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Build Up Your San Andreas Gang

General Scrotum

Recommended Posts


Because it'll turn it from "Build Up Your San Andreas Gang" to "Build Up Your Gang In A San Andreas Environment"

I know... Anyway! Let's try it out with the new weapons for a week and if it don't works, we'll return to the original weapons.


I don't know if you guys remember but on Kaizer Chief's BUYSAG thread, we started to talk of a "Raid" feature. Anyone have any ideas?


EDIT: Depending of the cargo, could we have it?

Edited by Secronom President
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Executive Operations – Rockshore West Safehouse

Season One – Terror in San Andreas

Chapter One – Presidential Assault (Part One)

March 19, 2012 – 13:45:00


I couldn’t believe it. I was a new agent working for Ex Ops also known as Executive Operations. It was a group recruiting mercenaries to make money. My first mission was to escort the president of the United States from the Las Venturas Airport to the Planning Department where he would sign some autographs and do some top secret things. The pay for this mission would be $5 000 000, if I was successful.


I was in my Sentinel driving him to the Planning Department with a few bodyguards. There, I pulled the car on the sideway and we walked inside. While we were walking to the top floor, I counted 25 police officers plus 30 FBI guys. On the last floor, two men greeted us and we walked to a small room with a couple of chairs in it, at the end of the hall. Half o the way made, one of them stopped and took something from his right shoe. After a few minutes, everything went to hell. The president had been shot and was heavily bleeding and we were pinned down in the small room we were supposed to go.


“Nilsson! We must take out these terrorists!” yelled Thompson. He was the president’s closest bodyguard.


“How? They must be 15 and we’re only seven including the president, jävla rövhal,” I replied. I seriously wished that these two guys who had welcomed us had not been terrorists.


“God damn it! Where are the others?” asked Blinton. He was the last FBI agent alive on this floor.


“What if there are more downstairs?” I asked. I looked over the terrorists’ location and shot two of them.


“I don’t know but... Good shooting, man,” he complimented my shooting. He took a peek over, shot down three of these guys before getting touched straight between the two eyes. We were six against ten.


“f*ck! They all have AK-47’s and extra armour,” grunted Thompson. He pulled out his Desert Eagle and killed a terrorist.


“I’ll go with Kauffman and Dell clean up the place. Cover us,” said Mirado. They ran in the corridor and they took out four of them. They tried to reload their weapons but they were not fast enough. It was now a three versus five battle.


Five minutes later, smoke started to fill up the fourth floor and they tried to seize the opportunity to approach us. One of them was able to take cover. As a hopeless act, he tried to shoot the president. It was a failure. Thompson called for an extraction helicopter then we dragged the president near the stairs and I headed down to the third floor.


Hiding behind the third floor door, ten terrorists were massacring these poor police officers and FBI dudes. They had Molotovs. It was explaining the smoke. I was trying to figure out a way to get rid of them when I noticed I had Grenades on me. I threw one to them and it exploded killing them all. I ran to the door, took cover and threw another one because seven of these guys were coming straight into my direction. It detonated and they flew all over the place.


Then, we could hear blades of a helicopter coming. Thompson and the president arrived and told me it was the rescue team. I looked through the window. He had requested a Maverick. We started to hear shoots then the sound of a Rocket Launcher. Thompson and his “passenger” were in the staircase and I had two bad situations. A group of terrorists were running to my position and the helicopter was about to crash straight into the building. I jumped in the staircase and took cover on the ground while the Maverick destroyed the whole floor. When we came back to our minds, two police officers came from the ruins. They were the only survivors.

Edited by Secronom President
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Fear Inc.


Los Santos - Alhambra Club


Barb Wire Bat, Molotovs,


Alpha, Maverick


Meth Lab - Carried over


Is that alright for my new gang?

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Hi could you put me in Grove street but I need time to think a story ok????

Which property?

The Johnson House

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((Sorry I'm late. I mean REALLY late. I had to rush the last part a bit, got caught up in some Ace Combat fanfic writing if you might be interested.


Also, buying the Clover. $150))


Forelli Brothers

Chapter 1-2: Rally Venturas


The warehouse at the freight depot reminded me almost exactly of the one in Atlantic Quays, only much, much hotter. At least the foreman's office where Richie worked had air conditioning. Richie even dressed like he actually figured himself the foreman, sweat-stained wifebeater and all.


