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TV series general chat

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I just finished watching Ozark on Netflix.


Not a bad show honestly. While there are indeed similarities to Breaking Bad I think Ozark's setting and the character development are on a different level compared to the former, and relies on much more different themes. It takes risks, and most of them eventually pay off and we often get to see different sides of the characters in the show, whether in their public or private lives. Cinematography is gorgeous. My only qualm is the inconsistency of the protagonist's family relationships.


I'd give it an 8.5. out of 10.

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So HBO's Watchmen has the working title of Brooklyn and the character breakdowns have people confused. Based on everything they said about the show so far, it has me thinking I'm not gonna like it. Which sucks, because I like the Watchmen characters a lot.

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Posted (edited)

I just rewatched Primeval in the past few weeks.I remember watching that show back when I was a teen,and I really liked it,especially the first three seasons,but the fourth and fifth season weren't bad either.Too bad it got cancelled after season 5,especially since it had a cliffhanger at the end.I'm thinking about watching its spin off show Primeval New World,but I've heard from many people that it's not as good as the original.

Edited by GTA-Biker

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Luke Cage Season 2 Release is tomorrow, watchable on Netflix.


I like the Netflix Marvel Shows, much better than all the DC Shows IMO.

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