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GTA4 GTAIV Logitech G27 Setup



How I finally got my Logitech G27 Racing Wheel Configured for this Game.


It is awesome to drive around Liberty City with a Racing Wheel.


Im am sharing, hoping to encourage more players to join the Multiplayer Races.


If anyone wants to improve upon my configure, please reply, or any, thanks.


I AM RUNNING SYSTEM with Windows 7.


1) Install GTA IV


2) Patch up to 1.0.7



2a) Install "Games for Windows Live" update (fixes the GTA IV start issue)



3) create text file called "Commandline.txt"

-use notepad to enter the text "-usedirectinput"


4) install logitech profiler



-your welcomed to create a profile for GTA IV, but i dont think it does anything.


***NOTE*** the following settings will affect ALL games, so when your done playing with GTA IV, you will need to set the G27 properties back to how you had them, REMEMBER your G27 properties before you change.


-under 'DEVICE', opens 'Game Controllers' dialogue box

-select "Logitech G27 Racing Wheel USB'

-Click on 'Properties' to open the G27 Racing Wheel Properties.

-Click Settings, to View Settings.

-"pedals reported as...'' is UNchecked

-Set "rotation" as desired. I set mine to 360 degrees, because it was difficult to race at 900 degrees.

-"enable force feedback" is UNchecked (my understanding is that GTA IV does not support forcefeed back)

-"enable centering spring in force feedback games" is UNchecked

-Set centering spring strength as desired, i set mine to 50%, because 100% makes it feel like there is no power steering when you drive

-"allow game to adjust settings" is checked.


5) install the xbox controller emulator software called VIBMOD



-extract files

-place XInputTest.exe, xinput1_3.dll, x360ce.ini, and dinput8.dll in the "C:\Program Files (x86)\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto IV" directory (where ever GTA IV is installed with folder containg GTAIV.exe)

-use notepad and open the file x360ce.ini

-my configuration is as follows




UseAutoReInit=0 #use 0 to 1; default 0; Reinit if Rumble fails (DIERR_NOTEXCLUSIVEACQUIRED) use only for game like Need For Speed SHIFT


#Generic Rumble Controller


Index=0 #controller index in system game controllers list; 0 is first; -1 to ignore this pad

Failsafe=0 #failsafe mode (DISCL_BACKGROUND) use only for games like Bionic Commando

Left Analog X=1

Left Analog Y=

Right Analog X=

Right Analog Y=

Left Analog X Linear=0 #-100 to +100 raise this number to increase sensitivity near center

Left Analog Y Linear=0 #-100 to +100 raise this number to increase sensitivity near center

Right Analog X Linear=0 #-100 to +100 raise this number to increase sensitivity near center

Right Analog Y Linear=0 #-100 to +100 raise this number to increase sensitivity near center

Left Analog X+ Button=

Left Analog X- Button=

Left Analog Y+ Button=

Left Analog Y- Button=

Right Analog X+ Button=

Right Analog X- Button=

Right Analog Y+ Button=

Right Analog Y- Button=

D-pad POV=

D-pad Up=UP

D-pad Down=23

D-pad Left=17

D-pad Right=19





Left Shoulder=

Right Shoulder=5



Left Thumb=8

Right Thumb=22


Left Trigger=x-6

Right Trigger=x-2





Right Trigger Deadzone=0





#all other options currently has no effect







-save configuration and close "the x360ce.ini" file

-open "XInputTest.exe" if necessary to test the G27 to xbox360 controller emulation


close all and run GTA IV smile.gif

under options, have directinput enable to "ON"


***NOTE*** my configuration is under the "STANDARD CONTROLS" setup. if your using the "CLASSIC CONTROLS" setup, then my configuration will not work as intended, but i will leave it up to you to figure it out.


Thanks for reading, and I thank those TocaEDIT people (like Racer_S who help with this mod, i wonder if your the same Racer_S that does the widescreen fix mods??) and Corgi in the GTA forums who help me find a way to get this G27 racing wheel to work.

Edited by hannibal636

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3 answers to this question

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Hi I managed to get this working with my Thrustmaster GT after a few adjustments! Thanks man I was struggling to get the throttle/brake working with the triggers.

One question though, i like to use my joypad aswell is there any way for me to be able to use both at the same time on gta?

How would i go about configuring the .ini

Could i name both of them



Would this work? Cheers

Edited by spliff_man

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yeahh this is the best and easy way to get it work, but i have a deathzone of 15 - 20% right and left.


only after this the car was go right and left.


any ideas.


logitech driving force GT


but thanks to get it work.

Edited by Homeboy25do

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Hello, on number 3 where it says create a new notepad folder and type in that^ does that mean in the GTA IV directory?

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