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Glenster's Some of Vice City Starter Saves


Recommended Posts

Glenster's Some of Vice City Starter Saves

featuring Klarnetist's 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air

and Alpert Saracoglu's Administrative Console

Now with the original '57 details and colors for the Chevy





One of the original '57 Chevy details Klarnetist added before I got to it is

one that many may miss unless they check it out with a sniper rifle scope or

zoom in with the Camera: the Chevy bow tie logo is in the middle of each hubcap.


To have the latest update, make sure the package contains my Feb.2, 2012

update of the Hermes, installation instructions, etc.


user posted image

I like "Vice City," so I usually don't want parts of it already done for me.

But since there are certain abilities and weapons I nearly always have Tommy get

before entering the Ocean View apartment building, and replaying the game can

make it monotonous to have him get those things, I had him get them for a start-

er save game for v.1.


Unfortunately, several weapons are replaced early in the main missions: the

.357 is replaced in "Back Alley Brawl," the M4 in "Guardian Angels," and the

Minigun in "Phnom Penh '86." So I included a second save game that has the same

things plus the main missions through "Guardian Angels" then just missions for

Diaz (no Assassination or Avery Carrington missions) up to and including "Phnom

Penh '86," after which I had Tommy go on another ammo run.


I recommend using the first save game just for the same main missions up to

"Phnom Penh '86" then using the second one for everything else you base subse-

quent saves on. You might consider the second one a belated starter save.


Otherwise, I like to change the handling of the Sentinel ("The Driver"), RC

Bandit, and the Angel (to make it like the Angels of Tommy's three competitors

in "Alloy Wheels of Steel") in data > handling.cfg, so I included a modded copy

of that file with those changes. I explain how you can make those changes, or a

few other such handy changes, yourself at the end of the ReadMe. I added a

copy of the original handling.cfg for those people who forget to make a copy of

it before they make those changes.


A grateful thanks to Russian modder Klarnetist for giving me the permission to

include his 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air two door hard top mod with this package.

[email protected]




See the "1957ChevroletBelAir" folder for Klarnetist's 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air

two door hard top mod, which replaces the Oceanic, related files I modded and

the original versions, and installation instructions.


I added a 90% save game, GTAVCsf3.b, because I wanted to change the

colors of the saved vehicles a little more. All that's left to do on it for 100%

completion are the Unique Jumps for Starfish Island, Prawn Island, and the

west island.





To use the starter save game files, GTAVCsf1.b and GTAVCsf2.b, Copy and Paste

them into the Documents > GTA Vice City User Files folder. The number in the

name of the file is the save slot it takes--you can rename them to use them in

the save slots you prefer.


In both save games, Tommy has zero for Times Busted, Times Wasted, and, aside

from the main missions mentioned above for the second save game, zero for most

of the missions except:


100 Hidden Packages collected--pickups for Armor, Chainsaw, .357, .308 Sniper,

Minigun, and Rocket Launcher are at the Ocean View apartment and the Hyman Con-



Sub-missions done:


Vigilante to level 56--Tommy has 150 maximum Armor and over 3 million dollars


Pizza delivery--Tommy has 150 maximum Health (175 with the prostitute gimmick)


Paramedic--Tommy has the infinite sprint


Firetruck--Tommy is fireproof



Weapons Tommy is equipped with: Brass Knuckles, Screwdriver, Molotovs, .357,

S.P.A.S. 12, Uz-I, M4, Minigun, and the .308 Sniper


The ammo count isn't shown for the Minigun because it has more ammo than the

game shows a count for. Once the ammo count drops low enough, the game will

show it.


Weapon, Armor, clothes, etc., pickups reappear in 6 game hours (five plus min-

utes actual time) if Tommy is at least about twenty feet from the spot of the

pickup. Since Tommy has 100 Hidden Packages and owns the Hyman Condo, you can

have him use the ammo run I used:


Have him get Molotovs from Tacopalypse to the east of the condo, the .357,

.308 Sniper, and Minigun from the roof of the condo, go south for two M4 pickups

(on the block south of Auntie Poulet's shack and the alley to the west of Umber-

to Rubino's restaurant), further south to the Vice Surf billboard for a S.P.A.S.

12 pickup, and come back north for the Uz-I pickup under the stairs of the Skum-

ole Shack. By the time he gets to Tacopalypse again, the pickups you had him

use before have probably reappeared or are about to reappear.


After "Rub Out," the .357, MP, and M4 will be for sale at the Downtown Ammu-



Before a Rampage, switch to the same weapon slot as the weapon provided by the

Rampage or the weapon you had in that slot will be gone afterwards.



The save places bought for the first save game are 3321 Vice Point, the Skum-

ole Shack, and the Hyman Condo, which is where the game is saved. Locations:


- 3321 Vice Point is across the street from the northeast corner of North

Point Mall.


