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Zbot.e Virus


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Ok I'm at real panic stations, AVG has just started telling me of a ZBOT.E in a load of files including system files, it then went to BSOD, I can now only boot into safe mode and am at my wits end, what do I do, I have run a malwarebytes scan and found nothing, :S help!


update: If I run AVG in safe mode it does it in dos as it should do, however it looks as if it deletes a load of files :S is this supposed to happen?

Edited by bammargera
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If AVG finds suspicious files, it should prompt you if you want to delete them.


Obviously if they don't look like any important windows files or personal files then go ahead and let it do it's thing.

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Yeah sure, but it seems to find a hella lot of files such as a load of 3DS max stuff and other programs, I'm no virus expert but it seems what ever this is its infected a freakin load of files :S, god if I have to re-install OS I won't be happy, the worst thing is that it seems to be on my file backups to :'(

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Grab Spybot search and destroy and completely ignore the the avg stuff.

install it then run it in safe mode, then go onto the start menu and run msconfig.exe and disable any start up things that look suspicious (make sure you dont disable any microsoft ones.) once the scan is done tell spybot to fix the zbot.e problem and then restart your pc smile.gif enjoy.

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Check for system files in what AVG detects. If their not system files, delete.


Then install Malwarebytes (Barely anything gets past that biggrin.gif) under Safe Mode with networking, so you can update it's database.


That should clean the infection off your system

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Already tried malwarebytes, twice :S, the Spybot is running and has found one malware entry, god I hope this works, I can't face losing everything wow.gif

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