The two of us took seats in front of his desk.


"Mornin' Richie," Carlo began.


"Hey guys," Richie replied, his attention clearly perked up by my presence, "Frankie sent the kid as the extra muscle?"

I winced, "Yeah, and he packed my lunch. Vito sent me."

"Well, I s'pose if Vito's okay with it. Anyway, I got a job for the two'a you."


Richie got out of his seat and walked over to a map of the state pinned to a board on the wall. Several thumbtacks jutted out of it, probably marking shipping routes or clubs he could get into.


"Our guy in the LVPD needs some livestock delivered from Fort Carson out in Bone County to the freight depot to help his reputation."

"What's a cop need with a pile of steak?" Carlo asked.

"Hell if I know, but it ain't for the Policeman's Ball," Richie explained, "In return, he'll pull some strings to make sure we don't get any trouble with our shipments until Red County."


"That's...not very far," I replied, looking at the map. Red County was actually just south of the Venturas metro.


"Yeah, but it's better than nothing. 'Specially when there's a Triad casino just down the strip from..." Richie dragged his finger down the map from the Freight Depot to a red thumbtack, "...here."


It wasn't hard to notice which casino that thumbtack marked. The blindingly Oriental Four Dragons Casino at the Strip's south end was the last major landmark that stood between Venturas and the bridge to Red County. And it was run by the Triads, who were no less friendly to the Families on this coast than the East.


"Okay, we're up for it," Carlo volunteered.


"Yeah, but what about the kid?" Richie asked again.


"I already vouched for him man, chill."


"I was just f*ckin' with ya," countered Richie, "But this ain't Liberty City. Bone County cops like to go Deliverance on kids, so take Jimmy with ya just in case." He pointed out the window of the foreman's office, downstairs to a rather large goon-type ordering people about. It wasn't hard to miss him with the bright-red shirt he was wearing. We collected him on the way back to Carlo's Elegant.


"What's the plan?" I asked, as we pulled out onto the street.


"Easy. You'll just distract the cops."


"Oh yeah, make ME the bait again."


"At least it's not like that time we had to shake down that fetish store."


I shuddered in my seat. "Don't make me remember."


"Fetish store?" Jimmy suddenly asked. "What've you two been doing together?"


"Shut up," Carlo and I replied in unison before Carlo continued, "Anyway, you're the Fast and Furious guy, so you shouldn't have any trouble."


We stopped by the used car lot by the airport to get a 'distraction' car, since Carlo wasn't about to risk the Elegant. According to Jimmy, at least a third of the lot's selection consisted of Cash-4-Clunker cars that the owner "keeps reminding himself to disable."


In other words, he was ready to get them off his hands knowing that whomever he sold it to would end them up in the junkyard anyway. No receipt and a few bucks to produce some paperwork and it'd never get traced back to him. All I had to do was ask for the bargain bin, something the dealer was happy to show me.


The 'bargain bin' here consisted of a variety of late-model Landstalkers and pickup trucks that had gone out of automotive fashion. There were a few minivans too. Yet it was a Clover, of all the possible car models, that stuck out among the selection. I couldn't tell which color it had originally been because half the body panels had been replaced at one point or another. I was even more surprised that someone actually allowed them to exchange it.


I went toward it and popped the hood out of sheer curiosity, and was pleasantly surprised.


Someone had actually kept the engine of this thing in good condition. I figured its V8 would put out enough power to at least beat a standard Vapid fleet model. And that meant I had to conceal my surprise so the dealer didn't charge me extra.


"Well, this thing looks like it'll go a few miles," I sighed.


"Yeah, long enough to get out of my sight," he replied, "That thing's an eyesore even if it's a junker.. You can have it for a hundred-fifty long as I don't see it ever again."


"Deal," I replied. The salesman reached into his pocket and pulled out the keys, apparently keeping them on hand for the day someone finally got that Clover off his lot.


I expected to regret my purchase knowing that the air conditioning in the car had probably already failed, though I countered that with the expectation that I could just dump it somewhere once it finally tuckered out and they could just haul it back to the junkyard while I disappeared.


I did forget to expect Carlo and Jimmy laughing at my choice of car as we drove our new 'convoy' out into the desert. The desert heat put that out of mind pretty quickly.


