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Buick LaNuit


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Upload a screenshot to an image hoster.

And please add some more information in your first post.

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Chong McBong

looks pretty good, biggrin.gif is it scratch built?


more information is a good idea though...




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It's 90 % scratch built , it still contains leftover polygones from the voodoo ( chassis and roof ).


That car looks close to a clay design proposal for the 1959/1960 Buick models.

I changed the name, on the photo I've seen it was called Buick Limited , I didn't like the 3rd ( center ) tail fin and the

reversal lights , so

I left them away and I'm lacking skills in good interior design.


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Gsus christ, awesome model but those chrome textures are totally f*cking it up to hell...

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Tested so much to get clean looking chrome, those who know my further rides might know it, but still didn't get something really satisfying.

Okay , it could be a question of taste but I admit , I still need some help.


My textures aren't that graet at all cause I'm a f***ing bad painter suicidal.gif

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