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GTA Biker Stories

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user posted image

Hello there everyone here im gonna be posting my missions Called The Biker Stories.


Liberty City 2004 You are a top playa within the bikers and your boss fearing you decides to send you to San andreas to take over the bikers there. He sets it up as a duel and you have to kill the biker boss over there. Once your boss figures out you killed the biker lord in SA he sets you up to be killed by Hitman Terry. Knowing your boss is aginst you you head out to create you own business to kill your own boss.



Part 1 To Download the whole part one click HERE

The Duel :You get to SA and you have to duel with the current biker lord there.

The Ambushe When your boss finds out you didnt die you get sent right into a trap.

The Plan Now you know your boss is aginst you you need to start a business but you need money.

The Robbery Now that you have the equipment you prepare to rob the Mint Factory.

The Escape The cops just wont leave you alone So you have to get out of San Ferrio.

Part 2 To download the entire part 2 click HERE

The Kill The mint factory owner is comming to LV to get you. Kill him.

The Mafia Some mafia guys think they can mess with you prove em wrong.

The Revenge The Mafia want revenge and theyll take down the 4 dragons casino to get it.

The TakeOver You have been kicked out of the 4 drg casino so you need a new place.

The Scheme You are ganna need that equipment in the up coming casino robbery go back and get it.

The Casino You decide to take over a smaller casino first rather that the 4 dragons.

The cops The Cops are after you again.

The Mastermind Sanny dosent want to leave town becuase of the cops again so he decides to show them waht he is made of.

The Zenors Sanny meets two brothers sent by tommy vercitty called the zenors.

The Deal The mafia and some corrupt cops are having a deal. A really big one.

The Triads Finnaly its time for the 4 dragons casino to be ours.

The Commander Now its the big time. Its time to get the caligulas casino.

The Factory Now that the caligulas casino is ours we need to destroy the mafia drug factory and thats it.

The GodFather pt1 OH NO Robert Nikolas aka The GodFather is here to take back his caligulas casino.

Part 3 To download the whole part 3 click HERE

The Godfather pt2 Where are you. Sanny has been dropped of somewhere near nowhere.

The Farmers sh*t!! this is farmers teritorry and the last thing sanny wants are new enemys.

The Farm Well now you have no choice you have to take out the farmers to meet josh.

The Meeting OH no it cant be your old boss DANNY is back nooo!The Return Its now or never you dont have much time left befor josh arrives.

The Betrayal It cant be josh has betrayed you.

Part 4

The END pt1 Finally back in LV. Now lets get that back stabing jerk Josh.

The END pt2 Its time to finally get this over with and end the madness ITS TIME TO KILL THE GODFATHER.


If you want to download the entire Series Click Here





user posted image

Name: Sanny Stadler

Gang: Bikers

Description: Sanny is the playble character through out the series. He is a biker lord and is trying to get ready for a fight with his fromer boss that he knows will eventully come.

Introduced in: The Duel___Dies in:...........


user posted image

Name: WuZiMu

Gang: Triads

Description: Woozie is a side character in the series. He isnt to much involved in the missions. All we know is that he has a grudge aginst Sanny for ruining his casino.

Introduced in: The Escape ______ Dies in: The Triads


user posted image

Names: Josh on the Left Kenny on the right

Gang: Vercitty Mafia

Description: They are a very helpful duo to Sanny. But one of them (Josh) betrays Sanny for money. They work for Tommy Vericity from Vice.

Introduced in: The Zenors __________ Die in: Kenny........ Josh:The End pt 1


user posted image

Name: Rowler the Farmer

Gang: Farmers

Description: He is one of the more dangerous enemys to Sanny. He leads the farmers to kill sanny as he is instructed by Danny.

Introduced in: The Farm ________ Dies in: The Return


user posted image

Name: Robert Nikolas aka The GodFather

Gang: Russian Mafia

Descriptions: The most dangerous mafia lord ever to be seen. No one has dared to oppose him except Sanny. Even the cops fear this mighty Mafia Lord.

Introduced in: The Godfather PT1 ________ Dies in: The End pt 2


user posted image

Name: ???????

Gang: CIA

Description: A very corrupt CIA commander who works along with Robert. Mainly this agent is the cause of roberts Sucess.

Introduced in: The Deal _______ Dies in:..........


user posted image

Name: Boris Alvado

Gang: Russian Mafia

Description: He is running the caligulas casino for robert until he is killed by Sanny. Not much of a standing out character.

Introduced in: The deal _______ Dies in: The commander


user posted image

Name: Danny Gulbert

Gang: The bikers

Description: Sannys worst enemy his boss in Liberty City. He has finally come to SA to kill sanny. But will he kill sanny or the other way around.

Introduced in: The Meeting ________ Dies in: The Return

Edited by GTASanAndreasBOSS

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Sry For The Slow Updates But I Have School And No Time To Make The Missions

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Huge Updates Now the character are avalible and the missions are also updated.

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The series is now complete. Please try them out and give me feed back on how the missions were and any bugs so i can fix them.

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(Reserved For GTA Biker Life) The Second part to GTA Biker Stories

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