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The Chronicles Of San Andreas


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Craig goes to San Fierro to meet his brother, bit it seems that a couple of Drug Dealers want him dead. Things get a little more complicated when a group of mysterious Asians gets involved.





Craig - The Protagonist. He doesn't have an adress, but he's staying at his brother's place. A map will soon be released.

Vehicles: None.

Introduced: Jonathan.


Jonathan - Craig's brother.

For some reason, a group of Drug Dealers want him dead.

Vehicles: None.

Introduced: Jonathan


Steven - Craig's friend from Los Santos. He followed Craig to San Fierro.Vehicles: None known.

Introduced: Jonathan.


Richie - A friend of Jonathan's who Craig helps.

Vehicles: A black Esperanto.

Introduced in: Setting the stage.


'Boss' - A mysterious Asian.

Introduced in: Setting the stage (Voice only)






The Asian Warfare Mission Pack has been released. The final mission is still being made and this version of the pack might contain bugs.

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I'm gonna try them.Looks like good. colgate.gif

EDIT:I played the ,,Aimed Target,Meet Chris,Beat That Dealer!,Watching Angel" missions and here is my feedback:


These missions is not bad.The missions lenght is slow.Try to make longer smile.gif

When you make cutscene with actors,select ,netural" function,because in ,,Beat That Dealer!" mission the actors in the cutscene fighting.

I think that's help for you smile.gif


Keep it up! smile.gif smile.gif







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Hey man. I like how the story starts. But I dont understand how the first mission ties in with the others. It seems totally different compared to the others. But anyway, heres my feedback:

They were pretty short, you get the gist of how to make missions and everything, just make them longer, just not too long cause no one wants to play a two hour mission lol.

The third mission, you have 'enemy' chosen for the actors so they will fight you. You can switch that on the menu for 'add actor'.

Also, the main character appears in cutscenes with the same actor. There's a 'teleport' objective under 'special objectives'.

Use that to teleport somewhere else before the cutscene, then afterwards 'hide'

the actor and then teleport back to where you want them to be.

If you need any other help,

Refer to my mini-guide.

Here: Evan's guide to making missions

Good luck with this series!



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Thanks for the feedback guys. I'll try to make the missions longer in the future. As for the first mission, it's later events, like this:

-The Story starts, the first storyline mission is Meet Chris.

-More storyline missions, such as Beat That Dealer and more.

-Way later in the storyline, Aimed Target.


So basically, the Aimed Target mission hasn't taken place yet. I made it before I started the series, so I thought that mission would be a good base. But sooner or later, the storyline will be at the Aimed Target mission.


Two new Missions released!

Getting A Ride

Deadly Result


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Hey dude, click edit on ur main (first) post and put the next missions there. You don't want all of them split up.


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