loansharking racket in the mid 70s, which eventually lead to a violent assault on one of her customers. But the conflict between the two soon reignited and between 1981 and 1989 they were said to have had a very volatile relationship, apparently fueled by a lack of trust due to constant rumors of Mary's cheating with Luigi's subordinates. From this, a vicious power struggle between the two lovers ensued that would not become outwardly apparent until the investigation into Luigi's death from poisoning in 1990 (of which Mary was a suspect).

Since the death of her husband many rumors have surrounded Mary Valvona including tales about her violent temper and an apparent addiction to sex with younger men, with government informant and former Pavano enforcer Vito "Dog Meat" Menotti labeling her a "maniac, both sexually and mentally." It has also been said of her that she is driven only by money, power and domination, with total disregard. Although the truth behind these rumors are yet to be fully established, one must wonder how an elderly woman could control one of the most ruthless and powerful mafia families in America without such a vicious temper and domineering way. Mary's current boyfriend is a cat burglar named Mario Venturella. Although she is officially in charge of the family, recent testimony suggests that she is in fact just a front boss for the alleged family underboss Ercole Romano.


Arthur Zapulla - Consigliere
Arthur Zapulla is the 40 year old former lawyer turned consigliere of the Pavano Family. Zapulla grew up in a prominently Italian neighborhood in East Holland, the son of a Jewish mother and a Sicilian father. As a child Arthur was very studious and he excelled in high school, particularly in math. In his late teens Arthur began to put this skill with numbers to use by setting up a small 'business' taking bets on sports games from people in his neighborhood and ripping off local drunks in card and dice games with the use of card counting and complex probability equations. Through these little scams, Arthur soon saw that he was able to make quite a bit of money and began to favor continuing these activities over going to college. However, Arthur's scams soon caught the attention of local youths, who became jealous of him and threatened to hurt him if he didn't cut them in on the action. Not wanting to be extorted by the youths, young Arthur fought back against them, earning him the respect of the (Pavano affiliated) mobsters in the area and shortly afterwards, they built up a friendship based on mutual respect. It was from this friendship with these budding mafiosos that Arthur first became affiliated with the mob, rising quickly in their estimation due to his propensity for a good scam.

Around this time Arthur also began having an affair with the wife of the Pavano Family don Mary Valvona, a relationship that would see Zapulla being put through law school on Valvona's money on the pretense that he represent the family in all following trials. As Arthur and Mary began to become more and more enthralled in their affair, Pavano boss Luigi Valvona became more and more of an obstacle in their path and it is alleged that they devised and carried out a plan to execute him via poisoning, making it initially look like a natural occurrence. A plan that put Mary in the position of the Family's boss and eventually placed Arthur at her right hand as the family's consigliere. After this romance ended in the mid 90s, it all went a bit downhill for Arthur as he became the co-accused in a federal racketeering case involving his former lover and was subsequently caught in possession of several kilos of cocaine. Zapulla represented himself in both of these cases and managed to win with a (questionably) unanimous verdict of not guilty in both. Famously winning the latter case by convincing the jury that he was reenacting a scene from a Vinewood blockbuster for friends. Despite winning these cases, his reputation within the legal system was indelibly tarnished and he was disbarred from the law in 2002. Despite him being banned from being a lawyer however, he still provides legal advice to his fellow Pavano family members. In recent years he has also been partly instrumental in modernizing the family by getting them involved in stock market and mortgage scams as well as many internet based rackets.

Joe Corrola - Caporegime
Joseph "Joey" Corrola was born in Presidents City, Algonquin in 1975. Building on family connections growing up, Joey developed a reputation around his neighborhood as a bit of a tough guy and as a kid he would offer protection to smaller kids in the schoolyard for a cut of their lunch money. Despite the financial incentive however, he dropped out of school at an early age and began to live his life as if he were 30 years old, drinking and smoking heavily and staying out until all hours of the night gambling with older men from his neighborhood. It was also around this time that Joe began working odd jobs for the mob, selling bootlegged cigarettes and stealing cars.

When he was in his early twenties Joey began a relationship with Mary Valvona and, like Arthur Zapulla before him, he was elevated quickly within the family's ranks, becoming a capo only a matter of years after being inducted into the family. Taking over from notorious heroin trafficker Mario "Mad Dog" Coletti , his former mentor, after he was sent to prison in 1998. In the position of capo, Corrola was given charge of his own crew which began to specialize in the importation and sale of drugs, particularly heroin. He also took control of the Humboldt River dock workers union, using it as a front for importing drugs. Over the years Corrola has also become known for having close bonds with African American criminals, seeing them as a way to make extra cash. This quickly put the Pavanos ahead of other families on the commission due to them typically only working with Italian Americans. Corrola is noted for being quite proud of his appearance and often splashes out on expensive suits and jewelry and brushes his naturally curled hair frequently, even between hits. He was once quoted as saying: "If I'm gonna whack a guy I want him to see how handsome his killer was before he hits the dirt."

Louie Santoro - Soldier
Louis "The Cowboy" Santoro was born in Liberty City in 1977 and grew up in the same neighborhood as Joe Corrola. Growing up Louie was always fascinated by the high rolling criminals and he would often commit petty crimes in an attempt to impress them. When Louie reached his early twenties his dreams finally came true when he was inducted in to the Pavano family as part of Joe Corrola's crew of budding young gangsters. Over the years Louie has become a good earner for the family and has created a lot of connections for them all over the city, taking a more hands on approach to the drug market than his boss Joe Corrola. Louie has often been described as having an addictive personality and he has over the years had many problems with gambling and drugs, which many people say have prevented him from moving higher than his current position within the mob. Despite his outward appearance as a small time drug dealer however Louie is a shrewd businessman with some powerful connections.

In mob circles over the years Santoro has earned himself a reputation as a bit of a renegade and often goes off on his own and commits crimes that have not been authorized by his superiors, frequently earning him the ire of authority figures within the family. Despite his apparent lone wolf style of operation and dislike for authority however he often acts on what he feels will benefit the family in the long run and feels that he is not given enough credit for his work. On the flip side at times, mainly due to his admiration of mobsters growing up, Santoro is said to be very respectful in the company of those above him and has been known to be very loyal, at least to his captain Joe Corrola, who is said to be one of the only men able to keep him in check. Many have said that Santoro (and others like him) are a sign of the future of a Cosa Nostra run by young turks with a chip on their shoulder and a hot burning fire in their bellies, others say that they will be it's downfall. Who knows.




The Messina Family is said to have been created by Giuseppe "Big Joe" Messina, a Sicilian immigrant. They are said to be the third most powerful family in Liberty City after the Pavanos and the Gambettis. Over the years the family have become known mostly for their business sense and it is believed that is what has elevated them to their current position on the Liberty City commission. The family currently comprises of 115-130 made members and over 500 associates.


Key Members

Harvey Noto - Boss
Harvey Noto is the current Boss of the Messina Family. He was born in Dukes, Liberty City in 1942 to two second generation Sicilian immigrants. Noto grew up in a rough neighborhood, later moving to the affluent enclave of Meadow Hills. As a teen, he garnered a reputation around his neighborhood for being a delinquent and was frequently seen hanging around with drug dealers and low lives. He first became involved in carjacking in his early teens and when he turned 17, Noto was taken under the wing of a Capo within the Dukes based Messina family. That capo was Dominick Pistone, who put Noto to work as an enforcer in his loan sharking operation due to his domineering appearance. After learning the tricks of the trade from Pistone, Noto began his own loansharking operation for which he was arrested in 1960. On this occasion Noto was released without charge due to insufficient evidence (since nobody dared testify) but he was arrested later that same year for extorting a local florist, earning him an 18 month prison term. From prison Noto allegedly had the man's business burned to the ground.

Some years after his release from prison Harvey was officially inducted into the Messina Family and moved up to the position of Capo ahead of his own crew just ten years after becoming a made man. By the early 60s many Messina family members began to question the leadership of patriarch Big Joe Messina, one of these being Noto's mentor Dominick Pistone. This was largely due to him spending most of his time away from Liberty City and promoting his son Joseph 'Little Joe' Messina to the position of consigliere even though he was unqualified for the role. At this time Noto began to openly despise Joe Messina and he and Pistone turned their attention to taking him out of his position by any means necessary. Noto also having a personal hatred for Joe Jnr. who in turn disliked Noto due to his involvement in narcotics (for which he was eventually arrested in 1970). Due to a failed assassination attempt by Noto, the senior Messina grew fearful of his life and he and his son moved away from Liberty City and the commission installed long time loyalist Tomaso "Tommy" Boriello as his replacement. When Boriello died, The Commission officially named Noto's mentor Dominick Pistone as the new boss of the family, a decision which was largely attributed to the influence of Noto's Meadow Hills neighbor Jon Gravelli, who had long been a friend of Pistone and his supporters. This decision was immediately contested by certain members of the family and a civil war broke out which lasted for several years. In 1982 Noto had two of his underlings kill his former mentor, due to his increasing volatility after becoming boss. Charges of manslaughter were brought against Noto but in the end there wasn't enough evidence to convict. Noto's actions did however earn him the wrath of some of the other families, who attempted to assassinate him shortly thereafter. Over time however these issues were ironed out, thanks once again in part to Don Gravelli, and Noto became the undisputed boss of the Messina family, with his longtime friend "Chicky" DiMaria (the family's current Underboss) by his side. In the early days he was seen as too flashy and volatile to effectively lead a family - a trait also attributed to Pistone, but since the late 1980s he has mellowed out and become an expert at avoiding the FIB's glare in a fashion more akin to old school bosses like Big Joe and others of his era. In fact, to this day his family still carries the name of its former patriarch 'out of respect' for the late great Joe Messina and is one of the dominating forces on the commission, largely due to Noto's influence.

Harry Hall - Consigliere
Harry Hall is currently the acting consigliere of the Messina Family. Harry was born in Steinway, Dukes in 1948 to an Irish American mother and an estranged father who was believed to be of Sicilian descent. Harry's mother (who was a dancer) had many wealthy boyfriends who temporarily took on the role of his father and would buy him and his mother many nice things. As a young boy up until he was in his late teens Harry would often hang around the various clubs and bars where his mother would dance and would often entertain the other female dancers with song and dance numbers and stand up comedy routines, earning him a reputation as a bit of a ladies man quite early on. Around this time however young Harry would also be frequently exposed to the seedier side of the Liberty City club scene, rubbing shoulders with drug users and scumbags on a regular basis. Years later, Harry would himself become more and more involved in this scene and eventually began selling drugs and pimping whores, becoming quite wealthy as a result. In an attempt to keep himself out of trouble, in 1965, at the age of 17, Hall enlisted in the Army, at the height of the Vietnam war. After three years of service however (during which his mother had died), he returned to Liberty City and met his future wife Catherine the following year. Over the next few years however Harry became re-involved in crime and was soon a big player in the worlds of prostitution and narcotics. It was around this time he caught the eye of Lupisella Family associate and fellow Irishman Mickey Costello, who for a time took Hall under his wing.

Through his work selling pussy and drugs Harry also became friends with many other notorious criminals around Dukes and Algonquin, including Liberty City's Cosa Nostra families and members of the once powerful Irish Mob. Determined to be successful despite his acquired status as one of the big players in the underworld however Harry began to move into many legitimate and semi-legitimate ventures in the latter part of the 1970s, even managing to put himself through law school and setting up a million dollar private escort agency, which acted as a front for full on prostitution and the production of hardcore pr0n. Around this time Hall got introduced to Messina Capo Harvey Noto. Impressed by Hall's ability to take the most illegal practices and make them seem above board, the future Boss formed a close bond with him. This friendship would later serve Harry well, as when Noto took over the family, he took him on as his advisor and right hand man. It is speculated by some that many family members thought of it as somewhat of an insult to have a man that was not fully Italian in such an esteemed position. These concerns however were usually met with unfavorable results when brought to the attention of Hall or Noto and over time they began to simply fade away. Often times Hall's mixed ancestry has worked to his advantage though, especially when it comes to prosecution for his mob membership - since the notion of him being put forward as the family's consigliere would seem ridiculous due to the Mafia's strong traditions of only inducting full blooded Italians into their inner circle, a fact that frustrates those who know otherwise. Although Harry is said to be proud of his Irish ancestry he has been known to try to disguise it. One method he used in the past was to dye his naturally ginger hair blonde. This however backfired in one notable instance where he attempted to bleach his own hair and ended up mistakenly pouring a hydrochloric acid solution over his head, which lead to him losing much of his hair. For years he would cover up his bald patch by wearing a variety of hats, even while indoors, garnering him the nickname of "Harry the Hat" among mob circles. He has since managed to get a hair transplant, but some people still refer to him by his former moniker "The Hat", possibly in order to circumvent FIB wiretaps.

Mark Volpe - Caporegime
Mark Anthony Volpe was born in Dukes in 1963. He is currently a capo within the Messina family and is one half of the infamous Volpe brothers. Mark and his brother were mischievous youths and would frequently be brought home in a cop car. Mark, who's father Mark senior's brother Alfredo had been a mobster, began his career with the Messina family as a hitman for Harvey Noto in the late 70's before even becoming an adult. In 1982 he was sentenced to ten years in prison for the murder of Noto's former mentor Dominick Pistone in a Dukes opticians, due to him standing in the way of Noto becoming the family's boss. Witnesses said that Pistone literally never saw it coming, since he had removed his glasses to try on another pair.

After his release from prison, Mark became a fully fledged made man and set up a lucrative loansharking and extortion operation on behalf of the family. Seemingly unfazed by his long stint in prison, Mark continued to carry out hits for Noto, earning him two separate manslaughter convictions in 1994 and 1996. In late 1996, after being cleared in his second manslaughter case, he was also promoted to Capo and he and his crew set up a sports betting ring, operating throughout the four Liberty City Boroughs. Mark is said to have a violent temper and often beats people for little or no reason, once putting a parking attendant in a coma for giving him a ticket. He is also fiercely defensive of his family and is profusely intolerant to anybody speaking bad of them, once notoriously cutting out the tongue of a fellow mobster for suggesting that his brother Fredo was a police informant. Despite the fact that these claims are actually true, the elder Volpe had managed to largely fly under the governments radar due Fredo feeding his handlers false information and never recording incriminating conversations with him. That was until he was indicted for a city wide illegal gambling operation in 2000 (the second such indictment against him in two years). Thanks to Fredo's wiretap the government managed to collect a large amount of damning evidence against him, but decided not to use it so as not to prematurely expose Fredo as a rat. In recent years Mark himself has become suspected of being an informant, although members of the family are not so quick to accuse him, preferring to 'hold their tongue' until some actual evidence emerges to implicate him. He is however currently awaiting sentencing on his third manslaughter conviction, which may cast doubts among his superiors who fear he may flip to avoid prosecution.

Fredo Volpe - Caporegime
Alfredo "Fredo" Volpe is a 42 year old capo within the Messina Family and is also the younger brother of fellow Messina capo Mark Volpe. As a youngster Fredo would constantly hang around his brother Mark and the two were said to have a very close bond. Like his brother, Fredo also often found himself in trouble with the law for committing petty crimes and was said to have quite a knack for pick pocketing. Fredo's work with the Messina Family began around the same time as his brother's and he would often accompany him on hits for Harvey Noto, including the slaying of boss Dominick Pistone, acting as Mark's getaway driver in that instance. Following the hit on Pistone, Fredo was put on trial for the murder along with his brother, escaping with an accessory charge for his part in the crime while Mark was sentenced to ten years. Fredo blamed himself for his brother going to prison believing that he somehow lead the police to finding out that it was him who was behind the hit. This guilt sent Fredo into a depression and in turn forced him to become addicted to drugs, which he also sold for the Messinas in his late teens. After many tough years, Fredo eventually got clean and he began to earn big for the family through the execution of several big robberies on banks and stores around the city and became a made man in his brother's absence.

For many years, Fredo continued to work hard for the family and two years after his brother he got promoted to capo in 1998. That same year, Fredo was caught with a large shipment of stolen benzos and was arrested. Due to the value of the drugs in question and Volpe's arrest record, he was facing up to 20 years. So seeing an opportunity to gather information on the Messina Family, the LCPD propositioned the newly made capo about becoming a police informant. Fredo initially refused, but when played a tape of his father in law Harry Hall threatening to cut his balls off, he became concerned for his own safety and quickly changed his mind and was released back into the family as a rat. It is believed that over the past ten years, Fredo has collected enough incriminating evidence to bring down the whole Messina Family and its associates.

