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[Tutorial] The Ballad of Gay Tony Logo Text

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Hello everyone.

Recently, I've seen a lot of crappy tutorials regarding this, so now I'm posting the original one. I will try and make it clear for everyone, even if they don't use Photoshop very often.


* BO(layername) = blending options for the layer "layername"


---Creating the image and the text---

0. Download and install the Go Long Font and these bling brushes.

1. Create a new image: transparent background, 1000x500, 72 px/inch.

2. Type the desired text in the center of the image (color red, Go Long font, bold, any size).

3. Name the layer "text0".

4. BO(text0): set Fill opacity to 0%.

5. BO(text0) > Stroke: 5px, position outside, #DFDFDF

6. Now, we will need the original text0 layer a few times, so duplicate it. Rename the copy "text1". Set text0 to invisible mode (click the eye near the layer).

7. BO("text1") > Stroke > Modify colour to red (#FF0000).

8. Rasterize the text1 layer and then create a new layer.

9. Select the new layer AND text1 and merge them. Make sure the resulting layer's name is still text1.

10. Add a new layer, make it black and put it last in the list (name it "bg").


---Creating the outside contour---

11. Hide the "bg" layer.

12. BO(text1) > Stroke > black. The size is variable (20 px +). The stroke's outside edge must be curvy. For the text in the screenshot I used a 21px stroke.

13. Create a new layer and merge it with text1. Name it text1.

14. BO(text1): Fill opacity: 0%

15. BO(text1) > Stroke > #878787, 4 or 5 px (I used 5).

16. Create a new layer and merge it with text1 . Name: "contour".

17. BO(contour) > Outer Light: white colour, opacity 75%, size 9px.

18. Duplicate "contour" and name it "contour_blur" and place it under "contour".

19. BO(contour) > Bevel and Emboss: default settings, but size = 0px.

20. Unhide the "bg" layer.

21. Select contour_blur, go to Filters > Blur > Gaussian Blur and apply it (keep rising the pixels number until the white halo around the line is visible. I used 6,4 px.).

22. Merge contour and contour_blur. Name: contour.


---Styling the text---

23. Unhide text0.

24. BO(text0): Opacity: 50%

25. Rasterize text0, create a new layer and merge it with text0. Name: text0.

26. Duplicate text0. Name the copy text0_blur and place it under text0. Hide text0_blur.

27. BO(text0) > Bevel and Emboss: default settings, but size = 0px.

28. BO(text0) > Color Overlay (white) 100% opaque.

29. Hide text0 and unhide text0_blur. Select text0_blur, go to Filters > Blur > Gaussian Blur and apply it (no more than 5px! I used 4).

30. Duplicate text0, name the copy text0_behindblur and put it under text0_blur.

31. Select text0_behindblur, apply Gaussian Blur (8-18px. I used 9.).


---Creating the text black background---

32. Hide text0_blur and text0_behindblur.

33. Duplicate text0, name the copy text0_bg, and place it above "contour". Hide "text0" and "bg".

34. BO(text0_bg) > Stroke: black, keep incrementing the width until the edge of the stroke touches the outside contour (it should cover the contour's halo from the inside). I used 22px.

35. Create a new layer and merge it with text0_bg. Name: text0_bg.

36. Select text0_bg, select the brush tool (solid, round, 60px, black) and paint over the gray letters.

37. Merge text0, text0_blur and text0_behindblur. Name: "text0"

38. Make everything visible.


---Creating the bling blings on the corners---

39. Create a new layer and place it on top of the others. Name it "halos".

40. Select the brush tool (first brush type, #DBDBDB, variable size (over 100px)). Apply anywhere you want to put the blings, on the text's edges.

41. Apply Gaussian Blur (30px)

42. Create 2 more layers, on top, bling1 and bling2

43. Select one of the star brushes you downloaded (I prefer the round one), resize it and apply it over the halos you've just created. My brush size: 100px. You can rotate them, whatever.


---Applying the gradient---

44. Create a new layer, on top. Name it "gradient".

45. BO(gradient): Blend Mode: Overlay.

46. Select the Gradient Tool (G) and create a new gradient: solid, 3 colours - #f0ff02, #f900aa, and #00d0fd.

47. Apply it on the image at a 30 deg. angle (top-down) from left to right.

(Optional: 48. Re-apply it for brighter colours.)



user posted image

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seems a little over-complicated, you can obtain the same result with less steps wink.gif

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It's not over-complicated. Basically, there are 5 things to do, I just explained them in detail.

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Come on, still TBOGT? I think it's been more than year since TBOGT got popular. Haven't you guys got bored of it?

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yea, i still remember when rockstar revealed the logo, the whole gfx section exploded, eveyone wanted a tbogt sig/av/logo

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Still it seems very cool.

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