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TLaD keeps crashing (360 DLC)...

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Hiya, new member here biggrin.gif

Firstly, my apologies if this should be in the Troubleshooting board, I had a look in there and it seemed to be more or less exclusively for the PC version, so I thought I'd post my problem here seeing as it's TLaD-related.


I've been playing through GTAIV again recently. After completing the main game I moved on to TLaD and, this time around, I've encountered a bug that keeps causing my 360 to lock up completely. I don't know if this is a known bug, I did a (Google) search but couldn't really find anything.


I'm not that far into TLaD's actual story, I've only done 9 missions (the last one was Ashley's first mission "Coming Down"). I've been taking time out this time round to do all the side missions as & when they become available. I've completed the 10 bike theft missions, taken part in 19 races (to get the Get Good Wood achievement), I've raised all the relevant brothers' respect/like levels to 100%, and while doing 50 gang wars I've raised Clay, Jim & Terry's toughness to maximum.


It was while I was chipping away at the gang wars that I suddenly found I can no longer go upstairs in The Lost clubhouse. Every time I approach the stairs next to the save point the game stutters and then freezes, locking up my 360. Nothing works after that, not even the Guide button, and it always leaves me with no option but to turn the console off & on again. It's not a game-stopper though, the rest of the game's fine, I can happily run across the hallway and exit the clubhouse through the side door or access the front of the clubhouse.

In order to try and nail the problem down, I stole a chopper and landed on the roof of the clubhouse to see if I could get to the first floor from the entrance up there, and I could. But the moment I tried to walk down the stairs to the ground floor, the game crashed.


The long & short of it is, it crashes literally every time I go near the bottom of the stairs or if I get halfway down them from the top.


I tried re-downloading TLaD and reinstalling the main game (which has remedied problems with other titles in the past), but the bug's still there. I know it certainly wasn't present at the start of the current game I'm playing and neither is it present if I start a new game. But I'm hesitant to start a new game for 2 reasons; I've put in a good few hours of grinding already on my current game (50 gang wars don't just breeze by LOL) and, for all I know, if I start a new game the bug might happen again anyway.


I just wondered if anyone here had come across this and, if anyone has, can you shed any light on the matter?

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Did you called the number on your game dvd box or xbox for troubleshooting, to get some assistance? They have trained personnel for these situations.

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Thanks for the replies smile.gif


Calling Xbox Customer Support has, in the past, proved pointless. As trained as their staff may be, they always seem to offer the same advice of "take the game back to the shop". Which I obviously can't do with DLC (and my copy of GTAIV is too old now).


I'd already considered clearing my 360's system cache but decided against it because it removes everything. If I could be selective with it and just remove GTAIV's patches then it'd be fine, but I can't. Also, I don't get to go online with my 360 all that often and I don't want to have to go on a paper chase in order to re-download all the patches for all the games I have.


But on the subject of patches/updates, my copy of GTAIV did actually download one a few weeks back. I'd not played the game in well over six months, so I don't know when this last patch was actually released, but I'm wondering if that's at the root of this problem? It's making me berate myself for not exploring the side missions to this extent on my first playthrough. If I had, I might know if this bug has always been present. But if it was, I'm sure I'd have found others that have suffered from it, surely?

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