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Hurry Up

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This simple script makes you walk/run/swim 20% faster when ALT is held down. "Hurrying" while sprinting requires (and also drains) Adrenaline.



This is a script for HazardX's .NET scripthook. Just place the files in the 'scripts' folder of the .NET scripthook.



DOWNLOAD v1.2 - last updated August 8, 2011






- Adrenaline recharges more slowly when you're moving fast.

- If you're running from someone, try to save some adrenaline for when you get tired and sprint anymore.

- Note: this mod is included in my Weapon Weight mod, so if you use that, don't use this.



- None yet...






- Adrenaline is now shown as a bar under the radar.

- Adrenaline now recharges faster when not running.



- Hurrying while sprinting now requires/drains Adrenaline.

- Compiled the script and added an INI file for settings.





I originally created this script because I wanted a 'fast walk' button like in Assassin's Creed 2, but I quickly discovered that it's also useful for many other situations.

Edited by AngryAmoeba

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Soz for bump,

but I find the mod to be really useful, especially when my character is slow during crouch animation (that I love to use to make gunfights look moar realistic)

However, I noticed a small, cool fact.


You know, that when crouching and shooting (at the same time) you can't move, right? Maybe it was simple mistake, but when I holded down ALT while shooting when crouching, I felt like my character is moving. He was moving VERY slowly, but he was. Could you check it up and then declare if making such mod is possible? (where you can move while shooting+crouching)

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I agree, this mod is useful for crouching. I like to hold down Ctrl+Shift+Alt to run around behind cover.


I tested out shooting+crouching, and with this mod it doesn't seem like Niko moves at all while shooting. He moves a little bit sometimes between shots, but not while he's actually firing. I'm not sure how that could be changed, but maybe someone brilliant like HippieCommunist can figure it out. tounge.gif

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Oh, I see. I was using a shotgun then, that's prolly why I thought he was moving while shooting. Thanks fo response.

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New version in first post!



- Hurrying while sprinting now requires/drains Adrenaline.

- Script now includes INI file for settings.

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