Fort Carson, as it happened, was not as much an 'oasis' as I'd suspected. The town seemed to be thriving thanks to the nearby river. TerrOil had rebuilt the old gas station there to accommodate trucks passing through. A Linerunner and its trailer were already waiting there for us as we pulled in, along with its driver, who looked like he'd trucked practically everything in his lifetime.


"That's the truck," Carlo replied as we got out. He went and talked things over with the truck driver while I made a mad dash to the store to buy an eight-pack of Sprunk to cool me down.


I took a can and stashed the remainder in my passenger seat. We then popped the trunk of the Elegant and distributed the weapons. I got a shotgun and my sidearm, Jimmy got the Tec-9. All three of us got two-way radios to make us look like a more proper 'convoy,' while I also got a Bone County map to guide me since this was quite literally the first time I'd been out in the desert.


Fort Carson was still in our rear-view mirrors when a trio of police cruisers raced at us from a nearby intersection and switched on their sirens.


"Here they come!" Carlo radioed.


"Don't worry, I've got 'em," I replied, pulling my pistol out and firing it in the cops' general direction.


Clearly Bone County cops did not tolerate getting shot at, as my antics had gotten all but one of the cars off of Carlo and Jimmy's Elegant. The bad news was that a county Ranger had also joined in the fun, right as I decided to try losing them in the oil refinery just over the next road.


I kept the Clover to the gravel roads, hoping as the car's rumblings wreaked havoc on my spinal column that its rally heritage would pull through against the Ranger. I knew it wouldn't stand a chance if it ended up on sand.


The first police cruiser spun out after a particularly sharp curve, but I didn't have time to celebrate as I spotted what looked like a mound that led right over an oil pipeline just ahead. Feeling gutsy (and perhaps overestimating the car's abilities compared to the high-performance stuff I stole for the Import/Export garage in Liberty), I gunned it toward the ramp.


My back arched in recoil as the Clover landed and nearly spun out as its wheels found concrete again. The eight-pack (now technically a seven-pack) leapt off the seat and landed in the footwell. The second cruiser wussed out, stopping on the ramp, but the Ranger's offroad suspension helped it clear the ramp easily and land smooth enough to continue pursuit. This left me no choice to lead them onto the interstate.


I let off the gas, allowing the Ranger to pull ahead just a little as I reached for my shotgun and stuck it out the window.


My shotgun then discharged 12-gauge fury into the Ranger's giant rear wheel, blowing it out. The SUV quickly lost control and spun out into the desert sand, panicked drivers creating a substantial pileup in its wake just trying to evade.


The Ranger faded into the distance, and things calmed down as my car sputtered back into Venturas. I kept off the Strip to avoid any more police attention, glancing repeatedly at the map to find out the shortest route back to the freight depot.


"Z! How's things!" I was relieved to hear Jimmy's voice over the radio.


"Got the cops off me, and the Clover's still holding up nice."


"Everything's good over here, Z." Jimmy said over the radio, "Good to see Frankie's boy growing up."


"Heh, thanks, Jimmy."


"Anyway, I gotta get the car's plates changed," Jimmy added, "I dropped Carlo off at the depot with the truck. Catch you 'round."


The Clover somehow managed to keep itself from dying until I pulled into the freight depot, my eight-pack now already down to three. The truck had also arrived completely intact on the opposite side of the depot from Richie's warehouse. The driver already left, leaving Carlo with the police contact Richie had told me about. The two were talking as I got out.


"Hey, who are you?" the officer replied, going for his gun.


"That's the driver I told you about," Carlo replied, gesturing to stop him.


"You sure you're old enough to be driving?" the officer joked as he introduced himself. "Sergeant Morrison, LVPD."


I shook his hand. "Yeah, I'm Zeno Forelli. You sure you wanna be seen with a truck fulla livestock?"


"Well, not exactly." Morrison replied, as he walked up to the back and opened it up. We were quickly overwhelmed with a stench almost as intense as our surprise.


"Illegals. A whole truckload of them," he said, observing the huddled masses with very visible disgust. "They may not look it but give 'em a few months and they'll be wearing 'Vato' colors and hustling dope. And that isn't counting the mules." He closed the trailer doors again as soon as he finished.


"You gonna give 'em to some fruit farmers or something?" Carlo asked.


"Nope. I'm gonna chuck 'em out of the country," Morrison replied, "Funny thing is, the Bone County cops always say they're gonna do it but they're the ones that make 'em do the jobs Americans don't want. The Chief keeps passing me over for promotion, so I need something big."


