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Ambient music anyone?


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I've recently discovered that i quite like ambient style music, also can be known as chill out music, or trippy music. i first discovered the style as well as some good songs on GTA 4. anyway perhaps you guys know of some really good songs or artists. here's some i have found to be good:





The oh of pleasure-ray lynch



Oxygen IV- Jean Michael Jarre




Delphium- Aphex Twin




The things I tell you- Biosphere




Antennaria- Biosphere




Remote viewing- Tangerine dream




5:23-Global Communication




9:25-Global communication




A Huge Ever Growing Pulsating Brain That Rules From the Centre of the Ultraworld- The Orb (this is an amazing track BTW)




Into the fourth dimension- The orb


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It's my second favourite genre. Here's some of my favourite tracks:


Jean Michel Jarre:

In The Mood For You - one of my all time faves in ambient music.



- one of the best bass synths I have ever heard.




Aphex Twin

Stone In Focus - peaceful as f*ck.


- nightmarish track but I love it.

Curtains - can't find it on youtube. Great horror-esque track.

+more from the ambient albums


Long Range (with Phil Hartnoll from Orbital)

Lie Down



Orbital (Ambient Techno)





Enigma (with Michael Cretu, half romanian half german)

Return To Innocence


+more - I haven't listened to a lot of this band yet.




To The Unknown Man


- don't think this counts as ambient but what the hell.

+more I can't remember.


Tim Koch

Groove 90

Truth Sinks In



Keith Baylis (Vim)

Angel Delight Saved Me

01 - spacey

Thin Strips of You - x2

Untitled 000 - x3


Shulman (Psybient)


- this track initiated me to ambient music




Bluetech (Psybient)

Alchemie Dub



Carbon Based Lifeforms

MOS 6581




Boards Of Canada






Jesper Kyd




+more stuff from the Hitman soundtracks


Akira Yamaoka

Resting Confortably - I want to loop this forever






The Future Sound Of London



Mango Tree


Cosmic Baby

Sea Of Tranquility







Matt Simmonds (4mat)





and a lot more artists like:

Tangerine Dream



Pete Namlook

Tetsu Inoe

Neil Baldwin (old videogame music like James Bond Jr. Soundtrack on the NES, ambient style)

Brian Eno


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I absolutely love ambient.


If you can get hold of it, have a listen to some of Steve Roach and William Basinski. Roach has an extensive catalogue, but if you can find Early Man (and the bonus tracks), give it a listen. Life-changing ambient, he's a true pioneer. Basinski released something called The Disintegration Loops, which is almost as interesting to read about as it is to listen to.


If you want something a little darker, do try Death Cube K, which is as atmospheric as anything you could ever find. All good.

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I love Aphex Twin. Not all of his work, though, I like the more chilling, melodic side of his music. So yeah, ambient, I think. Like this:




It's really amazing how one track can so affect your mood and everything..




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The entire tracklist for the The Journey radiostation is just brilliant. Maiden Voyage became of my all time favorite songs after i heard it on GTA


I hope there is a similar station in GTA5

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  • 9 years later...

One of the best and most haunting dark ambient albums ever made. The Word As Power (2013) by Lustmord.



My favorite off the record. The chants and haunting vocals send shivers down my spine. Perfect to listen to on a dark, cold autumn/winter night.


Another great album by Lustmord:



Edited by Arrows to Athens
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I don't even remember posting in here, but then again it was nearly ten years ago to the day. Christ.


Anyway, thought I'd share this duo called Stars Of The Lid who produce some really soft, swelling and often melancholy ambient music. I would usually take this time to recommend an album but honestly, they're all consistent. You could pick up any one of them.



From this, one of the duo split off and formed another partnership by the name of The Dead Texan, reserved for ambient music that was deemed "too aggressive" for the Stars Of The Lid moniker. It really isn't aggressive per se, but it's definitely more active. It wouldn't fit on a Stars Of The Lid album, but it's still some really pleasing ambient music, and it's a touch more optimistic too just in case morose isn't your bag.



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  • 2 months later...

For those interested, ambient artist William Basinski released his latest album Lamentations this month. It's obviously free of the lore that surrounds his Disintegration Loops series, but some fans would probably argue that's not necessarily a bad thing given that the background often overshadows the music. There's a lot of comparisons to that of what The Caretaker did for his Everywhere At The End Of Time which is a mammoth undertaking in and of itself. It's sombre by its very nature but sadness and ambient music seem to have a kinship.


On the complete opposite end of the spectrum, Jon Hassell seemingly dropped this out of nowhere, which incorperates elements of world music and unconventional tuning to provide a woozy but relaxing listen. It's seen as a follow up to his 2018 album Listening To Pictures which is subtitled as a part one to this Pentimento series.



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On 9/8/2020 at 9:15 PM, -7- said:


I was just listening to this today. I never knew who did it. I actually thought it was original score for the Italian Netflix show Suburra which it features as it's main theme throughout. It's so beautiful.  

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Perfect to listen to whilst reading scary stories. Cryo Chamber on YouTube does a great job at mixing different dark ambient tracks into a playlist for those who want to discover different dark ambient artists or just want to relax to a collection of different tracks. Kammarheit is another great dark ambient project, right behind Lustmord.





Edited by Arrows to Athens
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  • 3 months later...

I do like a bit of Roy Montgomery. There's a distinct audio "swelling" going on here almost that really adds to the atmosphere, like something's desperate to bubble up and over.


Here's something a little lighter, taken from the album Floating Whispers by Michael Stearns. I can't recommend the LP enough.



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