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[REL|SA] Simple Cheat Tool


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This is a simple script for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas made using AutoHotKey which automates cheat code input by assigning each code to a hotkey combination. For instance, with this tool running in the background, pressing LAlt+Numpad 0 will trigger the God Mode cheat, whereas without this tool you'd have to manually type cainemvhzc.

It works by simulating the requisite keystrokes for each cheat, so from the game's perspective there's no difference between you typing the code yourself and the tool doing it for you.

There are 84 codes included in the script, which is the total number I could find online. If I've missed any let me know!

Download Simple Cheat Tool [203 KB]
GTAGarage.com Entry

Included in the RAR archive is the basic script file (which you'll need if you want to edit the hotkeys and cheat codes, but it requires AutoHotKey to be installed), a compiled executable version (which is what most people will need and doesn't require AutoHotKey) and a text file which contains the full list of cheats and their corresponding hotkeys.

To use the tool simply double-click the .exe file, start the game and during play press your desired hotkey. If the cheat has worked you'll hear a sound and a "Cheat Activated/Deactivated" notice will appear on the top-left corner of the screen.

A printer-friendly version of the list of hotkeys can be found here:


It has been optimised to spread across two pages without breaking up any of the subsections.

I made this tool for my own amusement, having had no luck finding a trainer which works with v3.0 of the game on Windows 7 x64, and have ordered the cheats/hotkeys in a way which I found to be the most comfortable. You may have different tastes and might want to edit the script to suit yourself. Feel free to do whatever you want with the script, I'm not fussed about receiving credit. This was merely a time-saving project for my own purposes and I have no interest in further developing the tool (except perhaps adding cheat codes I had previously missed).

If you have any questions or comments feel free to email me:

pmtabs (@t) gmail [dot] com

Or just reply here!

I'm not a programmer/scripter, and I was only able to cobble this tool together by using tutorials and forum posts on the AutoHotKey website, so be gentle with me tounge.gif

Hope you find it useful.

EDIT - 21st February 2011: Some antivirus software will flag this tool as a virus. It's a false positive wink.gif

Edited by PaddyM
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