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Here I will be posting my Series of mission called The Sweet Life.

The missions Will be made on the storyline that CJ has died and the groves have lost all power.

Sweet is thriving to survive with ceaser. But when Ceaser plans to permanently move to San Ferrio Sweet has no choice but to go as well.Ther are going to be about 50-60 Missions for this series and soon i will also be posting my other mission series.

San Andreas WAR



Here are some of the missions.


Red=Very hard



Yellow=Medium easy



Chapter 1 The begining

The Sweet Life Part 1: The big move CJ has bben killed and sweet is living with ceaser. When ceaser plans to move to SF you have to move too.

The Sweet Life Part 2: Drive By Sweets plans to make the grove street gang in SF.

The Sweet Life Part 3: The man The Groove Street is forming but the cops dont want that. So they try to stop it.

The Sweet Life Part 4: Mad Dog Mad Dog is here to Help. He has made all of his security into groove members.

The Sweet Life Part 5: The Alliance C.R.A.S.H Has joined forces with someone. Who could it be

The Sweet Life Part 6: The Killer Ryders back. And soon you find out it was rtder who killed CJ.

The Sweet Life Part 7: Mike Toreno Mike torenos hiding somewhere and woozies found out where. Go and kill that prick.

The Sweet Life Part 8: Import Export Sweet finds out about the car showroom and decides to run it.

The Sweet Life Part 9: Area 69 Ceaser has been captured by the military for gang acts and murder. Go and save him.

The Sweet Life Part 10: The TRI Gang Meeting The gangs of Sf are having trouble with Groove. So they get together to decide what to do about it.

The Sweet Life Part 11: Balla Showdown


You can download all of chapter 1 HERE


Chapter 2 Mendez Madness

The Sweet Life Part 12: The arrival Looks like T Bone Mendez has Brothers and now there coming here to avenge him and kill sweet.

The Sweet Life Part 13: Rifa Assult The rifa have ambushed Sweet at his garage. Survive the assult.

The Sweet Life part 14: Rifa Anilation Sweet plans to take out the dozens of rifa that are about to be led by one of the mendez brothers. ALOT OF FIGHTING

The Sweet Life Part 15: Bridge Battle Some of Mendezes secuity is coming to SF to secure it. We have caught them in the way.

The Sweet Life Part 16: One Down One to Go Woozie has found out where one of the Mendez Brothres is staying. All you have to do is go and kill him.

The Sweet Life Part 17: Mafia Problems You meet Dan and he tells you about a orgination called BLOODZ 11. and the remaining mendez brother is a part of it.

The Sweet Life Part 18: LV Move to LV to take care of the last mendez brother.

The Sweet Life Part 19: Commander Down TO cuase mahem within the mendezes gang you decide to kill the commanders.

The Sweet Life Part 20: The Visage Casinos Secret pt 1 Now that the commanders are down you begin to move and take out the rest of the gang within the visage casino.

The Sweet Life Part 21: The Visage Casinos Secret pt 2 Time to get out of the visage casino if you can.

The Sweet Life Part 22: The Begining of the End Finally its time to kill ernest mendez but it wont be easy. ALOT OF FIGHTING!!!


You can download all of chapter 2 HERE.


Coming soon

Chapter 3 Joining the FBI

(Sweet life part 23: Him Again) You are taken to the government building to be made an offical officer investigating the BLODZ 11 and there you meet Toreno.

(Sweet life Part 24: Fedral Work) Toreno is your manager and he sends you out to some dirty work for him.

(Sweet Life part 25: Total Destruction) The BLOODZ 11 arent happy about What happened to ernest so they try and intimadate you by blowing up LV.

(Sweet Life Part 26: Picture Perfect) A very small but important mission. You have to find out the members of the BLOODZ 11.

(Sweet Life part 27: Location Relocation) Youve got Mitch Baker caught or at least you think you do.


Here are the Characters

user posted image

This is sweet jhonson. He will be the playble character for the series.


user posted image

This here is The Truth. A weird and misterious guy who on and on about space sh*t.


user posted image

Wu Zi Mu or Woozie is the leader to the mountain cloud boys. He assists Sweet alot in this series of mission.


user posted image

Mike Toreno an EX CIA agent who for half of the missions is know as an enemy. But soon sais that he dosent want to fight but help.


user posted image

Officer C.C Tenpenny: the snake in the grass is back but looks like he dosent stayu for long. Sweets anger kills him vey soon.


user posted image

Ryder the sherm head is also back. Later you find out that it was ryder that killed CJ.


user posted image

Mad Dog: woah is he a big help in the start of the game but as you move on he becoms less and less important.


user posted image

Ceaser VialPando is sweets right hand man he help sweet throughout all the missions.


user posted image

Van Dan brothers. On the left is Van and on the right is dan. They help sweet take down a orginisation called the BLOODZ 11


user posted image

The Mendez brothers on th left Ernest mendez and on the righ Fred mendez. 2 most wanted criminals that want revenge on sweet.

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If anyone has any idea for a mission series please post a message here ill think about making it.
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Everyone im sorry for the slow updates but the problem is that i have school and i have less timne to make my missions




Also cheak out my new series The Biker Stories

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nice quad post

Whats a quad post

four posts in a row

Oh Ok but that dosent matter. Did you try out the missions.

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