I took a deep breath. "Pfft. So we ended up doing NOOSE's dirty work."


"No, you two are just a couple of vigilant citizens helping protect our country," Morrison replied, sarcastically mimicking the lines he intended to give at a press conference, "And it'll help make your life down in Los Santos easier. Anyway, you two had better get outta here before the reporters show up."


"Right," Carlo said, "See ya 'round Morrison. Let's get outta here, Z."


"Cool," I snickered, "We can take my car." I pointed to the black-and-blue (or was that blue-and-black?) Clover, still sitting to the side of the parking area.


"Wow, that thing's still alive?"


"Like a f*cking zombie. Dunno what I should do with it though."


"There's an auto shop out in Redsands that Jimmy probably told you about. Let's see if they can't do something nice with it..."


Chapter End

Edited by Forelli_Boy
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  • 2 weeks later...

Hey guys, i'd like to join the triads at Four Dragons Casino, but its been 2-3 years since i played. Refill me in on what the area around the casino looks like, and i'll get to writing smile.gif

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$300 for the remaining 4 chapters.





Catching and gripping story.  I liked the chase scene, but a Clover?  tounge.gif  No real mistakes, perhaps a comma or two that could be debated to not be required.


Theme of the Week (even though it's been there all month... perhaps we'll start calling it Theme of the Month) approved, all 3 sub-categories met totaling $368.

Authority Confrontation met, earning an additional $150.

Total for Forelli_Boy's story: $518





Four Dragons Casino was/is Woozie's casino.  It's the one that's by the freeway on the main strip in Las Venturas, if that rings any bells.

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It's been 3 weeks since I've created my Fear Inc and haven't recieved any payments from the Meth Lab yet. That's $800 x 3= $2400.


And after that could I sell the Meth Lab leaving me with $5500.


After that I'll start to write some stories again. icon14.gif

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Chapter 1 coming soon. Someone else post next so i don't double post?


Btw Got this theme for my psp:http://www.psp-themes.net/gaming-games-themes/grand-theft-auto-mixed-up-2731-psp-theme.htm

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Prologue: They call me the Ak Assassinator.



"Jack!” Screamed Twang Yam chi

“What?” I screamed back.

“You are in big trouble!”

“What for this time?” I chuckle, “Did I piss on the cops cars again?”

“No! You started a war! Come look!” He motioned for me to look at the television.


“Today in Liberty City,” Began the news anchor, “A violent gang war started between the Leone family and the Triads. Many believe Tony Cipriani caused the first blow, while triad member Jack Deluke caused the second.” She turned and looked at the other camera, “Liberty City police are doing all they can to stop the madness, insuring peace will be restored soon enough.”

“This is bullsh*t!” I yell, “He burned down our factory! So, I killed Salvatore’s Dog! Why the hell would he care about that?”

“Simple. That dog belonged to him, but when he had less and less free time, he gave it to Salvatore.” Twang answered, trying to calm me down.

“But, how do you know that?” I question.

“Because, we have a rat on the inside.” He replied.



“Why do we put such trust in a mole? He could be ratting us out about ratting them out.” I object.

“Agreed. After this he is no longer useful to us. I want you to kill him. We only have two weapons available at the moment. Take your choice, an Ak-47 or a Katana.” He motions for either one, suggesting the Katana.

“I’ve always been an Ak kind of guy,” I grin.



“Get going. We have more things to discuss after this. Good luck, and I wish god’s speed for you, my boy.” Twang says, before running back inside to discuss matters with his co-leader.


“Hello Liberty city! This is Lazlow from Chatterbox! Today we will be having a special guest on the show! Toni Cipriani.” Stunned, I turn up the volume.



“Twang, Jack. I know your listening. That mole your going to kill, has a friend who’s also a mole. He heard everything. Now, don’t worry. I killed both of the moles. But remember this. This is a war now. Jack, I know your driving, and you were most likely going to kill the mole, but I’ll cut you a deal. If you kill my good buddy Vincenzo, I’ll call off this gang war. What do you say?” Toni finishes. I begin to contemplate his offer when my phone rings.


“Jack! It’s Twang! Don’t accept his offer! Vincenzo is with me. We are plotting to take Toni down!” He states, “I have a new job for you. There is a man by the name of 8-Ball. He has a brother named 6-Square. Go kill him, he works at Ammo-nation.


