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GTA 2 on windows 7

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Hello every'buddy'! biggrin.gif


I'm seeing people which play GTA 2 on Windows 7. How is that possible? Am I able to play it on my laptop?


I own Acer Aspire 5741G, here are specs:

Intel Core i5 430M 2,26GHz

RAM: 2x2048 MB

Display: 15,6''

Resolution: 1366x768

HDD: 640GB



And I have to say I don't have any ServicePack installed.


I've installed GTA 2 15 mins ago and when I wanted to run it, it didn't start, just a message appeared saying: "GTA2 main executable has stopped working"


Is there any chance to run this game on this laptop?


Thanks in advance. smile.gif

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I play it on Windows 7, so it's not the OS making it crash on your system. It's probably a driver issue or some third party app.


Install this patch, run gta2 manager, select video and then window instead of full screen to see if that makes any difference.

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I have a laptop with Win 7 professional and GTA2 works almost as well as on my older desktop computer with windows xp. It may crash a bit more often but it works. I will also test that Vike's patch.

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First of all, sorry I didn't reply (I was busy) and thanks for your answers, it works!!

Thanks a lot!!! smile.gif

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