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Favourite Bike/ Chopper

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Because its:

Rare - Never appears on the streets by itself and only available on few occasions

Cool rear suspension

Great engine SFX

and most important: I can do standing start wheelies lol.gif

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Inovation, the look of that bike is just... inlove.gif




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Hakuchou Custom. Too bad its hard to control and not useful in races. Bati Custom or Double T beats it racingwise.

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Urban Legend

The bikes in this game truly are amazing. For looks it's the Hakuchou Custom and the Bati custom for a race.

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Hakuchou for me. Not the custom, that sucked and had no steering whatsoever.

Hakuchou along with the Double T and Bati 800 is beast lol. Shifty41s_beerhatsmilie2.gif


Too hard so i will choose my top 3 out of each of the three story factions. smile.gif


Uptown Riders:

1. Hakuchou, fast, handles well and fastest acceleration for a non-Custom bike.

2. Bati 800, good speed and acceleration, and best handling of any bike exluding it's Custom version. smile.gif

3. Double T, nice and small, 'all show and no go" but is good for donuts and stunting due to it's exposed rear wheel allowing for riskier backflips. Also appears in TBOGT. colgate.gif



1. Wolfsbane, great sound and decent stats, and looks badass!

2. Revenant, fastest chopper ingame and looks like a street bike/chopper hybrid.

3 Daemon sick paintjob and good stats.



1. Diabolus, looks beutiful in Lost paintjob. inlove.gif

2. Innovation, Amazing detail and great 50 pigeon reward.

3. Lycan, great sound and rims!

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Hakuchou for me. Not the custom, that sucked and had no steering whatsoever.

Hakuchou Custom is good for one thing, when parked on Niko's First Algonquin Parkingspot. For getting on it and then pressing up arrow to get away from cops lol.gif

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I fell in love with Johnny's Hexer as soon as I saw it, and when I've got the cream paint job on it even more so. I do like the Diabolus as well, I only discovered that one after ringing Clay for a bike. I'm just big into wide tyres, it makes for a smoother ride. When do you unlock more choppers? I don't care much for the "hairdryers" I'm afraid.

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Reveant because it has the best sound of all bikes, looks beautiful and has a great handling.


My second favourite would be the Angel as it looks cool and handles quite good.


However i think all bikes in TLAD have it's charme and fits in pretty good icon14.gif

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  • 2 weeks later...
toni cinpriani

Johnny's hexer, lycan, sometimes the bati custom an in very very very very very rare occasions the faggio, just because it's fun to perform stunts with it.

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Johnny's Hexer, or that one you get later on in the game from Malc. You know, the one you get after you're hexer was blown up in one of the missions. I forget the name of it, and the name of the mission. :\

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Puto Bendejo

for me, its the angel (I like the high handlebars) and the innovation for its detailing (just a really cool bike). for racing, I like the double T custom (Malc's bike)

btw, driving the innovation, I see a lot of infernus' on the streets

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My favorite choppers are the Hexer and whatever the AoD ride i forgot their names. These bikes handle well




My favorite street bike has to be the Bati Custom with the Sprunk decals haha

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