I begin to pull in to Ammo-Nation, when I notice that 6-Square is on the road. I put my car in full wheel drive, and gas it. Right when the car is about to run him over, he turns and dives. I get out of the car.


“End of the line, F*cker.” I blast three shots from my AK-47 into his skull.

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Gta3LoverBoy, your story looks half-finished. If that's the case you should save it and come back to it when you're ready to finish it.


I would say you can start anywhere you want in your first story, so long as you find a way to end up in San Andreas.

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Chapter 1: Saved my life, killed a sniper, and a bad-ass triad member? I like you already.





user posted image

I began driving back to Twang’s Hideout. I turned on my favorite radio station, the Slim shady 24/7 Station. As I turned the corner, I noticed three mafia men standing by the strip club.



“Holy sh*t…” I whispered to myself.

“What the hell! Wait, Stop! No!” I heard one of the citizens behind my car scream. One of the mafia men had produced a Katana, and began slicing and dicing everything in his way. I noticed he cut the legs and arms off first, before asking some questions. If they had answers, he let them go. If they didn’t, they’d be killed slowly, and painfully. I began to reach for My AK-47. As I was reaching for it, one of them came over to my car.



“It’s Jack! The guy we were looking for!” He screamed.

“Pull him out of the f*cking car!” One of the others screamed.

He reached towards me, only to be punched in the jaw. Not by me, but by a citizen who was missing a leg.

“Run! Before they get you!” I stared in amazement at her. “Quit staring and drive Dumbass!”

I did as she said, and hit the gas. Then I realized something. She was Twang’s daughter. Twang must be hurt, he’d send himself over his daughter.



I quickly pulled out my cell-phone, and dialed Twangs number.

He picked up.

“Jack! They are attacking! There’s an AK and a Katana by the fire station! Collect it and get to the airport. Tell them your name, I’ve arranged a flight to San Andreas for you! My business partner, Lee Murklin will help you from there. One more thing, whatever you do, do not run into-” He never got to finish. I must collect the money and get the hell out of here.



I made a quick U-turn and began to head for the fire station. Once there, I collected the weapons, and headed straight for the airport. When I arrived, I noticed the Mafia had slaughtered all there. Blood everywhere, snipers on top of the building, Toni and Joey guarding the plane entrances. There’s no escape, I began to think, im a goner. Then I heard a little Whisper in my head. “Your not a goner.” It said, and I let it continue, “There is a small helicopter you can fly to the Staunton airport. Use it, and get the hell out of here before it is too late. Good luck, jack.” Whether it be god or my conscious, I don’t care. It’s my only chance. If this is my only escape, I’ll use. I ran over to the airport luggage cart, and commandeered it. I drove as fast as I could, which was a stunning 20 MPH.

Then I heard it. Totally forgot about the snipers.

“There he is! Fire!” The sniper perched above the airport screamed. From the tree’s the surrounding buildings, and the airport itself, I was being shot. Then, from out of no where, I noticed the airport doors were un-guarded, because Toni and Joey had run to the top of the building to snipe.



Quickly regaining my composure, I shot over to the Airport doors, and darted towards the Airplane I was boarding. I jumped on, and the plane was filled.

“Emergency plane ready for take-off!” He screamed. Right before we took off, Toni kicked down one of the doors.

“Payback time, Bitch.” He said. Running towards me, he produced a Katana.

I produced one of my own. I was being very careful not to get stabbed, and tried to time my attacks.

He made the first lash, which was an epic miss. Off by several inches, it gave me space to strike. While I was attempting to do so however, he reached up for my blade. Taking it, he threw both out the door.

“Fist-Fights only, and you’ll lose.” He grinned.

“Who said it was a fist fight?” I grinned back, Pulling out my AK-47, as I began to load bullets, he grabbed a parachute and jumped.

“This isn’t the end! It’s never going to be over! I will win! You’ll see!” He screamed.



As I sat down, I began to notice the passengers. Full of panic, looking at me like im some sort of psycho. Oblivious to the fact I probably saved all of our lives. The pilot didn’t feel quite right either. Not only did he seal the door way to the cockpit shut, he turned the heat up. A lot. It was hotter than San Andreas. I wonder where this plane is going, anywhere but Vice city, I hope.


