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Guess the mission!


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  • 2 weeks later...
Ok can I post?


1. A car is sh*tty in this mission.

2. An unknown man from foreign country is mentioned.

The Driver?

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  • 3 weeks later...
  • 2 weeks later...

MyDog hasn't posted back, his turn got deleted.


Some updates!

After leaving this un-updated since 1 Oct 2010, I thought that I should update the whole game.

First off all, some new rules added:




Do not make multiple answers in a posting for a single question. One guess per posting.


Someone posted a picture. You answered. Someone else said his opinion too, but after that don't post again until the person that posted the picture says if any of the answers are correct or not.


NO more passing! This is clearly. So, you're not allowed anymore to say 'I pass', to pass over your turn, just other to post again and you to get points. Give them all a chance. So, if it's YOUR turn than it's YOUR turn.


NO more double posts! Yes, no need to double post, before 24 hours have passed.


NO more off-topic posts! Please, if you have to ask something don't be afraid to PM me.


After you post your answer to an image posted by the previous member, and the previous member says that the answer is correct, edit your post posting the next picture!


This would be all the new rules.

Added signatures section - found in the first post. Also a new leader board.

Everything new is added in the first post, so go check it out.


Now, let's keep up with the game and make it a little active!


user posted image


Guess The Mission! smile.gif

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Just a small update - logo! smile.gif

I requested a logo for out little game. Major thanks to Narcis!


Enjoy. icon14.gif

Edited by miromiro
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