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Radar texture showing weapon/health/armor pickups

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Download it HERE:

GTA IV Google Map Radar Item Locations



I have been searching high and low for a radar texture that displayed armor, health, and weapon pickups for GTA IV/EFLC. I can't believe no one has made this yet. In fact I only found a total of 2 radar replacements total. The ones for Vice city and San Andreas were excellent, I thought there'd be some like it for IV.


I found Sonik Hedgehog's Google map to be awesome (only after reading his notes to make the background opaque), but it didn't have the item locations I wanted. So I just decided to put them in myself. I also included hospitals and police stations.


user posted imageuser posted image


Brown = weapon

Blue = Armor

Green = Health

Red Cross= Hospital

Gold Star = Police


The locations are NOT super exact. They will most likely be within a few feet of the marker. Some might be further. Weapon types are not specified (You'll just have to be surprised by what type you find).


Currently, I only have Episodes for Liberty City Installed. I used the map textures from the whattheydonotwantyoutoknow website for that version of the game. I don't know if they are different from GTA IV's version.


My procedure:

I used sparkIV to export each texture to one folder. I used photoshop cs4 and bridge to import all the radar textures into one file as layers (keeping their filenames as the layer names), then dragged each one into position (snapping helps) until I had the full map. Then I imported the textures from whattheydonotwantyoutoknow, stretched them over the map, made them transparent, locked them, then just drew with the draw brush directly onto each radar texture. I also fixed a small texture mistake on the edges of the radar30 texture. Finally, I used photoshops "export layers as images" script (still keeping the correct names). Then I just used sparkIV again to import the textures.



The original Google map radar was all done by Sonik-Hedgehog, I had nothing to do with it.

All I have done is add a few dots and icons to his already awesome work.

All credit for the brightness fix also goes to Sonik-Hedgehog.

Sonik's profile is here: Sonik's Profile

and his original google map at GTA Garage is here: Original Map

with the discussion forum here: Original Map forum



user posted image

user posted image

(the gritty scratched radar in the screenshots is the default for The Lost and the Damned, it has nothing to do with this mod)

Edited by dataschmuck

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Its nice! I hope Sonik Hedgehog will give you permission!

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Well it's been a week and I haven't heard from Sonik Hedgehog. His last activity was over 3 and a half months ago. I've e-mailed him, PM'd him, and posted messages in his thread. I think I'm going to post the mod. I will give him full credit for the original work with links and stuff, and if he ever comes back and wants me to take it down, then I will comply.


If anyone can help me get in contact with him that would be great!

Edited by dataschmuck

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wow..it's really nice..

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I was just contacted by Sonik-Hedgehog today, he officially granted me permission to host this.

It should show up on GTAGarage when the mods get to it.



Yes, I give permission of course. You did a very good mod. And I'll be glad if my work to someone useful.

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This deserves a bump! Just needed the method, now I got it biggrin.gif

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This looks really neat. Kudos to you & Sonik. I DL'd it, and fully intend to see how it works for me. A lot of the items should the same as in GTA IV, but there'll be some significant differences, I'm sure, such as game-specific weapons (this should also hold true for weapons in TLAD that aren't available in TBOGT and vice-versa). I'm looking forward to finding out for myself. Thanks.

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