Jimmy Capra - Soldier
James "Jimmy The Goat" Capra was born in 1968 and grew up in the same neighborhood as Mark and Fredo Volpe and would occasionally hang out and commit petty crimes with the two brothers. Capra was reportedly bullied throughout his childhood by his peers due to being overweight and having an absentee father who was frequently in trouble with the law. Capra suffered in silence for many years but eventually he began to stand up for himself resulting in violent altercations, which usually ended with the other person being severely beaten or stabbed. Like Jimmy, his father Alberto was also a violent man and had been a famous mobster for the Gambettis in the 1970s. Despite this, Jimmy eventually opted to join the Messina family instead, due to a belief that the Gambettis were involved in his father's murder, an event which is said to have effected him deeply in his teens. Causing him psychological stress, which lead to him being reclusive, showing no interest in making friends or developing romantic relationships. Eventually however he began to hang around with his old friend Fredo Volpe once again. Capra had been expelled from school due to his violent nature and found solace with the other neighborhood truants and hoodlums who would give him validation for carrying out vicious beatings on their behalf. This connection eventually led to him being officially put on record with the Messina family in the late '80s. Upon becoming involved with the Messinas, he performed many brutal hits for them throughout the following years.

Over those years, Capra has become increasingly famous among mob circles for his violent temper and the genuine pleasure he takes in killing, with some mobsters labeling him a complete and utter psychopath. Recent testimony from mob informant Fredo Volpe describes him as the nastiest and most intimidating man he has ever met in all of his years as a mobster, detailing his penchant for cutting up his victims after he's murdered them. Capra is also said to be frequently violent towards women and once savagely beat one of Harry Hall's prostitutes for refusing to have sex with him, causing her to leave work permanently as a result. This incident caused a temporary rift between Capra and Hall, but their relationship has since been mended and they now work together distributing pr0n. It is unknown exactly where Capra got his unusual nickname (which he reportedly hates), it may simply just be reference to his surname "Capra" (which means "Goat" in Italian) or it may have something to do with the ritualistic way in which he carries out his murderous acts. Aside from being a violent enforcer, Capra is also involved in many lucrative businesses, running a car dealership, an auto repair shop and part owning a restaurant in Little Italy with fellow mobster Bobby "The Bull" Sarafino.

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The Notorious MOB



The Lupisella Family has roots dating back to the early 20th century although it wasn't officially known as the Lupisella Family until the father of the current patriarch Vincent Lupisella took over from the original boss Antonio "Toni" Polizzi in the 1950's. The Lupisella family has long been known as the most violent and ruthless of the five families and many believe that it is this "street thug attitude" that has held them back over the years and placed them at their current position as the second smallest family in the city. The families current membership stands at 100-150 made men and 1,000+ associates.

Key Members

Vincent Lupisella - Boss
Vincenzo “Vincent” Lupisella is the 79 year old alleged Don of the Lupisella Family. Lupisella was born in 1929 in a prominently Italian neighborhood in the Liberty City Borough of Bohan. Vincent and his twin brother Carmine Jnr. were destined to be mobsters from a young age, due to them being born into an already powerful mob family in which their father Carmine Lupisella Snr. was the Underboss. Vincenzo and his brother had a very traditional Sicilian upbringing, and despite their father being a ruthless mobster, he would often attempt to teach them his own skewed version of right and wrong, refusing to send them to school, due to his lack of belief in the American education system. In typical aspiring criminal fashion, Vincent had a childhood and early adolescence filled with mischief and run ins with the law. At the age of 19, Vincent secured his first full fledged criminal conviction for hijacking a truck loaded with cigarettes, partly taking the fall for his brother who fled the scene when the cops showed. While in prison on this conviction, he got into a violent altercation with a fellow inmate which ended in his death. Vincent was tried for manslaughter but was later acquitted when it was found he had acted in self defense. Over the next ten years or so Vincent acquired a string of other convictions, including Armed Robbery and Extortion, which gave him a high level of notoriety with the police. When Vincent was in his early twenties his father became the boss of what would soon come to be known as the Lupisella Family and he and his brother were both made shortly thereafter.

At the age of 32, now a capo in his father’s family, Vincent met a wife Rosalie and the two had a baby named Francis. In 1967 Vincent’s life took an unfortunate turn when his father was diagnosed with cancer, meaning that he would need to name a successor before his death. Carmine was adamant that the family be handed over to one of his sons, but didn’t know which of the two twins to give it to. This caused a huge rivalry between Vincent and his brother Carmine Jnr. who began to try and out earn and out class one another in order to show their father that they deserved to be the family’s Don. This rivalry carried on for over a year and ended in Vincent killing his brother in a drunken rage, an event that was said to have caused Vincent psychological problems in later life. Regardless of the circumstances however, with only Vincent left alive, the family ultimately fell under his control, making him one of the youngest bosses in the history of LC's La Cosa Nostra at just 40 years old.


His ascension to boss however was closely followed by him being arrested for conspiracy to import narcotics in 1970 as part of a large scale international drug trafficking operation also involving Harvey Noto of the Messina family. Although he didn't manage to escape prison on this occasion, he would not have another run in with the law for almost another twenty years. During his tenure as the family’s boss, a lot of media attention has surrounded Lupisella. This is mainly due to his extreme paranoia and his frequently odd behaviour such as going on walks through Middle Park dressed in a bathrobe and talking to his subordinates in cryptic code that even they don’t understand. He is also said to be extremely intolerant to the notion of informants within his family, brutally killing anybody who he suspects (often wrongfully) of being a rat – a job traditionally given to his personal hitman and trusted enforcer Sonny Honorato, who would often pluck his victim’s eyebrows as a calling card before depositing their bodies in the Humboldt river. During his time as boss of the family he has controlled many lucrative rackets in the city, including a monopoly on all of the windows that the housing authority fitted in the project buildings in Bohan during the 70's and 80's, as home heating costs began to soar.


In 2001 he was arrested and charged with racketeering, it wasn't until 2004 however that he was finally brought to trial. During that time period, his lawyers made claims that he suffered from Alzheimer's Disease and was therefore unfit to stand trial while simultaneously blocking any state sponsored tests to verify them. The following year he was indicted on charges of obstruction of justice. Federal prosecutors alleged that he continued to rule the Lupisellas despite claiming that he had retired from the mob, and also accused him of causing a three year delay in his previous trial by feigning mental illness. Lupisella was eventually found not guilty and federal prosecutors decided not to pursue the case any further. Although Lupisella does not currently wield as much power as he did twenty years ago, he is still believed to be quite a force to be reckoned with.

Mark Lupisella - Underboss/Street Boss
Mark Lupisella was born in Bohan in 1958. Being the son of a capo within the Lupisella family and the grandson of the family’s don, Mark grew up constantly surrounded by mobsters and at the age of 10 he was taken under his uncle Vincent Lupisella's wing after the death of his father. As a child, Mark did quite badly in school due to an undiagnosed learning disability and he was often teased by his peers who called him dumb. Not wanting to mollycoddle him, his uncle Vincent put him into a local boxing club so that he could learn to stand up to those who tormented him. As Mark grew into a teenager he became very good at the sport and would often fight men almost twice his age due to his large stature. He was also a very ruthless fighter and once beat a man to death in the ring leading to an arrest for manslaughter. After this Mark didn’t stick at boxing for much longer, and due to his lack of education and prospects it was inevitable that he would eventually become involved in the family business.

Mark began his criminal career as a low level enforcer in his uncle’s organization, shaking down union bosses and beating up degenerate gamblers with overdue debts. Around this time, Mark also garnered the nickname “Loopy” due in part to his low IQ, but also his notoriously short temper and the violent acts that he committed on anybody who dared question him or his family. It is a nickname that Lupisella apparently hates however and nobody ever dares call him it to his face. He was officially inducted into the Lupisella family in 1982. Mark’s intimidation skills soon became a valuable asset to the family and won them control over many profitable rackets around the city, which earned him a promotion to capo in 1990 after serving five years in prison for manslaughter. During this time, his uncle Vincent was also in prison awaiting trial on Racketeering charges so Mark was afforded effective control over the family. As a family member, he was one of the few people allowed to visit his uncle, so he is believed to have relayed his orders to the rest of the organization. In 1998 Mark officially became the family’s underboss being seated directly below his uncle, once again taking control of the family’s day to day activities due to his uncle's semi-retirement, some within mob circles believe this elevation was partly due to Vincent Lupisella's guilt over the death of Mark's father. Five years later Mark eventually took full control over the family, although many believe that this move was purely tactical on Vincent Lupisella's part in order to avoid prosecution for federal racketeering charges that were brought against the heads of two of the other four families on the commission. The main reasoning behind these claims is that Mark is simply just too dumb to be capable of running a multimillion dollar organization without a large amount of help from his elderly uncle. Mark is also the father of Carlo's friend Dani.

Frank Lupisella - Caporegime
Frank “Frankie Boy” Lupisella was born in 1963 and is the son of Vincent Lupisella. Frank first became an associate of the Lupisella family in the late 1980s and back then would often perform menial tasks for his father and his men such as driving them around and running errands for them. Frankie eventually became a made man in the mid '90s, although many within the family (including Mark Lupisella) believed that he was undeserving of the honor and only got made because of his father's esteemed position. In the early days while serving as a Lupisella soldier, Frank also worked a legitimate job in the Liberty City sanitation department, being forced to leave the job in early 2001 due to an occupational accident that to this day has left him with a limp in his walk.

Shortly after being put out of work, Frank was also put on the shelf by the Lupisella family, due to his inability to carry out many of the tasks given to him. As a result of this, Frank became deeply depressed and developed a nervous disposition as well as addictions to alcohol and gambling. During this time, it is believed that he was partly disowned by his father who began to favor his cousin Mark more and more. Despite everybody’s low expectations for Frank however, he managed to get clean in 2005 and began to earn big for the family through a lucrative numbers racket and fixed sports contests. This earned him a promotion to capo in 2007. Frank has since partially relapsed on his drinking and gambling habits but still manages to bring in enough money for the family to justify his position as capo. Frankie also runs an express car service from an office in Bohan.

Moe Schwartz - Associate
Maurice “Moe” Schwartz was born 1939 to Jewish American parents who originally emigrated from the Ukraine. Schwartz grew up in the predominantly Italian, crime ridden neighborhood of Little Bay, but had a relatively affluent upbringing compared to others and didn’t get involved in criminality until his mid 20s, a rarity in working class East Bohan. Although some believe that he previously had ties to Jewish gangsters in the city. Over the next twenty years or so, he became heavily involved in loansharking for the Lupisellas, handling all of the books for their citywide operations. As time went by, he also grew closer to family Don Vincent Lupisella and would act as his occasional chauffeur, once picking up a speeding ticket while driving him away from the feds when they came to arrest him on conspiracy charges. In his mid 40s he also began to serve directly as Lupisella's accountant in the height of his reign as the boss of the family. Due to Moe’s exceptional accountancy work for Vincent Lupisella, the two men have forged a close bond over the years, this being evident by the fact that Lupisella trusts Schwartz with sensitive financial information that could put him in prison for a very long time. During his years of service for the Lupisella family, Schwartz had read a lot of books on the subject of law, information that he has often used to help Vincent Lupisella and his underlings avoid prison on many occasions.

Due to his acquired knowledge of the law, it is believed that Lupisella also uses Schwartz in an advisory capacity like a de facto consigliere of sorts (in addition to his acting consigliere and bodyguard "Jackie The Lackie" D'Amelio). On top of all of this, Schwartz is also said to have great business sense and is believed to have helped Vincent Lupisella take control of many rackets over the years, particularly his labor and gambling rackets, which have made the family (and Schwartz personally) quite rich. Despite his vast level of knowledge however, Schwartz is notoriously tight lipped and is said to be extremely paranoid about FIB surveillance operations, only ever speaking to those within the Lupisella's inner circle. As a result, he once spent almost a year communicating exclusively through spreadsheets so that the feds could not record him discussing mafia business, a move so crazy it worked.




The Ancelotti Family were formed in the 1930's and were originally known as the Bianco Family (after original boss Vincent Bianco), before changing their name after being taken over by the uncle of current boss Giovanni Ancelotti. They are currently the least powerful of the five families in the city and have often been considered to be rogue agents in many ways, with many of the other families openly disliking them because of some of their actions. Despite this they are still a force to be reckoned with within the city. The Ancelottis current membership stands at 100 made members and 500 associates.


Key Members

Giovanni Ancelotti - Boss
Giovanni Ancelotti was born in Naples, Italy in 1930 and grew up in a war torn country ruled by Mussolini's fascist regime. Young Giovanni first got involved in crime in his mid teens when he began to sell contraband to national and visiting soldiers who passed through his village during the war. When Mussolini was killed, Giovanni took advantage of the poverty left in his wake. Forming a small street gang with his peers, he began extorting local business owners who attempted to rebuild their lives after they were crippled by the destruction of the city's conflicts. At the age of 18, Giovanni was jailed for robbery and spent the next two years in prison.


Upon his release in 1950, Giovanni was sent to live with his uncle Giorgio Ancelotti in Liberty City by his parents. What Giovanni's parents didn't know however, was that since leaving Italy, uncle Giorgio had become a member of Liberty City's honored society, otherwise known as the Mafia. Shortly after arriving in America, Giovanni began working for his uncle in the Alderney fruit markets. Through his work in the markets, Giovanni began spending a lot of time with his uncle's mob associates and began to get involved once again in criminal activity, the very thing he had been sent over by his parents to get away from. Beginning by setting up a fencing and loansharking operation in the markets where he worked. Giovanni's first arrest in America came in 1951 for possession of stolen property, a mere 12 months after arriving in the country. Another arrest came the following year for the extortion of other stall owners. Giovanni received only a light sentence on both charges but he exited prison with a clear life plan – to be the top of the heap in Liberty City's underworld. His first order of business being to further legitimize his extortion racket by establishing a trade association of market stall operators and take control of the industry on a city wide level. Any operator who refused to join the Association and pay its stiff fees faced vandalism and physical assault. Through this venture he became one of the most feared and respected mobsters on the streets under the age of thirty. With this new source of income he financed a loansharking operation which became one of the most lucrative in the city, chiefly due to the fear that he instilled.

Over the next few years Giovanni built up a reputation as a high roller, living the life of a millionaire playboy on the strength of his work for the mob, being seen in all of Liberty City's top nightspots and driving the busy streets in the fanciest sports cars. It was this lifestyle which secured him his fourth American arrest for the vehicular manslaughter of another club goer who he drunkenly ran over in his Grotti. The charges were dropped however when witnesses found out who he was and refused to testify. His flashy lifestyle however also became a thorn in the side of many of the old school mafiosos around the city, despite being openly embraced by uncle Giorgio who gave young Giovanni one promotion after another until he began serving as his underboss in 1972. Although things were going good for Giovanni around this time, the same could not be said for the rest of the Ancelotti family who began to fall out of favor with the other families on the commission due to infighting and their new school approach to conducting 'family business' which went against most of the traditional rules laid down by the founding fathers of la cosa nostra. This then lead to the family being temporarily kicked off of the commission and a contract being put on Giorgio Ancelotti's head by Jon Gravelli who considered their actions to be a personal insult. The younger Ancelotti (acting on his uncle's authority) allegedly used their exclusion from the commission to their advantage however and had several people "made" into his family, even though the "books" had officially been closed since the late 1950s. Towards the end of the 1970s the family managed to work their way back into the commission's good graces, however this was shortly followed by the death of Giorgio Ancellotti from natural causes in 1978. After his uncle's death, Giovanni took full control over the family and began a new chapter in its checkered history.


Around this time he also became a proud husband and father marrying his much younger girlfriend Jeanie Pelosi - who gave birth to a beautiful daughter named Gracie shortly thereafter. This new chapter brought with it the induction of many young gangsters in the late 80s and early 90s, earning the operation the nickname of the “mob's playground” and Giovanni the moniker of “Old man Ancelotti.” This was partly due to his paternal relationship with many of his young soldiers, but also as an outside joke due to Ancelotti's distaste for aging and desire to be eternally young in the eyes of those around him. During his time as the boss of the family, Giovanni has both impressed and aggravated his fellow commissioners with his unorthodox, but often successful business practices and his flamboyant attitude, making him one of the most interesting mafia dons of all time.

Charlie Matteo - Underboss
Charles ”Chubby Charlie" Matteo was born in Alderney City in 1948 and first began working as loan shark for the Ancelotti Family in the early '60s under Capo Joseph Annunziato, eventually taking over his crew when he died from a heart attack in 1978. After meeting Giovanni Ancelotti while working at the Alderney fruit market, the two became close and he has been his esteemed confidant since he took over in the late 1970s.


