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Some Questions About the Medals


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I've seen a lot of members having medals but they're not all the same.


The questions would be...


1. Why some members have 1 kind of medal and other have other? I mean, some of them are red, other blue and most of them are grey. I've seen only 3 red medals, some more blues and a lot of grey. Could someone please tell me which is the difference?


2. Are there any users that have all the four categories medals? I mean: GTANet Annual Forum Award, GTANet Contribution Award, Major Contribution / Achievement Award & Helpfulness Award?


If someone could answer these questions would be nice. Thank you. smile.gif


Dead (Retired)

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1. The type of medal displayed is dependant upon how many awards the user has. If they have 1, 2, or 3 awards, they have a bronze medal which is gray. If they have 4 or 5 awards, they have a silver medal which is blue. And if they have 6 or more awards, they have a gold medal which is red.


2. Not quite sure. In addition to the ones you mentioned, there's also the Provocative Discussion award. It seems unlikely to me that a single user would have all 5 types of awards.

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1. Yeah! Yeah! That's it. And you have silver medal because you have 4 awards.


2. Who would be that guy? I mean, I've seen Dutchy3010 who has a ton of awards, but she doesn't own the helpfullness one.


Here would be another question? Which of the admins give you awards?

Dead (Retired)

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Well, not to brag about it, but I think Dutchy and I have the most variety. We each have Annual Forum Award, a GTANet Contribution Award, and a Major Contribution Award/Achievement Award.


As for who gives them, any global moderator or administrator can give them out.

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