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Pass Life's A Beach without dancing

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I have SA for PC and believe it to be v1 so if it doesn't work for any other versions or on a console, I wouldn't know. This trick does work and I have never seen it listed online so believe it to be a first. Go to the Burger Shot to trigger the mission with at least one of your recruited gang members and enter the marker, get the mission and it tells you to head to the beach party, your recruited gang member will be outside waiting when the cut scene ends.

Drive to the beach party. DO NOT enter the marker to talk to the DJ. Go around to the passenger side of the van and press H to hold your gang member there and then go around the driver side door and hit G and enter, you will be unable to enter the van but your gang member will, and he will enter the passenger side, but seeing as you can't, he will get out of the van and close the door.

Keep hitting enter, quickly though as if you wait to long your gang member will come around to your side and you'll have to position him back over there. After awhile, the passenger door will stay open(I can't give a number because I did it twice, the first time I made the mistake of starting the dance part and failing so when I got the van I had no garage marker to drive it to) With this trick once you do get in the van, the mission will pick up again and you drive the van to the garage, MISSION PASSED

The staff will not shoot at you while you and your gang member do this trick. Don't try to enter 5 or 10 times and then say it doesn't work because it does. Think more like 40 or 50 times and be patient. It was worth it to me after being stuck on this ridiculous dancing mission for weeks.

This is my first post on this site but wanted to share something I'd never seen on any tip sites before and when I figure out the proper way to post my game I will ask someone to complete flight school for me because I can not do that mission.

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Claude Speed.

Good job if you're the first to find this. But I think the mission is not hard at all after you get used to it.

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Hehe that's a nice trick! Though I found the mission pretty easy, it is still an awesome thing to find yourself.

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Thanks, I'd never seen the trick before and was only messing around after another failed attempt. The concept of the mission is easy but I seemed to have trouble with the left arrow key responding. I passed the lowrider one with ease and that seemed harder because of the added double key strokes(up and left or down and right) but just couldn't dance.

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This is a nice variation, the one I originally read required you to shoot the GSF once he was in the van, he would fall out and the door would stay open.

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