In the following years, Matteo quickly gained a reputation as an exceptional loan shark who would always find a way to collect on his loans quickly by imposing large interest rates which ensured that money was never long out of his pocket. The operation is said to have surpassed that of even Giovanni Ancelotti himself, a fact which ultimately gained him his upmost respect. The secret to the loansharking operation was that he would lend to the lowest common denominator and charge victims from 250 to 300% interest annually, generating over a million dollars per year in revenue for the family. Despite these exorbitant interest rates however, Charlie is described by many people as a perfect gentleman who would always help out a person in need. Even if he did end up leaving them even further out of pocket in the process, and during the late 70s and early 1980s it is suggested that he handed out and collected on more loans than the bank of liberty.


Behind this well mannered exterior however lies the heart of a truly ruthless criminal who has been responsible for some of the most heinous crimes in the entire state of Alderney; adding extortion, murder, burglary, money laundering, drug trafficking, illegal gambling and cruelty to animals to his repertoire of services that already included loansharking and deception. In 1982, he allegedly participated in the accidental killing of a Catholic priest who was killed by a stray bullet during the assassination of a rival mobster. He was convicted of manslaughter and served three years in prison for his part in the killing.

Over the years Ancelotti and Matteo developed a very close bond, so when Ancelotti took over his uncle's organization in 1978 it was inevitable that Chubby Charlie would eventually become his devoted underboss. As the Ancelotti's enterprise grew in the 1980s they began to split their business between Liberty City's five boroughs and the state of Alderney, a move which proved a little difficult for Giovanni Ancelotti to effectively manage. For this reason, Matteo was given control over his own off-shoot of the family surprisingly known as 'The Alderney Crew' or 'The Alderney Boys' due to its membership which at one time included a young Rocco Pelosi and his not so young uncle Vincenzo (who just so happen to be Giovanni's guido inlaws).


Together the duo of Matteo and Ancelotti have been very successful over the years, but Charlie has allegedly taken a more hands off approach in recent years following an indictment on racketeering charges in 2001, which saw him being let out on bail a couple of days later. For years following the indictment Matteo had been at large on the Alderney streets awaiting a trial that didn't materialize until late 2006, although Matteo never showed up for the hearing and has been “on the run” ever since. Insiders speculate however that Matteo is quite low down on the LCPD's list of priorities, meaning that he is pretty much free to do as he pleases. Matteo is also said to represent the Ancelotti family on the commission at times when Giovanni is unable to attend, despite his status as a fugitive.

Anthony Spoleto - Caporegime
Anthony “Tony Black” Spoleto was born in Little Italy, Algonquin in 1953. He first got involved with the Ancelotti family quite young - highjacking trucks from rest stops for them when he was just 16. And in the early 70s he began working a lucrative tobacco importation operation which was what first brought him to prominence within the family and eventually got him made. After being inducted into the family, Spoleto became quite successful in bookmaking, loansharking and extortion, but often found it hard to hold on to money due to a penchant for gambling, often unsuccessfully to boot. Some of Spoleto's other vices are said to be keeping pigeons, which he used to race on a regular basis, and collecting exotic fish which he would keep in a massive fish tank in his Middle Park East apartment.


Aside from his love for animals, Spoleto has been described as a serial womaniser and would often be seen out on the town with multiple different women in the space of a week. He has a reputation as a killer but on a daily basis is not prone to violence. A notable exception to this however was the murder of his former capo Federico "Firefly Freddie" Langella in 1974, apparently as a favour to the ailing Sonny Cangelosi. Spoleto was arrested for the crime but managed to plead it down to manslaughter. Spoleto was released on bail and subsequently fled to Las Venturas. He was eventually captured however and was sent to prison to serve out his sentence.

Shortly after his release from prison Spoleto was promoted to caporegime – a position he still keeps to this day. It has been said by many that Spoleto is a remarkably savvy capo who is very interested in traditional mafia values and the laws of omerta. In 1985 he was indicted on racketeering charges in relation to a gasoline bootlegging scheme he allegedly ran and ended up spending the next ten years in prison.


Despite being a stone cold gangster, he is said to run his crew in a remarkably laid back manner and is exceptionally courteous and respectful to those both inside and outside his family, whether they be a high ranking capo or a low level associate. Largely due to his great people skills, Spoleto has in recent times been appointed as the family's liaison with the Albanian mob, who the Ancelotti's use as extra muscle to make up for their relatively small membership. Spoleto owns many lucrative rackets around the city and conducts most of his business either from his fuel depot in Northwood or a restaurant he owns and operates in Little Italy.

Frankie Garone - Caporegime
Francisco “Frankie” Garone was born in 1976 in the same Little Italy apartment block where Anthony Spoleto was born and raised. Originally a member of a youth gang which contained many relatives of Ancelotti made men, Garone had effectively been preparing himself to be a wise guy since he was in his early teens. His father had also been a member of the Ancelotti family but was murdered when Frankie was just a few years old. Growing up without a father figure, young Frankie was a particularly mischievous youth who grew up idolising the father he never really knew. So it was somewhat inevitable that he would one day follow in his footsteps and become a made man. He first made a name for himself performing hits for the Ancelottis during a tumultuous period in the early 90s and he, along with many of his peers, was eventually inducted into the family as part of a mass induction ceremony in the late '90s, which came shortly after the Ancelottis began to lose power around the city. After becoming a made man, Frankie was taken under the wing of Anthony “Tony Black” Spoleto and the two became quite close due to them growing up in the same area. As part of Spoleto's crew, Frankie became involved mostly in robberies and drug dealing – a practice that Spoleto wasn't too keen on but allowed to happen within his crew due to the large profits that could be made from it. In addition to dealing drugs however Garone often also takes them, which has been seen to have had detrimental effects on his personality, turning him into a cold hearted killer.

Despite being quite trigger happy however, he has gained quite a reputation for carrying out hits with special agent like precision and has been known to have made quite a few people literally disappear, many of his victim's bodies having never been discovered. Despite being charged twice with manslaughter, he has never been convicted. Outside the discretion with which he commits murder however, Frankie also has a reputation for being quite flashy and loud, often being photographed by police and paparazzi falling out of nightclubs drunk, arriving at exclusive celebrity parties in flashy automobiles with heiresses and socialites on one arm and throwing two fingers up to the photographers with the other. In spite of this however, Garone has risen quite quickly within the family and, by his mid 20s, he had reportedly been made a capo of his own crew. His promotion within the family couldn't have come at a worse time however, since in the following years the bosses and other high ranking members of 3 out of the 5 family's on the commission were indicted on federal racketeering charges as part of a 5 year long operation by the FIB and special detectives within the LCPD. Garone is said to have quite a close bond with Don Giovanni Ancelotti and some say that Giovanni wants him to marry his daughter Gracie so that he can officially become part of the family.

Paulie Gianco - Caporegime
The godfatherly and gregarious ”Big” Paulie Gianco was born in 1952 in Lower Algonquin. He grew up surrounded by the mob from an early age, having had an uncle named Tommy “Two Guns” Gianco, who was a soldier in the Messina Family and owned a cab stand in Little Italy, where many mobsters would often hang out. After Tommy's death, Paulie however decided to go a slightly different way. He began to deal in drugs and hooked up with the Ancelotti family and became a member in 1992 at the ripe old age of 40 years old. Three years later in 1995, Gianco was caught in possession of a large amount of cocaine and was sentenced to ten years in prison. In the end he served less than half when the conviction was overturned on a technicality.

Undeterred by his stint in the joint Gianco continued to deal in the lucrative drug market upon his release. Through drug dealing, Gianco was making the Ancelotti family more money than they had seen since their glory days in the 50s and 60s, which ushered in his promotion to capo shortly thereafter. In the early days, Gianco had a reputation for being a capo who liked to get his hands dirty and deal with everybody he did business with face to face, but this soon led to Gianco once again being arrested for drug related offenses, being released soon after due to insufficient evidence. This latest arrest however caused Gianco to become quite paranoid and began to adapt his activities to ensure he would not be arrested again, designating most of the street level work to members of his crew. Despite his recent back seat approach however, Gianco is still believed to have a direct hand in most of the Ancelotti's drug dealing operations, although they are no longer as large scale as they used to be due to people like Joe Corolla in the Pavano family currently handling most of the city's drug market.

Supporting Characters

Philly Santucci
Philip Santucci, also known as "Fast Philly" is 55 year old capo in the Gambetti Crime Family. In 1993, at age forty Santucci was promoted to caporegime of a crew known as "The Outlook Park Boys" which operated in the South Slopes and Outlook sections of Broker. During the early 1990s, he reportedly often drove around looking for recruits for his crew in an Albany, wore expensive suits, and displayed thick rolls of bills. The Outlook Park Boys specialized in loansharking, bookmaking and fraud. They also ran an illegal gambling operation that grossed approximately millions of dollars per year, with bettors who placed five figure sums on American football and basketball games. In 1996, Santucci was arrested at his home on loansharking and racketeering charges originating in Florida. The following year he plead guilty and received a 10-year prison sentence.


In 2002, while still in prison, he was indicted for enterprise corruption, conspiracy and possession of gambling records. He pleaded guilty to lesser charges and was sentenced to one to three years in state prison and was released in 2007. He is now back on the street and still serving as capo. Currently his main place of operations is the backroom office of an Italian Food store named Alazone's (owned by long time friend Alberto Alazone), but he can also be found on occasion hanging out in a mob controlled social club in nearby South Slopes. As a long time serving member of the family, it was thought he would have replaced both Sal Mangano and Sammy Bottino as underboss on different occasions, if it wasn't for him serving a prison sentence at the time. Santucci part-owns a restaurant that allegedly earns him millions of dollars and is also still involved in criminal activities in South Florida but due to parole restrictions he is reduced to leading a rag tag crew of young upstarts who are mostly related to other mobsters.

Peter Gravelli
Gravelli is the 36 year old nephew of Gambetti Family boss Jon Gravelli and the son of his youngest brother Eugene, who was murdered in 1973, when Peter was only a year old. His mother subsequently committed suicide and he was adopted by his uncle and raised as a son (some say a replacement for his own son Jon Jr. who is a known drug addict). Many people feel that Peter only got made because of who his uncle is, but he is quickly establishing himself as a worthy successor to his captain Philly Santucci.


Nino Falcone
Nino Falcone is an Italian American gulf war veteran and avid motorcycle enthusiast with access to a large cache of weapons. Nino will be introduced to Carlo quite early on and from then on will become his own personal arms dealer. Nino will stock all of the game's new and exclusive weapons in addition to those which carry over from GTA IV in his basement and will sell them to Carlo at discount rates.

Angelo is a mechanic who owns a garage in Bohan. Carlo will meet him soon after he begins working for the mafia and after that he can bring him stolen vehicles, which he will exchange for payment, or to get his vehicle repaired.

Aleksandër Vulaj
Aleksandër is the cousin of Kalem Vulaj and is the leader of Liberty City's Albanian Mob otherwise known as “The Vulaj Organisation.” Vulaj is an ethnic Albanian who moved to the United States over ten years ago. Over the past decade, Vulaj's organisation has become quite a powerful underworld force with involvement in extortion, drug dealing, people trafficking, loan sharking, street racing and illegal gambling and are said to be the biggest eastern European gang in the Liberty City metropolitan area next to Kenny Petrovic's Russian Mafia organization, with long established ties to many of Liberty City's La Cosa Nostra factions. Aside from the Russians, Vulaj's organisation, although small, is said to be the only organized gang that can hold a candle to Liberty City's five families and has been known to test their power and antagonize them on many occasions. Once reportedly requesting two wiseguys to come to Bohan for a sit down and ordering them to be strip searched before tossing them out on the street and making them walk back to their bosses stark naked.


Vulaj will be first introduced to Carlo as part of a drug trafficking operation and from then on will play quite a pivotal role in the storyline. Although it is suggested that he is the boss of the Albanian mob a later news article states that he may have in fact been just a mid level cog in a bigger machine.

Benito "Benny" D'Angelo
Benny will first be introduced to Carlo as part of a Messina affiliated robbery crew along with fellow crew members Richie DeVito and Ralph Carbone. Carlo will then work with him on two other occasions throughout the story.

Marco DiBernardo
Marco is an associate of the Gambetti family who will accompany Carlo and some others on a big heist later in the story. He is a long time friend of Nicky Bottino who also has a penchant for class A drugs, which eventually leads him into trouble.

Dino Zifarelli
Dino is an associate of the Gambettis and later becomes a made man. He will also be involved in the big heist and in the latter part of the story, he and Carlo will become friends.

Rudy D'Avanzo
D'Avanzo is a notorious fixer of the Italian American variety. He is a man of many talents ranging from carrying out contract killings to acting as a liaison between prostitutes and their clients. He has been known to carry out hits while wearing women's clothing, although it is not clear whether this is in order to conceal his identity or satisfy his own sick perversions. Carlo will meet him through Ancelotti Capo Frankie Garone.

Anthony Lombardo
Anthony "Tony Red" Lombardo is a hulking enforcer in the Ancelotti crime family. Aside from being a way to distinguish him from captain Anthony "Tony Black" Spoleto, Tony Red earned his nickname due to his auburn tinted hair. Lombardo has been linked to the mob from birth, having an uncle named Charlie who was a powerful captain in the Messina Family and a father, Anthony Snr., who joined the Alderney based Pegorino Family after failing to become a made man in that very crew.

Andriy Maximov
Maximov is a big shot Russian drug trafficer from Vice City with ties to Ray Bulgarin and Dimitri Rascalov's Russian Mafia organization. Upon his arrival in Liberty City, Andriy will get into a spot of bother (due to him arriving aboard a boat filled with cocaine) and Carlo will be required to go and bail him out (in more ways than one). After this, he will begin to supply The Ancelottis with cocaine. Upon beginning to deal with Maximov, Carlo will quickly find out that he is an incompetent asshole who likes to think that he is more important and successful than he actually is.

Agent Russo & DeSoto
As Carlo becomes more and more involved in Mob business, he will come to the attention of the FIB, who will begin to harass him. Russo and DeSoto are the ones who will attempt to bring him to justice. 





This snazzy off road recreational vehicle is perfect for cruising around Liberty City's sandy beaches (even if they are few and far between). For some extra fun, why not take it onto the streets and mow down unsuspecting pedestrians before they even realise what's going on, then by the time they wake up, the poor beggers will be just too awe struck to press charges (the perfect crime).


This classic version of the Grotti Cheetah is a supercharged European beauty queen that's a must have accessory for any would be Mafia high roller or impotent banker in mid life crisis. It's not quite as fast as a comet, but it's twice as sexy and let's face it, that's all that really matters.

Cognoscenti Cabrio

The Enus Cognoscenti Cabrio is 6 cylinders and 500+ horsepower of pure British elegance finely stuffed into a flashy 2 door coupe. Altogether quicker and more nimble than it's big sister the Cognoscenti, this car is essentially the best of both worlds for those who want luxury and speed – the perfect combination.


The Pegassi Vacca is an Italian supercar that simply blows all others out of the water. With a top speed of well over 300 km/h that more than makes up for it's bulky frame, this is the ultimate choice for blowing around the city at (extremely) high speed, leaving everybody else in a cowering mess as you shoot by. The standard model offers everything you could ever want in a sports car but for those hard to pleasers there's also the supercharged variant the Vacca S that will have you jizzing your pants til the cows come home.


The Pfister Crossopriza is yet another Italian supercar featured in this episode. Much like the Cheetah, this car ranks comparatively low on top speed when compared to others in the class, but it handles like an absolute dream with acceleration comparable to a super powered greyhound out of the trap. The Crossopriza is quite common within Mafia circles, providing a sleeker alternative to the bog standard luxury sedan and comes in both hard top and drop top versions.





The Pegassi Medici brings on-track style to an off-track environment. A vision of beauty not seen since the Italian Renaissance. Watch women's heads turn like Linda Blair as you speed down the expressway at 750 Gs and just about manage to grip the breaks before launching head first into the West River. Good Times.

The Caddy, F620, Super Diamond and Super Drop Diamond from The Ballad of Gay Tony are also featured.

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The Notorious MOB



The weapons in this game will be available from two sources. Firstly, the guns from the original GTA IV will be available from the same underground gun shops that were available to Niko. There will also be an ex-military arms dealer named Nino operating out of Bohan whom Carlo will get introduced to over the course of the story. This arms dealer will sell him the new and exclusive weapons which can be seen below (excluding the golf club).