- The Skumole Shack--to have Tommy go there, have him go north on the main

north and south road of the west island to where it divides in the southern

Downtown area, and take the road of it that veers northeast--where it bends more

to the north, the stairs up to the Skumole Shack are on his left.


- The Hyman Condo entrance is on the north side of the alley which has a po-

lice bribe pickup and runs diagonally southwest to northeast between the two

roads that extend south from the two most northern blocks of the west island.


The Hyman Condo garages contain a Rhino, Oceanic, Vice Cheetah, Taxi, Hotring

B, and a Sentinel. I included an Oceanic in case you want to use Klarnetist's

1957 Chevrolet Bel Air mod, and I included a Sentinel so it would be nearby in

case you want to use the optional modded handling.cfg.


The second save game adds the Ocean Heights Apartment save place (on the south

end of the east island, the second block from the east, on the northwest corner)

which is where the "EP" Admiral is stored.


I used Alper Saracoglu's GTA Vice City Administrative Console for the second

save game to add Hotring B (normally only seen in the Hotring race) to the big

garage of the Hyman Condo, add a few other favorites to garages for properties

not bought yet, and make the vehicles stored in garages (not others in the game

by the same names) explosion, destruction, fire, and bullet-proof. Some have

colors you don't normally find in the game, too.



(Aug.30, 2010: I used Alper Saracoglu's GTA Vice City Administrative Console

with the second save file to correct the number of criminals killed in the Vig-

ilante mission from 400 to 610 and change some of the vehicles stored in garages

and give them colors I liked better. The top of the Caddy kept showing up black

instead of white, though.)


Those stored vehicles will still be EP/DP/FP/BP even though you don't use the

Administrative Control and even if you send one into a Pay 'n' Spray. If you

prefer a strictly vanilla "Vice City," just get rid of the vehicles I stored for

the second save game--everything else was done with an unmodified "Vice City."





Optional file--a modded handling.cfg file, Moddedhandling.cfg, can be used



- a super Sentinel for "The Driver" and the "Sunshine Auto Races,"


- an Angel with the increased handling ability of the Angels of Tommy's three

competitors in "Alloy Wheels of Steel" for the "Sunshine Auto Races" and which

can also be used for "The Driver" (by leaving it off the road by the fourth palm

tree south of the first right turn of the course, which is the second right

south of the Malibu Club--the first is a 90 degree turn and the second one veers

to the right at a smaller angle--before the race and switching to it), and


- an RC Bandit that's easier to drive for "RC Bandit" (thanks to Demarest for

the RC Bandit handling code).


To use the file, go to your main game folder and Delete handling.cfg from the

data folder, Copy and Paste Moddedhandling.cfg and Orighandling.cfg to the data

folder, and remove the preface "Modded" or "Orig" from the file you want to use

at the time.


The Sentinel and Angel will spawn on nearby land if Tommy drives them into wa-

ter due to the -1 in column I (percent submerged). The only problem that might

come up is that the Vigilante mission, in higher levels, might not destroy one

of a set of criminals' vehicles by dropping it into the sea. I don't know if

this handling file change causes that vehicle to appear on nearby land or not.


The Sentinel is invulnerable to wrecks due to the 0.00 in column Y (collision

damage multiplier). If you use the modded file beyond the suggested missions,

remember that changing the handling.cfg file to make a vehicle invulnerable to

wrecks makes all the vehicles of that name that way.


If modded, the Sentinel isn't bullet, fire, rocket, flipped on its back, or

Rhino bump-proof, though (not counting the one I used the Administrative Console

to save at the Hyman Condo), so Tommy can still destroy the Sentinels of the

juror in "Jury Fury," the Psycho in "Psycho Killer," the lady gangsters in "Hit

The Courier," and any of the criminals of a Vigilante mission who appear in Sen-



Alternatively, you could change column Y for the Sentinel back to 0.56. If

you bang up the Sentinel by driving it faster and it starts to burn, you can

press Esc to pause the game to type:




Then press Esc to return to the game. But modded as it is in my modded han-

dling.cfg file, the Sentinel is liable to bump into things at great force now

and then, so I'd leave column Y at 0.00.


Don't use the modded file for "Alloy Wheels of Steel." If you have Tommy jack

one of the three competing contestants' Angels for the race, it already has in-

creased handling ability and the added increase will probably make the Angel

seem too responsive for you. You can have Tommy use a different Angel such as

one of the Angels that are always found parked in front of Mitch Baker's biker

bar, The Greasy Chopper, but the competitors' bikes won't wreck.

Edited by glenster
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Update 9/26/2010: I added two optional oceanic.txd files after I modded

Klarnetist's 1957 Chevrolet two door hard top to give it the red and red-

speckled black seats of a '57 Chevy. One has 1957 Pennsylvania license plates

and the other has 1986 Dade county (the county Miami is in) Florida license


Update 9/28/2010: I modded the Chevy of the two files I modded on 9/26 to

have a red dash, ceiling, etc.

user posted image


v Thanks! smile.gif

Edited by glenster
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  • 2 weeks later...

