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Report CLEO 4 Mod Errors

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No offence, but CLEO4 IS a step forward, you probably don't use its new possibilities tounge.gif


99% of mods are compatible with CLEO4. I'll check this speedo.

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It won something and it lost something, that's not forward.

Well, it added great coding features but now we have a dilemma, rollout is not the only one who's disorientated

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Oh yeah I converted a couple of those back to CLEO 3 because I had problems with CLEO 4 for some reason (and I wanted to use Ryosuke's Missile script lol).


I agree that CLEO 4 is very disorienting since CLEO users, such as myself, now have to decide between 3 and 4 due to incompatibility (especially with the Missile script). confused.gif

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The gang zone color, i told it very often but again:

You know that the gangzones are colored on radar and on map when gangwar is enabled.

Make a savegame whith your cleo script when you have colored zones.

Then load this save and look if the zones are still colored.


Hey I have found a very easy solution for uncolored gang zones. It happened with me when I used a CLEO mod to save the game. When I loaded it, gang zones were not colored. If found a fix to it quite easily. VERY VERY EASILY!

Edited by Rocker453

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Compatibility issues are still being fixed. Check the latest version on the Sanny Builder website. The current version "works" with Ryosuke's Missile Script (as in, doesn't crash - not that much else can happen).


I've been working on many amazing things which become more realistically possible with the help of CLEO 4 such as this. Admittedly nowhere near finished, but I see a handful of great mods which run on CLEO 4. Quite a few of ATP's, too.


I'll check the speedo out for compatibility problems and collect info that may be helpful to Alien when I get the chance. But apart from Ryosuke's amazingly complex scripts, I've yet to see a legitimately incompatible script yet.

Edited by Deji

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and the zone colores are not shown

Do you think I should upload a fix that I made on GTA Garage?

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i find a new ver of missile of ryosuke in cleo4 mod in japonease and i in first time give u a link of it, i checked it and it very good worked on cleo4 without any crash. biggrin.gif


this link of this page: http://loda.jp/gtamod_second/?id=195

and if i not mistake it for download:http://loda.jp/gtamod_second/?id=195.zip

please add me in top of respect list (if u can,please do it) biggrin.gif

(for other cleo mods and above it)

Edited by ajidehak

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