Brass Knuckles

When applied to your fist, this handy object will make your punches twice as powerful, allowing you to be able to knock enemies to the floor with a single punch. Carlo will acquire this weapon quite early on.

Golf Club


The golf club has long been an integral part of a gentlemanly sport, but in this game, it will be used in the most ungentlemanly of ways – to beat your enemies to a bloody pulp. Golf Clubs can be acquired by playing a game of golf or can be picked up at specific locations around the city.

Silenced Pistol



A suppressed version of the Regular Pistol, and an essential tool in any mobster's arsenal. With this weapon hits can be carried out discreetly when you don't want to alert others to your presence. Carlo will acquire this weapon relatively early on and from then on, it will be purchasable from the gun dealer.

Automatic Pistol


This is yet another variant of the bog standard pistol. This weapon allows for automatic fire and holds 20 bullets, which is 5 more than the regular pistol. This weapon is perfect for those who want to take out a target quickly but can't afford the price tag of the SMG.

Snub Nose Revolver


This classic gangster weapon not only looks the part, but is also chambered with .357 magnum rounds to take down enemies quickly and effectively. This weapon is especially good for headshots and close quarters executions. And with a relatively low price tag, it is by far the best value for your money.

Machine Pistol


The machine pistol is a step up from the automatic pistol and is the cheapest weapon in the SMG class. This weapon is slightly less accurate than the other SMGs, but bullets are cheap so you can afford to waste them.



A sawn off shotgun traditionally used in Sicilian mob assassinations. This gun holds two shells at a time that can be fired off one after another and can also be fired from vehicles with ease. The Lupara is most effective in close quarters, due to its poor range, but is powerful enough to take down enemies in two shots to the body or one to the head. This weapon will be acquired during the story mode and from then on can be purchased from the gun dealer.

Advanced SMG
This is the most powerful SMG in the game and has a superb rate of fire. The stock on the gun also allows for some very accurate shooting. Overall when rate of fire, stopping power and reload time are taken into account, this is one of the best weapons in the game. The Advanced SMG will become available only in the latter half of the game and will be primarily stocked by the gun dealer. Although it can also be found within the story mode and in a couple of spawn points around the city.

Battle Rifle



The Battle Rifle is a powerful upgrade to the Carbine and the Assault Rifle. The range on this weapon will be a vast improvement on those weapons also, bridging the gap between the Assault Rifle and the Sniper Rifle. When Carlo aims at an enemy, the screen will zoom in to give him a clearer shot at his target. This weapon has quite a low bullet capacity holding only 20 bullets and an average rate of fire comparable to an SMG, but it also has the ability to take down enemies in just a few shots from quite far away. The special “Jungle Style” magazine also cuts reload times in half. All things considered, this weapon is by far the best option for a heated firefight. This weapon will not become available to the player until quite late in the game, but it is certainly worth waiting for.

Silenced Sniper


This weapon is the perfect choice for taking people out from a distance. This weapon holds 7 rounds and has a quick reload time making it the best rifle in the game. The added silencer makes this weapon even more attractive since it can be used anywhere without attracting attention. Another great addition of this rifle is its attached bipod, which greatly reduces the amount of movement while taking a shot. Enemies will literally not know what him them.

Carlo will also be given access to a Special Weapon as a reward upon completion of the game.








Bruce Springsteen – Born To Run

Cream – I Feel Free

Jefferson Starship – White Rabbit

T-Rex – Get It On

The Animals – House of The Rising Sun

The Beatles – Come Together

The Doors – Break On Through (To The Other Side)

The Jimi Hendrix Experience – All Along The Watchtower

The Kinks – I'm Not Like Everybody Else

The Rolling Stones – Moonlight Mile





Herbie Hancock – Watermelon Man

Weather Report – Birdland

Miles Davis – Right Off

Herbie Hancock – Chameleon

Wes Montgomery – Bumpin' On Sunset

Jimmy Smith – Back at the Chicken Shack

Grant Green – Ain't It Funky Now

Joni Mitchell – Goodbye Pork Pie Hat

Pharoah Sanders – The Creator Has a Master Plan





Dave Burbeck – Take Five

Count Basie – Flight of the Foo Birds

Charles Mingus – Moanin'

Benny Goodman – Sing, Sing

Glenn Miller – In The Mood

Dizzy Gillespie – One Note Samba

Babs Gonzalez – Professor Bop

Harry James – Crazy Rhythm

Glenn Miller – Tuxedo Junction

Sonny Rollins – What's My Name

Freddie Hubbard – Straight Life

Benny Goodman – Jumpin' At The Woodside

Lee Morgan – The Sidewinder

Benny Goodman & Ella Fitzgerald – Goodnight My Love





The Prodigy – Invaders Must Die

Radiohead – The Bodysnatchers

Muse – Hysteria

The Kills – f*ck The People

Whitey – Cigarette

The White Stripes – Stop Breaking Down

The Black Keys – Your Touch

Arctic Monkeys – Pretty Visitors

Semi Precious Weapons – Semi Precious Weapons

The Black Keys – Girl is On My Mind

Them Crooked Vultures – Reptiles

Bloc Party - Banquet

Foxylane – Shut Up Bitch

Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs – Heads Will Roll





Social Clubs
Quiet little hidey holes where the city's most ruthless criminals of the Italian American variety can relax and get away from all of the hustle and bustle and the watchful eye of the LCPD, the Mafia social club has long been the preferred hangout of Liberty City's mafiosos. After proving himself worthy enough Carlo is free to enter various such establishments around the city where he can partake in popular masculine past times such as pool. darts, drinking, poker, Hi/Lo, arm wrestling and 5 finger fillet. Social clubs are quite relaxed atmosphere's with only two main rules: don't draw your weapon inside or you will be shot down and don't bring the law to the door or it will be closed to you.

Underground Gambling
Underground gambling is another cherished past time of the mob so it seems only right that Carlo be able to access these illegal gaming houses. Inside an (often overground) underground gambling den Carlo will be able to participate in many games ranging from Poker and Blackjack in smaller back room joints around Bohan, Broker and Dukes to Roulette, Craps and High stakes Hold Em' in the larger underground casinos of Algonquin and Alderney. Betting will be allowed in these gambling dens that brings Carlo's bank account into negative figures. If he waits to long to repay his deaths however he will incur the wrath of mafia loan sharks who will actively seek him out and kill him once he enters certain neighborhoods. His debt will then double and the loan sharks will not cease until it has been fully paid off.

Betting Shops
Betting shops are another way in which Carlo can empty or increase his bank account. Betting shops will contain computerized versions of many of the games available in underground gambling dens as well as computerized horse racing. Unlike gambling dens however Carlo will only be able to spend money which he actually has. These business can be extorted and robbed although doing so will heed some unsavory results since many of the betting shops around the city are under the control of the mafia who will not hesitate to show up in an instant and gun Carlo down.

Extortion has long been the bread and butter of the Mafia both in America and the old country. Carlo will quickly be introduced to the art of for-profit intimidation over the course of his work for the honored society. Extortion will be quite an easy way for Carlo to make money seeing as all it involves is smacking around store owners and damaging some produce in order to get them to pay protection money. The store owners will also however be buying something in return though since once a business has been extorted it will need to be protected from other gangs around the city.. allow the business to get smashed up and the store owner won't be able to pay.


This also means that the more stores you receive money from the more you you will have to protect. Big businesses yield the most cash but are also the ones most likely to come under fire from other gangs and employ heavy set doormen who will put you in the hospital quite quickly so you will need to choose which businesses you extort wisely to avoid constant annoyance and bring in the most long term cash. Another thing to bear in mind is that the bigger the store the more likely that the actual owner will not be present meaning that the cashier will either flee immediately once targeted or it will mean that you will have to return and 'speak' to the manager.

Car Service
Quite early in the story Carlo will get the opportunity to operate a car service, using any car he is driving (except Police and Emergency vehicles) to pick people up and drop them off at specific destinations in order to earn some extra cash. In order to trigger this side mission he will call Frank Lupisella and ask for a car service job. These jobs are completely random and they will run for as long as the player is working for the Lupisellas.

There are 4 different types of robberies which Carlo can partake in. These are as follows:


1. Muggings
Muggings are the most basic kind of robberies that Carlo can do. Simply walk up to a pedestrian, point a weapon at them and press Triangle/Y to demand cash from them. This avoids the need to kill pedestrians and saves you from a lot of hassle from the law, unless of course they witness you mugging somebody.

2. Store Robberies
Store Robberies are quite a lucrative practice and will in a lot of cases earn Carlo quite a bit of money. These robberies are initiated much the same way as muggings or the extortion of a store owner except instead of smacking the cashier around you will point a gun at them and demand they empty the register. Occasionally you will come across a have a go hero who will refuse to comply, however a pistol shot to the leg or the more conspicuous option of a bigger gun will usually make them play along. Doormen will also play a part in trying to prevent robberies but shouldn't cause too much trouble if taken out early. The important thing to be aware of is to keep an eye on the cashier because if you take your aim away from them for a second they will press the alarm and get the f*ck outta there meaning that the police will show up in a matter of minutes.

3. Burglaries
Burglaries (otherwise known as house robberies) will be the second most rewarding form of robbery available to the protagonist (after a certain point in the story). To initiate a burglary you must first wait until nightfall then you must acquire a van. After you have gotten a van, rob-able houses will show up as blue house symbols on your radar. When you reach one of these houses you must then look for an entry point such as a poorly locked door or a breakable window. After you have entered the house you must move quietly around (no running) and look for items to steal (green dots) and load them one by one into your van. When the house has been cleared out you will then drive the van full of stolen stuff to the nearest lockup (owned by an unseen entity). When you have parked the van in the lockup the costs of the stolen goods will be totaled and you will receive your reward. Burglaries are quite risky and rarely pay more than a couple thousand dollars but are also quite good fun.

4. Truck Hijacking
Truck hijackings are by far the most lucrative form of robberies you can do. They are started quite simply by looking for a loaded truck (shown as a red dot on your map) driving around then wait for an opportunity to jack it. The truck can then be driven to one of the same lockups used for burglaries in order to cash in on it's contents. Truck hijackings are guaranteed to gain you a two star wanted level but are always more than worth a little police attention. There are different types of trucks which can be hijacked which contain everyday things such as Cigarettes, Beer, Sprunk, Water and Food produce but there are also a few hidden gems which contain drugs and stolen goods. These trucks will contain armed gang members who will call their buddies to chase you in cars making them that little bit more of a risky steal but will give you massive payouts. In addition to regular trucks, Securicars can also be stolen by the player these will contain two armed and armoured guards and will gain Carlo another wanted star but will also be very rewarding.

Underground Fight Club
Much like Luis Lopez, Carlo will be able to observe and participate in the underground fight club in Northwood after becoming aware of it's existence. Betting on these fights can earn the player a lot of money if the right decisions are made, participating in them however can be just as rewarding (if not more so) but could result in a trip to the hospital and a loss of funds.

Contract Killings
After a certain point in the story Carlo will be able to undertake a number of contract killings which will earn him money. Once Carlo has completed all of these contract killings (provided he has completed Chapter 10) a silenced sniper will be available permanently from the gun closet in every safehouse. Complete ten out of twenty and he will obtain a special outfit known as 'the assassin's attire'. The contracts are as follows:



  • A Little off the Top - Your target is getting a haircut in Pretty Paulie's Barber Shop in Bohan. Take a little more off the top than he's used to.
  • Knowing your Jurisdiction - Your target's been trying to intimidate protected shopkeepers outside his home turf, tail him and send him back there in a body bag.
  • Seven-Ten Hit - Your target is located in Memory Lanes on the Firefly pier. Strike him out.
  • Dangerous Liaison - Your target has a penchant for ladies of the night. Give him a little headshot while he gets a little head.
  • Al Deathly - Your target is eating a plate of spaghetti in Al Dente's in Alderney. Make sure the pasta's to die for.
  • Defective - A soldier has been talking about defecting to a rival crew. Follow him until he meets up with them and unite them in death
  • Silence the Snitch - Your target's been talking to the cops. Catch him as he leaves the station in Westminster and shut him up.
  • Pulling Rank - An ambitious soldier's got designs on his captain's position. Put him in his place.
  • Fruit of the Tomb - There's a rival crew hanging out in the Alderney fruit market. Squash them out.
  • Obedience Training - A headstrong soldier has decided to disobey orders and start a war with a rival crew. Teach him a lesson in obedience.
  • Cop Out - A dirty cop has suddenly developed a conscience. Make sure he doesn't make it to the IAD office in one piece.
  • Dine and Death - Your target is eating with his crew in The Creek Street Diner. Make it their last lunch.
  • Brotherly Love - Some low life has gotten physical with a made guy's sister. Make sure he never hits anyone.. ever again.
  • The Harder they Fall - Your overweight target is entertaining some friends in the penthouse suite of the Majestic. Wait until he walks out onto the balcony and knock him over the edge.
  • Dying Visit - A government witness has come out of hiding to see his dying mother. Put the rat bastard in the grave with her.
  • Pig to the Slaughter - Some fat piece of sh*t has been getting greedy and holding out on his boss. Slaughter him like the pig that he is.
  • Union Trouble - A union boss is refusing to do business. Find him in East Hook and bury him at sea.
  • A Shot in the Park - Your target is taking a stroll through Middle Park. Park a bullet between his eyes.
  • Deal and Die - A member of a drug crew has been cutting coke and keeping the profits. Show him how deadly drugs can be.
  • Death Sentence - A Capo's about to talk to the feds to get a lighter sentence. Catch him before they transport him to Algonquin and give him an easy way out.


  • Favors

Favors are similar to Red Dead Redemption and GTA V's random events. As Carlo wanders about the in game environment he will come across various civilians in need of help, whether it be asking you to chase down a mugger and retrieve a stolen purse or give them a lift to a specific destination because their car broke down. These favors will have a notable effect on your honor and will either lower or raise it depending on your actions. From time to time you will also come across unique characters in need of Special Favors which are unlocked only at certain points in the storyline. These will largely revolve around helping somebody out in some way but will have a much greater effect on your honor and reputation if completed successfully and will also have some influence on the in-game environment. These characters will mostly be people that you've met at some point over the course of the story and will usually show you their gratitude by giving you specific in-game perks and rewards once you have completed all of their tasks. These Special Favors in order of availability are as follows:


  • Lady in Leftwood (Unlocked by completion of Chapter 2)
  • William Hambrough (Unlocked by completion of Chapter 4)
  • Nino Falcone (Unlocked by completion of Chapter 7)
  • Gino Gioeli (Unlocked by completion of Chapter 9)
  • Butchy the Boxer (Unlocked by completion of Chapter 11)
  • Stevie the Car Dealer (Unlocked by completion of Chapter 14) *conditional
  • Seamus O'Reilly (Unlocked by completion of Chapter 16)
  • Sammy Bottino (Unlocked by Completion of Chapter 17)
  • Sharon Morton (Unlocked by completion of Chapter 18)
  • One Last Favor/Nino Pt. 2 (Unlocked by completion of Chapter 19) *conditional
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The Notorious MOB


Click links for full chapters


Chapter 1 - The Introduction



The story begins with the protagonist Carlo Devino taking a subway train from North Holland, Algonquin to his home borough of Bohan before entering his apartment. Upon entering his apartment Carlo will be berated by his mother for staying out past dinner gallivanting rather than looking for a job. Carlo will however cut the conversation short and retire to bed.


The following morning Carlo will awake to find his mother in the kitchen cleaning. He will tell her of his intentions to go out and look for some work but she will tell him to go and pick her up some groceries instead. Carlo will drive his beat up old muscle car to the nearby grocery store where he will run into long time friend Dani Lupisella. The two talk and Dani invites Carlo to go for some coffee with her. As the two talk over coffee the conversation will quickly turn to Carlo's financial troubles and Dani will offer to put him in touch with her low life uncle Frankie who she says will offer him some work. Carlo will be reluctant to get involved in her uncle's shady dealings but will agree to take his number anyway. Upon returning to his car Carlo will get into an altercation with some local hoods who will be using his vehicle as a settee. He will quickly dispatch them before returning home with his mother's groceries and a black eye. His mother will once again read him the riot act for his behaviour.



Chapter 2 - Putting in Work



Some time will pass and Carlo, feeling desperate, will call Dani's uncle who will tell him to come by his apartment for some work. Carlo will start off small driving Frankie around to pick up some loanshark payments but will move on to shaking down store owners for unpaid debts and strong-arming local bar owners for a cut of their business.


