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Youtube problem


Recommended Posts

Ever since I reinstalled Windows 7, I have had this problem with youtube where video quality is blocky and multi-coloured. However, just the other day I noticed it happening in Media Player too. It only seems to be a problem with certain videos.


Here are some examples of this problem:


user posted image


user posted image


I presume this is a codec problem, since it only happens with a few videos. I installed the K-Lite codec pack to try and fix it, but that didn't work.



Anyone have any ideas?

Thanks in advance

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Very weird that it would affect FLVs as well! I recommend removing K-lite entirely, as well as any other video codecs you make have installed. Starts there, and see if that fixes the youtube issue.

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This is happening to videos you're watching that are on Youtube? If so link one.

Also what browser are you using?

A codec pack will not fix the problem with Youtube videos. Having the Flash correctly installed will.

What media player are you using? Windows Media Player or something like VLC or MediaPlayerClassic or what?

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I'm using the normal media player. I reinstalled flash yesterday, but the problem is still there


I tried playing that video file (the one I said had block quality in media player) in media player classic and it played just fine.

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Where is the link to which Youtube video this is?


You can install all of the codec packs you want, it won't matter when you're watching a Youtube video. Youtube has all of the codecs that you'll need to watch the videos on their server. Flash is just a wrapper to play those videos in. Think of it this way. Youtue is a virtual PC; Youtube has the codec, Flash is the media player.


You're confusing as well. First you complain about youtube videos. Then you say something about playing videos in WMP and say "...I tried playing that video file..." What video file?

If this is happening with all Youtube videos that's one thing but if it's only a few or one, then I need to know which one. As for "that video file" here again I need to know exactly which one or if it's all.

I need these details to I can narrow down where the problem is instead of guessing.

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These are some of the youtube videos I'm having problems with







That's just a few. Basically not all videos, but just the minority



I've only noticed it on one video on my PC, which may have just been a rendering problem thinking about it, so that can be disregarded.

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Ok so the videos you're having problem are the videos you uploaded.

Are there any videos on Youtube that you're also having this problem with?

Are these the same videos you're having problems with video as files on your computer?

What format and what codec are these videos using before you uploaded them Youtube?


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1. Yes, but I can't remember which ones

2. I think so, yes

3. I think it was the default Sony Vegas WMV Template I rendered them with. Not sure what codec that is

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re2. are there any other videos that you've downloaded that you also have this problem is what i was getting at?

For those videos that you made, what did you use to edit them? Sony Vegas? What did you use to capture them with and do they play fine before you edit them?

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1. Not that I can remember

2. I used Sony Vegas to edit them, and yes they play fine before I edit them. Infact, as far as I, they play properly after I edit them. It's when I upload them they stop playing right

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Ok they play fine for me on Youtube. I didn't watch it all the way through but in this case I would assume that if it starts off fine then the rest should be ok too.

And you said you tried it with other browsers and they all have the same result.

Not sure if this will help but it can't hurt; run chkdsk /f from the command line (if you need more details on how let me know what OS you're using) and also get a registry cleaner like CCleaner


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Thanks for the suggestions.


Running a registry cleaner didn't work.


I can't run chkdsk, since this is the laptop with the failing harddrive, so it causes a BSOD (The KERNEL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR)


Offtopic: Here's the status of it now


user posted image

Edited by james227uk
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Well I'm not sure how that would cause the problem with the videos but I would highly suggest getting a new HDD and quickly

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