Feeling tired, I slip into a dark sleep.



As I awake, I notice that we have landed. The passengers are lined up, waiting to step off the plane. Since I was asleep, I’m the last one off. As I step outside im un-sure of what city we are in. However, once I see Twang’s Casino I know instantly. This is San Andreas. Another thing that hits me, I won’t just be working with Lee, I’ll be working with Woozie too!




A Chinese babe in an all leather suit approaches me.


“Jack Deluke?” She asks.

“Yes.” I reply

“Lee Murklin” She replies, “Your blushing, is something wrong Mr.Deluke?”

“Oh nothing. Just never worked with someone so pretty before” I smoothly reply.

“Haven’t heard that one before.” She winks, “Let’s get down to business. Before we can continue any type of relationship, business, or otherwise,” She winks again, “ I need you to get comfy in your new house, and get a new car. Would you like a Red truck or a yellow Convertible?” She asks.



“A red Truck, please.” I reply, “And if it’s alright, I’d like to stay with you.”

“Actually, I have a place set up for you. The Casino has a hidden floor, you will be sleeping in.” She blushes.

“Ok, Will Woozie be there?” I ask.

“Shortly, he is returning from a business trip.” She states, “But if you get lonely, drop by”

With that, I set off to my new home.



When I arrive at my home- the casino- one thing hits me. This place is amazing. All the slots, the food, the drinks. It smells like raw chicken, but I can let that pass.

“Get me a Coors Light” I say approaching the bar.

“Ok.” The bartender replies, “Here you go, sir.”

“Thank you, here’s a twenty, keep the change.” I say, heading upstairs to my new room.



“No! Ha-ha! No, why would I sell out your room to someone else?” A fat, tan man says as I enter my room.

“I’ll call you back, the new guy is here.” He says, “Listen kid, I don’t know who sent you, but-”

“Lee sent me.”

“Oh, well then, Welcome to your new home!” He says.


“Now how the f*ck am I supposed to tell Mark he can’t stay here..” I hear him whisper. I quickly unpack my things with gentle care, including my precious AK, and decide to call up Lee.


“Yes?” She asks, “Who is this?”

“It’s Jack, I’m unpacked now.”

“Well, take your new truck out for a drive. Go pick up my money under the fire truck and there might be a little reward for you when you get back.” She hints.

“Ok, later.” I hang up, and begin to get in my car.

As im driving, the radio stations are a lot different. I tune into K-DST, as I love classic rock. I pull up at the fire-truck. I reach under and grab the suitcase. Easy enough, I think to myself.

I hop back in my car, and begin to drive towards Lee’s. As I arrive she is waiting outside for me.

“Don’t walk forward.” She whispers, “It’s a trap. Look above to your left, and shoot your Ak, very quickly.”

I do as she says and look up to my left, blindly firing my AK, hitting two snipers.



“Now, un-tie me.” She motions, I do so and then hand her the suitcase.

“Saved my life, killed a sniper, and a bad-ass triad member? I like you already.” She winks, then gives me a kiss on the cheek. “Good luck, Jack. I will see you tomorrow.”

“Good luck with what?”

“Making it through the night. This is a dangerous state, One triads aren’t quite welcome in.” She winks, before heading inside. I think im in love.

I begin to drive back to my house, but I notice the casino has protestors outside.

“Gambling and strippers suck!” One of them screams.



“Now, now, calm down.” I say, smiling.

“Never!” They all start to run at me with bats, when two triads with AK’s stand beside me, firing, as I do the same.

“Thanks boys.”

“No problem, Woozie told us when he’s not around you and Lee are in charge.” He smiles.

“I love this state.” I chuckle, "Any idea when Woozie will be back?"

"2-3 Days, according to Lee." He replies.

"Ok, well you stay out here and guard the door. I'll clear the guys inside."

I open the door and walk in to a blood bath. Men with Katana's everywhere. I pull out mine, ready to go. The first of them runs at me, swinging blindly.

I grab him by the throat, force him to drop the sword, and use both to slice his throat. I am now using two, which gives me the advantage. The rest of his guys run out the door, scared. Except for one brave guy, whom i kill with a slash.

"I Really love this state."

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Actually, I was referring to the fact that there is a total of nine members. I don't care if it hasn't been responded to in a few days, it's a pinned topic, it's not like that has any cosmetic effect on it.

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