Shortly after completing these tasks Carlo will receive a call from Dani who will ask how he's getting on working for her uncle. Carlo will tell her that he finds him a little bit crazy but that he is enjoying it since the money is good. Dani will tell him that she is glad to hear that the two of them are getting on well and will tell him to give her a call soon so that they can talk about it in more detail. After this Carlo can call her to ask her out on a "date" (he will however NOT be invited in for coffee afterwards).



Chapter 3 - Family Values



As time moves forward Carlo's work for Frank will get more risky. One such job sees Frankie sending Carlo to see a gun dealer friend of his so he can get outfitted with some firepower to hijack a truck full of gas belonging to his father, the infamous Mob Boss Vincent Lupisella. Carlo successfully pulls of the job but somehow Frankie's father gets wind of it and he must quickly offload the gas to petrol stations all over the city.


While Carlo is off dealing and stealing his mother will receive a final eviction notice from the city housing department prompting Carlo to go down to their offices and persuade the officer in charge to let her stay. His efforts are unsuccessful however and Carlo is told he must come up with 80 grand in order to buy the apartment from the city and get the bailiffs off his mother's back. Needing a lot of cash in a hurry Carlo turns to his new friend Frankie and asks to borrow the cash from his family. Frankie agrees and has his associate Moe Schwartz bring the cash to his apartment to give to Carlo.



Chapter 4 - Making The Cut



This loan however will only serve to get Carlo in deeper with the Lupisella's and they will ask him to partake in more risky jobs in order to keep them off his back. As part of his continued dealings with the family Carlo will be introduced to its underboss Mark Lupisella who also happens to be Frankie's cousin and his father's favourite nephew. Mark Lupisella will order Carlo to go along on a drug deal involving the Albanians - led by Aleksander Vulaj and a representative of the Pavano Family known as Louie Santoro. In the meantime he will also be tasked by Frank with collecting a Lupisella associate named William Hambrough from prison and bringing him to a safehouse in Bohan.


After several days of waiting for Louie's call he will contact Carlo and tell him that he needs to know he can trust him before he will work with him on the deal. Carlo will go along with Louie to pick up a drug debt owed to him by a man named Herm who is located at the driving range in Algonquin. Louie will beat the man severely leading the security guards and other golfers to get involved, prompting Carlo and Louie to fight them off and escape the cops who arrive at the scene. Impressed with how Carlo handled himself Louie will agree to take him along on the deal.


The deal will be set up at a warehouse in Bohan. While at the warehouse the two men will meet Ancelotti Capo "Tony Black" Spoleto and have a brief conversation with him before meeting with Vulaj face to face. Vulaj will say that he is willing to deal with them but first they must do a little job for him. The job in question is driving down to the docks in East Hook and bringing back a truck full of 'merchandise'. They will run into a spot of bother along the way - getting pulled over by the cops but Carlo will manage to talk his way out of it by name dropping the incumbent police commissioner. When they arrive at their destination they will realise, much to their surprise, that they had been transporting eastern European sex slaves to work in Vulaj's brothels.



Chapter 5 - Friends in Low Places



After their supply run for the Albanians Carlo and Louie will become friends. Louie will initiate the friendship by asking Carlo if he wants to go get some food, as they are eating however Louie will receive a call from the owner of a dive bar who pays protection to him saying that some bikers are causing trouble there so he and Carlo will go over there to sort it out. When they get there a fight will ensue which will eventually result in the death of the bikers.


A few days after the incident in the bar Louie will call Carlo to an alleyway behind a nightclub in Westminster. When he gets there Louie will tell him of his latest hair brained scheme - selling ecstasy to the bridge and tunnel revelers inside the club. After successfully completing this task Louie will deem Carlo worthy enough to meet his mafia Captain Joey Corrola with whom Louie will arrange a meeting at the docks in Chase Point. Joey will arrange for the two men to carry out a heroin deal with some Dominicans in Northwood. While at the docks Carlo will also be introduced to Pavano consigliere Artie Zappula who will offer to call Carlo in the future to give him some work.


The deal in Northwood will not go exactly according to plan as some more bikers will show up and start shooting up the spot forcing Carlo and Louie to fight them off. Following the botched deal Carlo will drop Louie off at his apartment but he will call him a short time later to inform him that Joey has been shot dead - an event which will go on to effect Louie both personally and professionally.



Chapter 6 - Sticking Your Neck Out



After Joey's death Louie will break contact with Carlo for a short time in order to take some time to get over it at which point Carlo will begin working for Aleksander Vulaj. Carlo's service for Vulaj will begin with him bombing the restaurant of one of his Greek rivals, a job given to him from a seedy secret brothel in Bohan.


After successfully carrying out this bombing attack Carlo will be summoned to a street in Bohan to collect his payment. Carlo will meet with Aleksander and his bodyguard in the designated place and receive his payment as planned. As he is leaving the scene however Vulaj and his lackey will be shot down in a drive by shooting, an attack which Vulaj will survive thanks to him wearing a bulletproof vest. When Carlo goes to check on him he will order him to get into a car and go off in pursuit of the shooters. After shooting their vehicle to pieces Vulaj will approach them and ask who ordered the hit. With his dying breath one of the shooters will inform him that it was none other than his Greek rival Pete Papadopoulos. Vulaj will then order Carlo to drive him over to Outlook Park a known hangout for Broker's Greek gangsters. Once there Vulaj will confront the gangsters demanding to know of his enemy's whereabouts and unsurprisingly a shootout will ensue. When all the Greeks have been slain Papadopoulos will drive out from an alley at speed in his car prompting Carlo to drive after him. Once the Greek's car has been disabled Vulaj will approach the driver and execute him. Following this incident Carlo will decide that Vulaj is too crazy and he no longer wants to work with him and the two will part ways on good terms, agreeing to remain partners in the heroin business.


After he's finished working for Aleksander Vulaj, Carlo will get a call from his old friend Frank Lupisella asking him to come to his father's townhouse in Alderney. Once there he will meet Frank who will bring him inside where his father Vincent Lupisella, his cousin Mark and the family's Consigliere Jackie D'Amelio will be waiting upstairs. Carlo will be introduced to Vincent Lupisella - who will be bound to a wheelchair and he will shortly be taken from the room by Dimiglia. After his uncle Vincent has left the room Mark will launch furious accusations at Louie claiming that he left him short on the payoff from the deal with the Albanians and that Carlo was in on it. Mark will take this probably imagined slight as a great insult and order Carlo to kill him due to him still being indebted to him for the loan he received. Carlo will be dead set against it but during a private conversation with Frankie the two of them will work out a plan to deceive Mark into thinking Carlo is going to go ahead with the hit. Upon leaving the house Carlo will call Louie and tell him what's going on and ask him to set him up with a place in Algonquin to lay low for a while. Louie will show his gratitude by setting him up in a luxury suite in Middle Park West that Louie was gifted by an A-List actor who couldn't pay him a drug debt. He will also promise to look for a buyer for the Heroin from the botched drug deal to furnish Carlo with the cash to pay back the Lupisellas in addition to giving him Artie Zapulla's number so he can get some work in the meantime.



Chapter 7 - At Your Service



Carlo will call Artie who will request that he come over to his apartment so he can give him some work. Carlo will then make his way up to Artie's apartment where he will find him directing a lesbian pr0n scene. He will explain that he deals in the shooting and sale of such movies and wants Carlo to be the driver for one such movie involving two guys, several girls and a minivan. Carlo will go along with his request, driving around Algonquin picking up girls to take part in the scene before dropping them off a long way from home without payment. Shortly thereafter Carlo will receive a call from Mark Lupisella telling him that he has sent a team of hitmen out to hunt him down.


Carlo will continue to work for Artie Zapulla with his next job involving him once again taking the driving seat in order to chauffeur Artie and some visiting mobsters from Los Santos around Algonquin while the discuss a joint hotel and casino venture in Las Venturas. During this mobile business meeting however the limo in which the men are traveling will come under attack prompting Carlo to drive evasively or otherwise take out the attackers. After dropping the men off Carlo will leave Artie's employment telling him that he's sick of being a driver.


A short time later Louie will come to Carlo's apartment and tell him that he has found a buyer for their heroin, the problem being that the buyers in question are none other than the Angels of Death who just so happen to be business associates of Louie's superiors. Backed into a corner and with the prospect of a large payoff on the table Carlo will agree to go through with the deal which will go off without a hitch until the Bureau of Narcotics show up to crash the party. After a lengthy chase Carlo and Louie will manage to escape with the money. Carlo will drop Louie off and go immediately to Bohan to pay back Frank Lupisella with his share of the loot. After a brief but emotional exchange the two will say their goodbyes and part ways.



Chapter 8 - All Fun and Games..



Louie will call Carlo and inform him that his bosses have called him in for a meeting which he requests that Carlo drive him to. Louie will be apprehensive about the meeting stating that in his line of work it usually ends up badly and that he needs somebody he can trust to drive him over there. Carlo will bring Louie to a big house in Alderney belonging to Pavano Underboss Ercole Romano where the meeting is due to take place. Once inside the property Louie will go to meet with Romano while Carlo waits anxiously in the hallway. After a few minutes Louie will return moments before the female boss of the Pavanos Mary Valvona enters in order to join in on the proceedings closely followed by Artie Zapulla and her much younger boyfriend Mario Venturella. Carlo and Mary will share a few brief words before she goes to join her Underboss in the kitchen. Artie and Louie will join them shortly thereafter and Carlo will be left to look after Mario. Carlo will ask Mario if he wants to go do something (having been tasked with keeping him out of the way by Artie) and the two will leave the house as Louie is lead into the basement and end up taking a trip over to Meadow Hills in Dukes on the pretense of retrieving something for Mario from a friend of his.


After arriving at the house it will quickly become apparent that Mario's friend doesn't live there and he instead needs Carlo's help to break in and rob the place blind. Carlo will refuse initially but will end up following him inside where he will find him attempting to crack into a safe in the living room. As he is in the middle of doing this however the owner of the house will return home prompting the men to hide in the living room. The home owner will quickly realise somebody has broken in and will take a pistol from the kitchen before going to look for them. The two men will manage to escape only barely with their victim in pursuit. After shaking him off however they will also have attracted the attention of the LCPD who they will be forced to shake off before getting away cleanly. Carlo will then drop Mario back off at the Alderney mansion before going about his business.


Soon after Carlo will receive a phonecall from Louie (who he thought was dead) telling him that the bosses only wanted to question him about the circumstances surrounding Joey's death, stating that his name has now been cleared, in light of which he suggests that he and Carlo go out and celebrate since they never did toast to a job well done on the heroin deal. With that the two of them get suited up in their best attire and head to Maisonette 9. Inside the club they will notice Tony Black sitting in a booth surrounded by girls half his age and Louie will also spot a friend of his named Frankie Garone (another Ancelotti Capo) who is out partying with one time flame Gracie Ancelotti and her friend Sharon Morton who Carlo takes a shine to only to find out she is the girlfriend of made man Rocco Pelosi (and is therefore off limits). After a brief conversation with Carlo and Louie, Frankie will suggest that the three men score some coke which sees them drunkenly traveling to Northwood to meet with Frankie's dealer with Carlo behind the wheel. As Carlo and Louie wait for Frankie to return with the drugs their car will be stolen prompting the three of them to find an alternate form of transport. Frankie will then approach a group of bikers and get into a verbal altercation which will result in him shooting one of them dead and taking off on his bike prompting Carlo and Louie to go after him. Their actions will garner them some unwanted attention and they will quickly find themselves being pursued by the cops who they will split up in order to evade before meeting behind up behind Drusilla's in Little Italy.


When the two men rejoin Frankie he will be pretty keyed up from the cocaine and the rush of the police chase so he suggests that they get some hookers in order to unwind stating that he knows a guy named Rudy D'Avanzo who can hook them up. The men will take a nearby Schafter and travel over to Rudy's apartment and he will agree to get them some escorts for a price. They will then head back to Carlo's place and await their arrival. Before long two escorts will arrive at the apartment and after a bit of talking the five of them will end up having a wild party which ends in Carlo passing out drunk on the couch.


Carlo will be awoken a few hours later by a panicked Louie who will insist that he come into the bedroom. When Carlo enters the room he will find one of the escorts lying dead on his bed having taken a heroin overdose seemingly given to her by Louie. The two men will start to argue about the situation prompting Frankie to enter the room. Unsure of what to do Frankie will call Rudy. Rudy will promptly arrive at the apartment and inform them that the girls belonged to high ranking Messina man Harry Hall who will surely have feared enforcer Jimmy Capra brutally murder them should he find out one of his girls has been killed. After discussing the best course of action the men will decide to roll the body up in a rug and throw it over the fire escape outside Carlo's window into a dumpster below before retrieving it and loading it into the back of Rudy's station wagon. After successfully putting the body into the car the four men will drive with it out to a baseball field on Charge Island where they plan to bury it.


After arriving at the grave site Louie and Carlo will begin to dig a hole in which to bury the body. When they have successfully done so Frankie will tell Rudy to grab another shovel from his car in order to help them refill the hole. Rudy will go to his car but will instead return with a silenced pistol and fatally shoot Louie two times through the head causing him to fall into the hole with his unintentional victim. Carlo will demand to know why he did so (also fearing that he will be next) and will be informed that he was shot as an insurance policy in order to preempt any retaliatory action from the Messinas should they find out what happened. After Rudy helps Carlo refill the hole he and Frankie will get in his car and drive off, leaving Carlo to make his own way home. When he returns to his apartment Carlo will find the second escort up and about and she will ask him to give her a ride home after which point she will become a girlfriend of sorts.



Chapter 9 - Paying The Piper



Some time later Carlo will receive a phonecall from his mother informing him that there is two men in suits at her apartment looking for him. Curious and concerned in equal measures he ill head to his mother's place to find the men still sitting in the living room waiting for him. One of them will introduce himself as Jimmy Capra (Harry Hall's feared enforcer), the other man being his lackey/bodyguard. Capra will tell Carlo that they have some business to discuss and implore him to accompany him to a restaurant in Little Italy using the threat of violence to force him to comply. Once at the restaurant Jimmy will send his henchman on his way and he and Carlo will go inside where they will meet another Messina wiseguy by the name of Bobby Sarafino. Once seated Jimmy will interrogate Carlo about the dead hooker situation. Carlo will deny all knowledge but Jimmy will inform him that his denial is futile since Rudy sold him out in order to save his own ass. Jimmy will decide against killing Carlo however since he needs him to do a bit of work for him.


As the men are talking they with by interrupted by a loud customer. Jimmy will ask him to be quiet and when he fails to comply he will beat him to death in a fit of anger causing the other customers to leave the restaurant in a panic. Predicting the imminent arrival of the cops he and Bobby will resolve to bring the body into the kitchen and cut it up so that it can be disposed of easily. Carlo will not participate in the butchering of the corpse, opting instead to wait outside. After the body has been chopped up however he will be tasked with dumping the parts in various locations throughout the city. Following these events Carlo will receive a taunting phonecall from Rudy who will become enraged when Carlo makes reference to the fact that he likes to wear women's underwear, vowing to kill both Carlo and Jimmy for revealing his secret.


A short time later Carlo will receive a text message from Jimmy asking him to come by an auto body shop in Dukes in order to discuss the scheme he mentioned in their previous encounter. Carlo will drop by the garage and will be directed towards Jimmy's office by one of the employees. When Carlo enters the office he will find Jimmy talking on the phone to somebody named Fredo. After a bit of back and forth between him and Carlo, Jimmy will reveal his grand scheme to steal a bunch of expensive cars and ship them to his friend in Vice City who will then sell them on to the unsuspecting public. Carlo will steal four cars in total for him - a Vacca, a Cognoscenti Cabrio, a Crossopriza and a Cheetah, bringing each one to a lock up before going for the next. Shortly after his carjacking spree Carlo will then receive a phonecall from Jimmy informing him that his friend only wants Italian cars so he can keep the Cognoscenti, which he will leave for him free gratis outside his body shop.


