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Railway tunnels -> underground glitch!

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Has anyone found this glitch? Anyway there isn't a thread of it...


Follow the railway track to the point where it goes underground, then jump a few times and you're in the railway tunnel! And what's even more strange, you don't even have to follow the track, you can move rather freely. There are some underground walls or borders though. I noticed that jumping is the only way to move outside the track line. Getting back to the surface isn't always that easy. Sometimes you can use the tunnel entrance, sometimes not. In SRS research center you can use some of those ramp-like things.


It works at least in two places in residental area, one is the station near Jesus saves and the other is inside the SRS Research Center. I haven't tested other places yet but they may work as well.



Edited by BBBean

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pretty cool video

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pretty cool video

Thanks. ph34r.gif Has anyone else tried this and/or maybe found some use for this glitch?

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Ya I already knew about this by jumping a lot of times untill I couldn't go futher tounge.gif


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I made a new video. :p




Technical: If you deviate from the tracks, you fall to the lowest level of the map and that's why you can't get back to the tracks if it's on a higher level.


Shocking only occurs if you walk on metal tracks but not all tunnel sections contain tracks.


But why does the tunnel entrance work like this? :ph34r: Was it intended?

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