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REAL First Person San Andreas

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San Andreas FPS



Hello, I see a fantastic script in this video, for GTA san andreas, the others first person scripts are very buggy this is better, i want use it in singleplayer ( script is from MTA:SA valhalla RPG server)

my question is:


Could we move this FPS script to singleplayer mode of gta san andreas?


Thanks in Advance

Edited by skumo

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No, it's a different coding language.

Try this mod

Video music

Edited by BnB

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I Already Knew this mod, it is buggy xD But thanks for answer

I did test the mod online, it is better, but i dont know to program scripts and coding,

I wish there a FULL fps mod like in gta 4 (= (, Some Proyects are in net (poor quality), i think that the most important would be camera position, in cj eyes, taking advantage of cj anims, that doesn 't seem very Difficult (a lot of CLEO scripts are more complicated )


A SIMPLE IDEA = CLEO FPS MOD is buggy becouse camera is fixed in position, the solution is make a script that moves camera like cj head,


see this ( without bugs of mess and textures, this mod would be interesting)







Someone to do the mod?


I think that this could be very interesting


Thanks for answers


NOTE: In Vice City exists a FULL FPS mod, San andreas deserves a REAL Fps MOD





Edited by skumo

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See if this help you tounge.gif



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