For his next assignment Carlo will return to the Italian Restaurant owned by Jimmy and Bobby Sarafino where he will find the two men behind the bar - Bobby having a glass of whiskey and Jimmy verbally assaulting somebody over the phone. When Jimmy angrily end this phonecall Carlo will learn that they had taken illegal bets on a fixed boxing match due to take place between their guy - a former heavyweight boxer with alcohol issues and a much weaker opponent with the argument on the phone stemming from the fact that their guy has fallen off the wagon and is now too hungover to fight. Left with no other options at such short notice the two men decide to have Carlo take the boxers place in the fight but not before the three of them go over to his apartment to teach him a lesson for letting them down. After Carlo has beat the living daylights out of the intoxicated boxer he will then proceed to the underground fight club where the bout is due to take place. Upon hearing of the change in opponent however the rival trainer will seize the opportunity to also change his fighter to a man much stronger and domineering than Carlo's original adversary. In the end however Carlo will manage to overcome the odds and will emerge victorious, earning the Messinas a large windfall in the process. Impressed with the win Jimmy will agree to grant Carlo his freedom, absolving him of responsibility for his part in the escort's death.



Chapter 10 - The Brothers Volpe



A short time later Jimmy will contact Carlo again and ask him to come by a Messina owned social club so he can introduce him to some of the other captains. Upon entering the club he will find Jimmy and Bobby playing poker with three other men who are introduced to him as Harry Hall, Mark Volpe and his brother Fredo Volpe. After the introductions have been made Carlo will observe the men playing poker before being invited to join them, taking the place of Mark Volpe who leaves to take care of some business after winning the previous hand. As play commences Carlo will catch Jimmy cheating and call him out on it. Jimmy, taking exception to being called out will react somewhat violently, pulling out a gun and putting it to Carlo's head. Bobby and Fredo will manage to defuse the situation but Carlo will be too shaken up to continue playing. Fredo will then grant him a way out of the situation by getting him to run a little errand for him. He wants Carlo to act as the wheelman for a jewelry store robbery that's about to be carried out by some of his crew. Carlo will drive to a diner in Broker and pick up his three accomplices - Richie, Benny and Ralph and drive to the jewelry store in question. When they have reached their destination Richie will decide to change the plan set out by Fredo and have Carlo enter the store with them while Ralph waits in the car and takes his place as the getaway and after a bit of debate all of them will agree to this. Carlo will then enter the store with Benny and Richie and they will initiate the robbery of a batch of valuable diamonds which have been recently flown in from Africa by none other than Mori Green and Isaac Roth, but the robbery will typically not go according to plan. As the robbery is in place a passing police car carrying two officers will notice Ralph acting suspiciously opposite the store and deduce that there is a robbery in progress and call for backup. At the same time Ralph will notice the cop car and give his buddies the pre-agreed signal of three beeps of his horn to alert them that they need to get out of there. Within minutes a swarm of police will have arrived at the scene. Richie will attempt to take on the officers head first and will be gunned down in retaliation. Benny and Carlo will make haste out the back door and meet up with Ralph in the getaway car but he too will be killed as they try to make their escape. After an intense police chase Benny and Carlo will make it to safety and Carlo will drop Benny off back at the club.


A short time after the robbery Carlo receives a call from Fredo asking him to come by the social club so they can talk. Carlo will get there to find the club empty and Fredo behind the bar drinking. The two of them will recap on recent events and Fredo will check if Carlo is okay before offering him some more work. It turns out that Fredo has been recently heading up a heroin distribution network that involves importing the drugs from Italy and distributing it from a couple of independently owned pizza parlours then using those same pizza parlours to launder the illegal cash and he wants Carlo to aid him in moving some of the assets from one pizza place to another. The first part of the job (a dry run involving regular food stuffs) goes off without a hitch but as soon as Carlo enters the van containing the money and heroin he will be swarmed by police officers. Carlo will drive the loaded van away from the scene and call Fredo back in a panic. Fredo will then tell him to shake the heat and deliver the van to a lock up, promising him that he will get his money once everything blows over.


A short time after the fiasco with the pizza parlours Carlo will receive a text message from persons unknown telling him to come to the Gas Station off Tinderbox Avenue in Tudor, Alderney. Intrigued but a little uneasy he will go along to the designated meeting point and await the senders arrival. After a few minutes several dark coloured cars will pull up and Mark Volpe will emerge from the one in the front. Mark will give Carlo his payment from the previous job stating that Fredo thinks they should no longer associate with each other due to increased police scrutiny. He will also inform him that he has a job for him. As it turns out he has been having some trouble with your old friend Aleksander Vulaj and has called him out to the gas station for a sit down where he intends to have you snipe him from the distance. After some initial reluctance Carlo will agree to take out Vulaj and take up his sniping position atop a metal tower overlooking the forecourt. After a few moments Vulaj will show up with a few of his goons. After realising he is outnumbered and about to be killed Vulaj will aim a shotgun at the gas pumps and threaten to blow up the station with everyone in it, prompting Carlo to leap into action and take him out leading to shootout between the Albanians and members of Volpe's crew. Carlo will however be successful in helping the Messinas take out the rest of Vulaj's crew after suffering only a few fatalities. Mark will then reward Carlo by directing him towards an envelope full of cash which is taped to the back of a payphone nearby. Following this incident at the gas station Carlo will receive a call from Bobby telling him that Harry Hall has some work for him and apologising for not intervening in the earlier conflict between he and Jimmy.



Chapter 11 - Waste Management



Carlo will go and meet with Harry as he is having breakfast in the dining room of the Opium Nights hotel in Algonquin and he will inform him of a recent payoff the Ancelottis received from the LSD as part of a deal for their unions to pick up the city's garbage in their trucks. He states that the Pegorinos aren't too happy with this deal as the deal also includes pickups on their side of the river and one of their Capos Ray Boccino has apparently shown his disapproval by having his associates in the Irish Mob steal the payoff from an Ancelotti owned waste treatment plant. Harry plans to escalate this conflict into an all out war by having Carlo blow up some of the Ancelottis garbage trucks and use the resulting chaos to take over the routes for themselves, then sell the Alderney routes back to the Pergorinos.


After successfully blowing up three of the Ancelottis garbage trucks Carlo will once again go and see Harry, this time in his luxurious penthouse suite in the same hotel as before. Harry will tell Carlo that although he is very happy with his previous work they have another problem on their hands. It turns out that the Ancelottis not only control the garbage collector's union but also the one which represents the employees of the city dump and now they're refusing to accept loads from anyone who doesn't work for the Ancelottis. Harry states that he offered to take the union boss Seamus O'Reilly out for a drink but he rudely told him where to go so now its time for Carlo and Benny (who worked with him on the jewelry store robbery) to go over to the dump on Richmond Island and make him change his mind. Benny and Carlo will head over to Pier 45 in lower Algonquin and catch a ferry across the river to Richmond Island. Realising they will need to steal a Thrashmaster in order to have a shot at entering the compound they will do so and promptly make their way over there. When they arrive at the dump the men will find the gate closed, blocking their entry. Benny will however notice a security guard in a nearby booth and call out to him prompting him to approach the side of the truck. The guard will tell them that they're not accepting loads from anybody who doesn't work for the Ancelottis, prompting Benny to produce a pistol and threaten him. The guard will then grant them entry to the dump but will call for Ancelotti backup when their backs are turned. The two men will exit their truck unawares and make their way to a prefab in the rear of the compound where they will find O'Reilly making some coffee. O'Reilly will initially refuse to even speak with them, telling them to leave immediately but after a violent altercation with Benny he will eventually agree to do business. As Carlo and Benny attempt to leave however they will be ambushed by several waves of Ancelotti goons. They will eventually manage to fight them off and make their way back to Algonquin by boat.


A couple of days after the shootout in the city dump Carlo will receive a text from Jimmy telling him to put on a suit and come to the restaurant where he first met with him and Bobby because his boss Harvey Noto would like to speak with him. Carlo will head over to the restaurant only to find it closed. He will take a quick peek through the window looking for signs of life and then knock on the door. After a couple of moments it will be opened by Bobby who will let him inside. Bobby will greet him and direct him to a table at the back where Jimmy is seated with Harry Hall and the family's Don Harvey Noto. Harvey will start by telling Carlo that he has heard he is a man who knows how to get a job done and therefore will task him with a personal favour. He states that Harry managed to straighten out their conflict with the Ancelottis with the other families on the commission but the Ancelottis still aren't happy and have asked for a percentage of the Messina's rackets in exchange for the garbage routes which he isnt prepared to give them. He further states that after being turned down on their proposition the Ancelottis took matters into their own hands and kidnapped one of his union bosses before tying him to the front of a golf cart and having one of their associates hit him with golf balls in order to force him to reveal the names and locations of the Messina's men in transport and construction. Harvey surmises that old man Ancelotti couldn't have plotted this type of revenge on his own traditionally being known to fight fire with fire so he must've had somebody in his ear on it - that somebody being Tommy Angelino a union boss who looks after many of his rackets. Harvey's solution is to have Angelino killed with Carlo being the trigger man. To that end Carlo will be fixed up with a snub nosed magnum revolver by Bobby and sent off to Angelino's office in Bohan which he will enter under the false pretense of a business meeting and shoot him dead.


After carrying out the murder of Tommy Angelino Carlo will receive a text from Harry telling him to come to Opium Nights where he will find an envelope full of cash and a letter from Harry thanking him for his recent help but stating that he doesn't think it is a good idea for him to keep working for the Messinas due to increased police scrutiny on the organisation. As a gesture of good will however he has put his name forward to be part of an upcoming job with the Gambettis.



Chapter 12 – Il Furto Grande



Carlo will go to a Gambetti owned Italian food store in Broker called Alazone's where he will meet with a family Captain named Philly Santucci who will task him with retrieving some drug money from some Latin dealers who operate out of Cervesa Heights in Dukes. Gambetti soldier Nicky Bottino will be tasked with accompanying on this job but will flee the scene once the collection goes sour leaving Carlo to fend for himself against the pissed off dealers who claim that Philly had them sell diluted product. Carlo will however manage to shoot and kill his attackers and will return Philly's money to him back at the food store.


A short time after the botched money collection Carlo will be visited at his Algonquin apartment by Nicky Bottino who he will berate for leaving him to die. Nicky will state that he wasn't about to put his life on the line for somebody he just met and shoot down Carlo's accusations that it was intended to be a set up before informing him that Philly has another job for him. The two of them will drive over to Alazone's where they will meet up with Philly. Carlo will show similar anger towards Philly about the way the previous job turned out but he will state that had he anticipated the outcome he would not have sent Carlo over there to collect the money admitting that his intentions were actually to make sure he was not a undercover officer by having him participate in a drug deal - a practice against the rules of the LCPD unless the deal results in an immediate arrest. Carlo will be further enraged by this insinuation but Philly will state that his suspicions had been raised by the fact that he had been put in touch with him by the Messinas - a family rumoured to have a rat in their camp. Carlo will express his reluctance to do anymore work for Philly but he will assure him that once he finds out what they're planning he will be glad he did. Tempted by the prospect of a big reward Carlo will then agree to do Philly's bidding and go along with Nicky and his associate Dino to rob an armoured van from some Russian gangsters who are keeping it in a lockup in Bohan. Before the job however Nicky will be informed that his car is being towed (having been parked illegally) so Carlo and Dino will carry out the job alone. Once at the lockup the two men will take out two gangsters patrolling the front and then take out others who emerge from the inside before being forced to chase down the van and bring it to a halt. Once the van has been stopped in its tracks they will take it to a garage in Broker to get it fixed up for the big job.


Shortly after completing his last assignment Carlo will get a text from Philly asking him to meet him at a Gambetti owned social club in South Slopes. Once there he will find him sitting by the bar and he will inform him that a member of his crew Pete Gravelli (who also happens to be the Don's nephew) has come up with a plan to steal millions of dollars in confiscated cash from an evidence room at Francis International Airport using a five man team including Carlo - as the Messina's representative (due to the Airport being under their control). Carlo will be instructed to pick up another crew member Vinny from guard duty at the Schottler Medical Center and then drive over to the Airport to join up with the rest of the crew consisting of Nicky and Dino and the young Gravelli himself. Once the crew is assembled Pete will tell them the plan of action - they're going to wait for the night watchmen to change shifts as this will allow them access to runways since the rear gate will be open and the two of them will be momentarily distracted. After that they will hold them at gunpoint and lead one of them towards the hangar where the evidence room is located and force him to let them inside. They will then use the armoured van (driven by Nicky's friend Marco) and the guard's car to make their escape once they have secured the cash. The plan will go pretty smoothly up until they get outside the hangar with the loot and find that not only has Nicky's friend Marco not arrived yet but the cops have been tipped of to the robbery in progress and are now closing on them hard and fast. After Marcos arrival the men will be forced to fight of several waves of heavily armed police officers before splitting up temporary to full lose the heat. Once the cops have been shaken Carlo will drive the armoured van to a designated rendez-vous spot where the men will load the money into the trunks of two getaway cars before once again splitting up and delivering the cash to the loading dock of Alazone's, successfully ending the heist.



Chapter 13 - Damage Control



A short time after the heist Carlo will get a text message from Peter telling him to come to Alazone's as quick as he can. He will then make his way over there to find Peter waiting for him out back. He will inform him that some of the money from the heist has gone missing and he has reason to believe that it was Marco who stole it. As a result he wants Carlo to track him down to a project building in Alderney and execute him as he goes to meet his dealer. After successfully completing this task Carlo will collect his payment along with his share of the money from the heist from an ATM machine. A short time later he will receive a phonecall from Peter informing him that Nicky has been killed, reportedly due to a run in with Bobby Sarafino who has also recently wound up dead. Carlo will thank Peter for calling him and will take a little bit of time to digest the news.


A couple of days later Carlo will receive another phonecall, this time from Dino who is calling from Nicky's funeral to request that Carlo come and pick him and some others up and bring them to a restaurant in Broker. Carlo will agree to this and drive over to the cemetery on Colony Island where he will meet up with Dino and wait for the others to leave the funeral. As the men wait they will talk about recent events and Dino will reveal that he is pretty saddened since both Marco and Nicky were old friends of his but will ultimately resolve that it is the nature of the life he has chosen that people he is close to will inevitably die. Shortly thereafter the two men will be joined by Vinny and a woman who Carlo quickly finds out is Nicky's mother. After a brief conversation the group will be interrupted by another woman (who turns out to be Marco's mother) shouting at them about the manner in which her son's death was treated in comparison to Nicky's and berating them for their chosen lifestyles. She will however be quickly removed by Vinny before causing too much of a scene. Nicky's mother will be driven away and Philly and Peter will join the group before being driven over to Ali Mac's restaurant by Carlo. On the way over there however they will pick up an FIB tail requiring Carlo to drive evasively in order to lose it.


After a while the men will successfully reach the restaurant and will go inside. After several hours of eating and heavy wine drinking an altercation will occur between Peter and Philly when the latter makes an off colour remark about their Underboss Roy Zito's alleged homosexuality. The two men will eventually kiss and make up and Philly will ask Carlo to drive him home. Unbeknownst to Philly however this incident will lead to his downfall.


A short time later Carlo will once again go to Alazone's to meet with Peter. He will find him in Philly's office making himself comfortable, the reason for this will soon become apparent. After a failed attempt to drown out him and Carlo's conversation by playing the office radio extremely loudly Peter will suggest that the two of them go outside and talk as they walk up and down the street. It turns out that Peter has informed Roy Zito about the joke Philly made about his sexuality and now he wants him dead - with Carlo as the assassin. Peter will tell you to meet up with Dino on Firefly Island in order to get further details about the hit. When he gets there Dino will inform him of the plan to blow up Philly's car with him and his loyal soldier Johnny Sciolla inside as they leave Ali Mac's after having their dinner. The hit however doesn't go according to plan when the car bomb fails to detonate. The men will then instead be instructed by Peter to tail them back to Alazone's and shoot them as they exit the vehicle, an order which they will carry out successfully.



Chapter 14 - An Unbreakable Union



Dino will call Carlo telling him that Peter called him saying that Gambetti Underboss Roy Zito wants to see them over at Ali Mac's restaurant as soon as possible. Carlo will put on a suit as requested and head over to the restaurant. When gets there he will find Dino outside anxiously pacing back and forth awaiting his arrival. The two men will discuss the reason for them being summoned there and it will be clearly that Dino is fearing the worst since they failed to execute Philly in the proper manner. Carlo will attempt to settle his nerves but will eventually begin to share his anxiety when he finds out that the meeting is due to take place in the cellar. Against their better judgement however they will descend into the cellar of the restaurant where they will find Peter who will greet them before leading them into a basement room containing several other men who they will soon find out are the Family's ten Capos, Roy Zito and family consigliere Salvatore Mangano. At this point it will become apparent that the men are about to become made (officially inducted into the Gambetti Crime Family). After the ceremony Carlo will suggest that he and Dino go for a drink to celebrate their newly found status. Dino will however decline the offer, informing Carlo that he already has plans to go to dinner with his girlfriend - whom Carlo will be unaware of. The two will part company and agree to see each other again soon.


