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Claude Speed.

Claude Speed is Claude!?

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Pooyan Cyrus

Three weeks into future doesn't actually mean "The date game was released/made + 3 weeks".

It means Game gives you the experience of 3 weeks of life in future. You are allowed to spend three weeks of your life in future, alongside Claude who lives in that time.

The year in which game takes place, has never ever been expressed by Rockstar.

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The GTA PS1 games are not in the same canon as the 3D era. It would be cool if they were, but they aren't. Really, Claude in III wasn't supposed to have a name because Rockstar wanted it to be the player rather than a pre-destined personality. Even one of the developers expressed regret to Game Informer or some magazine when SA revealed that his name was Claude.

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A game on Steam called Retro City Rampage has a protagonist that looks (loosely) similar to "Claude". He has the black jacket and signature black Elvis styling hair. He has more blue than green pants.


Weirdly GTA 2 has similar game style (top down and most of it set into some sort of future) but the future is from the viewing of years ago as the DeLoreon time machine is included.


The game starts with a heist that goes wrong (like GTA 3) but then the person escapes in a time machine which sends him to an alternate universe similar to GTA 2 when the heist was set in a place much more like GTA 3 so that game maybe a hint to the early GTA's as this is what it was inspired by.


This means that Claude MAY have been transported to somewhere in the future by Zaibatsu. As it is Liberty City in 3, Anywhere city/Anywhere maybe a future version of Liberty City from a Retro-Future aspect.


Most of the vehicles have a retro-futuristic look as well as the above.




Here is a pic of the protagonist from RCR.



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Retro City Rampage was originally a GTA 3 remake, dude.

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Yes, Retro City Rampage was in the beginning a project called "Grand Theftendo" which would be a home made 8-bit remake of GTA III's Portland area.

Read about it here: http://gta.wikia.com/Grand_Theftendo

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