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Recommended Posts

Regular Show, that sh!t is hilarious!

Regular Show Stories by Rizqan7:


In Park, Maselman was opened up his body and wobbly his clothes at up caddy car:


Maselman: Lagoom shaka laka!

Modekai: What you doing, Maselman?

Maselman: Just dancing on caddy car

Modekai: What did you say? You have suck Rickb dick?!

Rickb: Hey, whassup?

Maselman: What the f*ck? I don't suck Rickb dick....

Rickb: What you are talking about?

Modekai: Rickb! are Maselman suck your dick?

Rickb: No, man, Maselman doesn't suck my dick, but, sucks pops dick!

Modekai: WHAT!!!!

Rickb: Thats right! I have spotted it at home


KAAABOOOOMMM!! The Parks blown off include Modekai and Rickb Cafe



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I still love cartoons,

Dexter's lab

Courage the cowardly dog.. etc.


Batman, the old ones.. If you ever got to watch this episode http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0519631/

please comment wat you think abt that..

the music was the greatest.. it was like Christopher Nolan's dark knight back then...

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Apparently there is an Ed, Edd, and Eddy movie too. But I haven't seen it yet.


Wish I could post the full thing, but it's been removed from Youtube. Again.


Here's another fave of mine:


That show was brilliant along with the Wacky Races. Oh and an Ed, Edd and Eddy movie? If I ever get the time I probably should watch it, for old times' sake.


I also loved watching the Pink Panther, Tom and Jerry, Looney Tunes, the Flintstones, and pretty much anything else by Hanna-Barbera.

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Wolf of Badenoch

These seven cartoons represent my childhood. Warning: Nostalgia overload ahead.















Oh the memories...

Edited by Valenta

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<3 Cartoons. As long as they are old. I am incredibly picky with "new" ones. I do like the first 3 seasons of Family Guy. I love American Dad most of the time.

I use to like Simpsons up to season 5 then it started getting dumb after that. I LOVE Tom and Jerry, especially the originals, I hated the newer ones from the 70s+

Love original Looney Toons. I wasn't too much of a Cartoon network fan. I did like the old Dexters Lab, that was good from time to time. 80s and early 90s cartoons are

close to my heart. But I am also a hardcore fan of the even older ones, original Scooby, The Perils of Penelope Pitstop, Wacky Races, magilla gorilla, Top Cat!

And The Herculoids, Quick Draw was okay. Also love Yogi, Jetsons, early Flinstones(the newer ones in color were okay, after Pebbles and bam bam came in it started getting dumb)

Except for the Xmas special which was awesome. I adore The Smurfs(original series, not the newer ones really), Birdman was awesome. <3 The Snorks also.


Pretty much any old cartoon. lol...I could name them forever....but I think u got the idea. But ya newer stuff I'm always iffy about, I WAS watching Adventure Time for sometime

but then stopped. I refuse to watch the "new" my little ponies, I loved the original series from the 80s because it was a actual real cartoon. These "new" ponies first of all the animation is

awful...it looks like its made in Adobe Flash Player ROFL and its goofy and screwed up. The original series had actual good stories. The animation was solid and actually drawn.

Not to mention the original had a epic soundtrack. And other shows that are CG I am basically against, I can't understand why anyone behind a series would choose CG over something

drawn. CG costs more, it looks bulky and ugly. And if its CG its not considered a cartoon in my eyes.

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