Shortly after the ceremony Carlo's new captain Peter will call and ask that he come by Alazone's for some work. When Carlo gets to the shop he wil find Peter overseeing repair work on the front of the store. He will tell Carlo about Hove Beach (the area in which the store is located) once being an enclave full of Italian Americans before being taken over by Eastern European immigrants. He will state that he intends to bring some of the city's Italian community back to the area by building a multi-story Italian food court directly behind Alazone's and will say that this building is only the beginning of the Gambettis involvement in construction in Liberty City. He has heard about a "crazy Arab type" who has run into a spot of bother with the Messina Family who control the unions responsible for overseeing construction on a massive skyscraper he plans to build in Algonquin. It turns out that recently several members of the union in question were killed on the job and now their families are staging a protest which is halting further work on the project and Peter plans to get rid of the protestors and take over the project himself using Gambetti controlled unions. In order to make this happen he wants Carlo and a team of some other mobsters to go down to the construction site in Castle Gardens and beat the protestors into leaving the area. Carlo will pick up the other mobsters from a Gambetti owned social club in South Slopes and head over to the site. When he gets there however he will get a phonecall from Benny D'Angelo (who he worked with previously in chapters 10 and 11) who will ask him to help him in killing Mark Volpe who has apparently been talking to the feds. Carlo will be initially reluctant but will eventually agree to help out on the job leaving the other mobsters to carry out the original task.


Carlo will meet Benny close to a warehouse in Tudor in Alderney where Volpe is apparently hiding and the two will take out the mobsters protecting him. One or probably both of them will then go after the man himself. At this point several things can happen but the situation will end with Carlo chasing Volpe along the catwalks of the warehouse and then being given a choice whether to execute him as instructed or let him live. After this choice has been made Carlo will then leave the warehouse (possibly with Benny in tow).


After this Carlo will once again be summoned by Peter, this time to the social club in South Slopes. Peter will express disappointment in Carlo for not carrying out his assignment but he will relent when Carlo gives him a phony excuse about his mother taking ill and being taken to hospital (even though it goes against a vow he took when being made). He will then inform Carlo that another spanner has been thrown in the works in the form of a recently released Pavano Capo by the name of Mario Coletti who has staked a claim to the construction site in Castle Gardens. Luckily for them though Coletti has been causing a few problems within his own family since his release and as a result the Pavanos have agreed to having him killed in order to prevent a war between the two families. His slaying will of course be a job assigned to Carlo who will carry out the hit at a meeting between him and a union official on the cable car which goes between Algonquin and Colony Island using one of several methods.



Chapter 15 - The Greater Good




Carlo will be visited at his apartment by Dino who will tell him to put on a suit because they are going to a party to celebrate Roy Zito being officially elected as Jon Gravelli's replacement. Carlo will think that this is a little premature since Gravelli isn't dead yet but Dino will assure him that's the way the boss wanted it done so that there would be no conflict over leadership after his demise. Carlo will get dressed and the two men will travel to the party at The Emissary hotel in Star Junction. Shortly after arriving Dino will receive a phonecall and after excusing himself he will walk away to answer it before returning a short time later and telling Carlo 'his girl' is in the lobby, asking him to stay put so he can meet her. With that Dino will once again leave Carlo waiting by the bar. As Carlo is waiting he will notice an attractive waitress wiping down tables who turns out to be Gracie Ancelotti's friend Sharon, the girl he took a shine to when he was at Maisonette 9 with Louie Santoro. The two will flirt and she will give him a napkin containing instructions to meet her in the janitor's closet. By this point Dino will have returned with his girlfriend who turns out to be none other than Dani Lupisella. After an awkward conversation the three of them will part company and a frustrated Carlo, remembering Sharon's earlier written invitation will retire to the janitor's closet for a bit of a pick me up.

Carlo will return to the dining hall after his encounter and will be approached by Peter Gravelli who will tell him that Roy Zito wants to speak with him. Intrigued and uneasy in equal measures he will approach Zito's table and sit down. Zito will pour Carlo a drink and tell him that it's nice to see him before bringing forth a proposition. If he is to be boss of the Gambetti Family going forward he wants to make peace with their enemies. Part of this involves going into business with the Ancelottis on a construction project in Port Haven and given Carlo's skills of negotiation he wants him to go over to an abandoned soda factory in Alderney and iron out the terms with their underboss Charlie Matteo and one of their Capos Paulie Gianco. Carlo will compliantly head over to the factory in Alderney to meet with the men. Once there he will be held at gunpoint by an Ancelotti soldier named Tony and searched for weapons before being brought upstairs where Charlie and Paulie are waiting. After some tough negotiations the three men will agree to a 60/40 split (10% less than Zito originally wanted him to shake on) provided the Ancelottis give them a 10% cut of the profits from the sale of a load of coke they're bringing in from Vice City (using Zito's friend's boathouse) with an added condition that Carlo be held personally responsible for the shipment making it there safely.


A short time later Paulie will phone Carlo with some bad news - his Russian contact who was bringing in the coke got caught at the mouth of the Humboltd River bringing in the stuff and he wants him and Tony to go break him out of police custody. After some pressing from Carlo he will reveal that this happened prior to their deal being struck but he will manage to manipulate him into agreeing to the bust out by saying that without the Russian there will be no coke and the Gambettis will not get their 10%. Carlo will meet with Tony in a diner across the street from the Westminster police station in Algonquin where their Russian contact Andriy Maximov is being held and he will tell him the plan - Carlo is going to go and bust Andriy out while he stays at the diner and creates a distraction (by staging a hold up). Carlo will enter the police station and inform the officer at the front desk that there is a robbery in progress in the diner across the street prompting him to go next door and alert the other officers, giving Carlo an opportunity to make his way into the holding cells and get Maximov out. Carlo will manage to do this successfully and he and Andriy will meet Tony in Bohan where they will then bring the Russian to a nearby safehouse.


About a day or so later Tony will call Carlo to tell him that the Russians (through Andriy's friend Dimitri Rascalov) have arranged for another load of coke to be brought into the boat house on Charge Island and Paulie wants the two of them to head down there and make sure everything goes according to plan. Tony says he will go and pick up Andriy if Carlo wants to make his way to the boat house and meet them there. Carlo will go to the boat house as instructed to find that nobody is there however he will soon be joined by Tony who will show up alone and say that he cannot find Andriy or reach him on his cellphone. Carlo will take Tony's cellphone and try calling him and after a few moments he will answer highly intoxicated and tell him that he is in The Triangle Club in Bohan however it will be abundantly clear that he has no desire to leave any time soon which means that Carlo and Tony will need to drive over there and get him out.


The two men will travel to the strip club and manage to persuade the bouncer to let them inside where they will find Andriy after causing a ruckus and being restrained by two other bouncers. The bouncers will refuse to let him go and this will lead to a scuffle resulting in Andriy shooting one of them dead. Carlo and Tony will take the other two bouncers out of the equation and the three men will escape and drive over to the boathouse on Charge Island. Once there Andriy will make a call to his buddies and they will bring in the coke. Tony will give Andriy half the money (the other half to be paid when they sell the drugs) and he and Carlo will take him back to the safehouse. When they get there however Carlo will receive a phonecall from Paulie telling him that somebody has stolen the truck that they were going to use to pick up the coke and he needs the two of them to head back to the boathouse until they set up another truck and make sure nobody tries to use the truck to trick the Russians into giving them the coke. The two men will hurry back to the boathouse but find that they are too late as somebody has killed the Russians and taken the coke and to make matters worse LCPD and NOOSE teams are quickly approaching, meaning that they must escape. They will manage to commandeer a speedboat and after fighting off the pursuing police they will manage to escape to relative safety on Richmond Island.



Chapter 16 - Misgivings



Carlo will receive a phonecall from Tony informing him that Charlie and Paulie are having a sit down with the Russians in the old factory in order to sort out the issue of the stolen coke. In the mean time they want the two of them to go and meet with Andriy Maximov in order to give him the other half of the money they gave him in their previous encounter in order to pay for some more coke to replace the stolen load. The two men will go to the meeting as instructed however Maximov will double cross them and steal the money, killing Tony in the process. Carlo will then be forced to fend off several waves of Russian gangsters who have been sent to kill him. He will manage to do this successfully and once he escapes he will call Paulie in order to inform him of the Maximov's betrayal and Tony's demise. In turn Paulie will inform him that things didn't go any better on their end and that the sit down resulted in a massive shootout in the soda factory and Charlie's death.


A short time after the proceeding events Paulie will tell Carlo to come and meet him at a restaurant in Little Italy where he will inform him that he intends for them to meet with Andriy and his partner Dimitri Rascalov in order to try and iron out their ongoing situation. The two men will meet with the Russians in a warehouse in East Hook where Dimitri will execute Andriy for his insubordination. In addition he will give the men back their stolen money and offer Carlo a chance to steal some replacement coke from an associate of his named Kenny Petrovic (who also happens to be Dimitri's main rival in Russian organised crime). After some persuasion Carlo will agree to steal the coke (possibly with the help of Dimitri's bodyguard Sergei) and then bring it to an Ancelotti owned fruit market in Alderney where Dimitri's men will watch over it until it can be loaded into the frames of some vans for distribution.


By way of a thank you Paulie will offer Carlo the keys to Tony's old house in Richmond Island. When he goes there however he will find out that the house is being watched by the FIB and he will be approached by two agents who will manipulate him into inviting them in. Once inside they will inform him that they have evidence linking him to the Gambetti family and several different criminal enterprises but will offer to let him go if he agrees to co-operate. They will then leave him to think it over.


This will put Carlo in a very awkward position but before he has a chance to properly plan out his next move he will get a call from Roy Zito telling him that their boss Jon Gravelli wants to see them at the Schottler Medical Center right away. Carlo will travel to the hospital in Dukes and meet with Zito who will inform him that the Don has been made aware of them dealing drugs with the Ancelotti's, an act which Gravelli deems punishable by death. After some discussion with the ailing Gravelli Carlo will ultimately manage to convince him that the rumours he has heard are untrue. They will get away with a warning but Zito will say that they cannot risk continuing on with their drug business with the Ancelotti's and will instruct Carlo to sever his ties with them. He will also inform Carlo of his suspicions about a rat in the family, stating that he will be in touch when he figures out who it is. Given Carlo's recent interaction with the feds this will make him particularly uneasy. As he is digesting this revelation however he will receive a phonecall from Paulie who will tell him about their vans being destroyed by an unknown assailant who he suspects to be affiliated with the Albanians (who they had previously been in conflict with). Carlo will inform Paulie of his intention to sever his ties with him but will agree to take out the Albanians last remaining crew as a parting favour to him. In accordance he will carry out an assault on an Albanian hideout in Bohan Industrial with two of Paulie's men, successfully wiping them out in the process.



Chapter 17 - A Season of Change




Following on from the last chapter in which Roy Zito had spoken to Carlo about there possibly being a rat within the Gambetti Family he will be called to Alazone's. When he gets there he will find Zito with Peter Gravelli and Vinnie who have Dino strung up in a freezer, identifying him as the rat. Carlo will refuse to believe it at first but Dino will own up immediately. Carlo will then be tasked with killing him by the other men since he was his closest friend. Shortly afterwards Carlo will receive a call from Dani Lupisella saying that she hasn't heard from Dino in days and Carlo will deny any knowledge of his whereabouts. Shortly thereafter he will receive another call from Paulie Gianco saying that Dimitri Rascalov has some heroin that he's looking to offload and he needs Carlo to act as a buyer on his behalf. Carlo will tell him that he's not interested however due to him wanting to remain loyal to his own family and not do any more deals behind their back. Although it is not immediately confirmed we know from GTA IV that Carlo may have made the right decision since Dimitri possibly double crosses the buyers and steals the stuff for himself.


Peter will text Carlo a day or two later asking him to meet him at Alazone's where he will find him outside smoking a cigarette. He will ask Carlo if he's heard the news and then inform him that his uncle Jon Gravelli has just passed away. He also states that the Russians have suffered a loss in leadership aswell and he wants to take that as an opportunity to take over some of the front businesses in Hove Beach. Carlo will be tasked with taking over four different properties which will then start earning him money on a weekly basis.


A few days later Peter will call Carlo and say that he's at his uncles funeral in Meadows Park with the rest of the family including Vinnie and Roy Zito and he will ask him to come pick them up and bring them to the cemetery in Steinway where he is due to be buried. Carlo will comply with this request and bring them to the cemetery where it is agreed that he will help Jon's son Junior escape from police custody. The opportunity for escape finally presents itself when the Gambetti Family's fugitive underboss Sammy Bottino makes an unexpected appearance, which serves as a temporary distraction. The two men escape the cemetery on a speedboat but they are met by heavy resistance by the FIB who begin to relentlessly pursue them past their scheduled evacuation spot (the helipad in Downtown Algonquin). The two of them however eventually manage to escape by fighting off the pursuing agents and make it to safety in West Beach, Richmond Island where an evac chopper picks Junior up and flies him out of the city. After this Carlo will receive yet another call from Dani Lupisella who will outright accuse him of murdering Dino, correctly deducing that he knows more than he's telling her. After some strong words she tells him that she never wants to hear from him again and then hangs up the phone.



Chapter 18 - Clearing House



By this point it will be winter and the weather will have turned snowy. Whilst at home one day, Carlo will receive a phonecall from his mother questioning him on why he never comes to see her anymore. He states that he has been busy, prompting her to say that he works too hard and suggest that he takes a vacation. As he is conversing with her however, he will spot a couple of FIB vehicles pull up on his front lawn prompting him to cut the conversation short and make a break for it out the back door. He will successfully make his escape and then call Peter Gravelli, only to have the call answered by the proprietor Alberto who will tell him to come by and speak to Peter in person. Following this request, Carlo will make his way to Alazone's in Broker. There he will speak with Gravelli and tell him about the feds before asking for him to seek Roy Zito's permission for him to leave town for a while. He will however deny this request, growing angry with Carlo for even asking him. As a last resort he will call Paulie Gianco who will agree to help, provided he carries out a hit for the Ancelottis on none other than Phil Bell. In dyer straits, Carlo will agree and make his way to Alderney where he will find his target at Jimmy Pegorino's old house getting cosy with his wife Angie on the porch. Carlo will then follow him to his office in Port Tudor and make the choice on whether to kill him or not.


Unable to return home due to the looming presence of the FIB, Carlo will once again be contacted by Paulie who will inform him that his boss Giovanni Ancelotti would like to meet him in person and thank him for carrying out the contract on Bell (whether he actually did so or not). He will tell him to meet up with some Ancelotti guys on the shorefront in Leftwood and once there they will pick him up in a boat and take him to the Port Haven construction site on Richmond Island. They will lead him into the main yard and shortly thereafter Giovanni will arrive in a chauffeur driven car with several more of his men. He will be furious, berating Carlo for everything he's done against him in aid of the Messina Family. Carlo will inform him that it was nothing personal but Ancelotti won't exactly feel the same way, beating Carlo for his actions before telling his men to take him away and beat him further before burying him under the concrete in the nearby construction site. Carlo will be knocked unconscious by the men, but will manage to regain consciousness just before two of the men are about to bury him. He will manage to make his way to his feet and dispose of the men before battling his way against more men down through the construction site and away to freedom, at which point he will call Gianco. Paulie will predictably deny all knowledge of what transpired and Carlo will give him an ultimatum about Phil Bell stating that before he shot him Phil said that he and Paulie had been working together in order to rip off the cocaine shipment and it was Paulie's idea to have Chubby Charlie whacked when he began to figure it out. Paulie will call him a liar but will also state that he knows all about what happened with Frankie Garone and tell Carlo that he's lucky to be alive considering all of the things that he's done. Carlo will simply hang up on him and then make his way home.


After returning home, Carlo will get another visit from FIB agents Russo and DeSoto who will politely ask him to accompany them to their offices in Algonquin or else they will place him under arrest. Not wanting to appear guilty, Carlo will agree. At the offices the agents will attempt to offer him a plea deal and ask him to become a government informant, stating that, going by their knowledge, he could be one of the most valuable anti mafia informants in history. Carlo will state that he has no information and they will attempt to persuade him further by playing him a tape containing wiretapped conversations between Phil Bell and Paulie Gianco which will confirm what Phil said to be true. Carlo however will still refuse to co-operate. The agents will reluctantly accept his refusal and inform him that they will be starting to make arrests very soon, giving Carlo a limited window in which to change his mind.


