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BioShock Infinite

Recommended Posts


I would say the ending is overrated, not the game itself.


I also wouldn't say he's trolling for just basing his opinion. I mean, THAT'S what the "board" is for.

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most overhyped game besides destiny

Wrong. Destiny was WAY more hyped than Infinite was while at the same time got mediocre reviews, therfore not living up to the hype. Infinite was hyped (not as much as Destiny was though) and got terrific reviews, therefore living up to the hype.


Try again troll.


By the way, if you're going to come onto this thread just to say, "LolZ most 0verhyped game sinz des3iny!". At least go into detail on why you didn't like the game. Since you didn't explain yourself, you're just looking to troll.

Edited by OnceAgainYoungFitzpatrick

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I still need to go back and finish this game. I enjoyed what I have played though. The surroundings are unique and funny at times. I even have the season pass. I did download all the DLC I think. I might get around to it eventually but since Next. Gen's came out I have no need to fire up the Xbox 360 anymore. I still have to finish the story on GTA V but when they announced the Next Gen. version I put it down for good cause I'm just going to have to start over again anyways. No clue why I'm so OCD regarding gaming. Like for instance, when BF4 came out, I put BF3 down forever and cannot go back to play it at all, ever. When GTA V came out, I can never play GTA IV again. Same with any sports game. Even if I don't own the newest version of the sports game, I can't go back and play the game before it, that I do own, because there is a better version out there and the back of my mind tells me not to play the old one. No clue. I'm as lost as all reading this. I'm so OCD when it comes to gaming and I hate it.

Edited by esmittystud101

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I still need to go back and finish this game.

If you aren't already and you have the capability play/finish the PC version. I can not stress that enough. :) This is one of those [few] games that is worlds apart between console and PC. In my mind they are two different games. The console version makes me feel like I am playing a 90's arcade game whereas the PC version has me deep inside Columbia.


The Burial at Sea DLCs are well worth it too. I never felt as rewarded with a DLC (and most games) then I did during the opening of Burial at Sea ep2.



@on the stupid "over hyped" stuff. Yeah, I don't think so. This was no Destiny style hype. And if you don't know that you are on a wide rail shooter going into a Bioshock game then you probably picked the wrong game for you.

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Okay, someone give me some general tips for the Flagship Core Defense please before I end up breaking my controller in rage! I just seem to keep getting overwhelmed by everything going on on the screen, and no matter what, the Patriots just end up destroying the core before I even know what's going on...

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