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Are GTA 3 and Manhunt part of the same universe?

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I think they are. Just because Manhunt is listed as a non-GTA game doesn't change the fact that the Lips 106 announcer mentioned Carcer City being nearby and police chief Gary being cleared of corruption charges. It's not to be confused with an easter egg. An easter egg is when you find the Manhunt and Vice City action figures in Zero's RC shop. Manhunt was released a couple years after GTA III.


But what do you guys think? I mean, do you like it when two games combine to form one large universe or would you prefer they be kept separated? I think it's cool. It adds a lot more depth to the game. I mean, it's not silly to play GTA III, you know, cruise around Liberty City and wonder what's going on in nearby Carcer City, is it?

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Damn right they are, and so is Bully. Within a reasonable assumption.


I wrote up a huge post on that topic once, but it's been lost to posterity, at least until the search engine starts working again.

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Bully isn't in GTA canon. They are just too different.

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Let's just stick to GTA III and Manhunt.

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Oh, well, I've only played IV, and just come on here cos I'm bored. Not to mention the fact that Manhunt is banned in New Zealand


EDIT: oh yeah and VCS too, albeit briefly

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