When Carlo leaves the FIB interrogation room he will receive a call from the manager of Comrade's bar (which Carlo had previously taken over) telling him that there are some men there smashing the place up. Carlo will ask if he knows who they are, but Mickey will say that all he knows is they are from out of the country. After overhearing them speak, Carlo will ascertain that they are Italians but will otherwise be none the wiser as to who they might be. Regardless, he will head to the bar, getting there just in time to see them speeding away. He will follow them and take them out after realizing that they were headed to Perestroika and therefore must be going after all of his businesses. He will manage to eliminate further attackers in all of his businesses but will afterwards be informed that they also set fire to his mothers apartment with her still inside.



Chapter 19 - Colpo Di Grazia



Carlo will receive phone calls from Peter Gravelli and Paulie Gianco who will each express their sorrow upon hearing the news of what went down. Peter will tell Carlo to do what he has to do in retaliation but state that if he chooses to exact revenge then he will be on his own. Paulie will deny any prior knowledge of the attacks and pin the whole thing on Giovanni Ancelotti who he says imported a few heavy hitters from Naples to do the dirty work on his behalf. He will tell Carlo where Giovanni can be found but also inadvertently give away his own position. He will now be given a choice on whether to exact revenge on both parties or go after Giovanni alone, he will also be given the option to visit Nino Falcone in order to get kitted out for the job. The choices will then result in Paulie being killed at his Country Club hangout and/or Giovanni Ancelotti being taken out at his mansion along with his army of Italian bodyguards.



Chapter 20 - Epilogue



Here is a timeline of events as they fit in with the stories of The GTA IV Trilogy and my other concept Grand Theft Auto: The Code of The Streets


As the story progresses certain story related events will appear in the form of articles on the in-game website of the Liberty City Post written by staff journalist and self proclaimed mob expert Jimmy Cast. These stories are (in order of appearance):


Warning titles contain story spoilers


  • Liberty City's La Cosa Nostra Alive and Well (appears after Chapter 2)
  • Bootlegged fuel reportedly on sale around Liberty City (appears after Chapter 3)
  • Albanian and Greek gangsters at war on our streets (appears after Chapter 4)
  • Bohan Bar Shootout apparently linked to deceased Pavano Capo Joseph Corrola (appears after Chapter 5)
  • Bloodshed in Balkan Gang War (appears after Chapter 6)
  • Ageing Ancelotti captain Salvatore "Fat Sal" Boschetti secures lucrative waste management contract (appears after Chapter 7 - Part 1)
  • West Coast Wiseguys linked to Enzo Bonelli spotted in LC (appears after Chapter 7 - Part 2)
  • Ancelottis dropping like flies - other families may be to blame (appears after Chapter 8 )
  • Messina mobster Bruno Morretti chalks closure of Dukes strip club down to a misunderstanding. City officials are not so sure (appears after Chapter 9)
  • Pasta Connection Part 2?? - Messina affiliated mobsters arrested in drug traffic sting (appears after Chapter 10 - Part 2)
  • Italian Food Store receives second health and safety caution in a month (appears after Chapter 11 - Part 1)
  • Balkan War Over. Possible LCN war on the Horizon?? (appears after Chapter 11 - Part 2)
  • Union boss Thomas Angellino found dead in his Bohan office (appears after Chapter 11 - Part 3)
  • Broker restaurant owner Alfredo "Ali Mac" Macaluso denies his business is a mob hangout (appears after Chapter 12 - Part 2)
  • Daring Airport robbery harks back to the 70s (appears after Chapter 12 - Part 3)
  • Bloody conflict dissolves 20 year old partnership between the Gambettis and the Messinas (appears after Chapter 13 - Part 1)
  • Messina affiliated mobster Harry Hall arrested on Racketeering charges (appears after Chapter 13 - Part 2)
  • Two Gambetti mobsters killed in suspected car bomb attack (appears after Chapter 13 - Part 3)
  • Recently released Pavano capo Mario "Mad Dog" Coletti slain in Algonquin (appears after Chapter 14)
  • Port Haven being rebuilt with Mob Money? Ancelotti's "Richmond Al" Ricci refusing to talk (Appears after Chapter 15 - Part 1)
  • Pavano capo "Slick Vic" Conti Jr. engaged in bloody mob war over territory in Alderney (Appears after Chapter 15 - Part 3)
  • Ancelotti's fugitive underboss "Chubby Charlie" Matteo found dead in old soda factory in Alderney (Appears after Chapter 16 - Part 1)
  • Ancelotti Capo "Big Paulie" Gianco set to take over as Underboss? (Appears after Chapter 16 - Part 2)
  • Liberty City streets awash with heroin, American and East Asian mafias may be to blame (Appears after Chapter 17 - Part 1)
  • The class of 2008 - Several prominent mobsters set for release in the coming weeks (Appears after Chapter 17 - Part 2)
  • Chaos at Gravelli funeral as convict son escapes (Appears after Chapter 17 - Part 3)
  • Alderney mobster Phil Bell found dead in Port Tudor/Suffers a heart attack on a flight to Aruba (Appears after Chapter 18 - Part 2. The actual headline will depend on your choice in the previous mission)
  • Massacre at Ancelotti Mansion - Don Giovanni among the dead. (Appears after Chapter 19. The article will be altered to also include details of the death of Unberboss Paulie Gianco depending on your choice).


The website will also feature sensationalist versions of news stories from GTA IV and Episodes from Liberty City.

Edited by The Notorious MOB
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This sounds exciting. I'm not the biggest fan of mafia related stories but I liked your Code of The Streets thread and so I'd love to see what you can come up with for this thread.

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I almost feel like I should remodel my threads at some point to be setup like this. But then again, you didn't really have to deal with location........


Nevertheless, typical brilliance from MOB, although I'm not a huge fan of mob based stories.


Good job. icon14.gif

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The Notorious MOB

The following is a timeline of events as they fit in with the stories of The GTA IV Trilogy and my other concept Grand Theft Auto: The Code of The Streets (where relevant).


[R] The Cousins Bellic
[R] It's Your Call
[R] Three's a Crowd

Chapter 1 (Introduction)
[R] Bleed Out
[M] First Date

Chapter 2 – Part 1
[R] Easy Fare

Chapter 2 – Part 2
[R] Jamaican Heat

Chapter 2 – Part 3
[LJ] Concrete Jungle
[V] Bull In a China Shop

Chapter 3 – Part 1
[V] Hung Out to Dry

Chapter 3 – Part 2
[V] Clean Getaway

Chapter 3 – Part 3
[V] Ivan the Not So Terrible
[R] Uncle Vlad

Chapter 4 – Part 1
[R] Crime and Punishment
[MF] Do You Have Protection?

Chapter 4 - Part 2
[LJ] Shadow
[MF] Final Destination

Chapter 4 – Part 3
[MF] No Love Lost

Chapter 5 – Part 1
[R] Logging On

Chapter 5 – Part 2
[MF] Rigged to Blow
[DR]The Master and the Molotov

Chapter 5 - Part 3

[NB] Severance Package
[DR] Russian Revolution
[R] Roman's Sorrow
[ME] Escuela of the Streets

Chapter 6 – Part 1
[ME] Street Sweeper

[E] Luck of the Irish

Chapter 6 – Part 2
[E] Blow Your Cover

[BK] Search and Delete

Chapter 6 – Part 3
[BK] Easy As Can Be
[BK] Out of the Closet
[BK] No. 1
[ME] The Puerto Rican Connection
[E] The Snow Storm

Chapter 7 – Part 1
[E] Have a Heart
[FMC] Call and Collect

Chapter 7 – Part 2
[PMC] Harboring a Grudge
[PMC] Waste Not Want Knots

Chapter 7 - Part 3
[PMC] Three Leaf Clover

[FMC] Final Interview

[DMC] Smackdown

Chapter 8 – Part 1

[FMC] Holland Nights

[FMC] Lure

Chapter 8 - Part 2

[GMC] Actions Speak Louder than Words

Chapter 8 - Part 3

[GMC] I Need Your Clothes, Your Boots and Your Motorcycle

Chapter 9 – Part 1

[YA] Sexy Time

Chapter 9 – Part 2

[RB] A Long Way to Fall

Chapter 9 – Part 3

[YA] High Dive

Chapter 10 – Part 1

[DMC] Babysitting

Chapter 10 – Part 2

[YA] Caught With Your Pants Down

Chapter 10 – Part 3

[DMC] Tunnel of Death

Chapter 11 – Part 1

[FMC] Blood Brothers

Chapter 11 – Part 2
[GT] Practice Swing

[PMC] Undertaker
[GT] Bang Bang

Chapter 11 – Part 3
[X] Deconstruction for Beginners

[DM] A Night To Remember
[D] Ruff Rider

Chapter 12 – Part 1
[D] Undress to Kill

Chapter 12 – Part 2
[X] Photo Shoot
[R] Hostile Negotiation

Chapter 12 – Part 3
[X/D] The Holland Play

[NB] Deception
[ULP] Wrong Is Right
[ULP] Portrait of a Killer
[RB] Taking In the Trash

[NB] Messin' With The Messinas
[RB] Meltdown
[GMC] I'll Take Her

[NB] Silent Witness
[RB] Museum Piece
[RB] No Way on the Subway

[NB] Lost Cause

Chapter 13 – Part 1
[RB] Late Checkout

[RZ] Mackin Out
[RB] Weekend at Florian's

Chapter 13 – Part 2
[PMC] Ransom

Chapter 13 – Part 3

[RZ] Dirty Laundery
[GMC] She's A Keeper

[RZ] Fast Women and Fast Cars
[ULP] Dust Off

[RZ] Clipping The Grass
[ULP] Paper Trail

Chapter 14 – Part 1

[RZ] State of Emergency
[BC] Hating the Haters

[RZ] Scrappage Scheme

Chapter 14 – Part 2
[BC] Union Drive

[RZ] Out of The Loop

Chapter 14 – Part 3
[BC] Buoy's Ahoy

[RZ] Made in Algonquin

Chapter 15 - Part 1
[PB] Truck Hustle

[JP] Pegorino's Pride

Chapter 15 - Part 2
[JP] Payback

Chapter 15 - Part 3
[PB] Catch the Wave
[PB] Trespass

Chapter 16 – Part 1

[PB] To Live and Die In Alderney
[GMC] Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend
[G] Entourage

Chapter 16 – Part 2
[G] Dining Out
[G] Liquidize the Assets

Chapter 16 – Part 3

[JP] Flatline
[JP] Pest Control
[ULP] That Special Someone

Chapter 17 – Part 1
[JP] One Last Thing
[DR] If the Price Is Right / A Dish Served Cold
[R] Mr. & Mrs. Bellic
[LJ] A Revenger's Tragedy
/ Out of Commission

Chapter 17 – Part 2

[GT] Departure Time

Chapter 17 – Part 3


Chapter 18 and Chapter 19 (Finale) take place after GTA IV and Episodes From Liberty City.

Edited by Money Over Bullshit
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M.O.B your over concepts are amazing i know this will be too. and theres nothing wrong with a mafia storyline icon14.gif

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The Notorious MOB

Thanks for the feedback guys. Hopefully I can change your opinion on mob based stories too Seth colgate.gif


Also, thanks Narcis!! cookie.gif
Now I just have to change the code a bit to make it jump to the various sections rather than opening in a new window.

Edited by Money Over Bullshit
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this is good icon14.gif but how about the year?2008?2009?2010?

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The Notorious MOB
this is good icon14.gif but how about the year?2008?2009?2010?


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You have made an excelent start on this, very good job.


Can't wait for the story to come next, im quite a big fan of organized crime stories true or nor true, and not just Italian OC either, i hear their will be other forms of OC in this aswell.


Can't wait to see more, since MOB has created a street gang based DLC a mafia style one would be a perfect balance. Good job.

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The Notorious MOB

I'm gonna try and get some character bios up over the next couple of days

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The Notorious MOB

Info has been posted on some key members of The Gambetti Family. Info on members of the other families will be up soon.

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Info has been posted on some key members of The Gambetti Family. Info on members of the other families will be up soon.

Just read 'em. Looks really good, man. icon14.gif What kind of weapons are you gonna feature in this?

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The Notorious MOB
Where are those pictures from?

I love the Gravelli one...

They are pictures of actors man... just seemed easier than finding or creating in game models for them.


@akavari112: The weapons will be weapons that you would see being used by the mafia (with one or two exceptions of course)

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The Notorious MOB


I know, but which actors specifically?



Carlo Devino is Scott Cohen

Jon Gravelli is Marc Lawrence

Sammy Bottino is Titus Welliver

Roy Zito is John Fiore

Salvatore Mangano is Armand Assante


Nicky Bottino is Christian Maelen

Edited by Money Over Bullshit
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Info has been posted on some key members of The Gambetti Family. Info on members of the other families will be up soon.

I read them aswell, Very good i must say, i like how the characters names fit in with their look and personality, One more question...


In this game are you going to pin up mission titles, because i was wondering are we going to attend Jon Gravelli's death at all? and then their is a power vacuum for Boss between the two underbosses, but maybe no boss ever gets ellected as of today the Gambino's prefer to have a sort of Capo as a boss instead of an actual one to avoid RICO charges alot easier...

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The Notorious MOB
Info has been posted on some key members of The Gambetti Family. Info on members of the other families will be up soon.

I read them aswell, Very good i must say, i like how the characters names fit in with their look and personality, One more question...


In this game are you going to pin up mission titles, because i was wondering are we going to attend Jon Gravelli's death at all? and then their is a power vacuum for Boss between the two underbosses, but maybe no boss ever gets ellected as of today the Gambino's prefer to have a sort of Capo as a boss instead of an actual one to avoid RICO charges alot easier...

Thanks man. I was thinking of just having Roy Zito take over as boss after Jon Gravelli's death but have Bottino briefly come out of hiding for the funeral and contest it. I think people like to see definitive events happen within stories rather than things to be left open i.e in this scenario who would take over as boss.


I think in a logical sense Sammy Bottino would take over as the boss due to his age and experience (although still quite young to be a mafia don) if he was not on the run. It wouldn't make sense to appoint a boss knowing that their days outside prison are numbered though so Zito would be by far the better candidate.

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Info has been posted on some key members of The Gambetti Family. Info on members of the other families will be up soon.

I read them aswell, Very good i must say, i like how the characters names fit in with their look and personality, One more question...


In this game are you going to pin up mission titles, because i was wondering are we going to attend Jon Gravelli's death at all? and then their is a power vacuum for Boss between the two underbosses, but maybe no boss ever gets ellected as of today the Gambino's prefer to have a sort of Capo as a boss instead of an actual one to avoid RICO charges alot easier...

Thanks man. I was thinking of just having Roy Zito take over as boss after Jon Gravelli's death but have Bottino briefly come out of hiding for the funeral and contest it. I think people like to see definitive events happen within stories rather than things to be left open i.e in this scenario who would take over as boss.


I think in a logical sense Sammy Bottino would take over as the boss due to his age and experience (although still quite young to be a mafia don) if he was not on the run. It wouldn't make sense to appoint a boss knowing that their days outside prison are numbered though so Zito would be by far the better candidate.

Nice, would Bottino be killed at all? or just give up and go back into hiding

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The Notorious MOB
Info has been posted on some key members of The Gambetti Family. Info on members of the other families will be up soon.

I read them aswell, Very good i must say, i like how the characters names fit in with their look and personality, One more question...


In this game are you going to pin up mission titles, because i was wondering are we going to attend Jon Gravelli's death at all? and then their is a power vacuum for Boss between the two underbosses, but maybe no boss ever gets ellected as of today the Gambino's prefer to have a sort of Capo as a boss instead of an actual one to avoid RICO charges alot easier...

Thanks man. I was thinking of just having Roy Zito take over as boss after Jon Gravelli's death but have Bottino briefly come out of hiding for the funeral and contest it. I think people like to see definitive events happen within stories rather than things to be left open i.e in this scenario who would take over as boss.


I think in a logical sense Sammy Bottino would take over as the boss due to his age and experience (although still quite young to be a mafia don) if he was not on the run. It wouldn't make sense to appoint a boss knowing that their days outside prison are numbered though so Zito would be by far the better candidate.

Nice, would Bottino be killed at all? or just give up and go back into hiding

Him being killed is definitely an option. But then again if Carlo were to do it he would surely be marked for death confused.gif

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