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triumph Dolomite [ SCR] [WIP]-SKETCHUP


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started this car

user posted image user posted image




got rough shape and rough wheels done -on my day off .... next, to work on textures more detail's+shape


user posted image user posted image



I've hunted everywhere for a top view of this car but havent found a good 1 can anyone help please ??


user posted image




chong yeh ive noticed that with a few of the blueprints

user posted image user posted image



added the door handles , did a rough skin, shapped back n front bumpers will work on front bonnet next and front grill . then start getting the correct shape of body

user posted image

just made a rough badge to sit on the grill

user posted image user posted image



in europe what breakdown cover garages do you have we have the A.A + RAC here what is the same in the euro zone ????

Edited by junox
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Awesome old school triumph!, I used to have a Triumph 2500TC 4spd with overdrive biggrin.gif

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Chong McBong

beware the mega-wonky blueprints from "classic car portraits" (whatever its called)

i have a load of prints from that site, and they all have something odd about them. i dont know what it is, but they just don't seem to match up.. i tested some against a proper print, and its all over the place..


that triumph one doesn't look too bad, and the model looks pretty good so far smile.gif

yet another classic from Junox icon14.gif keep them coming dude tounge.gif

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