Nice updates Glenster, believe it or not I still have VC installed. Whenever I restarted the game the most annoying thing to me was the Firetruck missions being canceled for no apparent reason. Vigilante was fun with the Hunter unless the game glitched out then it was a waste of 45 minutes!

I might just have t check it out.

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  • 2 months later...

Update 12/14/2010: I added Alpert Saracoglu's Administrative Console.


Update 4/10/2011: I added an optional carcols.dat file that lets you give

the 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air some of the original 1957 colors, changed some colors

for the Sentinel, added school bus yellow to the colors for the Bus, and I added

a few details to some of the instructions here and there.

Edited by glenster
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  • 11 months later...

Update Feb.2, 2012: I raised the Hermes to be more like a stock 1949 Mercury

(I know it's supposed to be a lead sled, but in Vice City that means the under-

side hits curbs, etc., if it goes fast) and improved the handling for it for the

handling file in the "ModdedAndChevyHandling" folder. I added colors for it to

the carcols.dat file in the "1957Colors" folder. I changed the wheel size a bit

in the default.ide file in the "1957ChevroletBelAir" folder.


Update Jan.5, 2012: I added my "Legible Blimp" mod. I perked up the handling

of the Hermes a bit for the handling file in the "ModdedAndChevyHandling" fold-

er and made the wheels for it a bit bigger for the default.ide file in the

"1957ChevroletBelAir" folder. I moved the Chevy emblem to position it a bit

better on the grill of the '57 Chevy mod.


Update Dec.12, 2011: I changed Tommy's Armor to 169 and made a few changes to

the EP vehicles stored in garages. I chose the colors for EP Oceanics and Sen-

tinels with the Administrative Console. I recommend using the '57 Chevy mod for

the Oceanic, the carcols.dat file in my "1957Colors" folder, and picking your

favorite '57 colors for the Chevys with a Pay 'n' Spray.


Update Dec.2, 2011: I improved the ReadMe files, installation instructions,



Update Nov.28, 2011: I improved the accuracy of Coronado Yellow and made

Onyx Black a bit lighter.


Update Nov.11, 2011: I changed most of the details and interior colors of the

.txd file of the '57 Chevy to the authentic original '57 Chevy examples, added

the rest of the '57 Chevy exterior colors to the carcols.dat file in the "1957-

Colors" folder and improved the accuracy of the exterior colors I had before,

added a folder of screenshots that show the Chevy in all those colors, substi-

tuted Onyx Black for one of the colors of the Hermes, and I added a few details

to some of the instructions here and there.




Request for help:


Thanks to OnePiece for the advice about using Zmodeler, but I'm inexperienced

with it. I could use someone's help to change the .dff file to reduce the glare

(specular lighting?) of the exterior, make the colors for the engine and exhaust

pipes more realistic, and to move the dummy for the driver's position so their

hands are closer to the steering wheel.


- It's too bright--the side that faces a nearby light source looks bleached

out. For example, the side facing the light source in the Hyman Condo at night

looks white.


- I'd like the pale blue of the engine/exhaust pipes changed to silver/light



the yellow of the engine changed to medium gray,


and the black of the engine changed to dark gray.


- The dummy for the position of the driver should be moved a bit toward the

driver's door so their hands are at the steering wheel.


Less important:


- The steering wheel/steering wheel post colors should be able to be deter-

mined by a color in the .txd file.


- There should be thin horizontal pinstripes of chrome on the off-white sec-

tion (that features the Bel Air logo) of each tail fin.


PS: I came up with a '57 dash trim plate of metal with little square black

dots on it for the tekstura part of the .txd file, but the game takes a bit of

it and expands it in a blurry way, so I couldn't use it and settled for plain

silver grey. I had a similar problem with the way the game renders my depiction

of the seats. Let me know if anyone can fix it. I've enclosed a 1957ChevyDash-

Trim.bmp file, 5 x regular size (because I'd work on the tekstura file at that

size then would reduce it back to regular size), of that section of the tekstura

part of the .txd file.


RanxeroX' guess about the blurriness: "It's probably happening due to the way

the textures are being mapped onto the model. From what you're saying, it

sounds like the textures are UV-mapped using tiling to fill the area. To fix

it, it would require loading the model into a 3d editor and changing the mapping

to another type and possibly having to create a new texture bitmap that has the

full detail that you're after. This sort of thing opens up another can (or

more!) of worms though...cuz you'd have to import the original, make changes,

export the model and then, if you want to release it as part of your mod, get

permission from the original creator."



(GTW note: thanks again to Klarnetist for giving me permission to distribute

his Chevy mods, and he liked the changes I've come up with so far. But he's

taken his work files and VC off his computer and isn't modding for it anymore.)

Edited by glenster
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  • 4 years later...

Update July 2016

I updated my VC Starter Saves earlier this year



and added mods/saves for


the Steam edition and



the Liberty City mod


Edited by glenster
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