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2010 Ryder Cup

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Bloody typical! I had ALL DAY of work yesterday (rarity) and there was only two hours of mediocre, boggy Golf being played, yet today when I was at work all day, there seems to be have been some great, and incredibly entertaining golf being played, including Europe coming from behind to be leading all the Fourballs/somes at the end of play! So, anybody else watching?...

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Final day today as the weather has been terrible.

Europe up 9.5 to America's 6.5. Could change very easily though. Should be some great pressure golf today!

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And Europe have won. Shame it finished on a Monday this year as I would have liked to watch it.

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Its on later...

Was a great and very good win by a single point! It was very worrying at the end but the lad held his nerve, superb!

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Random observation; Miguel Ángel Jiménez looks like Steve Huison from The Full Monty/Coronation Street:


user posted image

user posted image


Am I right?


Don't follow golf much but damn that was a good finish today.

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What a fantastic Ryder Cup! First day to the US, second to Europe, and then the Americans were so near to completing a brilliant comback until McIlroy and McDowell dropped two fantastic putts to square and win the Cup respectively. Stricker, Woods, Johnson, Overton, Westwood, Donald, McDowell, Fowler, and McIlroy all played great and it was a solid three and a half days of Golf! Bring on 2012 in/just outside of Chicago!

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