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Citrus Mixxer´s Mission Pack


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Theme: Horror & Mythos

Release: 100 % Complete for Chapture 1


What is Sin Nuke? (Story etc.)

Its a third person horror DYOM Mission Pack for San Andreas. Your name is SiN,a security guard of an Atomic Rocketcenter in San Andreas. One Day somethings goes wrong and the area around is completle destroyed. Lots of People are dead. They should. But you

are the only one who survived.After the dead people are now zombies. You try to escape from the area. But the sandstorm block the view. You have no option to escape. Nevermind.


What is at SiN Nuke so special ?

A DYOM Designer (long time ago) have create a story too. It was a long time famous but already forgot the most people of the story. But I not. I will contiunes the story.


When its will be released?

After the 10.000th Mission Project is canceld and they uploaded them story. Than first I upload it.


Is a Video uploaded ?





DOWNLOAD: Released



Deep Conviction


Theme: Military


General You are a ex-soldier who killed people in night...

in shadow´s...but now everything is change... silence kill be stronger...mission to be a nightmare... the things what you know about the world will here change...


ACT 1 Story: I worked for a long time for the goverment... Doing Things... what I never thought by me self...

One Day they pushed to my limits...I got out from the goverment...And begin´s to work on my own plan... in my life.

Just I begin... blocked something big ahead. It was again the goverment. They mean´s they need me. But this time they have right.

The problem between goverment and me was bigger. Harder then my last enemy´s... But are the enemy´s of the goverment,self the goverment the enemy´s ?

This is what I try to know from them. For the time I play now for the alleged good boys...But once I know, they never let me go not yet.




Deep Conviction Trailer [Youtube]


user posted image user posted image user posted image

user posted image user posted image user posted image


Deep Conviction Process Uploadet. They are 7 Mission in this Story


Download Link




Life on Farm


Theme: Adventure


user posted image


Story:Your name is Carl and you work on a Farm of Red Country.All in all you are a farmer. You do things like a farmer.



-Non-Kill Mission Pack

-Repair Car´s

-Drive with a Combine on the farm

-Buy fruits in Village

-Hangout with friend´s

-Selling things on the Country Market




-Actor´s won´t get in the car

-Actor dont hide




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Life on farm biggrin.giftounge2.gif .I try it smile.gif

EDIT:It was very ,,Hard" mission with lot of work.I think so Carl is now sleeping,and nobody can to wake up him tounge.gifsmile.gif)Great work icon14.gif

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I played both Deep Conviction and Life on Farm, and they're both awesome! colgate.gif

Off the topic, but what is Ronald saying in your avatar. I don't know why, but it's been bugging me. tounge.gif

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@UNRATED69 The McDonals freak in my avatar say "



@JOJOXX Good night,CJ biggrin.gif

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  • 4 months later...

*UPDATE* The old DYOM Designer is back






-Add Logo

-Add Description



Please post comments for the new Trailer colgate.gif

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Yeah C!TRU5~M!XX3R cool.gifcool.gifcool.gif iwaited u back for a long time cool trailer life in farm and deep conviction are just aweesome in deep

conviction there are lots of cutscenes i like that good job biggrin.gif

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Hi TonyCJ

Thanks for your comment

It was a long time ago since I upload a DYOM Mission ? 5 months I guess.


All in all: Its nice to see a DYOM Designer from old times biggrin.gif

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How did u mkaed that life in farm picture that grand theft auto life in farm how did u did that

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I use the new freeware gimp 2.6


1.: you download this Grand Theft Auto Logo

2.: you mark it with the magic wand from Gimp the Logo

3.: You click on the EDIT and go on "copy"

3.: You open a other picture and go on there to EDIT and click on "past"



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