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Criminal ratings

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I need to know how to increase my rating in a hurry. Can any1 help?

Edited by Skyf

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dude just kill alot of cops do not use cheats and destroy alot of cars, planes, and motorbikes (and what the hell do you need it anyway?)

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I've finnished the game 100% and all my stats are maxed. Exept criminal rating. It's ganna take months!!!

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If you start a new game you can do it in about 10 hours, but the game will be unplayable after--- meaning if you play it, the criminal rating will drop.


Essentially you use the accuracy to boost it.....


You can get your accuracy over 100% by using the hunter or sea sparrow and fire it at a blown up car..... the shots fired by these do not go up but your hits do meaning you can get well over 100%..... (I have a save with an accuracy of 416,000%)-- you get 5 points per 1% the above accuracy gave me a criminal rating of 2,000,000.....


You also need to accumulate $10,000,000 to get the god father ranking....


how to do it....


1. Collect at least 80 packages (this will unlock the sea sparrow at the mansion)-- this will take you about 90 minutes or so... you will need to get to the other islands.... this is easily done with one of the many methods shown here... http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=389100


2. Using the cone crazy doubling feature, get $10,000,000-- you will have to do cone crazy about 15 times beating your record by the minimum each time.... see the easy money guide...




3. Fire at least 100 shots-- the accuracy will not affect your criminal rating until you fire at least 100 shots.... do not go above this or it will take longer---


4. Park the sea sparrow behind sunshine autos and then go jack a car and park it so you can shoot it with the sea sparrow---


then tape down the fire button and let it go about 5 or 6 hours--- this is about right for 100 shots fired... will take longer the more shots you have fired-- the car will blow up... just keep shooting it...the "bullets that hit" will continue to rise as will your accuracy and your criminal ranking...


When your CR goes above 1,000,000 you will have the godfather criminal ranking.... but if you fire shots.... your accuracy will decrease, your CR will go down and it will change to what ever your criminal ranking number warrants....


I have verified this works....




If you want to do it any other way you are looking at alot of hours of work... it took me about 8 months of work (I say WORK because toward the end it was work and was not very fun anymore)...


There is a secret method to get it relatively fast in a game by massing up a ton of kills very fast but I have been sworn to secrecy.... wish I could share it because it is a pretty cool glitch/bug.... but I swore to the person that found it that I would not share it and I am a man of my word.

Edited by Spuds725

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Thanks alot Spuds,I think I can do it now. But in my opinion it's kinda dumb that accuracy can go over 100%. But I'm not complaining

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Whiite Devil

And Media Atention? I just need to keep getting wanted levels to get more?

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that one is difficult... you need to cause lots of explosions and not take a break... the longer you can make explosions occur without taking a break, the higher it goes but it goes up slower and slower the longer you do it.... think of it as the chaos meter in the mission for mitch baker


If you check my killing methods (link in my sig)... my method#2 causes it to go over 6000 after about 30 to 45 minutes or so.....


I want to say I got in a hunter and shot rockets at a wall while parked and it went up too... but it has been so long, I can't recall for sure... you may have to be hitting something like a blown up car.


Having 100% and unlimited ammo and an RPG helps this immensely...

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Whiite Devil

Thanks man!

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F this it Ive never raged more than trying this bs. id rather just leeave thst trophy as one ill never get or shoot helicopters for 2 years

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